some guy just overdosed locked in the bathroom at work and cops, paramedics, and a fire truck came to get him. good 2nd week so far

psa: temporary hiatus.

ooc. hey mates. uh. i didn’t know if i should share this but uh. i’ll be undergoing surgery on sunday since my transplanted heart has been trying to reject itself for a long time. so i’ll be away sunday afternoon until god knows when. because there might be a possibility that i might be gone for a while. it’s a bit scary, i know, but i promise to all of you that i will be back. 

more info is at the bottom but there might be some triggers i think. i dont know, mate.

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NOTE: If you’re a “Charles is dead” or “Charles is Rhys” theorist please give this post a chance and read it, you are more than invited to do it!

We know what Charles did, but we don’t know what he was thinking it or why he was doing that, so I’m going to say a few things that Charles did this season and then what I think he was thinking about

What WE SEE that happened with Charles this season so far:
-He falsifies documents so it seems as his organs were donated when he supposedly died from a drug overdose. His organs couldn’t have been donated, that’s a common mistake caused by DESPERATION.
-He also put a fake grave to make it seem as Mrs D buried his son so the girls think he was dead dead.
-Hanna is the only one who doesn’t buy that shit.
-After that Mr. D receives a birthday card from Charles saying he is coming home for his birthday and Kenneth starts digging up Charles’ grave and we can assume he found nothing and that’s why in the next episode we see him escaping from Rosewood.
-He wants to meet with Jason, his old friend, on his birthday, everything goes well until the police and the liars come in, he escapes without giving the chance to be seen by anybody and leaves an old home movie at the DiLaurentis’ with the message ‘I wanted to trust you’, which is found by Jason AND Ali.
-A blonde, blue eyes, 26/27 year old boy who was never seen before appears working in the Carissimi Group and later we find out he is the one who changed Aria’s photos at the Art Gallery, but in the video we never get to see his face.

What I think were CHARLES’ THOUGHTS this season:
-He wanted to fake his death so the girls would look for another suspect and won’t dig up about his life anymore because they could easily find him, that’s why he was desperately trying to find an easy exit, he eventually found one and the girls never noticed the mistake as they were also kind of desperated to find him.
-He knew as the liars how much Mrs D used to lie, so Charles put a fake grave because the first things the girls would think was going to be “Mrs D lied to Mr D about the body” and it’d be totally normal because that wouldn’t be the first she lied to him. How did he know they were going there? Because he was probably the person hiding in Carol’s house, so he knew that when Jason know about Charles, he would remember that.
-Hanna, used to all of this, said “no body, no proof, no proof, he is alive”, and we all know that with her desperation she was capable of going back there and dig up that grave to see if it was true or not.
-As he knows Hanna is going to figure out that he is alive sooner or later, he decides to change the plans and sends that card to his dad because Charles knows he is going to be afraid of him and take Alison away from Rosewood. With Ali and Kenneth out of the way, anyone could tell the girls about Charles (if Mona really have known this whole time she just was/is too scared to say a thing because she knows what he is capable of doing) so they are far away from knowing the truth about him.
-When he wants to meet with Jason and tneh the cops find them and go into the arcade he hasn’t got a gun with him to defend himself because he really wanted to meet with him and explain him everything, because he thought/knew Jason would understand him. He really feels betrayed, let’s not forget he wasn’t spying on what Alison was doing because he thought she was far away incomunicated and he also thought the girls were at Spencer’s (they left the tracking chips there), so he thinks Jason was the one who called 911, and that message at the DiLaurentis’ was just for Jason, that’s why it starts with “Jason, Jason, come play with me,” that was just for Jason.
-With Ali and Kenneth back in town there’s nothing to stop the girls and the police from finding him, he has to be faster than them and let them find Charles, well, maybe not the actual Charles. That’s why a guy they’ve never seen before with the EXACT CHARACTERISTICS THEY WOULD EXPECT FROM HIM, as he is a DiLaurentis, appears working in what they think (and I do too) it’s his bank account, the Carissimi Group Foundation. Honestly you think he would let the girls find him so easily? Or that he thought the girls won’t suspect of him because it would be too obvious? Charles knows the girls’ actions, they are predictable, the first one that matches with what they expect automatically becomes the first suspect and will be until proven innocent. To make this move 2x1 he decides to change Aria’s photos, but we know he would never be caught by A SECURITY CAMERA unless he wants so, and he never does his dirty work in case something goes wrong. So Rhys is not the perfect red hiring but also the perfect one to FRAME (name of the episode) JASON because if you look carefully, the face is never shown, and he NEVER does something without singing as -A, so this was intentional and maybe he wants it to seem as if Jason is working with Charles or that he IS Charles (I don’t really believe in that “Jason is Charles” theory, but it’s a possibility), we know that every time someone betrays him they end up being dead -like when Mrs D said “I can’t protect you anymore,” it was probably an email for him, what happened after that email is history- Jason will be dead because if Tanner thinks Jason is Charles then they are probably going to shoot him, or at least that’s what Charles think.

Well, that’s what I think Charles thought in season 6 so far, any thoughts? Opinions?

I think the writers are listening to the viewers.

It’s well know that a few people don’t like Aria and were confused about her being compassionate and Toby..well a lot of us thinks he shows signs of abusive behaviour. The last couple episodes I feel like they’ve done the complete opposite. Aria has been showing her compassionate side and in one of the sneak peeks Toby doesn’t blame Spencer for his drug overdose instead his surprisingly really understanding. I think the writers realise they made a mistake in the characters representation and weren’t planning on them being viewed in a negative light so they’re trying there best too make them seem more positive.

Do you know what mean? And have you noticed it too or is it just me? xo-A

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Have you seen Happy Camp, it's a Chinese variety show?. They had Exo for their overdose promotion. It's so sad, least the ending, they mentioned Kris leaving, etc. I never thought I'd like exo, but they're actually kind of amazing individuals.

I have seen it. It was a little sad. I love the boys. You should watch them on EXO Showtime. They are all just such sweet, unique, adorable dorks. <3

-Admin Kat

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I feel like my sis is my responsibility because I basically raised her + the younger one. My parents were seperated at the time and I looked after my sisters. Idk why she acts out, she's been given everything and has been loved. I'm seventeen.

She acts out because she’s a teenager and 13 years old is a tough age, if that’s not her personality something is going on. You’re too young to have this burden that’s not yours. Give it back to your parents, that’s up to them.
I have a younger brother, he had depression and became a cloistered moody boy that he wasn’t, tried to commit suicide. He took an overdose of his sleeping meds, but he came to my room crying because he loves me and he couldn’t do this to my family. So I tried to be his mother, but my uncle set me down and said: you’re not his mother, she is. This kind of responsibility is not yours, you’re not helping him by behaving like this and shutting your mama out.
Ultimately I was his bridge back to my parents, I kept him safe and sound. You can do this too, you can bring her back, but you gotta blast her teenage walls. You’re not that far at age, it’s 4 years, try to remember and connect. That said, her bitchy behavior should not be sugar coded.