Wheeeeeee!!! More of @overdrugs-mayhem‘s shapeshifter!au - this time, staring snow leopard Hanzo. Because maybe drawing humans just isn’t my thing.

References here; made with Clip Studio Paint. Please someone let @overdrugs-mayhem about these doodles! Hope they don’t mind me doodling their au. Kitty-Hanzo is just too pretty!

This fanart took a long time, but I still had to do it because I’m obsessed with Ow Shapeshifter AU @overdrugs-mayhem <3
So after their last post, I decided to change it a bit (always staying on the subject of “tails”) ^^’

I was inspired by this    v v v   *w*

Nota che voglio dedicare alle due ragazze di overdrugs: 

Grazie per avermi fatto cadere in questo buco senza fine! Era da molto tempo che non disegnavo animali, da tipo le medie D: e mi dispiace se le proporzioni non sono giuste, ho fatto del mio meglio, sorryyyy .. 

A parte queste stupidaggini, … continuate così adoro i vostri lavori, e ogni volta che pubblicate qualcosa non smetto di ridire <3 Siete fantastiche <3


Part 5, I have a bad feeling this beautiful comic series is about to end. I’m both excited to see it but sad at the same time.


Comic by @overdrugs-mayhem  <- Please show them some love! 

If you guys missed out the previous episode, 

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“Some say that the real reason the elders pitted the brothers against each other, was because they were too powerful when they were together. They feared what the brothers would do when they found out about the elders’ darker dealings. So, to protect themselves and their enterprise, they found a way to pit the brothers against each other. None of the elders could have guessed what kind of fruit their plots would bear.” 

The Shimada (shifter!) brothers, in a very rare shot together. Looks like Hanzo is muttering something to get Genji riled up. Hope I got Genji’s stripes looking half way decent/on model. I know he looks way bigger then Hanners, but, well, tigers are bigger then snow leopards. 

Clip Studio; references from here and here. Shifter!au belongs to @overdrugs-mayhem

Edit: Forgot to add the zoomed pic.

I needed to see a movie about the wolves, and the other day I saw “The last wolf” … what can I say: it was scary and so sad.. in the world there was so much hatred towards the wolves to bring their Extinction in some places…
My feelings are exploded, so I draw a puppy Jesse (from @overdrugs-mayhem) to cheer me up <3 



Comic by the amazing duo at @overdrugs-mayhem


And that’s how Hanzo joined Overwatch

Original comic by @overdrugs-mayhem, check out their work!


These enemies are too sexy strong (✖╭╮✖)/ ~ ♥



“…Jessie,” Hanzo’s voice was steady and patient but clearly concerned, “What are those?”

“Babies, duh,” The wolf answered unhelpfully, eyes full of affection for the two mewling kits.

Hanzo sighed out heavily, patience running thin. “I can see that. Why are they here in our den?” He’d come inside at Jessie’s insistent prodding to find their warm bedding thrown to the side and hastily put down where the twins now resided.

Jessie put his ears down, guilt on his face. “Well, you know the other day? How you were complainin’ there weren’t no little ones ‘round?”

“No,” he lied, slowly realizing what exactly Jessie was getting at.

“Well, you did and you’ve seemed so down lately, you know with your brother stuff an'all so… I talked to a few folks and uh… well… long story short these are a mix between a snow leopard an a wolf.” He bared his teeth in a small grimace.

Hanzo decided he didn’t want to know how that came about. Instead he fixated his eyes on the more slow leopardish one that had bumped into his paw. He pushed it gently back against the other one. “We can’t keep them, Jessie. We have work to do. You should take them back before,” he paused as he was bumped again.

“Sakura likes ya!” Jessie wagged his tail and bent down to lick her head lightly.

Hanzo folded his ears back, “What did you name her?”

“Sakura, like those trees ya like so much.” He puffed up his fur, pleased with himself. It was so damned endearing.

Hanzo was resolutely not blushing. He sighed again, this time with a touch of defeat. He wasn’t ever going to be able to turn them away. “And the boy?” He asked allowing them both to curl against his warm fur.

Jessie’s eyes sparkled a touch with mischief. “Dunno yet. You pick that one.”

The snow leopard studied the twins, which clearly took after the leopard side. Hm… “How about Damon?”

The wolf sank down beside him and licked between his ears. “Perfect, love. Jus perfect.”