As sad as it sounds, some people are just in our lives as a means of medicine. And as soon as we have recovered, we must let go and live. That doesn’t mean that we no longer love or need them, that doesn’t mean that they no longer serve a purpose, but in order for us to maintain a healthy mind state from now on, we must continue this journey and blossom and live. Some people are like medicine and overdosing is never a good idea. Set yourself free.
—  MR - Been listening to Justin Bieber - Where are you now..

Here are some very useful, very important harm reduction links

An educational brochure regarding safe heroin use practices published by the Harm Reduction Coalition (opens as a PDF)

Five Harm Reduction Tips for Heroin Users

A useful guide to safer injecting practices (also opens as PDF)

Recognizing an opiate overdose

A guide to recognizing and treating opiate overdoses published by the World Health Organization (another PDF)

Steps on treating someone who has overdosed

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Charles isn't dead

Charles commited suicide by overdosing on pills. Yesterday, Hanna and Spencer found out that his organs were donated, which “confirms” his death, but wouldn’t his organs be damaged after an overdose? Especially his liver. It doesn’t make sense for them to be donated

EXO-DOSE #2 - Where's Baekhyun?
  • Chanyeol:Suho, why are you screaming 6AM in the morning?
  • Chanyeol:Uh.. Maybe they're off somewhere. Why are you so worried?
  • Suho:I heard Baekhyun crying last evening.
  • Chanyeol:And? Maybe he was sad. What does Kyungsoo has to do with that?
  • Suho:You know how irritated- KYUNGSOO. WHERE'S BAEKHYUN?
  • Kyungsoo:I dont know, I was walking with him and he suddenly-
  • Suho:WHERE?
  • Kyungsoo:In the forest, by the river.
  • Chanyeol:Why were you walking in a forest?
  • Kyungsoo:Because it's nice.
  • Sehun:why tf r u screaming on 6am
  • Kyungsoo:They think I dumped Baekhyun in the forest.
  • Sehun:i would think the same
  • Kai:Kyungsoo wouldn't do something like that. He's too sweet for that *clinges on Kyungsoo*
  • Lay:That's because you love him. You don't see his dark sides
  • Kyungsoo:Get off me Kai. And I don't have dark sides.
  • Suho:I'm going to find Baekhyun. Who's going with me?
  • Lay & Chanyeol:Me
  • Suho:Okay. Sehun, Kai and Kyungsoo.. Call us if you see him.
  • Sehun & Kai:Yeah.
  • Kyungsoo:maybe