oh, life - part 103

What is this “over-confident fat girl” bullshit?!  Seriously.  It’s generally encouraged for people to work on their confidence - it’s attractive to other people and makes the person feel good. 

OH but no no no… not if you’re a fat girl.  Nope.  If you are not confident, you’re ugly.  But if you have confidence then you don’t deserve to have it because you’re fat and now you’re being TOO confident. 


If a person is confident then AWESOME.  The only over-confident people are the jackasses dictating that fat girls are now too confident.  Are you worried that if we start having confidence that you’ll find us attractive and HEAVEN FORBID you find a fat girl attractive.  Are you worried that if we start having confidence that guys will go for us instead of you?  Live and let live.  Good golly, people don’t deserve to feel shitty about themselves just because you deem that they should. 

Big girl, you are beautiful (Mika) but ya know what?  You skinny things are beautiful too.  So are you “average” sized ladies.  And the men!  Yep, beautiful.  Be confident, you shouldn’t have to feel like crap and you don’t need to give into the lies that are fed to us all the time in society.

oh, confident-fat-girl-ranting life