We were about to start a training session with his travel case and he saw the neighbor cutting their grass. The training session went very well after he was done throwing his tantrum. Lol.
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secret continued: 

This is not a critique I just find weird that she writes heavy heartbreak songs and then moves on so quickly. I think she dramatizes things, not that she overreacts but exaggerates some stuff or clings to certain feelings (not ppl but the feelings) to write better or for whatever reason she has. In my country there’s a saying: your drama is the same size as your ego. And the Speak Now song inspiration kind of fits that. She wrote that song about a boy she dated at least 5 years before when she found out he was gonna get married via Abigail. In the song she compares the girl to herself and has lines that imply the boy is still interested in Taylor and settling for second best, like calling her family snotty, and saying he shouldn’t be marrying the wrong girl, and the only picture of her we get is about her yelling to the braids maids, there’s a lyric were she literally says “you wish it was me, don’t you?”, and the only dialogue in the song coming from the guy is about how glad he is that she was around to interrupt the wedding. I know she made it sound beautiful with the Speak Now album introduction, but that behind-the-song story makes me cringe. I always thought that song was rather cringy. I think she has a fragile ego. And I want to say having an ego doesn’t make you a bad person (cause I’ve seen some fans bring up her charity work and the likes when someone says Tay has a big ego), you can have an ego and still be kind. Having an ego is not the same as being selfish. I just wished she didn’t made such a big deal about everything cause it makes her look shallow and that can be perceived as “playing the victim” which the media has called her since forever. (This are not new thoughts, I’ve thought this since the Speak Now era, I was just really scared to say it cause in this fandom if you don’t stand by Taylor’s side in every situation you’re a hater or a fake swifties or just insulting people)


Casey’s fear of the pomegranate Pt 3 we’re working on it lol
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I’m sad because I am empty

Because everyone I have ever loved, took and took and took from me, and never gave anything back

And now I have nothing

Nothing but a hollow soul, clouded with self destructive tendencies, painted with the lyrics of every sad song I have ever cried to

I don’t know how to be happy anymore

I don’t know how to wake up and feel an emotion other than disappointment or dread for the day that I must paint a smile on to face

I wish I knew how to heal

But instead, I write this shitty poetry to relieve some of the pain and let out some of the dark, but I swear, this shit is endless.