“(Woman) We ended up fighting a lot around our first to second year of dating. We had different ways of expressing things to each other. Now we’ve been dating for four years.”
“It looks like you ended up overcoming it all. What’s your secret?”
“(Woman) I held back a lot.”
“Does your boyfriend also think that’s the secret?”
“(Man) I held back a lot too.”

“(여자) 사귄지 1년에서 2년쯤 됐을 때 되게 많이 싸웠어요. 서로 표현 방법이 달랐거든요. 지금은 사귄지 4년 됐어요.”
“그래도 잘 극복하셨네요. 비결이 뭔가요?”
“(여자) 제가 많이 참았어요.”
“남자친구 분도 그렇게 생각하시나요?”
“(남자) 저도 많이 참았어요.”