When you read people stories, you just start to love them. And sometimes I would just be weeping reading these stories and get overwhelmed by that and start praying for them. When you pray for people, you just start to love them, start to have hope for them and you start to have a heart for them to overcome those things.
—  Lacey Sturm
Overcome Doubt

The biggest obstacle people face in overcoming negative emotion is doubt, A particular kind of doubt we Buddhists call  vickiccha, this doubt takes the form of thinking “I am different” and “my problems are unique”. If your problems are unique then you will convince yourself that what works for millions of others will not work for you. This attitude defeats your efforts to control negative emotion and sets you up for failure. It is a vicious cycle. Doubt interferes with progress and lack of progress feeds your doubt.

It is quicksand. Your problems are not unique. You are not special. What works for others will work for you. So, get past it. Get over this warped sense that you are special. You aren’t at least as far as anxiety, anger and depression are concerned.

Let it go and accept

Step Two: Another important factor in achieving inner peace is acceptance. Some religious people will talk about “turning it over to God”. Those of us who don’t believe in a deity which meddles in the affairs of human beings can still learn to “turn it over and let it go”. We are NOT expecting the universe to take care of us or do our bidding. No. We take all the action we can take NOW. Then we let the flow carry us forward. Once we have acted and set things in motion all the worrying and fretting in the world changes exactly NOTHING. It does not help us. In fact, by rendering us frightened it makes it harder for us to deal with things,

The simple fact is that almost all problems are fixable. Also, our fears rarely ever play out like we fear they will. Most of our worries are over trifles and things that we have imagined like the adult version of monsters under the bed.

God has shown me people and things that He doesn’t want me to be around, and the things that God doesn’t want me to encounter with. I try to find ways beyond His word to live, because it doesn’t seem right with my life. That’s the thing, we always think that God works around in our own timetable, and our feelings. Though, God does not do that at all. He works with our faith and obedience!! God gives us when He saves us, The power of faith, but with that we must obey. 

The Words “Trust and Obey “ are not always the easiest things to accept and do. Living life without sin, and living with humility is a change, but it is worth having all in the end, because when it’s the end, it’s actually the beginning. God calls us to, even in the most hardest of times to trust His Heart, Hands and Plan. We Will Reap what we sow. Obedience is when you know God’s Way is bigger and better and surrendering to His Plan and His Way! Praise God! He has a good plan, let us keep God’s Way in our hearts, in our souls, in our minds. 

It’s hard to wait on God, and The One, The Job, The Move He has for us. but like living a Christian lifestyle is so worth it. It’s Hard to feel, or think, or sense God doing something, but He is. I was reminded that my pastor told me recently, that “God is doing something more than we can comprehend in our own minds, So let’s trust Him. Wait on The Lord, and He shall strength your heart!”

Psalms 27:14 KJV

“Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.”

Give it Time

If you are overcome with powerful emotion be it anger, fear or sadness you cannot simply “will” it away. You must first redirect your thoughts, divert your attention and then allow some time for the brain chemicals to filter back out.

All emotions are just a particular balance of brain chemicals and nothing more.

Letting go of an abusive relationship might take a long time and a lot of effort, but when it finally happens you will see the world in a whole new light. Although you might feel sad still-and even more emotionally drained because you might feel guilty–the relief will be unmistakable. #wcci #fromcrisistocalmtogether #charity #vaw #letgo #recovery #heal #womensempowerment #survivor #enddomesticviolence #crisismanagement #knowthesigns #seedthechange #whyistayed #whyileft #overcomer ‬‎ ‏‫#بحرين‬‎ ‏‫#قطر‬‎ ‏‫#مصر‬‎ ‏‫#دبي‬‎ ‏‫#السعودية‬‎ ‏

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Think Positively

Step three: Reining in harmful emotion requires us to change negative self-talk to positive self-talk. Think about it for second. If negative self-talk can cause negative emotions like anxiety and sadness it makes sense that positive self-talk can create positive emotions like self-confidence and hope.

Now the problem that people have with this step is they say “what if I don’t believe it when I say positive things?” The trick is that it doesn’t matter. The mere repeating of positive self-talk (called affirmations) will cause positive emotions. You see, our brains for all their complexity are really very primitive when it comes to emotion. Emotion is part of our primitive “lizard brain”. In other words, it cannot tell the difference. It will work.

You must repeat positive talk like “I’m going to be alright” and “things are working out”. Also, “I have nothing to fear” and “I feel better and I am feeling better all the time.” Repetition is the key to success.

Try it. It works, This technique is used in all modern therapies but it is thousands of years old. It is used because it works. Period.

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