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Having a baby with Remus Lupin would include
  • Telling him you were pregnant for his birthday
  • Him thinking you were joking at first but finally understanding you were not
  • Not so manly tears, lots and lots of hugs and kisses
  • Him being the happiest man on Earth but still terrified your baby would end up having a « furry little problem » too
  • You telling him to stop worrying and that if it happened, you would handle it like bosses because that’s what you were, a team
  • The boys and Lily being so excited when you both told them, immediatly starting to fight to know who the baby would be named after
  • « You stole my man so you could at least name the baby after me Y/N ! » Sirius would tell you
  • Remus and you agreeing on making Sirius the godfather so he would stop whining

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  • Remus watching your belly grow day by day, whispering sweet things to your future baby while you would play with his hair
  • Him being overprotective during all your pregnancy and insisting on doing all the chores
  • « I hope he will have his mother’s smile, because I love it. » he would say, « What if it’s a she ? » you would laugh « … it can be a she ?! »
  • Preparing the future baby’s room together, and Remus being very clumsy would surely hurt himself trying to build the bed and the rest on his own
  • Laughing so hard at his overdramatic reaction « I think I broke my nose with that stupid shelf, that’s not funny Y/N »

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  • Finally, you would give birth to a healthy and beautiful little girl
  • Remus wanting her middle name to be Hope, like his mother
  • Remus first being petrified, overwhelmed by too much happiness to think straight
  • Him not knowing how to touch her because he would be scared to do something wrong and hurt her
  • Your babygirl crying whenever he would leave the room and touching the scars on his face with her tiny fingers, making the both of you smile
  • Lily and James giving you a dreamcatcher as a present, Peter offering a small pair of shoes and Sirius shyly handing you a stuffed animal that looked more like a potato than anything else
  • « I made it myself, it’s me as Padfoot. I know it looks a bit weird but I did my best… »
  • It would be the only toy your daughter wanted, and she wouldn’t be able to sleep without it
  • Remus singing her to sleep, making you fall in love with him a little more everytime

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  • Living in a small and cozy house in the middle of nowhere, but not that far from Sirius and James and Lily’s place
  • Remus changing her diapers for the first time
  • He would pass out
  • Sleeping together, your daughter between the two of you on the bed
  • Remus watching you both sleep peacefully, finally feeling home and truly loved
  • During his first Full Moon since you became parents, he would go as far from your home as possible, the boys coming with him as animagi like when you were at Hogwarts
  • You being relieved when he would come back safe, helping him healing his wounds before going to bed and cuddling
  • You would still have your little moments, just the two of you while Sirius would play the role of the babysitter (he loved it)
  • « Who’s gonna have the best time of her life with uncle Sirius while mommy and daddy make you a little bro ? Yes baby that’s you. »

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  • Your first Christmas as a family, wearing horrible Christmas pullovers and secretly liking it
  • Decorating the Christmas tree together, your daughter on Remus’ shoulders putting a little star on top of it
  • Spending wintery nights by the fireplace
  • Taking a lot of pictures and filling many albums with them
  • Sirius secretely trying to make her say his name as her first word, and he would succeed
  • Remus being in shock when she would say « Sirius » before « daddy » or anything else
  • Having a snowball fight with him as a revenge, while you watched the two young men from the inside of your house with your little girl in your arms
  • Just being happy
  • Being home
  • Being a family

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Because Remus as a dad is just too good, thanks for requesting anon, I hope you like it.xx

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EXO’s Reaction to You Dropping Your Ice Cream


Xiumin would start at the sound of you yelling out in pain. He’d turn around, his eyebrows raising in surprise at the crime scene before him. “Jagi, how could you,” he’d say softly, gazing down at the fallen ice cream before him in mourning.


Unimpressed to say the least, Chen would shake his head at fallen soldier before him. “I’m not buying you another one,” he’d say, though he’d let you sip his shake occasionally to appease you.


You’d let out an overdramatic scream as your ice cream tumbled to the ground. Without looking at you, Baekhyun would scream as well–though he didn’t know why he was. When he saw what had happened he’d let out another, more sad scream, ignoring the looks he got from people.


Chanyeol would find this horrific event hilarious, not even bothering to hide his laughter from you. When he saw how saddened you looked, he’d try to control his giggles and buy you another one, feeling (somewhat) bad for you.


Lay would assume the worst when he heard you yell. Once he saw that you had dropped your ice cream, he couldn’t help but chuckle at your overdramatic reaction. “No worries, jagi, I’ll getcha a new one,” he’d say, patting your head like a child.


D.O would definitely be judging you by the fact that you had dropped your ice cream within five minutes of having it. He’d get you a new one, but he’d show you how to hold it, being extra about demonstrating. “Here, hold it like thiiiis.”


Of course this was a perfect opportunity for Suho to make a dad joke. Of course. He’d wrap his arm around you and pull you close before whispering in your ear, “It’s okay–I’ll let you lick my ice cream cone tonight.” You’d hit him in the arm for such a ridiculous joke, but needless to say you’d end up taking him up on that offer.


Already giggling at something you had said, Kai would laugh even harder when he saw the former ice cream cone lying dead on the pavement. “J-Jagi…what did you do?” he’d ask between fits of laughter. Though he’d buy you another one, he’d never let you live it down.


Sehun wouldn’t even look over at you when you scream–it wasn’t until you tugged on his arm that he looked at the warzone before him. “Okay,” is how he would respond, fighting to keep a straight face. He’d occasionally you have a bite of his, but wouldn’t bother going back and buying another one.

Inspector - Tommy Shelby

Hey, can u do a tommy fic where y/n and Tommy are together. But y/n has to flirt with Cambell to get info and Tommy gets jealous when Cambell brags to him

Inspector - Tommy Shelby

The first time you heard Inspector Campbell’s name was not from Tommy. Arthur was talking to John about a new Inspector in town, a man who had hunted IRA members in Belfast and was now being dropped into Birmingham by Winston Churchill.  

The second time you heard of him was when he came waltzing through the doors of the Garrison, not seeming to care that the facility was home to Blinders and their allies. You were behind the counter, getting yourself a glass of brandy because Harry was swamped with orders.  

“That’s inspector Campbell,” Harry whispered, walking passed you.  

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ok finn and rey have a lot of Iconic scenes but, imo, the most iconic is the scene at maz’s castle bc like…..my guy finn absolutely 100% did not have to tell rey the truth about who he was but he did anyway?? furthermore, he really didn’t have to ask her to run away with him either, like he literally just met her but he was totally down to head off and start a life with her. im not crying, you are.

(and as a little sidenote, when kylo kidnapped rey - bc yes, children, that was a kidnapping - did finn have to go try to get her back? did he have to literally walk right back into the place he’s spent the entire movie up until this point running away from? HELL NO. but he did anyway bc #love)

AND EVEN FURTHERMORE when he stormed away from the table, did rey have to follow him? NOPE. sis could’ve just been like “ok that guy isn’t down with the cause no sweat off my back” but she did bc it was important that finn was a part of finishing what they started (together, might i add). and fURTHER, FURTHERMORE - in what is perhaps the Greatest thing rey could have ever done for finn in that moment - when finn does tell her about his stormtrooper past, sHE DOESN’T EVEN FREAK OUT ABOUT IT????? like there’s no overdramatic reaction about him lying to her or about who he really is was. like there’s just this look of…..understanding (is that a good word to use here?? idk) and i, for one, think that is Beautiful

point is, this is nonsense but finn and rey are very much in love and tfa is full of factual evidence to support that thank u.

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Hey sorry Emma, I can't watch at the moment, why are you gagging over that Kardashchicken segment?

Harry took a very obvious sip from his drink when Aaron mentioned Kendall’s name (he named his chickens after the Kardashians) and I could’ve ignored that, but than Harry made a “woah” face, did that pfffft thing that horses do, and took another very obvious sip from his drink when Aaron said that they “lay every day,” and that overdramatic reaction of course prompted James to ask Harry whether they do lay every day. And I was like mmmmm no, you can have those implications back, thank you. I’m not interested today.

Polish: An Olicity drabble

Summary: Sometime after 4x10. While Felicity is still in the hospital after being shot. She’s struggling and Oliver comforts her and helps her with something. Olicity fluffiness

Note: It’s been forever since I’ve written anything. My computer was weird and completely erased everything, and in that aftermath I was feeling terrible and completely blocked. I seriously considered completely leaving the fandom. But I had a little spark last night and this came from that. I hope you enjoy. Please let me know what you think. 

Here goes nothing…

Oliver Queen wasn’t entirely sure what caused him to wake from his peaceful sleep. He opened his eyes and took in his surroundings. It didn’t take long to recognize the nondescript white walls and the faint smell of disinfectant.

A hospital room.

Felicity’s hospital room.

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I loved your captain cold alphabet thing! It was so cool! Could you do another captain cold imagine? Where reader is ray palmers bff and he gets a tad jealous? You are absolutely amazing!! 😘😘

A/N: Aw, thank you so much, I’m glad that you liked it and thank you for letting me know. Thank you that’s far too kind of you to say. I got a little carried away with this, but I hope that you enjoy it and that it kind of ended up how you were expecting.

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Sad Melchior

Ok, I’ve been wanting to make this post for YEARS

Unfortunately, by the time I’ve gotten around to it, I’ve lost pretty much my entire extensive collection of Spring Awakening bootleg audios

So from what I could salvage, here is a mini-compilation dedicated to Melchior’s overdramatic reaction in the graveyard scene


Foolish Magic - Part 2 (End)

Note: Anon requested a Killian x Reader with the prompts  (“You have GOT to be kidding me….a bloody pirate?!“) (“I can’t believe I have to work with you!”) (“What part of ‘low profile’ did you not understand?”) and (“I did this to you. It’s all my fault”)

This is the second (and final) part and I apologise in advance for it doesn’t have the happiest ending. It has a bit of fluff but that’s it!

Killian Jones x Reader


Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine. All credit goes to their creators.

Never, ever….EVER trust a pirate to find somewhere to go during a situation that was already pretty stressful. From the second you had walked through the doors you hadn’t wanted to be here. Yes it was somewhere to sit down and have a drink while you worked out what to do but the half-naked girls that were walking about the place serving the customers? That was more than enough to turn your stomach a little.

“Does your lot have some kind of in-built radar for barely dressed females or something?”

You were resting your elbows on the table that was between yourself and Killian having thrown your head in it so that you could avoid catching a glimpse of them….this wasn’t the time for finding yourself flustered if you wanted to get out of here.

The look in your eyes as you voiced your question was one that showed your lack of patience right now and the growing levels of irritation that he wasn’t helping to subdue any time soon.

“Unfortunately not. Although…..perhaps when I help you get us out of here you could magic me up such a radar. Call it your way of saying thank you.”

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Interpersonal Mathematics

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“Really?” She looks to him in askance, the odd edges of nerves leaving her expecting more. “That’s it?” He shrugs, looking bemused, and she snorts. “…Did you seriously have no idea that entire time?”

Lance throws up his hands, waving them about in a dramatic fashion. “I mean I knew something was up with you, but I didn’t necessarily think it was a gender thing! A person can have like…multiple things going on at once. And I was right! There was something—I just didn’t expect it to be as big as your family being kidnapped by aliens and you faking your entire identity, y’know?”

Pidge rolls her eyes, ignoring the panging clangs that never quite go away of your family, your family, where is your family, Katie? “Yeah, alright. Fair enough.”

(Or, in which Pidge is trans, damn well knows she’s trans, Lance has no idea what he is, and they both learn to handle the complexities of gender identity, friendship, and each other, in that order.)

Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender

Relationships: platonic Pidge & Lance

Characters: Pidge, Lance

Written for the @voltrans-zine, with permission given to post the full piece now that preorders have closed. 

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76. “Kissing has always been the only way to shut you up.”

Alexander had been going on about the country’s current affair with England for who knows how long, and John was damn near tired of it.

He had been pacing their small room, back and forth, back and forth, for so long, John wouldn’t be surprised if the floor had indents in it.

“- and that’s not even the worst of it, my dear John! They think that they can just tax us as much as they please! They’re an ocean away. What on God’s earth makes them think they have such a right?” Alexander exclaimed, throwing his hands in the air. He tended to overdramatize his reaction when he got wrapped up in one of his rants. John bit his lip to repress a smile.

Shifting on his bed, and propping himself up on his elbows, he replied, “I don’t know, my love, but I know you’ll work tirelessly to find an answer.” And he didn’t mean that sarcastically. Despite only knowing Alexander for a few months, John knew how hard he worked. This would be no different.

The smile that spread across the younger man’s face, warmed John’s heart.

“Thank you, Laurens, your confidence in me is very much appreciated.” The smile ok his face, faded almost as soon as it had appeared, when Alexander continued on his rant.

“Oh! And another thing, Laurens-“

He couldn’t take it anymore. In a blink of an eye, John stood, grabbed his best friend my his shoulders, and kissed him.

Both of their lips were chapped from the crisping autumn air, but the kiss was soft and repetitive as John pulled Alexander in close.

A matter of a mere dozen or so seconds passed before John broke them apart, soaking in the dazed and glossy look in Alexander’s eyes.

“Kissing has always been the only way to shut you up.” He hummed, pecking his lips once again.

Alexander blushed. “I do tend to go on for a bit don’t I?” He muttered, heart fluttery from the kiss.

John shrugged, and then nodded. “You do, yes- and that’s alright. But I really need some shut eye, my dear.” He finished his statement by reaching his hand forward and cupping the other’s cheek.

The relief that settled into his chest as Alex agreed was indescribable.

Still standing, a few short moments passed before John spoke again, feeling guilty about his request. “You know I love hearing you voice, Alexander, but sometimes-“

“You’d rather hear less of it?” He interrupted. That prompted a throaty chuckle from John.

“No, it’s just that, sometimes, you need to take a break and just breathe. Let your silence to the talking.”

The older soldier couldn’t help but smile as he watched Alexander roll his eyes. This wasn’t the first time he’d said that.

“Laurens, listen,” Alexander started, and John knew he was going to go on one of his long talks again. Not this time.

“You know that-“ the sound of the sharp inhale and slow exhale of a moan, that came from Alexander, made John’s heart soar and his blood pump. With his lips on his neck, and teeth every so gently grazing the skin, he smirked.

“You were saying?” He teased, voice low.

Alexander opened his mouth again to say something, but once again a whine came out as John nipped at his skin.

“Like I said my dear boy, kissing you has always been the only way to shut you up.” And for the rest of that afternoon, Alexander didn’t say a single thing.

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I have a feeling team petal splash will next head over to the Cafe and have jonquil dramatically warn the other captains of toxink followed by equally overdramatic reactions, if so can we request a background one panel don't blink or youll miss it sorrel/kirsikka fluff moment?

Now I WISH this was how this comic ends