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reasons to stay alive

1. recovery
2. the first rain of autumn
3. stepping on crunchy leaves
4. meeting new friends
5. seeing old friends
6. sunsets
7. shooting stars
8. catching snowflakes on your tongue
9. fresh baked pie
10. digging your feet in sand
11. listening to the birds
12. singing along to your favourite songs
13. watching your breath on cold mornings
14. bonfires
15. hugs
16. compliments from strangers
17. smiles
18. graduations
19. taking funny photos with your friends
20. laughing
21. fuzzy socks
22. full moons
23. being so happy you’re crying
24. doing what you love
25. overcoming your fears
26. art
27. concerts
28. new albums of your favourite band
29. reading
30. you are so beautiful
31. sitting on rooftops
32. you are so precious
33. making other people laugh
34. beaches
35. halloween
36 the world wouldn’t be the same without you
37. bubble baths
38. your scars will heal
39. lying on the grass while watching the clouds
40. Christmas
41. first sip of hot chocolate
42. cozy sweaters
43. sunrises
45. baby animals

my intention was to create a vision board for myself but somehow after a quick prayer, it led to this. #HeCallsMe is something I’d like to turn into a project one day. I don’t know it just sat on my heart and mind “What if this could be something?” Because how many of us worry too much about what others think of us? What that cute boy thinks? What that fashionable girl thinks? What our parents think? And sometimes what they think isn’t nice and it’s not true or who you are at all, but you believe it anyway. You believe you aren’t good enough or smart enough or pretty enough. You believe and soak in a lie that ends up becoming the fabric of who you are. You try to change and manipulate yourself to fit this idea of perfect, when God never called us to be perfect. He calls us just as we are. He calls us. He calls you. He calls me. Overcomer. Beloved. Chosen. Redeemed. #HeCallsMe


Tfw you accidentally walk in on your Founder in his Natural Form

lol rip Weyoun

“This is the real ascetic task: to overcome our individual isolation, our egoism, our self-centeredness and self-love, and all our agendas and concepts of ourself and even of God. Ultimately, it is to embrace the whole world, the whole creation, and each person, in love.”

~St. Elisabeth Convent

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