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Busy P: default theme. Comments on every fucking post but no one wants to call him out cause hes too nice. Uses :) a lot but not in the “um sweaty” way.

Justice: ultimate grab-bag blogs. one second dogs next second hardcore porn gif. Tag each other in everything but are also on each other’s dfif lists.

So Me: art blog that’s more “reblogs are better than likes” posts than actual art.

Sebastian: all black theme with no icon or blog description. Only posts text style shitposts with no tags, but they become meme sensations anyway. Everyone thinks he’s genius but really he’s just weird.


Daft Punk: spam bots.

Gesaffelstein: has like 20 different aesthetic/suggestion blogs ranging from angel kin to suckdog ripoff to health goth. Also has a star wars fan blog but it’s password protected and nobody knows about it. Promos constantly with selfies.

Brodinski: 4 column blog of photography and high fashion. Always getting really weird anons but answers them with grace and style. Has more followers than anyone else.

Danger: he was actually just daftinthehead this whole time.

kchanlp replied to yourphoto:I think about this pre-series Yuuri a lot.  He’s…

Oh man I’m almost certain this is based off on Yuzuru Hanyu’s costume on the last Worlds! I haven’t seen this before, THERE’S SO MUCH RL REFERENCES IN THIS ANIME I WANNA DIEEEE

Yuuri again for reference.

It would probably not be his Hope and Legacy costume (the one you’re talking about) because we saw this in like the first episode and that aired like literal days after Yuzuru debuted the costume, but I agree that this is a very Yuzuru-esque look from Yuuri. 

If looking for direct inspiration, I think it looks most like his Chopin SP from 2015-2016:

Or his Paganini program way back when he won Junior Worlds in 2010

Baby Yuzuru. 

But definitely the overall aesthetic of the costume (and the fact that his hair down) makes it look sort of Yuzuru inspired! The Yuuri/Yuzuru thing can be pretty overdone (and really their careers are nothing alike), but in this case, I admit, even I saw the resemblance in that costume aesthetic and thought it was Yuzuru inspired as well. 

When my roommate was Taken and Replaced, there were a lot of things I was prepared for (things like sleeping with iron on, keeping salt under my pillow, constantly being on guard, and never taking food from her), but explaining memes to her was not one.

I was in our room studying, just trying to cram for one of the classes we have an excess of tests in, when Not Vex looked right at me and asked, “Why are so many people talking about the friends we made along the way? It doesn’t even make any sense. Today at lunch, Binks said ‘maybe the real final exam was the friends we made along the way’ while we were studying. It just-it makes no sense.”

It took me longer than was probably polite to answer, because how the hell are you supposed to answer when one of Them asks why a meme exists? I did have to answer eventually, though.

“It’s called a meme. It’s things that start on the internet that people find funny, and they usually don’t make sense, and they start getting used in different ways. The one you were talking about started to make fun of something that’s in a lot of movies, where they search for treasure or a prize or something and don’t find it, and someone says something about the real prize being the friends they made along the way. People love making fun of overdone tropes, so it got really big and now people use it in a lot of ways and some of them make no sense, like the one Binks used,” I told Not Vex, hoping my explanation was enough and I could get back to my studying.

She seemed satisfied, and I thought that was the end of it.

If only I could be so lucky.

Now, anytime there’s a new one, she’ll make it a point to tap me on the shoulder and ask “Is that one of those meme things you told me about?”

Vex was never very quiet, and Not Vex isn’t either. Now everyone knows I am on good enough terms with Them to talk to my Gentry roommate about memes and I have no idea what to do with that kind of power.


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You go on holiday abroad with all the members as friends for a vacation and photoshoots and fall in love with a member fluff plz

so I went with Wonwoo! ♥ lmao I didn’t feel like/didn’t want to specify where exactly this “abroad” is, so you can use your imagination, but fairly close to Korea either way.

When you had first head of the opportunity to join Seventeen on their trip abroad for a vacation that also included some photoshoots for their next album, you didn’t even have to think about your answer.

A trip with thirteen of your best friends? No one would be able to keep you from going.

The preparations were exciting, with your group chat being filled with “What are you taking with you?” and “Can you believe we’re leaving in two days?” instead of the usual bantering. Naturally that didn’t exactly disappear, either, but it was obviously overshadowed by the excitement for the trip.

When the day of the flight finally came, you met up with the boys and some of their staff members at the airport - you didn’t even have to ask them where they were, because if the familiar, bright hair of Joshua, Jihoon or Minghao didn’t catch your attention, the noisiness sure did. 

“Geez, you’re attracting everyone’s attention,” you said while laughing when you reached the boys, who just laughed at you, and some of them gave you quick, excited hugs. “If I didn’t know better, I’d guess this was your first trip overseas.”

“It’s as exciting every time as it was the first, you know,” Soonyoung said with a grin, and all the others agreed. You shrugged with a bright smile taking over your features.

“I guess that’s understandable,” you replied and looked around. “Are we going to check in soon?”

Vernon hummed to Check-In quietly while fiddling with his phone and Seungcheol joined him (you could barely stop yourself from joining in, too), whereas Seungkwan exchanged a few words with the staff members and turned to you. “We should move there now, yeah.”

So you did, and an hour or so later you were all boarding the plane, looking for your seats and putting your hand luggage up to the overhead locker with casual chattering, now noticeably quieter than at the airport. The flight wouldn’t be longer than four or five hours, you could recall, and you found yourself seated between Wonwoo and Jeonghan.

For most of the flight, you listened to music and stole glances at the book Wonwoo was reading. Jeonghan, on the other hand, was dozing off for… well, pretty much the whole flight, with his jacket spread over himself and his eye mask making sure he wasn’t disturbed by light. You looked at him every now and then, only to smile when you noticed that he was still sleeping.

When Wonwoo got a small box of candy from his pocket, he nudged you lightly and gave you a small smile when you took one of your earphones off and turned to look at him curiously. “Do you want some?”

“Oh, sure,” you said, still surprised, and stuck your hand forward so that Wonwoo could give you some of the candy. It wasn’t particularly sweet, but tasted good nevertheless. You smiled at him. “Thanks.”

He shook his head, his nose crinkling a little with the wideness of his smile, and put the box back into his pocket before returning to the book he was reading.

“I could’ve taken some, too,” Seungkwan muttered from his seat on the other side of the aisle, and got a chuckle from Wonwoo.

“I might give you some later if you behave well,” he said amusedly, and Seungkwan squinted almost dramatically.

“What do you mean ‘behave well’?” the younger one asked and leaned closer, only to get a quirked eyebrow from Wonwoo.

“You’ll see.”

The plane landed on time, and after you had all gotten your luggage, you moved to a bus that had been reserved for you well beforehand in order for you to get to the hotel. During the journey, Chan excitedly told you about his list of things he wanted to do during the trip, with Minghao occasionally commenting “I want to do that, too” and Seungcheol chipping in with a realistic “Remember that there might not be enough time for all of that.”

Chan nodded, and while he was still smiling brightly, it was obvious that he hadn’t taken into account how much time doing everything on the list would take. His voice was a mere mumble when he eyed his list. “I’ll have to choose the most important ones, then…”

The hotel was admittedly more extravagant than you had expected it to. It wasn’t quite a 5-star one, but it was so much more than you had imagined. Even the members were all in awe when you entered the lobby with your suitcases, meanwhile the staff members had content smiles on their faces - after all, they had known exactly what kind of a place they were headed to.

“This place looks really expensive,” you muttered, still incredibly amazed, and got agreeing hums from the members.

Mingyu whistled quietly. “Gotta be careful here, huh.”

The members laughed, but with how grand their surroundings were, the laughter wasn’t quite as explosive as it normally was. You got to the reception, where you were given your keys - and told that you and Wonwoo would be sharing a room.

“That’s gotta be a mistake,” you said, stunned, and looked at the details on the screen. The receptionist smiled politely.

“As you can see, it is not,” they said and showed the computer screen to you and the others. Wonwoo nodded slowly while you continued staring at the screen in disbelief.

“Well… it should be fine, right? It’s a twin room, anyway, and not a double,” he said calmly. Some of the other members were almost grinning at the situation, and you turned to face Wonwoo slowly.

“Are you sure? It won’t be weird or anything?” you asked unsurely and accepted your key from the receptionist with a quick “Thank you”, still looking at Wonwoo. He nodded.

“We’re friends, it shouldn’t be weird,” he said, and gave you a small smile. “Now come on and let’s let Seungkwan and Vernon get their key.”

“Those two should not be roomed together,” Joshua mumbled to himself, and you raised your eyebrow. He chuckled. “After Soonyoung and Seokmin, they’re the pair to get the most notifications about loud noise. It’s like they lose track of time.”

You nodded while laughing and looking at the two getting their key, who were glaring at Joshua. “We’re not that bad.”

“Y/N can be the judge of that, considering your room is next to ours,” Wonwoo said with a chuckle, and you grinned at Seungkwan and Vernon.

“You have a week to show that you’re not that bad,” you laughed, to which Seungkwan declared that the challenge had been accepted.

Little by little you began moving to your rooms, and Wonwoo let you into yours as well. The room, while simple, was also more sizeable than you had expected. Again, it wasn’t very big, but you had more room than you would’ve at a cheaper hotel.

“Your agency’s really overdone itself this time,” you said with a quiet chuckle as you got into the room and sat on one of the beds, pleasantly soft yet not too much so. Wonwoo shut the door and nodded with a small smile.

“I don’t think any of us were expecting this,” he admitted, and sat on the other bed. He sighed quietly. “I’m a bit tired.”

“I feel you,” you said and let out a yawn while looking at the clock on the wall. “It’s 10pm… you think we could sneak out of the group dinner and just grab something small from the store downstairs?”

Wonwoo grinned widely at your suggestion. “Leave it to me to talk us out of it.”

He left the room soon, and you lay down on the bed with your phone. Ten minutes or so later he returned, at first with a straight face, but it soon changed into a smile. “No group dinner for us, the manager was really understanding.”

“Yes!” you exclaimed in joy and got up from the bed in an instant, while Wonwoo laughed at you from the door. “So, snacks when they’ve left?”

And Wonwoo nodded.

When the others were leaving, Seungcheol still dropped by the door to make sure the two of you absolutely didn’t have the energy to come, and with how tired you were, it wasn’t a difficult task to show him just how awfully tired you were. So, the others left, and you and Wonwoo were free to go to the store downstairs to buy snacks and whatever nice you could find that would suppress your hunger enough.

And soon you were sitting on the bed Wonwoo had claimed, both dressed in your sleepwear and with a big bag of snacks and food between you.

“This was a great idea,” you said between bites of the bagel you had bought, and Wonwoo chuckled quietly while picking up another dried mango.

“It really was,” he said, his voice so soft that you couldn’t help but notice it. You moved your eyes from the food to him, and tilted your head a little, taking in how happy Wonwoo looked.

Then it hit you: during the time you had known Seventeen, you had not once been alone with Wonwoo the way you were now. And it was enjoyable, much more so than you could’ve imagined.

A small smile spread to your lips as you took another bite of your bagel.

You didn’t manage to finish all of the food, but neither of you minded: you just agreed that you could snack on it in the morning if you felt like it. 

It was a bit after midnight that the two of you were finally getting your blankets over yourselves and reaching for the lights on the wall. Happy smiles played on both of your lips when you said “Good night” in unison.

The week-long vacation proved out to be a lot more eventful than you had expected. You joined Seventeen on their photoshoots, ate meals with them and had an amazing time with all of your friends, but there was something - someone - that made you feel just a bit more excited than anything else.

Jeon Wonwoo.

It was like sharing a room with him had made you see him in a new light or something, even though he hadn’t really done anything out of the ordinary. He had simply been himself - his friendly, sweet, attractive self - and that was enough to give your heart some extra beats and make your cheeks gain color more often than usual.

On the fourth day of the trip, you were walking along a market street in the evening, and Wonwoo joined you out of the blue.

“What’s up?” he asked, his voice as low and husky as it always was, and you gave him a smile.

“I’m thinking about what to buy for my family,” you replied and looked at the booths around you, filled with small accessories, food and whatever you could think of. Wonwoo hummed in understanding with a soft smile spreading to his lips.

“Souvenirs, huh,” he noted, and you nodded. When he wrapped his arm around you, you couldn’t help but yelp - and blush when Wonwoo laughed. “Sorry.”

“It’s fine,” you said quickly and tried to tell your heart to just beat a little slower, which it naturally did not do. Instead, it continued the rapid hammering inside of your chest for a good while, and Wonwoo pulling you closer to himself didn’t really help it.

Eventually you managed to finally find something to your family, and it seemed like most of the others did, too. Or so you easily concluded from Seungkwan excitedly saying “I’m sure mom will like this,” and Mingyu running to you from a store, holding a small bag while yelling “Guys! I finally found something for my sister!”

You had dinner, and towards the end of the evening you and Wonwoo retreated to your room like you did every evening. You let out a sigh as you put your things down and got on the bed, lying down immediately - you were exhausted.

Wonwoo chuckled. “Are you not used to that much walking?”

You clicked your tongue and propped yourself up on your elbows. “Not so much the walking, but the fact that it’s almost 11pm and we left the hotel at 9 in the morning.”

“True,” he hummed and put his bags down, only keeping one on his lap as he dug through it. You lay down again and let out a long yawn. When he had found what he had been looking for, Wonwoo smiled to himself and stood up, moving to sit on the edge of your bed.

Your breath nearly hitched in your throat when Wonwoo reached for your hand and placed something on it. “I thought you’d like this.”

You sat up, and before looking at what was on your hand, you took a good look at Wonwoo, who was almost avoiding your gaze and whose cheeks were noticeably more colored than they were when you had gotten into the room, and you were certain it wasn’t just the fatigue.

When you looked at your palm, you were met with a beautiful, simple silver-colored bracelet. Your heart felt warm at the small heart-shaped details on it that you couldn’t see unless you got it really close to your eye. “You really didn’t have to.”

Wonwoo shook his head. “But I wanted to. I wanted to get you something nice, so I did.”

“Thank you,” you said softly and moved to sit next to Wonwoo on the edge of your bed, smiling. “I really like it. I’m sorry that I don’t have anything for you.”

“It’s fine,” he said with a soft chuckle. “I didn’t buy you that expecting to get anything in exchange, so don’t worry.”

You nodded slowly and leaned your head against Wonwoo’s shoulder. He hummed questioningly.

“Why do you have to be so nice?” you asked in a whisper, and Wonwoo chuckled as he leaned his head against yours.

“What do you mean?” he asked amusedly. You sighed.

“You’re just… I don’t even know how to describe it,” you said with a pout, and slowly lifted your face. Wonwoo looked down at you as well as he could from the odd angle before laughing and pulling a bit further away. You stared into his eyes, your heart fluttering because of the intense, deep gaze in them. “You have me weak.”

Wonwoo was silent for a while. He let your words sink in one by one, and eventually he gave you a warm smile while his hand found yours to hold. “I could say the same. For some reason you give me this fuzzy feeling even when you’ve just gotten out of bed with your hair pointing in all directions.”

You snorted at his comment, despite the rapid beating of your heart. “You make me feel that way even when you’ve got your hair up with a hair band and a face mask covering your face.”

He laughed and squeezed your hand. “You beat me.”

Another short moment of silence fell over you, and at the end of it you got yourself under Wonwoo’s right arm so that you could hug him while sitting next to him, and he wrapped his arm around you.

“So it’s okay if I kinda… think I might be falling for you? Like, it’s okay to say it?” you asked bluntly, your voice a bit shaky, and listened to Wonwoo’s heartbeat. It was amazing how it was about as quick as yours was.

Without giving it much thought, Wonwoo gave you a small peck on the top of your head. “It’s definitely okay, and I hope it’s okay for me to say that, too.”

You were about to answer him, and okay, maybe you were also about to give him a quick peck on his cheek, but either way, you were interrupted by a loud noise from the room next to yours, which effectively killed the mood.

“…I think I won the bet,” you said with a giggle, and Wonwoo nodded with an amused smile on his lips, too, while the noise kept going on. Seungkwan and Vernon were playing music that they sang loudly on top of, and by the sounds of it, they were probably also dancing, and definitely not in one place.

“You also lost one.” You looked at Wonwoo with a dumbfound expression, and he grinned so that his nose crinkled - your heart skipped a beat. “Remember a few years ago when you and Seungcheol had the debate on whether you’d be able to be friends with us for five years without falling for any of us, and you said you’d be able to go on for ten years without that? Well, look at you now.”

You blushed and pursed your lips. “…If we ever become, you know, more, do you think we could keep this lowkey for, let’s say, seven years?”

Wonwoo snorted. “No chance.”

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these writers have tried so damn hard to make me like Trikru but it only seems to make me more eager to get rid of them

anonymous asked:

What's your personal list of questions that should be avoided at cons? I'm a bit worries for tomorrow's convention.

If you are worried for tomorrow’s con, and I assume this is about Lana, this what i will not ask her, if I were to go to a con

1. not ask the same old boring questions

2. if she was asked smth before not ask again

3. not ask about Hook - this is her panel and it’s about her character as an ER and SQ I would never ask about Hook - the one guy that stole the spotlight from Snow, Emma and Regina and turned the show into the hook show rather than a show about women. Why give that slimy bastard more attention off screen? This was meant to be Regina’s big arc, like last year it was Emma’s yet they make it all about Hook and CS. Stop giving that crap ship and character any attention. That crap ship is only liked by people with sad lives and that have no real, meaningful filled with love relationships in real life, so they distort what real love is actually like. Trust me is not marrying a guy who tried to kill your son and family 3 times, called you dried up and useless, and said he wants to hurt you like you hurt him, and he goes ahead to kill your family to hurt you.

4. I would not ask inappropriate questions like:

- how much tongue did you use in the OQ kiss

- fav part of a sex scene

- bed nickname for your onscreen partner

These are all gross af. Stop being gross when you ask actors questions. The fact that straight shippers ask them all I have to say is I agree with Lana’s disgusted face here:

5. kill-kiss-sleep with. It’s overdone, like really, really overdone. She already answered. People look for shippy answers. OQ want to hear about RH, SQ want to hear about Emma, so depends on the combo of names she’s given.

Keep in mind Lana will always give the PR answer, especially now that the show went full on CS nothing else matters, lets make the musical about the wedding since we don’t give a flying fuck about anyone but CSers. 


- don’t interrupt her

- don’t boo

If you want to contradict her respectfully disagree with someone. 

ps: is it just me or is the OUAT PR super against all things SQ as if the very existence of SQ threatens the fragility that is CS, because let’s be honest CS has no depth, when did they ever discuss stuff seriously and he didn’t lie to her? Therefore every meaningful relationship Emma had was destroyed so CS won’t seem like the gross shit that it actually is?

i am just so ANGRY because MICKEY AND MANDY MILKOVICH WERE GOOD FUCKING PEOPLE who absolutely did not DESERVE what happened to them and they are now not even being treated with the respect and love that THEY SHOULD BE TREATED WITH. after their entire lives being ABUSE VICTIMS this is how they’re sent off the show, are you FUCKING KIDDING ME? and FUCKING SHEILA CALLAWHATEVERTHEFUCK talking about mickey becoming ian’s NURSE like literally shut the fUCK up, how do the WRITERS not even have a grasp on their own fucking character what thE FUCK I AM SO MAD. gOD so he’s finally taking care of the person he loves after literally going through HELL TO BE WITH HIM and now that’s a bad thing????? and he was being overbearing??? and oh oh oh ian just missed the old badass mickey??? didn’t want him to be all soft and gentle but now that he’s gone ian just wants something soft and gentle give me a fUCKING break. and WHILE WE’RE TALKING ABOUT IT, WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO IAN? HOW COULD YOU DEMOLISH SUCH AN INCREDIBLY WELL-CRAFTED CHARACTER? LIKE WHERE THE FUCK DID IAN GO? see like the ONLY way i’ve been able to interpret his actions is like if ian is still somewhat in love with mickey and the only way he knows how to cope is by distancing himself and trying to convince himself that the relationship wasn’t “real” or all too good or whatever. like i get that. i’ve been there. and it’s a natural coping mechanism. BUT THAT’S NOT WHAT THE WRITERS ARE DOING. THEY ARE FUCKING UP IAN’S CHARACTER AND I’M NOT OKAY WITH IT. BIPOLAR DISORDER DOESN’T CHANGE YOUR PERSONALITY LIKE THAT, DO YOU EVEN UNDERSTAND WHAT MENTAL DISORDERS ARE??? I’M SICK OF THEM TRYING TO DESTROY IAN GALLAGHER. IT’S NOT REALISTIC AND IM FUCKING MAD BECAUSE THEY ALREADY DID THIS WITH DEBBIE. as SOON as debbie became a teenager they literally threw her character out the window and gave her a new one. what, you think as soon as you get your period you become an entirely different person? AND YOU KNOWS it’s because she’s a girl, because carl is going thru his dumbass teenager phase too but it FITS his personality, as much as we wished he wouldn’t take the criminal lifestyle to heart. but NO debbie is a GIRL so of COURSE SHE HAS TO BECOME THE AIRHEADED HORMONAL TEENAGE GIRL WHO’S OBSESSED WITH BOYS AND WANTS A BABY, like are you FUCKINg kidding me? that is the most un-debbie like storyline ever, and it’s sO overdone, are you really lacking creativity tHAT badly?!?!? oh teenagers have the stereotype of being troublemakers so naturally debbie has to be one of them. YES OKAY MAKE HER REBEL, MAKE HER QUESTION THINGS LIKE A TEENAGER, but she IS STILL DEBBIE FOR FUCKS SAKE. SHES STILL THE SAME PERSON. look at the debbie in season 3 and tell me it’s the same person as the one we’re seeing now. go ahead. i dare you. because there’s a difference between growing up and going through phases, and completely developing a new mindset, a new set of beliefs, and a new fucking personality?!?!?! and NOW THEY’RE TRYING TO DO THE SAME WITH IAN.



Karen Jackson? GONE. Sheila Jackson? GONE. Mandy Milkovich? GONE. Mickey Milkovich, who had arguably one of the most beautiful character development arcs in television history? NAH FUCK IT, GONE. 

honestly. part of me is glad they didn’t have the time to fuck up mickey’s character the way they fucked up everyone else’s.


twerkin’ out. a broadway musical playlist for working out.

for beyonceknowles-official

01. Overture / Work Song - Les Mis (Original Broadway Cast // 02. Fortune Favors The Brave - Aida (Original Broadway Cast) // 03. Rent - Rent (Original Broadway Cast) // 04. I’ve Been - next to normal (Original Broadway Cast) // 05. Honey, Honey - Mamma Mia (Original London Cast) // 06. Spooky Mormon Hell Dream - The Book of Mormon (Original Broadway Cast) // 07. Rainbow High - Evita (2012 Revival Cast) // 08. The Heat Is On In Saigon - Miss Saigon (New Broadway Cast) // 09. King of New York - Newsies (Original Broadway Cast) // 10. The Break - next to normal (Original Broadway Cast) // 11. Carrie - Carrie (Premiere Cast) // 12. Like Father, Like Son - Aida (Original Broadway Cast) // 13. Candy Store - Heathers (Original Cast) // 14. No Good Deed - Wicked (Original Broadway Cast) // 15. The Dance O’ Death - 9 to 5 (Original Broadway Cast) // 16. Voulez-Vous - Mamma Mia (Original London Cast) // 17. Nobody’s Side - Chess (Danish Tour Cast) // 18. Revolting Children - Matilda the Musical (Original Broadway Cast) // 19. You Can’t Stop The Beat - Hairspray (Original Broadway Cast)


Chopped (part 2)

(part one here)  (frankly you people frighten me)  (@edielovespie demanded more)

TED: And we’re back for the entree round.  Please open your baskets.  You must construct an unforgettable entree using live monarch butterflies, chocolate sandwich cookies, vegan tenderloin, and hubcap.  You have thirty minutes.  Clock starts now.

MADAGASCAR: The judges were really nice to me in spite of the blood in the first round, so I need to step it up if I want to continue.  I get the cream filling out of the cookies and put the cookie part aside for a crostini later.

ANGELA: The tenderloin tastes kind of like pork, so I get some fish sauce and oranges and cornstarch from the pantry to get it coated for an Asian-inspired Kung Pao technique.

JUDGE AARON: Now, the real challenge in this basket are those live butterflies.  They are poisonous in every way, especially the wings, which are brightly-colored as nature’s warning sign.

JUDGE SCOTT: I was thinking the hard part would be the cookies, it’s got that double sweetness that has to be balanced just right in a dish containing tenderloin of vegan.

BILL: I overhear the judges talking about butterfly wings, so I spread them on top of my tenderloin like a puff pastry.  Gonna make a Wellington.  We do that a lot at my restaurant, though honestly I never thought to put it with a hubcab.

TED: Fifteen minutes remaining.

ANGELA: I’m hacking at the hubcap with my carving knife, but I just can’t seem to crack it open.  I know the center of these things is a rich, creamy sort of muscle like a scallop, and I’m hoping to use it like a surf-n-turf pairing.


ANGELA: I look over and I see that the fryer wasn’t even turned on!  My cutlets are ruined, and I’m so short on time I can’t start over.  I throw the bits onto the grill and hope the’ll cook in time.

MADAGASCAR: I grate some of the hubcap into the sauce to give it some brightness.  It’s turning this really shiny metallic grey, not very appetizing.  Meanwhile, my spring rolls are ready to roll up but these aren’t the kind of wrappers I’m used to.  I think they’re made of, like, rice or something?

BILL: I’m watching the time just slip away, and I hope my Wellington isn’t overdone.  They really didn’t give us a lot of tenderloin for this round.  (laughs) Maybe they’re all from the same vegan? (laughing stops, sudden realization dawns)

TED: And this is your last minute!  Finish what you can and get it one the plate!

(small fire erupts behind Angela)


TED: And five (Madagascar throwing spring rolls onto a square dish) four (Bill frantically just pulling the tenderloin out of the oven) three (Angela drops one of her cutlets on the floor, swears) two (Bill delicately spooning something wet and pearly onto the plate) one, please step back. (Madagascar throws both hands in the air)

ANGELA: This is probably not my best work, but it’s so important that I make my parents proud, it has to be good enough.

MADAGASCAR: I’m looking at the other dishes and it’s pretty clear nobody knew what to do with a hubcap.

BILL: (says nothing, frowning with growing concern at the bloodied paper that held the vegan tenderloin)

TED: Chef Bill, please describe what you made.

BILL: Um…Well it’s monarch-wrapped tenderloin in the Wellington style, with a sandwich cookie sauce and served in a hubcap.  I’ve never worked with imitation meat before, haha.

JUDGE AARON: Imitation?

JUDGE SCOTT: I like that you used the cookies as a chocolaty sauce, it sort of lends a mole flavor to things, or would if you had seasoned it differently.  The butterflies add a lot of bitterness, though that might be the poison starting to wreck my body.

JUDGE ALEX: Mine’s a little undercooked?  But I like the chocolate as well, inspired.

TED: Chef Madagascar.

MADAGASCAR: Before you I have a vegan tenderloin spring roll, with a pickled arugula and butterfly salad and a chocolate hubcap dipping sauce.

JUDGE AARON: There are so many flavors here.

JUDGE ALEX: The butterflies add a nice crunch, I like that you pickled them and really used their toxicity to your advantage, but I kind of think this isn’t enough to call an entree.  It’s more of an appetizer.

TED: And finally, chef Angela.

ANGELA: I’ve made for you an oil-braised and grilled tenderloin, with a ginger hubcap cream sauce and a red wine chocolate cookie crumble.

JUDGE SCOTT: You’re the only one who used the inner muscle of the hubcap.  This is the most perfectly cooked hubcap I’ve ever had, but (pokes at it with fork) I just don’t like the seasonings.

TED: Angela, what would winning mean to you?

ANGELA: My parents made it pretty clear they didn’t approve of my love of cooking when I came out to them as a chef when I was thirteen.  Until that time we had been a strictly food-free household.  I guess winning would prove to them that I’m doing what I truly love.

TED: Chefs, please give us a minute to deliberate. (chefs file out of the kitchen)

All I can think of is that creamy seafood center.

(In the sweat room)

BILL: Does anyone else think the vegan tenderloin wasn’t actually for vegans but made of vegan?

ANGELA: Cow is vegan.

BILL: Yeah but what happened to Gooseberry?

MADAGASCAR: I think it could go any way here.  We all made pretty great-looking dishes.

MADAGASCAR: It’s going to be me.  Bill’s freaking out and Angela’s a wuss.

BILL: I have to win this.  Whatever I said before, now I have to just so I can go home and tell my wife I love her.  I…don’t feel safe.

(the chefs reconvene in front of the judges)



TED: Chef Angela, you’ve been chopped.  Be well.

BILL: Angela…I’m so sorry.

ANGELA: I know my parents are proud of me anyway. (leaves down the hall)

TED: Two chefs remaining!  Who will take home the ten thousand dollar prize in the dessert round, and WHO (Bill sweating) WILL (Madagascar folds arms defiantly) BE (close up on exactly how much Bill is sweating) CHOPPED?

So a lifetime ago an anon asked me what my favourite species in Star Wars are, and I’ve since lost/accidentally deleted the ask, but I’ve been thinking about the answer to that. And it’s surprisingly difficult to arrive at, so I’ve been going through my collections of Star Wars encyclopedia books and my massive collection of saved pictures I use ostensibly for reference material, making and compiling a comprehensive list.

So that’s going to be a thing. But while I’m doing that, I’ve noticed that there are a few things that are REALLY OVERDONE with Star Wars species. And when I’m talking really overdone, I mean like. At least a dozen species of each, that would be quite indistinguishable from each other if you lined them all up in a room. It’s bound to be just a prevalent case of “Star Wars author wanted to make up something original but didn’t bother to do their research to see if it’s been done before”, and maybe quite a bit of “comic artist wanted to make something easy to draw”, but it still steams my asparagus every time I see YET ANOTHER REITERATION OF THE SAME THING. I mean. Including all films, series, specials, books, comics, and video games, Star Wars only has about 1,300 to 1,400 distinct species so far, a bunch of which haven’t even been fully described or illustrated, and some that haven’t even been named. I’m sure convergent evolution is just as much a thing in the GFFA as it is in the Milky Way, but honestly I wonder about people’s levels of creativity.

Species types that are So Very Overdone:  

  • Honorable, intelligent cat people
  • Violent, stupid lizard people
  • Small, underestimated rat people
  • Giant, mantis-like, hive-minded insects
  • High Technology Space Dinosaurs™
  • Pink/purple-skinned, pointy-eared near-humans
  • Green-skinned near-humans
  • Blue-skinned, red-eyed near-humans
  • White-skinned, white-eyed near-humans
  • Species that look EXACTLY THE SAME AS HUMANS but there is some internal anatomy or physiology that makes them OH SO DIFFERENT like a cartilaginous skeleton (Super-flexible! Yay! Hot! XDDDD!!!) or a resistance to cold/heat, or cultural tattoos, or the ability to see in the dark, or a strictly matriarchal society (because apparently that’s enough to make them not human? Seriously Star Wars?)
  • Or, if the author was REALLY going for some Extra Special Bullshit, they are considered So Beautiful And Attractive Compared To Normal Humans that most people fall madly in love with them on sight. I shit you not, there’s at least four of these.

Aaaaaand let’s not forget the one thing we can definitely do with NONE of:

  • Non-mammalian species with females that have breasts.

….Star Wars. Stop doing this. Just stop.

It’s Cold and You’re Warm P. 1

Summary: Over time, Marinette finds herself to be more and more affected by the cold of winter. Her and Chat decide that revealing their identities would prove more beneficial than not.

A/N:  I know it’s a little overdone but I really love LB having Ladybug tendencies and her getting really cold/tired when it’s winter. So have a fluffy identity reveal that also involves some tendencies!


Winter was Marinette’s favorite time of year. Keyword being ‘was.’ Ever since she’d accepted her miraculous, ever since she became Ladybug, well… the winters grew harder and harder to bear.

The first time she transformed, and the year of transformations that followed it, she felt almost no difference. The cold was a bit more nippy, but it hadn’t been anything an extra scarf, mittens, and earmuffs couldn’t solve.

The year after that, she wore a heavier jacket, and the year next, a second pair of pants with thick socks and a hat.

The years following those became tougher, and she couldn’t keep the cold from penetrating her garments and seeping down into her bones. She could still fight well, but her stamina lessened. And it continued to do so the longer she bonded with her miraculous.

One night in particular, when she was cuddling up to Chat for warmth, as had become habit between them, she brought up doubts that had plagued her when the cold began to affect their work together.

“Wh-what if I-I can’t make it to a fi-ight? It affects m-me in my civilian id-dentity too. T-Tikki says that I’ll st-start to get tired too this y-year. L-ladybugs hibern-nate you know,” she told him, shivering as she buried herself further into his chest.

His arms wrapped around her, and she felt him rest his chin on top of her head. She felt when he opened his mouth to speak, and when he shut it to think of a response first. That happened multiple times until he actually followed through with voicing his own thoughts.

“Bug, I’m about to say something I don’t think you’l particularly enjoy, but hear me out, okay?” he asked. When she gave what he guessed was a nod, he continued, “I know we decided back at the beginning to keep our identities a secret. I completely understand why, and I know secret identities are important, but I think- I think the more your similarities to actual ladybugs come out, the more we should know who each other are.”

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anonymous asked:

pablo hidalgo is out there again calling kylo a bad egg. what the hell?

meh, that’s pablo’s modus operandi at this point - victim blaming and erasure of mentally ill people.  it no longer comes as any surprise, and why should it? it’s largely the same bullshit that we hear spouted in cishet male “nerd” culture every day, that we have been hearing since pretty much anyone who isn’t a neurotypical cishet man tried to carve a place for themselves in fandom.

pablo may think he’s inspired, but he’s offering absolutely nothing that anyone here hasn’t heard before.  his victim-blaming, mental illness invalidating rhetoric is nothing new or surprising.  it’s actually really overdone, and I’ve got no time for it.  

children aren’t born bad, end of story - and if I never have to watch as pablo compares kylo ren with “good” victims who turned out the “right way” again, that will be too soon.  he and his smug dismissal of kylo ren (and all that comes along with it) aren’t welcome on this blog.