The Batfamily and their Lantern Rings

Bruce: Yellow. It’s been shown in canon that Bruce is unable to use a green ring because he can’t bear watching the loss of his parents—in fact, he’s barely able to interface with a green ring at all. He has, however, shown himself capable of using yellow. Fear is what drives him: fear of losing those he loves to random violence. He takes that fear and turns it outwards, just like a yellow lantern should.

Dick: blue. He’s the hope of the Batclan, the one who keeps them all going when they want to stop. I feel like this one is fairly obvious.

Jason: Green. This is a child who saw the BATMOBILE and decided to steal its tire. And when Batman confronted him about it, tried to hit him with a tire iron. He dug his way out of his own grave with nothing but his hands. His fears are overcome.

Tim: Indigo. He became Robin not because he needed it but because Batman needed him. As stated by N.O.W.H.E.R.E., he could have disappeared as soon as they began hunting teen metahumans, but instead he put himself at the front of the fight by organizing the Teen Titans. This boy bleeds compassion.

Damian: Red. Smol. Angery. Fite. Nuff said.

Cassandra: Star Sapphire. Okay so bear with me on this one: what saved her, and what drives her to save others, is family, and love of family. She’s not a romantic Star Sapphire; she’s a familial one.

Barbara: Green. She’s been a freelance vigilante since she was TEN. She lost her f**king legs and went, “okay, I’ll just conduct the entirety of the Batfamily’s war on crime from my apartment. Oh, more vigilantes? Sure, you work for me now.” Ain’t nothing can stop this woman.

Stephanie: Blue. Her father’s a supervillain, and she knew that wasn’t going to reflect well on her and might even make the other Gotham vigilantes reject her, but she knew she had to do SOMETHING. She believed she could make a difference, in spite of the odds.

Luke: Orange. Im primarily basing this on the characterization of him in “Batman: Bad Blood,” which was a truly terrible movie, but one thing I do remember about him was when he saw all the bat-tech his father had squirreled away and pretty much immediately went “I WANT.”

Kate: I don’t know her all that well, but I’m gonna go with red?

Duke: indigo. He cares about people he barely knows, people he’s never even met. He integrated into the Batfam almost faster than Damian did, because he can empathize with all of them better than a lot of them can with themselves.

Alfred: Also indigo. Batfamily triage, emotionally and physically, and he can channel the other colors by understanding them. Puts others’ needs before his own.

i am so deeply moved by my desire for completeness in myself. to accomplish all my goals and be the centered and thoughtfully existing individual that i am always slowly inching towards. there are so many things i want and i usually feel satisfied growing gradually towards them, but then the next moment i am completely overcome with fear and frustration that i won’t ever get there fully. to see myself centered and sturdy, a master of all the crafts i’ve dreamed to learn. spinning pottery, swimming in the morning, making beautiful cappuccinos, cooking, baking bread, going for runs by cold water, thinking for myself and being the confident happy peaceful adult I picture in my mind. even when i make progress and learn new things and commit to my goals and see the product of patience and work, i instantly want 10 new things to be a part of myself. no one is running out of time to be who they want to be. there is always room to expand and you don’t have to want the same things your whole life, the human heart is malleable and thats what makes it so strong and lasting, that’s why we get back up in failure and try again. i am so worried about not being carefully polished and curated that i forget all the small steps i’ve taken. learning chess has been on my to-do list for years and now i play regularly with my loved ones. i used to tell myself if i could pour a 4 leaf tulip in a cappuccino i’d never ask for anything again, and now my tulips have 12. i closed my heart to swimming for 6 years after losing 1 of the gold medals i thought i needed to win to be happy, and now i’m back into laps! i have an art show Saturday after telling myself 2 years ago that i didn’t want to be under the pressure of showing everyone this part of myself again. i want this feeling to propel me forward instead of building tension in my chest. i want to never be envious even a moment in my life, i want to do what i want and be happy for everyone from the bottom of my heart. 

Run Wild.

To risk everything, to hold nothing back, to lay it all on the line.

Your reputation, your success, your comfort.

It’s that moment when fear is overcome by faith.

Live Free.

It’s not the liberty to do whatever you want, whenever, and wherever you want, but rather it’s living in accordancance with the author of humanity.

And finding freedom by connecting with the creator, who conceived you.

Let the light flood into your eyes for the first time.

Feeling the blood course through your veins.

Finding the truest version of yourself, by knowing the one who knows you even better, than you know yourself.

Love Stong.

Because you were first loved.

Because without love we all persish.

Because the Earth and the stars can and will pass away.

But love.

Love will always remain

My DDLC Endgame

Yuri and Natsuki heal together and end up loving each other and be gay and happy for the rest of their lives.

Monika apologizes to Sayori and in time they help each other overcome their fears, obsessions, and regrets. They too will be gay and happy together because they deserve to feel love and I feel like they will give each other what they need.

MC will find their own lover and live happily ever after—

Crystals for Overcoming Fear

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  • Agate: strength
  • Ajoite: overcome fears
  • Amethyst: strength, courage, ease emotional strife
  • Aquamarine: strength, relieves fear
  • Bloodstone: courage, adaptability, strength
  • Blue Goldstone: courage
  • Calcite: lessen and overcome fear, calming
  • Carnelian: strength, overcoming one’s worst fears
  • Charoite: courage, endurance
  • Chrysocolla: inner strength, lessens fear and negative emotions
  • Diamond: courage, strength, gives hope
  • Dioptase: confidence, emotional healing, moving forward
  • Nebula Stone: relieves fears
  • Onyx: overcoming hardships and fears, banishing nightmares/fears
  • Piertersite: courage, relieves worries
  • Sardonyx: confidence, courage, strength
  • Schorl: relieves and protects against one’s fears
  • Sunstone: overcoming fears and phobias, strength
  • Variscite: relieves anxiety, fear and stress; emotional strength
  • Zoisite: releases fear and dispels fear and worries
Stones for Witchcraft~

Sure, everybody says you should start out with quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, citrine but what about for witchcraft and magic specifically. What stone carries the witchy soul? I will be listing some stones perfect for use in magick to aid and strengthen you.

You probably guessed the first one ;D

1. Labradorite

The Inuit people believe that Labradorite fell from the Aurora Borealis. Another legend claims that a warrior struck the stone with his spear creating the Northern Lights as a result.

This is a stone of magick, it is a stone for shamans, diviners, healers and people seeking knowledge or looking for guidance. Perfect for honing in your strength and power as a witch. Labradorite helps awaken physic abilities, strengthen intuition and create awareness. If you wear labradorite, it will help your innate magickal abilities rise to the surface.

This stone is the most protective stone you can get. It shields the aura and strengthens the energy within. It guards against negativity. Due to this, it is a difficult stone to use in black or negative magicks. Some say it is impossible. Because of it’s protective and shielding quality it is perfect to use when exploring alternate levels of consciousness and doing visionary explorations. This stone will keep you safe from all harm.

Labradorite is good for seeing past illusion and into the truth.

2. Dendritic Agate AKA Merlinite

Do not mistake with Mystic Merlinite. This is not the same.

This is another stone of pure magic! It is a stone of duality, of light and dark, black and white. It is the stone of good luck and the dark night of the soul.

It is said to be able to help the user recall memories of alchemists and even the great Merlin of Arthurian times (thus its name).

This stone attracts good luck and magick into the life of one who carries it. This stone is good for shadow work, allowing you to travel and see the deep dark parts of yourself. Merlinite, is a very shamanistic stone, aiding you to commune with the natural world and elementals and work with its energies.

It stimulates deep intuition and a psychic knowing. It helps to bring you in contact with teachers in other realms.

A stone of harmony it helps aid the birth of creativity. This stone is not only for the light aspects as it will allow you to see the reality of your own inner darkness.

Use this to bring balance to light and dark, masculine and feminine. Use it to balance any kind of duality.

3. Moqui Marbles AKA Boji Stones AKA Shaman Stone

“Moqui” is the Hopi word for the dead. They say that the dead come around sunset to play with these stones.

This stone is believed to carry two genders, like animals and people. The flatter more oval ones are said to be male while the rounder ones are female. They are often used as pairs. They bring balance to the masculine and feminine energies inside all of us.

Use for inner transformational work. Use them for protection during journeying and out of body travel. These stones prevent negative entities from attaching to you.

These stones are perfect for overcoming fears of any kind, especially death.

They elevate your intuition and help you come in contact and communicate with spirit guides and totems.

Moqui Marbles also help you to become aware of parts of yourself that may be hidden including tendencies or habits that come from past lives.

4. Nuummite

Nuummite is know as the sorcerer’s stone as it is a stone of sorcery and magick. It draws and combines the fiery energies of the earth with the energies of a raging storm.

Nuummite is the oldest stone on earth; it is approximately over 3 billion years old and has volcanic origins.

This stone is good for personal magick, increasing synchronicities and luck, clairvoyance and intuition. Nuummite allows for deep journeying into your psyche allowing you to see your true, authentic self- the good and the bad, the whole of you. This stone will bring you gifts of inner power and self mastery.

A great stone for grounding and highly protective, it shields the auric field and fiercely fends off against negativity, manipulation, and environmental pollutants.

Nuummite heavily draws from wild earth energies.

Be careful. This stone has intense energy and may be too much for some to work with. Nuummite is a strong magick stone and should be taken seriously and treated respectfully. Use with good intent as harmful intent rebounds on the user.

5. Hag Stones

These stones you can find around lakes, rivers, and creeks. They are natural stones with a naturally-forming hole (or holes) straight through.

Hag stones are believed to ward against evil, negativity, curses, illness and nightmares.

The holes inside the stones are used to look through and are said to help you see other worlds, spirits, and even fairies.

Hag stones can be used to enhance the magick abilities of anyone who uses it or keeps one on them. If you cannot afford any stone at this time, look for hag stones outside. They are powerful and have been held as sacred to many ancient Pagan religions for thousands of years.

The 8th House in Astrology

The 8th House, ruled by Scorpio, deals with trauma, ‘death’, healing, transformation, secrets, and inheritances. My main focus for this post is to pinpoint how each sign experiences death and rebirth (not literally), or in other words, how they heal and experience growth and change.

*check only your 8th house*

Aries: Aries will experience ‘death’ from blows to self-esteem and confidence, possibly from being bullied or abused. This can cause them to develop defensiveness and a short-temper, becoming easily enraged and intimidating, mostly out of fear and because it is all they have been taught. Rebirth occurs when the individual learns to manage their anger and bundled energy through healthy coping mechanisms and realizing that it takes more than appearing strong. They must see that they are truly warriors as they have endured so much in life. 

Taurus: Taurus will experience ‘death’ from feeling they are not safe or secure and from having their valuables and belongings taken from them (people or things). This can cause them to become selfish, overbearing, and controlling over everything they own and possibly over people they care about. They can become greedy, possessive, and obsessive to an extreme level. Rebirth occurs when they come to the realization that they will not truly feel complete by owning valuables and hoarding their belongings, they must find value in themselves. For so long, they’ve focused on materialistic values and completely lack inner security. As they overcome their issues, they will gain abilities in resourcefulness and stability that will aid them in times of crisis or struggle.

Gemini: Gemini will experience ‘death’ from being deceived, betrayed, or emotionally / mentally abused. Someone or several people in their lives have used words against them to make them feel lesser for their own personal gain. This can cause Gemini to act in the same way, manipulating others, hurting others with your words, and having an inner sense of irritability and anxiety. Rebirth occurs when you come to understand psychology and why people act and say what they do. You will see that those who have hurt you were insecure and envious, possibly having major issues of their own. You will soon learn to accept and understand your past and see that you have gained intelligence and wit from your observations. Your newfound abilities will help you instead of hurt you.

Cancer: Cancer will experience ‘death’ from being neglected, abandoned, or feeling as though they have no support or nurturing in their life. Most times this stems from the relationship with the mother. This can cause Cancer to be clingy, needy, extremely overbearing and overprotective, and insecure. They will do whatever it takes to receive love and attention because they do not feel they are loved. No matter how much love and nurturing they receive, it will never be enough for them. They will end up taking friends and partners for granted. Rebirth occurs when they learn to love themselves. This can start from engaging in self-care and self-nurturing, finding things about themselves they like, going to therapy, etc.

Leo: Leo will experience ‘death’ from heartbreak, trauma, or abuse that will affect their self-expression and them as an individual. They can feel as though they do not know who they are and remain in the state they were in when they were being hurt or abused, making them insecure, dramatic, and attention-seeking. They can appear selfish, arrogant, and conceited because of their tendency to always bring up their own problems into conversation, but really, they’re seeking guidance and assurance from others, though it goes in one ear and right out the other for them. They will experience rebirth when they learn to cope with their pain and overcome their insecurities and emotional issues. When they have healed, their true compassion, generosity, and self-expression will shine through.

Virgo: Virgo will experience ‘death’ from being brutally judged and criticized, from being forced to be someone they are not, and from feeling worthless and useless due to the harsh remarks and actions of others. This can cause them to be extremely obsessed with being perfect, possibly checking every single flaw in themselves and in others, criticizing themselves and others, and feeling constantly tense and overwhelmed. Rebirth will occur when they realize that no one is perfect and not everyone can be held to specific standards. There is no need to try so hard to reach perfection when in reality, it cannot be achieved. As they heal, they will feel much more grounded and calm.

Libra: Libra will experience ‘death’ from not feeling loved, accepted, or valued in the correct way. Also, by being in a situation that lacked harmony and security. They may have been neglected or possibly sexually / physically abused. Because of this, Libra is so obsessed with feeling loved and accepted, they may throw themselves at others,  act like someone they are not to fit in, show off the more intimate side to them too quickly, and likely getting into friendships and relationships on and off because they do not feel worthy or good enough for them. Rebirth occurs when they learn to love and accept themselves for who they are and realize that they are valued and respected. As they heal, they learn to incorporate harmony, love, and peace into their lives.

Scorpio: Scorpio will experience ‘death’ from being abused in any form, experiencing death of a loved one, or from being abandoned. This surely is the most intense and personal placement for the 8th house, as Scorpio is its native sign. Because of their experiences, Scorpio will become a very destructive and ruthless individual, engaging in self-harm, lashing out on others, isolating themselves, ending jobs and relationships only to start over again, etc. A constant cycle of death and rebirth with every aspect of their life will be a constant. Rebirth will occur when they recover and overcome their issues both mentally and emotionally. These individuals are capable of turning their pain into something worthwhile and will become powerful and passionate people when they heal, capable of helping others recover from their pain, as well.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius will experience ‘death’ due to a lack of freedom, expression, and confidence in themselves due to traumatic or painful events caused by others. This can cause Sagittarius to become overly rebellious, engaging in impulsive and sometimes dangerous activities as a means to lash out at those who have restricted them. They can also have zero faith in themselves and their talents and abilities, never truly knowing which direction in life they wish to go. Rebirth occurs when they realize they are taking things too far with their rebellion, especially if rebirth occurs in adulthood when true freedom is experienced. They must also realize that they can do anything they can set their mind to, so they should definitely pursue their talents and abilities. When they have healed, they will become open-minded, encouraging others to be themselves, and will be an inspiration to all.

Capricorn: Capricorn will experience ‘death’ from feeling worthless, feeling like a failure, and from not being able to achieve what they wanted in life. They have experienced something in life that they had no control over and therefore feel powerless and vulnerable. Because of this, they experience anxiety, self-doubt, and stress on a daily basis. They can be very obsessed with controlling their environment and this may make them appear bossy and demanding. Rebirth occurs when they begin to work towards understanding and overcoming their inner insecurities and realize that as long as they remained determined and ambitious, they can achieve what they want. Some things happen in life that are beyond anyone’s control, but they should not let this stop them from continuing to try.

Aquarius: Aquarius will experience ‘death’ from feeling isolated, alone, and weird. They may have been treated as an outsider and did not receive the proper attention and social development they should have. This can cause them to be distant, emotionally detached, and robotic. Rebirth occurs when they learn that their differences are what make them special and unique and when they allow themselves to open up to others. Close friends and loved ones can help them overcome their fears of accepting themselves and emotionally connecting with others. As they heal, they will become much more friendly and cooperative, embracing their individuality and encouraging others to accept theirs as well.

Pisces: Pisces will experience ‘death’ from a traumatic and distressing event which likely involved those around them being lost, deluded, or absent. This can sometimes be linked to being around drug addicts in early life, experiencing or witnessing abuse, or being manipulated and taken advantage of. This can cause them to feel like a victim in life, feeling vulnerable, weak, and experiencing nightmares, ptsd, chronic anxieties, and deep worry. They may retreat from reality by isolating themselves and possibly by gaining addictions of their own. Rebirth occurs when they find ways to cope with their reality, accept their past, and think more rationally and logically. As they heal, they will grow to become compassionate, loving, and extremely creative. They can turn their experiences into guidance and inspiration for others and use art to express their pain.


Comic dub of an Overwatch fancomic by @artbytesslyn - featuring the voices of @totalspiffage as Widowmaker, @hnilmik as Sombra, and myself as Reaper!

Woof. This comic dub was QUITE the undertaking. STORY TIME: a few months back, I approached Tesslyn to see if she’d be interested in letting me turn her Patreon-only comic series “Ghost” into a comic dub. We decided that the best time to release said dub would be after she had done enough pages to put together a single comic on Gumroad, and I could drive some sales towards that. Perfect!

Cut to a month ago, Tesslyn shared her finished comic with me and my first impression was “oh no I  may have bit off more than I can chew what have I done”. Let me break down some of my fears going into mixing this, and how they got overcome. Or maybe the fears remained and I just got super lucky and this comic dub got done anyway. One of those!

First of all, atmosphere. While I’d done atmospheric comic dubs before, I’d never done one THIS long and where many sustained moments were held over several panels with no dialogue or very minimal dialogue. This meant a lot of thinking about “how long do I hold on this panel? how long would be too long or too short?”; I usually rely on dialogue beats for that (eg panel is revealed, dialogue starts, dialogue ends, panel changes, repeat) but now that I had something a little freeform it was time for a mild panic attack. In the end I went with my gut and “eyeballed” it (“eardrummed” it? no that’s terrible) and I think I managed to get this out all right! At least, I hope so.

Second of all, music. I was REALLY tempted to use the music I’d heard playing the visual novel “The House in Fata Morgana” and was weighing up the pros and cons of using music associated with another game and the possibility of having this video hit with a copyright claim. In the end I decided “what the heck, I’m really feeling that game’s soundtrack for this dub!” and went with it. At first, I was using the track “This Mutilated Body” by Yusuke Tsutsumi, which I thought was PERFECT (both in terms of the mood conveyed and the title); but I just couldn’t really make it flow with the comic dub as a whole piece, it went a little bit too hard and had way too much energy. Then I tried using “Everybody’s Crying” (also by Yusuke Tsutsumi) and that worked out much better; the piece flowed with the rise and ebb of emotions in the comic, and the title still works as well! In any case, there’s a second audio mix of “Ghost” with different background music on my computer and I dunno what to do with it.

Third of all, ACTING. For a comic centered around Widowmaker, I was not nearly expecting the amount of emotional heavy lifting Sombra had to do. And super lucky times for me: Kimlinh knocked it out of the hotdamn park. HOTDAMN ACTING. I actually got a little bit teary mixing the part where Sombra starts attacking Reaper; and completely put off the part where she realises that BOTH her friends are running out of time, because I felt like I couldn’t do the mix proper justice. Tamara was also super great as Widowmaker (and a surprise appearance from Amelie!) with both her usual cold demeanour, and a surprisingly gentle side coupled with the quiet, tired acceptance of her forthcoming expiration. And finally, I am also there. I smoulder with barely restrained rage. Is what Reaper does.

I’d talk sound effects, but at this point I think this has gone on long enough. Long story short: sound effects are both the blessing and the bane of my sound mixing existence. Finding the sound of a plasteel (presumably) mask hitting the ground? What kind of ground is it anyway: soft, hard, gravel? How loud should the simulated tinnitus be so its presence is felt without actually hurting the ears of the audience? What does the hum of a hologram sound like? I can’t find the sound of someone getting pummeled by angry hispanic fists, so it looks like I’m going to have to record myself hitting myself! Where can I sneak in the Wilhelm scream THIS time?

ANYWAY! If you enjoyed that, why not watch some of my other comic dubs?


Lisa Nichols on Rescuing Yourself, Overcoming Fear, and Finding Success By Serving Others

It occurs to me that Jonathan Crane might well be the greatest therapist Batman’s ever had.

Seriously, almost every time Batman faces the Scarecrow, he has to confront and overcome some deep dark fear, and by the end of every adventure, Bruce Wayne is a (slightly more) well-adjusted person.

I can only imagine that it fills Dr. Crane with many conflicting emotions that he–in his own murderous, sadistic, and highly unethical way–has successfully employed fear therapy time and time again to help make Batman a happier, healither person.

So what is time management?
It’s when you know you have a test next week and you don’t want to cram for the test again. Managing your time will let you study for the test an hour a day, instead of 5 hours in one day.

How do I manage my time?
The basic idea is that you create some sort of schedule, or plan, for your day. Then you stick to it. Here’s some tips on creating the schedule, and then staying with it.

I. Keeping track

  • Keep a planner. This will let you easily see what you need to have done by the end of the week!
  • I keep a todo list of what I need to finish for the day. Mine is simple to avoid overloading my brain. For today I wrote “Finish Math homework. Finish Electronics Lab report. Study Physics”.
  • I don’t write down exact times that I do my homework. I tried this earlier, and found it was too challenging to keep to such a strict schedule. My workflow works best when I can choose what to work on, and when I can work on it.
  • Some people will find that having too much freedom in their schedule will be challenging to follow. In that case, they would prefer a strict schedule saying to do homework at a specific time.
  • You need to find out what works for you, everyone is different. Try a technique, and move on if it’s not working.
  • I color code my life so that I know what I need done at a glance.
  • Determine what’s urgent. If I have a test the next day and homework due in two days, I’m going to use that day for studying for the test.
  • Tasks with a stricter deadline should be done first.
  • Tasks worth more of your grade should have more time allocated for it.
  • Allocate time when you have the most energy. I have the most energy mid-day, so I try to do my schoolwork after lunch, before dinner.

II. Staying on track

  • Don’t overload yourself and say you’ll finish 2 projects and 60 pages of reading in one day. This is what time management is for in the first place.
  • Break it up! That 60 pages of reading can be 20 pages over 3 days.
  • Start small if you’re new to this. Overtime it will be easier to allocate tasks since you’ll have experience with managing your time. At first you can simply say “Today I will write the first 200 words of the essay.” and then work up to larger tasks once you’re used to allocating time.
  • The hardest part is starting! Our brains create this dread with schoolwork, but once we start it’s never as bad as we make it seem.
  • Find out why you’re not starting your homework, and then learn to overcome it.
  • My fear of starting stems from a fear of failure since I’m a perfectionist. I overcame this fear by reminding myself that starting is better than nothing at all.
  • Reward yourself once you finish a task, or when you stay on schedule.
  • Getting off schedule is not the end of the world! Time management will let you make up for the time lost! Usually it’s a sign of stress when you miss work, so find what the cause is.
  • I would miss work in high school because I was afraid I would never understand the topic so I didn’t bother starting. This is a bad idea ™   since the work is there to help you practice and you will start understanding the topic once you practice!
  • Schedule time for breaks! It’s easier to have a guilt-free break when you put the time in to take a break!
  • Have a “Do nothing” day. On fridays I don’t do any schoolwork. I relax and enjoy the day. This lets my brain rest after a long week, and I get to enjoy my time with friends.
  • Have fun with it! I love checking off things I did and looking back at the week with checkmarks everywhere!
  • Check what you need done in the morning so that it’s on your mind and you can start planning your day.
  • Not every second of everyday needs to be allocated to schoolwork! If you have a 20 minute break between classes, relax! It’s better to give you brain a break and to feel better than to fill your entire day down to the minute with learning.
  • Don’t multitask. Allocate time for both tasks so that you can focus on a specific task.

knives don’t have your back  ⚣ harry/louis  Ⓜ mature  ⌘  suspense, mystery  ≟ 51,300

The lone survivor of an on campus killing that claimed the lives of his four housemates, Harry is urged to take a sabbatical or transfer. Instead, he chooses to stay in school, move into the dorms, and overcome his fears.

He finds comfort in a budding friendship with Louis, an upperclassman who lives on his floor, not realizing that their relationship will bring him closer to his traumatizing past rather than farther from it.

knives don’t have your back →  ao3  [completed]  

My favorite Season 3 moment

In the printshop, Jamie touches his ring on Claire’s finger - the ring made so hastily, yet so thoughtfully, from the key to Lallybroch - for the first time in 20 years.

He raises his gaze to look at her - nodding to himself that yes, yes, this is real.

His eyes fill with tears.

Then he almost loses all control. His soul - body - heart - calls out to hers. Is drawn by hers. He *must* be one with her.

And he gasps.

Claire - overcome - steps back.

In fear? In surprise?

Jamie - so attuned to her - must restrain himself. Come back to himself. Politely ask for permission to kiss Claire.

For his identity as a lost, lonely man has been shattered.

For her identity as an accomplished - yet emotionally detached - woman is shattered.

For here, they take their first deep, healing breaths as one heart.

genius-prettyboy-momfriend-yoon  asked:

Favorite BNHA characters ( top 10 ) and why?

This question should be illegal. I’m only taking the students because that would be too hard I love Yoshitori and Aizawa too much and dhojdfkhfjds.


1. Kirishima Eijirou

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Cinnamon roll. Deserves everything. I’m not gonna be great at explaining why I love him - or just everyone in this list - because it’s just this feeling of overwhelming love when you see a character you like fhjdkfsd.

He’s talented, strong in his determination and in his power, and his kindness doesn’t have limits. Sunshine.

Even though he has self-confidence issues, he’s always here to help people. He does realize he has flaws but is working on it the best he can. I admire the fact that he overcomes his fears but you can still clearly see the internal struggling. (This is a great character development we got here if you check his past.)

Also, Bakugou respects him. And if you gain Bakugou’s respect, you must REALLY have something because Bakugou’s not the easiest person to please. He didn’t even try to it just happened

Kirishima Eijirou is the best friend everyone would dream of.

2. Midoriya Izuku

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He was my first favorite before Kirishima’s story came out

Who the heck is even this boy? How pure is he? How stupid was this reaction of his to save Bakugou in the very beginning when even the heroes - even All Might - didn’t move? Also, the fight against Todoroki? The boy BROKE HIS BONES, and SEVERAL TIMES for his friend to move on. That’s- I have no words.

Midoriya Izuku is the perfect next symbol of Peace: his selfness and need to help people wasn’t made by his quirk but by his soul and that’s what pleased most people, and his dream won’t be stopped no matter what. All Might chose well.

3. Uraraka Ochako

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Look at her. She’s shivering and yet smiling and explicitely showing to her friends “I’m good, don’t worry.”

THIS GIRL ROCKS. She’s so clever. She’s talented. She fought against Katsuki Fucking Bakugou and could have won. I was in awe when I realised what was her plan all along during the fight. I’m still not over it.

And her motivation? No, not money, not really. Money is a mean to a goal. Her goal is to help her parents who she loves dearly and it’s one of the most adorable things. She wants to become her parents’ hero because they were the heroes of her childhood - look back when she was a kid how she admired their work and how frustrated she was not to be able to help.

I’m so excited about her she has so much potential.

4. Tamaki Amajiki

I honestly don’t know much about him - like everyone else I guess? But from what I’ve seen, this character is… different. I can’t really explain. Actually, all the characters are really different, the author is doing a great job for so many characters. 

I was surprised to hear about a group of three amazing future heroes, and see this guy, so shy, so awkward, with a real anxiety towards people - this is not comic relief to me. And this is important. Tamaki is going in front of a class, with two of his best friends/team-mates, and tries to stand up for what he believes in.

And since the last chapters I’m really worried about him I need new content pls help

5. Todoroki Shouto 

Very complexed character. His past makes who he is now. He is physically marked by the disfunctional family father he’s living with, and mentally too. You can’t make me believe seeing his mother in such a state, hurt him, and losing her for the rest of his childhood isn’t a great impact on his personality. You can’t tell me, having a “dad” who forbid you to play with your siblings to train for his own selfishness didn’t touch him.

This is a terrible past, and I realize how Todoroki actually easily confessed it to someone in his class - to Midoriya. But doing this is the first step of the development of his character which made me love him, oh so much.

I liked the grudge he’s holding against his father, and the fact that he still does, but put it apart in order to follow is own ideals, his own project. I was so proud of him when he chose to work with Endeavor because he figured it was the best for his powers.

This kid is so young but so mature already. He faced his father, and then came to see his mother on his own, to face her too. That’s amazingly brave.

And finally, in the scans for the “Bakugou Arc” Todoroki more and more cares about not just his own motivations, but also his classmates. LOOK AT HIS FACE WHEN THEY TAKE AWAY HIS FRIEND. You can definitely see it before tho, when he’s teaming up with Momo and listens to her after realizing he might have been too focused on himself and not on sharing ideas.

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Also did I tell you how incredible and badass his power is?

6. Kaminari Denki

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Another precious boy. But who isn’t? Mine-who? Don’t know this guy.

Let’s just appreciate this pic of our Human Pikachu.

I don’t feel like he got a lot of moments yet, so I’m really excited about knowing more about him, but I liked him right from the beginning - I actually liked him more than Kirishima at first. He’s motivated to do his best, but knows his limits. Even though he still acts without thinking sometimes and that’s killing me xD

He rocks. That’s all I can say. In this arc, he nailed it, and-

He got his bff’s support, which is BIG. (Also, again, Bakugou). He improved a lot and I’m so proud of him.

Despite what a lot of people think, my son is clever. Just remember he’s a 15 yo guy and teens do mistakes and stupid things all the time. 

I remember reading somewhere he’s always showing his thumbs up to let everyone know he’s alright once he’s off. This is incridibly touching. I don’t know about you, but if even when his brain turns off, his last will or his subconscious is yelling at him to let everyone know he’s good and that they can go on, I think already a little part of his job, as a future hero, is completed.

You go, Denki.

7. Mirio Togata (also known as Tintin)

I didn’t know I would love him. I thought I would like him, but I didn’t know my heart would just go down and drown with the last chapters. I hate this manga sometimes.

He looks so nice. So at ease. All the time. He trained so hard, I understand Izuku’s expression in this panel. This guy is impressive and you don’t realize it right away but when you do- oh damn. I mean. He was supposed to be the next Hero of Peace.

D E T E R M I N A T I O N in everything he does, in his beliefs. I also believe - and I’m pretty sure - he’s helping Tamaki with his social issues and awkwardness.


Listen to him he knows what he’s talking about everything’s okay *sobs*

8. Katsuki Bakugou

Alright what about Bakugou. I like his character. He’s unstable, and that makes my feelings also unstables. His agressivity is the reason why I’m a bit indicisive, but he does have great moments which explain why he’s in this top 10.

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Believe it or not, despite ALL OF HIS FLAWS, Bakugou is a human being. A shitty human being yes - I’m referring to the very first episodes (I can’t forgive him to, basically, tell Izuku to kill himself, ‘who cares’) - but still human. I LOVE his character development. He’s being forced to consider his classmates and - hey everyone knows that, this guy is pretty clever.

One of the many reasons I love Bakugou: his fight with Uraraka. She fought with everything she could give, and he NEVER once underestimated her. Here’s something I need to see more: don’t judge the oponent by the way they look, and please especially not if they happen to be a woman. The whole croud yelled at him for “torturing” and “hurting” a girl, but that’d be okay with a guy? C’mon. I’m proud of you, Bakugou.

He also notices more than he seems to, like in this panel, for Izuku’s power. ‘

I’m really glad we got this moment of pure angst - I’m sorry I hated it but it also made Bakugou so much more human? He’s a kid. A kid with issues. And he lived traumatising things. 

But he doesn’t talk about those events. Because he’s too proud. But in the end? He’s just holding those regrets, those feelings of guilt, and cries them out. He’s a mess and he is lost.

Plus great bonus: friendship. Bakugou never seemed to develop strong relationships before, his only one with someone of his age is with Deku and that’s not one of the healthiest. But then you get Kirishima. And later on, a bit Kaminari, and more. He’s trusting Kirishima with his life (cf. first panels in Kirishima’s examples), and cares about him. THAT IS IMPORTANT.

Let us see how GREAT Bakugou is going to become and let me grab some pop-corn before I die in the process because it’s not gonna happen with some angst

9. Ashido Mina

The Queen.

Actually I loved the Alien Queen, I’m sad she didn’t get to keep the name.

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I can’t really tell much. She’s extraordinary. 

I love her enthusiasm and ‘joie de vivre’. She’s giving the class a great atmosphere of friendship etc. And she kinda rocks her abilities. Also, pays attention to her classmates’ powers and takes advantage out of it (cf. Battle against the Laser French Guy).

Plus: she inspired Kirishima, somehow? HORN BUDDIES? Oh dang, I loved this so much. I want them to be partners as heroes now.

10. Yaoyorozu Momo

The Precious Princess.

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I didn’t pay much attention to her at first but her power is really nice. She’s in charge of the class with Iida, and I’m proud of her.

She is always willing to help and contribute, but since she was admitted by recommendation, I guess this is why she started losing the confidence she started with - but she also compared herself to Todoroki which wasn’t a good idea, the guy has TWO abilities.

In this arc where she’s in team with Todoroki, I liked her more and more. Thanks to Aizawa the communication and exchanges get better and she gains more confidence after they win thanks to HER plan after Todoroki’s failed - that means a lot to her.

AND HERE IT’S DONE. I have so many things to say honestly I spent too many times on it already damn.

I can’t believe I didn’t put Tsuyu or Fumikage please end me. This list is absolutely unstable and could easily change how can I do a top seriously?

[PS: It’s almost 3am sorry for the bad English hrm]