Life is an opportunity, benefit from it!

Life is beauty, admire it: Libra 

Life is a dream, realise it: Pisces 

Life is a challenge, meet it: Aries 

Life is a duty, complete it: Capricorn 

Life is a game, play it: Gemini 

Life is a struggle, accept it: Virgo 

Life is sorrow, overcome it: Cancer 

Life is a tragedy, confront it: Leo 

Life is an adventure, dare it: Sagittarius 

Life is luck, make it: Aquarius 

Life is a promise, fulfil it: Taurus 

Life is too precious, do not destroy it: Scorpio

Rayguns & Rocketships
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Love is more than a feeling. It’s an action. I’ve have a disability. It’s hereditary. For the longest time I refused to entertain the idea of marriage. I couldn’t imagine being a burden and making someone care for me. Every time I thought about having kids I broke out into tears because I couldn’t imagine having a child and having to watch the disappointment on their face when they could no longer throw a football or run or walk without crutches. Two things changed my mind. The first is my parents. My dad is the hardest worker I know despite the fact that he should be in wheelchair. And my mom does an impossible task every day by helping him even after being weak from the effects of overcoming stage 4 cancer. The second is my wife. I met an impossible woman, a woman that I don’t deserve and that I thank God for every day. Her heart is impossibly large and wonderfully contagious. She shows me she loves me by her actions daily. I have never spoken about this publicly, I’ve only ever told it to a hand full of people in my life. But this video resonated with me so much and I wanted to share it. People who love you will try to push you away in situations like these so you won’t have to share in their pain. It can be so frustrating to see people you love in pain and not be able to fix what’s wrong with them. You might not be able to “fix” us, but if you love us you will do far more good than “fixing” us ever could.

❝ You and me, always.❞

Plot: You’ve cancer but, thanks to your boyfriend Taehyun and your best friend Jungkook, you’re winning your fight. / Second part of “You’ll be fine”

Pairing: TeaehyungxReaderxJungkook

Genre: Slightly angst, fluffy ending

Words count: 1,5k+

For anon, I hope you like it! -M. ♥

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! 

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“Guess what I’ve got?“ 

“Mmh… My favorite guy, Jeon Jeongguk! ”

Taehyung’s smile fades into a sarcastic expression, letting Jungkook into your room and following him soon after. Your boyfriend immediately takes the spot next to you on the bed, enveloping his arm around your shoulders, while your best friend pretends to throw because of that scene.

“You should find a girlfriend, so you could stop fooling us!" 

You tell him amused, going to rest your head against Taehyung’s chest and relaxing to the sound of his heartbeat. His arm is leaning on your belly and his fingers start to touch the little flap of skin discovered by the shirt. You shiver and for once, over the past few weeks, it’s not because of the constant cold feelings. 

"Of course, so I become clingy as Hyung?" 

"Check your words, Kooks! I’m not clingy… Jagi, am I? " 

"Don’t make me answer to similar questions, please …" 

"Y/N!!!” Taehyung exclaims upset, giving you a slight pinch on your arm.
He’s always attentive to every gesture, there were months you see him hesitate even he wants to hug you. 

Jungkook’s gaze alights on you and as always understands what you’re thinking, your illness has not only changed your life but also your relationship and it’s the thing that annoys you more.
He smiles and shrugs his shoulders, throwing himself on the bed and just by looking at you while Taehyung mumbles to him to be careful. 

“Jungkook, could you make it down?" 

"Hyung… she doesn’t break if you jump on the bed. I know you’re worried but you can’t–" 

"I’m going to get a drink.” He murmurs and gently loosens the hug with which he was cuddling you, leaving you two only a few moments later. 

You pull on your best friend a pack of tissues, giving a bad look and wondering why he keeps annoying his Hyung that way. It’s hard for everyone, but Taehyung feel every burden on his shoulders and you always notice it every time. 


"Let him be, Kooks. Do you realize that he just ends up practicing or performing with you, runs here and takes me to the hospital? Every day. He’s always with me and never complains, even when he falls asleep in his chair in the waiting room at the hospital. Can you try to give him a little break? " 



"Because it’s the only way I know to keep him away from depression, Noona. He’s afraid, we all are afraid.. But prodding him, I manage to let him not to think about it. " 

"Find another way, Kooks. He needs his best friend. " 

"And you?" 

"I’m fine, today it’s one of the good days” You admit, feeling more energy than usual. 

Jungkook crosses his legs on the bed, after having slipped the slippers on the floor, taking the book that you had left it open next to you when they arrived. 

“How to overcome cancer. Interesting reading? " 

"Can’t you see I’m still on the first page? My aunt has well thought out to give me this when she knew .. It’s horrible that book. " 

"Fine” He doesn’t add more and with a launch drops the book into the trash, causing a dull thud echoing in the room. 

You laugh slightly, grateful for his presence at that time. You’re missing your moments and you’re tired of being confined at home or in the hospital, but there’s nothing you can do to change things. 

He comes up and caressing your hair, surprised. 

“I still have mine, go easy boy!" 

"Daebak. It’s pos–" 

"Get your hands off of my girlfriend.”

Taehyung appears on the door with three cans in his hands, a Coke for Kooks, your green tea and red bull you know is for him. He backs to occupy the spot next to you on the bed, returning to wrap you in his arms as he gives with a smile the can to Kooks. 

Yes, today it’s one of the good days and you hope that’s not the last.


“What…? Are… are you sure?? " 

"Y/N-ssi, the tests are very clear. We started the treatments so promptly that the odds were really high and as we hoped the tumor has decreased by 35% in less than four months. At this rate, we expect your complete recovery. Obviously, you’ll need to continue treatments, but we’re on the right track Y/N-ssi. ”

The doctor’s words resound in your head while your mother by your side bursts into a desperate cry dictated of course with joy. You can’t believe it. You’re winning. You won’t have to leave Taehyung or Jungkook or your siblings, you won’t have to stop playing basketball and artistic gymnastics, you won’t have to say goodbye to anything. You’re winning. 

Your upset look seems to worry your mother, who immediately starts to shake you with kindness by repeatedly calling your name. You indistinctly hear the doctor to reassure your mother that that reaction is completely normal, and you start to cry silently, continuing to fix a point untold of the wall in front of you. 


"Tell me, Y/N-ssi.” He murmurs with kindness. 

“I’m getting better." 

"Yes, You’re healing.”


You get permission from your parents to get out of the house. Fresh air without the four walls of your room and the constant screams of twins fighting over videogames. 

You’re in front of the new building of Big Hit, completely shocked by the complete diversity from the previous one, especially in size.
Shyly you’re approaching the glass doors, knowing that it takes the pass to enter and sighs because it seems that you have to wait. You sent a message to both Taehyung and Jungkook, but neither had responded and then you had imagined they were absorbed in practice.

That day seems your lucky day when their manager can see you from the dors and runs towards you, opening and making you immediately enter. He hugs you with affection, asking how are you and making you the classic questions of courtesy they all make you as soon as they see you. 

You politely smile and reply, telling him you wanted to surprise the guys and you had brought some homemade pastries and coffee. 

“Go ahead, they’re in the rehearsal room C." 

"Thanks, Ajhussi” You thank him, bowing your head as a sign of education and following the signs to the rehearsal room C.

When you knock lightly nobody responds, so you slightly open the totally white door and you peek inside. They’re busy rehearsing a choreography that you don’t know and you’re about to close the door when you cross Seokjin’s gaze, which freezes and stumbles upon Hoseok who immediately screams in despair.


"I’m not sorry but it’s that there’s Y/N and I was surprised, DON’T YELL AT ME LIKE THAT!”

You blush upon hearing your name and just seven looks rushed through the door, the more worried and frightened is the Taehyung’s one since he didn’t expect your visit.

“Y/N, what are you doing here? Are you all right? What’s goi-?? " 

"I’m fine, calm down, breathe! I brought you some pastries and coffee. I thought you guys need "you stop him, opening the door completely and showing the two bags you’re clutching into your hands. 

Taehyung runs and takes what you’re bringing, kissing your forehead and approaching the table while others shout with joy at the unexpected break.

"You should stay home and rest Y/n.." 

"I’m fine Tae, believe me." 

"I believe you… But … " 

"No, Tae.. I’m fine, I’m fine. ” You emphasize the last words and he raises an eyebrow, confused, turning his gaze toward you and watching you carefully.
His blank gaze makes you smile and so you wrap your arms around his neck, laying your lips on his but not really kiss him. 

You hear a few whistles of approval and a “get a room” you know, even if you can’t see, arrives in unison from Jungkook and Yoongi, while Taehyung without waiting squeezes his arms around your waist, fully drawing you to himself. 

“What do you mean ..?" 

"We’re winning.” You whisper on his lips and finally understanding flashes in his eyes, which instantly becoming waterly without letting go to tears. 

“We’re winning." 

"Yes… Thanks for not letting me. " 

"I love you, how can I leave the girl I dream a future with?" 

"Well, we didn’t spend some good times in recent months..” You admit, but he shakes his head, kissing your lips for a few seconds. 

“True, but as long as we are together, nothing can divide us or shoot us down Jagi. You and me, always. ”

Day Twenty-Two

-As a toddler exited the store, he turned around and shouted, “Thank you, come again!” Until today I came here for a paycheck, but from now on, I come here for you, my friend.

-A woman’s total came out to $20.16. She remarked, “wow, that’s a fantastic year!” I do not know what world she is living in, but it is definitely not 2016 there. 

-I was approached by the most lethargic and morose family I had ever seen. Each of them seemed to have simultaneously just gotten out of bed and been awake for fifty-three hours straight. I understand where they are coming from, but I am not quite sure why purchasing a single can of Febreze was worth such emotional exhaustion. 

-As I turn back to face the sad Addams family, I notice something out of the corner of my eye. The fifteen year-old son had walked around the counter and was swinging his fists right behind my head, pretending to punch me repeatedly. I had not been aware of this. This was not some strange kind of joke. He simply decided he wanted to imagine assaulting a part-time retail worker and that the best way to do so was to physically emulate it. He put his fists down and looked at me. He saw the confusion behind my eyes. I saw a void behind his. He put down his fists and backed away. I handed Mrs. Saddams the receipt and did not turn my back on this family until they were safely out of the store. 

-A woman seemed torn, faced with the decision of either a $10 gift card or $10 off of her purchase. She did not understand that she was receiving both. Once I was finally able to convey this to her, she shouted out in joy. I am grateful to have been the one to give her this good news. I am slightly less grateful to have had my ear near her when she received it. 

-I am brought a Twix frappuccino. Once again, my managers prove to be able to do things no human should be able to do behind the counter of a Starbucks.

-Today I learned that Cat Lady has recently overcome cancer. I learned this by watching her spot a guest in scrubs, hurriedly hobble towards him, and, with his back still turned to her, regale him with her entire medical history. I am deeply impressed with both Cat Lady’s wide knowledge regarding lymph nodes and Scrubs Man’s genuine compassion for this stranger’s well-being. 

-I met a woman who told me that her four year-old daughter’s legal name was Doom. This shows a great lack of faith in her moral compass, yet a great show of faith for the scale of her achievements in life.

-Noticing how differently people act at different ages has become my new favorite part of the job. A couple in their twenties had an exchange that included, “This is my card. This is my PIN. Your hand is going nowhere near me or this ice cream.” A couple in their fifties had a similar conversation, “You can either pay for this or sweep the floors. You have to choose this time.” 

-Today I was kept company by my new friend, a skeleton wiener dog. I love this dog with my life, but I question the research of the person who designed a dog skeleton with long rigid ear bones.

-While walking, I dropped a security device. In a desperate attempt to catch it before it hit the ground, I swung my hand downwards. I managed to catch the security device, but not without injuring a personal device which could have used more security. I am grateful for the years of my life I have spent pursuing a degree in theatre, as the level of acting required to not let on that my entire lower torso was burning with the flame of one thousand suns would have been nigh unattainable otherwise. 

-As a woman finished checking out at my register, she recognized another woman a few guests back in the same line. Without picking up her things or moving, they engaged in a loud conversation regarding funerals and death. They could not have been more excited to be having this discussion. Those between them could not have been more uncomfortable with it. 

-As my shift drew to an end, I realized that my hand was covered in glitter. To the best of my recollection, I had not touched any products with glitter at all during the day. I consider myself blessed and can clock out knowing I have been touched by the Goddess of Disco and Arts and Crafts.

There are two water signs and two air signs in the second half of the zodiac, and two fire signs and two earth signs in the first half of the zodiac. This means that traditional elemental qualities are more suited to that side of the zodiac and its traits (for example earth signs tend to focus on material things, which suits the self-focus of the first half of the zodiac) which can be difficult for Gemini, Cancer, Sagittarius and Capricorn.

Gemini, as an air sign, is interested in learning and sharing information. However, ‘sharing’ at all is difficult for them in the first half of the zodiac! This means they can become selfish and insecure, obsessed with collecting and ‘dealing’ news for often egocentric reasons, and is thus why they have a reputation for being gossips.

Cancer, as a water sign, is skilled with emotions and in the way people relate to each other. However, as they are in the first half of the zodiac they find it difficult to apply this information to others. They can empathise, but can’t rationally understand other’s feelings from a non-selfish perspective. This is why they can become self-obsessed and manipulative.

Sagittarius, as a fire sign, has strong drive and motivation. However they apply this to the whole world. This passion mixed with lack of ego means that they can end up running from task to task, not believing in themselves or finding themselves, because their motivation lies outside themselves. This explains why they run away from their problems.

Capricorn, as an earth sign, is largely concerned with material things. They want to be selfish with this, but find it difficult because they are placed in the second half of the zodiac. Thus they rely too much on public opinion and become overly ambitious, instead of using their need for what is concrete in a healthy and personal way.

To those with strong influence in any of those four signs, I advise you to preempt this! You’re all lovely people and this is just an extra challenge for you, which I am sure you will be able to overcome <3

Zodiac Cancer Love Matches

Aries: Ruled by the Moon, Cancer can often be too sensitive for Aries, taking their comments and actions too seriously. There needs to be give and take on both sides. Taurus: Little by little, these two reveal more of themselves to each other, and can build a deep loving connection. Beauty and the good life – it’s an affair that can go all the way. Gemini: Generally, values are different for these two, which can exclude a passionate lifetime connection. But, if a strong friendship is formed, they can overcome just about anything. Cancer: These two caring Cancers can snuggle up all year long. They love entertaining, setting up home, shopping and anything luxury. An unshakable relationship, there values are aligned,emotional and material security. Leo: This match can work, but not without compromise. Leo is clearly the boss, but Cancer will often have the last say. A sincere love can oversee any challenge. Virgo: When there is love and attraction, this is an extremely solid relationship. Both have strong values and do not take their commitments and responsibilities lightly. Libra: These two can either boost or squash each other. They both have a love for culture and beauty and when their worlds align, it can work. Scorpio: These two water signs talk the same language. Love, passion, and lifestyle. A deep bond of sharing, caring and mutual support. Devoted! Sagittarius: There can be differences, and when the crab is hurt they pull down the shell, sometimes never to come out again. Compromises will need to be made, and a strong friendship is a good foundation. Capricorn: Opposite signs, but both there is understanding and respect. Without too much interference from the other, this is an optimistic match. Aquarius: Cancer feels with their heart and Aquarius thinks with their head. Nothing is impossible, but there are challenges between these two signs. Pisces: Both water signs; there is a natural and beautiful spiritual connection. It’s soul-to-soul love that can last a lifetime.

Source: Harpers Bazaar

The Signs As Untranslatable German Words

Aries: Backpfeifengesicht~a face that deserves to be punched

Taurus: Zugzwang~feeling pressure to make a strategic move

Gemini: Vergangenheitsebewältigung~to deal with the past and eventually overcome it 

Cancer: Luftschloss~an unrealistic dream

Leo: Verschlimmbessern~to make something worse by trying to improve it

Virgo: Das Fernweh~the yearning to see distant places

Libra: Torschlusspank~the fear that time is running out

Scorpio: Erbsenzähler~a control freak, someone who is detail-oriented 

Sagittarius: Treppenwitz~the things you should have said

Capricorn: Waldeinsamkeit~the feeling of being alone in the woods

Aquarius: Fremdschämen~the feeling you get when someone doesn’t realize how emberrassing they are

Pisces: Weltschmerz~depression or pain caused by the state of the world

Happy Birthday Scottish stand up comedian, musician and actor, Billy Connolly born in Glasgow 24th November 1942.

Well what can I say about “The Big Yin” he has been a part of our lives here in Scotland for so long.   He has received numerous awards and recognition for his work including an honorary Doctor of Letters, from the University of Glasgow.
He started off his career as a welder in the shipyards of Glasgow but soon became well-known as a folk singer. Later on he indulged himself into full fledged comedy and established himself as an ace comedian with passing time. He has a keen interest in football and is a patron of national association of bikers with disability.

I think my first real memory of him was on the Parkinson show in 1975, although he was making a name for himself well beforehand, he had sold out the Pavilion Theatre the year before, he was little known outside Scotland.  Michael Parkinson and Billy hit it off and their friendship exists to this day, Billy made an amazing 15 appearances on his chat show, more than any other guest.
Billy married his long term girlfriend Iris Pressagh in 1969 and after the success that came due to the Parkinson appearance the pair moved from Glasgow to a plush house in Drymen, Stirlingshire but both hit the bottle as Billy’s celebrity grew and he quit Scotland for London in 1981, divorcing Iris four years later. He married Pamela Stephenson in 1989 and has two children to Iris and three to Pamela. 

As well as his comedy Billy has had numerous acting roles to look back on, Down among the big boys being one of my faves, he has also played the famous character Deacon Brodie, The Big Man, Mrs Brown, The Last Samurai and Brave are but a few others. In the states he was in Head of the Class and the spin off aptly named Billy, he has also appeared in the popular shows 3rd Rock from the Sun, Columbo and House.
You have to also mention his songs, The Wellie boot song, the parody songs, In the Brownies and the number one hit D.I.V.O.R.C.E, as well as the theme tune to Supergran.
Billy was diagnosed with cancer and Parkinson’s disease on the same day in 2012 successfully overcoming cancer he continues to battle the latter and has cut his workload accordingly. I think anyone who watched his Tracks Across America will have noticed how the degenerative disorder has affected him.  Love him or hate him Billy has been a massive part in our lives for such a long time and at 74 perhaps he needs to take a back seat and enjoy his retirement.
I have met Billy a couple of times, the first was over 20 years ago on Princes Street Edinburgh where I asked him to sign some copies of the Big Issue for a seller I knew, the second was fleetingly on St Andrews Square after he had just been given a parking ticket.

The picture shows Billy when he was honoured with Special Recognition award at National Television Awards this year.


PLEASE PLEASE READ. It will mean the world to me if you do. Please also REBLOG if this post touches you. Takes you just a few seconds to help me spread this charity sale and I’d love it if this went like wildfire through the BJD community.

So some of you may know (but many probably do not) that my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in February. This has been such a turbulent time for both of us and we’ve been able to hang on due to our positivity and perseverance, but also because of the countless generous strangers who have supplied my mom’s cancer center with their time, gifts and care packages.

Because October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I want to run a special sale of these shirts in order to raise a bit of money to make care packages for the cancer patients of the Hillman Cancer Center, the Magee Women’s Health Center in Pittsburgh, PA, and the Butler Health System Crossroads Building in Butler, PA.

This is NOT a support drive for me or my mother. I’m donating my time and materials and covering any processing fees to ensure that your $15 purchase will go directly to putting together one full care package of 10-15 organic, natural snacks and cancer essentials. I am losing money on every single purchase and I hope it wrecks me. I’m dedicated to giving back to the cancer community and I’d love to meet my initial goal of 50 sales even if that means I’ll have to make sacrifices in order to cover the costs. Your purchase will not only save a patient a trip to the store, but will empower them with the validation that they aren’t alone in their fight against cancer.

These special charity shirts are available in 5 styles and 3 sizes and made from high quality jersey knit fabric. You will also get a 1 inch button pin to show your support of breast cancer awareness everywhere you go.

1 in 8 women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their lifetime. It’s estimated that nearly 250,000 people will be diagnosed in 2016 alone. In my mother’s case, she’s done everything right to keep herself healthy and fit for her entire life. Breast cancer is a disease that can strike without warning and there is no guarantee that living a healthy lifestyle will protect you from it. That is why it’s so important to raise awareness of breast cancer to remind women to invest in their health and do regular screenings so that the disease can be caught early, especially if breast cancer runs in your family.

The best way to overcome breast cancer is by early detection, fast treatment, and a wide support network including medical professionals, personal caregivers, and volunteers. Small tokens like care packages boost the strength and optimism of patients and validate that they are absolutely not alone in their fight. Your support of this charity drive means the world to me and will mean even more to the amazing individuals receiving treatment at the Hillman, Magee, and Butler Health System Centers. Thank you for your support and please share this message far and wide so that together we can make a huge difference!

Please share this direct link to anyone you think would be interested in this cause: https://www.etsy.com/listing/467216674/bjd-clothing-charity-breast-cancer

I love women. No I am not sexually interested in women, but I love those that are. I love the strength we have, the woman walking with a naked head from the cancer she overcome, the smile I will give you because your baby is gorgeous or maybe the bump carrying one is. Our instinct to automatically express our love for the blouse of a stranger or feel happy for the receiving end when a man walks away with a bouquet of flowers. Yet all this beauty is told to be, small, delicate. I want women to bloom, to not move for a man, to take up as much space on the outside as the space we fill with love on the inside.

Hundreds of Reasons not to be Religious #22

Prayer never works. As a child, I became aware that prayer did not always work. As I grew older, I noticed that prayer never worked. I prayed for people to overcome Cancer. It never worked. The same survival rates exist for people of all religions and people of no religion. Only the odds of probability apply to the occasional cure.

anonymous asked:

How does it feel to be a worthless confused girl who has never accomplished anything in her life

Oh hey anon, it seems you have me confused with someone else. Nothing about me or my life is worthless and I haven’t been more sure about myself than right now. As for accomplishments… I guess being an Air Force vet, a cum laude graduate with a degree in Chemistry, obtaining my pilot’s license, obtaining my AEMT certification, playing Division 1 basketball, maintaining healthy and dependable friendships, living on my own, overcoming homelessness, beating cancer, and much more was overlooked by you. Maybe you should go take a nice hot shower, light some candles, and really contemplate your life choices. Because it’s obvious that you are lacking somewhere. Also, I go by they/them pronouns. Get it straight.


After overcoming cancer, Clare thought everything else would be relatively simple. When her relationship with Eli was tested by distance, she turned to Drew Torres (of all people) and welcomed another dilemma. Choosing between two men can be difficult… but not when one of them is the father of your soon-to-be child. In true Clare form, she remains as determined as ever. But will this be enough to get her through the toughest choice she’s ever had to make?

This isn’t usually a Glee blog but I just had a lot of Glee feels after the final episode tonight and had to share. Glee had it’s highs and lows - oh, god, the lows… SO low. But say what you will, it has been addressing important issues in an accessible way for 6 years. It dealt with so many things: teen pregnancy, low self-image, bullying, coming out, overcoming obstacles, cancer, OCD, mental disorders, handicaps, poverty, domestic abuse, gender transitioning, finding love, losing love, birth, death, going on after tragedy, and so many more. Plus, it had a diverse cast that included black, white, Hispanic, Asian, mixed, gay, straight, bi, transgender, able-bodied, down syndrome, and physically disabled.

I watched Glee through some pretty mediocre episodes because hidden among those were moments of spectacular importance: a kiss between two boys that by the time it happened no one even cared that they were both boys just that they loved one another, a girl with down syndrome having a story that has nothing to do with her disability, a father defend his gay son and tell him to respect himself and his body, a woman having the courage to leave her abusive husband, girls realizing that beauty comes in many forms, and many more memorable moments. It was these rare gems that made this show stand out. This show made us see the world a little differently and maybe even made us a little more accepting - of others and ourselves. And for that it made this world just a little better.

So farewell to Glee. I will miss these moments of profound importance. But most of all, I will miss letting myself be uplifted by my love of the music every week. So, to quote tonight’s episode, “By it’s very definition, Glee is opening yourself up to joy,” which I was happy to do with this show for six years.