You’re never too broken to not be used by God. You’re never too dirty to be loved by God. You’ll never make enough mistakes to make God turn His back on you.
You are not powerful enough to ruin God’s plans for you.
It’s never too late to offer God your heart (even if it’s beating a little slower than you’d like it to.)

If you are breathing you have a purpose. There is someone out there who needs to hear the words you have to speak. There is someone out there who needs that hug you have to give. There is someone out there who needs to see your scars. There is someone out there who needs you, plain and simple.

You have been given a life for a reason: you were knitted together for a purpose.

Even the darkest nights turn into morning. Don’t let your pain overshadow your future.

Perhaps you were created for such a time as this. Esther 4:14

Don’t let your fear hold you captive. Don’t let your shame chain you. Don’t let your shame fool you. Don’t let your guilt trap you. Don’t let your doubt control you.

Tell your demons to get lost. You have work to do.

-31Women (Ansley)

God has shown me people and things that He doesn’t want me to be around, and the things that God doesn’t want me to encounter with. I try to find ways beyond His word to live, because it doesn’t seem right with my life. That’s the thing, we always think that God works around in our own timetable, and our feelings. Though, God does not do that at all. He works with our faith and obedience!! God gives us when He saves us, The power of faith, but with that we must obey. 

The Words “Trust and Obey “ are not always the easiest things to accept and do. Living life without sin, and living with humility is a change, but it is worth having all in the end, because when it’s the end, it’s actually the beginning. God calls us to, even in the most hardest of times to trust His Heart, Hands and Plan. We Will Reap what we sow. Obedience is when you know God’s Way is bigger and better and surrendering to His Plan and His Way! Praise God! He has a good plan, let us keep God’s Way in our hearts, in our souls, in our minds. 

It’s hard to wait on God, and The One, The Job, The Move He has for us. but like living a Christian lifestyle is so worth it. It’s Hard to feel, or think, or sense God doing something, but He is. I was reminded that my pastor told me recently, that “God is doing something more than we can comprehend in our own minds, So let’s trust Him. Wait on The Lord, and He shall strength your heart!”

Psalms 27:14 KJV

“Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.”

Letting go of an abusive relationship might take a long time and a lot of effort, but when it finally happens you will see the world in a whole new light. Although you might feel sad still-and even more emotionally drained because you might feel guilty–the relief will be unmistakable. #wcci #fromcrisistocalmtogether #charity #vaw #letgo #recovery #heal #womensempowerment #survivor #enddomesticviolence #crisismanagement #knowthesigns #seedthechange #whyistayed #whyileft #overcomer ‬‎ ‏‫#بحرين‬‎ ‏‫#قطر‬‎ ‏‫#مصر‬‎ ‏‫#دبي‬‎ ‏‫#السعودية‬‎ ‏

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