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Favorite Films: Overboard (1987)

Most of us go through life with blinders on, Madam. Knowing only that little station to which we were born. But now you, Madam, on the other hand have had the rare privilege of escaping your bonds for just a spell. To see life from an entirely new perspective. How you choose to use that information, Madam, is entirely up to you.

Have you seen the movie "Overboard?" - INUKAG AU

OKAY but I’m watching Discovery Family and “Overboard” is on (one of my faves)! …..Inukag AU! ….Has this been done already???

Inuyasha being a single father of like Shippo, Bunza, and a couple of other demon (or half demon) kids, and Kagome is a wealthy aristocrat who falls overboard from her yacht and gets amnesia. They save her, but trick her into thinking she’s their mom. At first, she’s in disbelief and shock by the homely lifestyle they live. Inuyasha and the boys plan to torture her bc they think she’s so classy/high-and-mighty that she’d be prejudice against those with demon blood. ….and they think she’s just make a good servant!

But she ends up being the best, most caring mom ever…and she and Inuyasha fall in love to the point that even when she gets her memory back, she doesn’t want to return to her old life.

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Hi! If you ever have any free time, can I request a prompt from you? Some small Stanley and Ma Pines bonding? Stanley is sick and his mom is taking care of him. "I can't believe I got sick before Ford." "What I can't believe is you're actually sick" "If you didn't believe I was sick then why did you pick me up from school?" "Eh, I didn't have anything better to do." And they watch tv and he falls asleep.

This answer was not meant to be more than a few lines, but that’s what happens when I spend the weekend watching the Star Trek: TOS marathon. Anyway, bless this trash mom and her trash son, I love a lot, bye.

“Alright, somebody better quick explain why I was dragged away from work,” Mrs. Pines strutted into the principal’s office, hands strung loosely over her hips, heels clicking furiously against the tile. “I gotta be home before Mrs. Proffitt finishes her spiel, so that gives us, oh, forty minutes tops.”

From where he sat, miserable and hunched, Stan’s headache increased tenfold. Great, now he was in for it. Across from him, Principal Burbridge – a squat man with bushy sideburns, who obviously had it out for Stan – seemed to relish in his despair.

“Mrs. Pines, please take a seat. This shouldn’t take long,” he said smoothly. Mrs. Pines marched up to his desk but didn’t sit, instead gazing down at her son in exasperation.

“What did you do?” she demanded, as if reading from a practiced script.

Before Stan could get a word in edgewise, the principal crashed through his defense with the single accusation, “Your son claims to be ill.”

Unruffled, Mrs. Pines’ eyebrow lifted a fraction of an inch. “Claims?” she said anticlimactically. It definitely wasn’t the worst charges brought against Stan in his five years of schooling.

“Stanley has visited the nurse four times this month alone, complaining of temporary deafness, mathematical amnesia, and most notably, the plague.” The principal’s brow rose sharply. “And let’s not forget the incident with the fake vomit.”

That the cafeteria’s chowder made for a believable puke substitute should be the thing currently under fire, Stan thought ruefully.

Rolling her eyes, Ma Pines eyed her son discerningly, watching him quell under her glare. Whatever she saw, however, stunted her growing irritation; she brushed the back of her hand over his forehead, frowning at the heat.

“Did you take his temperature?” she asked the principal, flatly. “Because he feels warm. Really warm.”

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Soooooo I've read all the recs you sent me! Anymore to throw my way?

Hi, love!  Sorry this is so late, things have been crazy lol but yes yes, of course!  

Gunpoint by felisblanco 

Jensen got his childhood stolen away from him when he was ten years old. Along with his memory, his voice and every emotion that wasn’t fear, hatred or anger. Question is, can Jared help him get any of it back? And more importantly, does Jensen really want him to?

Word Count: 137419; Warnings: Rape/Non-Con, Underage; Rating: Explicit

And the Rest, As They Say, Is History by raina_at

Struggling actor Jensen takes a job as big-shot movie star Jared Padalecki’s dogsitter. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Word Count: ~18000; Warnings: None; Rating: NC-17

The Second Man by ht_murray

A rewrite of the movie Overboard. Jared’s wealthy and wound too tight, and his parents seem intent on keeping him that way. Jensen’s the oldest of four unruly siblings who lost their parents four years ago. Things keep slipping through his fingers no matter how hard he works to keep them together. When Jared’s parents manage to ruin the last thing that Jensen has for himself, right before their son washes up on the beach with amnesia, Jensen’s lifelong friend and Bear Creek town Sheriff, Christian Kane, takes it upon himself to get some payback. Jensen’s sure he’s not gay, and Jared’s sure he’s never lived at the end of Ackles Rd, but somehow their made up life together makes more sense than their actual lives apart.

Word Count: 86022; Warnings: None; Rating: NC-17

Sharp Teeth by meus_venator

After being kidnapped from Earth by galactic slavers, mechanic Jensen Ackles is taken to a foreign world where he is put into service as a sex slave. While serving at a royal ball, he catches the interest of the prince’s chief strategist. Now it is a question of dominance as he and his master struggle to find out who is the slave and who is the master.

Word Count: ~136000; Warnings: Rape, Non-Con, Dub-Con, Whipping, Bondage, Humiliation, Branding, Non-Con D/s, Orgasm Denial, Knotting, Violence, Powerplay, Blood, Slavery; Rating: NC-17

Bad Boys ‘Verse by mistyzeo

Officer Jared Padalecki is shot on a routine drug bust gone wrong, and he winds up in the hospital under the care of nurse Jensen Ackles. After he’s released Jared never expects to see the nurse again, but he runs into him by chance at a local coffee shop, coming off his night shift. Their budding romance is an unusual one, checked by Jared’s long-term recovery and Jensen’s unconventional work schedule, and sometimes it’s not easy to find time for one another. Somehow though, through thick and thin, they’re determined to make it work.

Word Count: 39420; Warnings: None; Rating: Explicit

The QB ‘Verse by Rhythmsextion

Three years since becoming the first openly gay coach of a Division I collegiate football team, Jensen Ackles is hired by the Dallas Cowboys as their new quarterbacks coach. Though happy to return to his hometown and eager to return to the NFL, Jensen’s new position puts him directly in charge of former teammate, Jared Padalecki, with whom Jensen had a somewhat complicated personal relationship ten years before. Jensen also finds his new position comes with a price when the organization makes it clear they intend to use Jensen’s sexual orientation to further their own status. When an old high school friend steps back into Jensen’s life, the situation becomes increasingly complicated as Jensen struggles to balance his professional life with his private while attempting to control his reawakening feelings for Padalecki.

Word Count: 237309; Warnings: Infidelity; Rating: NC-17

Blue Thunder by Zara_Zee

Jensen Ackles is an LAPD helicopter pilot. He’s also a cynical, troubled Vietnam veteran whose flashbacks and reckless ways mean he’s churning through partners too fast to count. Nobody wants to work with him anymore. Jared Padalecki is a young, idealistic police officer and due for his first promotion. He’s also an Out gay man at a time when the AIDS virus has just started to make headline news. He’s endured endless homophobic taunts and had other officers refuse to provide him with backup. Nobody wants to work with him. When Jared is assigned to be Jensen’s new Observer, they’re not sure which of them the partnership is supposed to be punishing, but the pair soon discover that they make a great team. And Jared thinks they could be something more if Jensen ever ventured out of the closet long enough for something more than a one night stand with a stranger. When they’re selected to test pilot a state-of-the-art combat helicopter with cutting-edge surveillance capabilities, the pair unwittingly stumbles on sinister information about the government’s plans for the new helicopter. And suddenly, they’re not just fighting for their careers; they’re fighting for their lives.

Word Count: 47897; Warnings: Homophobia, PTSD, Drug Abuse, Violence; Rating: Explicit

Fourth Wall by raina_at

When famous murder mystery fiction writer Jared Padalecki is suspected of having murdered his former girlfriend, he turns to his ex-boyfriend and criminal defence lawyer Jensen Ackles for help. Matters soon get complicated both personally and professionally when both the case and their relationship as lawyer-client turn out far more difficult and volatile than either of them expected,and the lines between fiction and reality, past and present begin to blur.

Word Count: ~33000; Warnings: Violence, Dark themes; Rating: NC-17

Just One Breath by kee

Following a horrific event during filming, Jensen’s life hangs in the balance and Jared discovers what is truly important.

Word Count: ~56000; Warnings: Violence, Depression; Rating: NC-17

Yoko Ono’s Got Nothing on Jensen Ackles by 4everkizuna 

Jared Padalecki has lived the hard-rock, hard-drinking lifestyle practically since the day he left his home and his alcoholic father. Jensen Ackles has been sheltered after disease almost cut his life far too short. Can they forge a path together or will forces larger and stronger force them apart.

Word Count: 40791; Warnings: Alcoholism; Rating: Mature

A Claim to Stake ‘Verse by hybridshade

Jared grew up in the modest, sombre community of District 2, but after witnessing a ‘routine’ Omega Rally in the disreputable District 9, his life is forever changed.

Word Count: 22745; Warnings: Rape/Non-Con, Body Modification, Dub-Con, Depression

Every Old Town’s Just Our Past Burning Down by whispered_story

The world ends and those who survive are left with chaos; cities and towns are in ruins and there’s a shortage of food and an outbreak of diseases that soon lead to panic and violence. With nothing keeping him in Texas Jensen decides to leave, wandering back roads and wilderness with no destination in mind. His path leads him to a secluded farm in Wyoming and a ragtag group of people. There, he ends up finding more than he dared to hope for: a home, friendships, and maybe even a chance at love with Jared, who Jensen is instantly drawn to even though he can’t quite figure him out.

Word Count: 41003; Warnings: None; Rating: Explicit

Pick Up Your Crazy Heart (and Give it One More Try) by whispered_story

Supernatural is easily the best thing that ever happened to Jensen - he’s finally the lead on a TV show, plays a badass demon hunter every day, and works with Jared. Over time, their friendship grows, enough so that they spend most of their free time together and Jensen becomes unofficial co-parent to Jared’s dogs. It works out perfectly, until things get complicated after a random hook-up that leaves Jensen confused and their friendship cracked. Jensen’s never planned on settling down with another person; but when he realizes his feelings for Jared aren’t going to disappear, he starts to wonder if maybe he’s ready to give it a try.

Word Count: 58780; Warnings: None; Ratings: Explicit

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the thing is: sasuke/naruto/hinata could have been perfect

the manga ended with naruto and sasuke reconciling and for somewhat unknown reasons choosing to settle down, but it didn’t change the fact that sasuke, for the most of naruto’s life, is the most important person for him

sasuke was the first bond he wanted to make, he said. but he actually meant to say that sasuke could have been the cure of his loneliness. he empathised with the only person who could have been receptive to his pain, and he recognised this slowly. at the end of part 1 he wondered if he was really alone after all, that sasuke didn’t want his friendship, that sasuke thought nothing of him, but by the start of the war he doubted no more, even if he was borderline imposing his feelings on him

“i’ll take the burden of your hate and die with you”

“i won’t die because i don’t want to leave you alone”

he is a moron, but deep down he understands sasuke’s feelings, that’s why it’s not necessary to have sasuke verbalise it. 

imagine them deciding to stay together after the war

imagine them slowly reconnecting

imagine them treasuring each other so much because they could both have died but they were alive because they struggled so hard and emerged victorious

but there’s no denying that they will have the most brittle relationship even after the war

sasuke didn’t end the story loving himself, he ended up choosing naruto to be his living emotional crutch

naruto didn’t end up bringing sasuke home, he ended up making himself sasuke’s home

god they make me emotional

but this is where hinata can come in

the one other person aside from sasuke who loves him the way sasuke does is hinata

the one other person aside from sasuke who idolises him the way sasuke does is hinata

the one other person who loves naruto without naruto having to prove himself worthy of loving other than sasuke is hinata

even iruka and jiraiya grew into loving him sincerely but sasuke and hinata, they both


they both loved him from the start, on their own terms, without naruto doing anything, without external nudges, without additional conviction, without him calling their attention to him

sasuke and hinata’s love for naruto, both astoundingly similar kind of love, both could have nurtured him

the last is a self-pandering movie gone overboard, but if there’s one tiny thing that i believe they got right is naruto’s receptiveness to the love that was given to him unconditionally 

consider this: 

he never knew his parents, but after he knew the story of their sacrifice for his sake, he never stopped talking about them

he loved iruka to the moon and back, but his love grew exponentially when he saw iruka took the giant shuriken for him

he loved jiraiya, but his love exploded when jiraiya agreed to take him under his wings, and exploded even more when he found out that jiraiya fucking named him

but all are cases love from older people, parental figures, actual parents, and perhaps he thought that somewhat, it’s a kind of love that partially derived from obligation

one could argue that if sasuke and hinata were to confess to him when he was younger, it would change his life

but people often forget that naruto, as a child, loathed himself intensely, and chose to channel the self-loathing into an obsession for recognition, because if people stop looking down on him, he would be able to find his worth

but first he had to be open to the fact that he could be loved for who he is 

and yet he wasn;t 

so he spent most of his life thinking that love is to be earned when it’s exactly the opposite


think about this

sasuke have baggages that couldn’t be put down for years, he needs slow healing, he needs patience, and naruto willingly volunteers for that. he believes that he could heal sasuke, and he pretty much is the only person who could do that. sasuke needs him, he knows it. 

and naruto doesn’t need sasuke to do anything but to stay alive, but the fact is that he can’t jump into a relationship with sasuke right off the bat because of how sasuke is

and it could be damaging. he can take it, but it will damage him

think of what he has been doing for the past few years before he reconciled with sasuke

he pined, he got depressed, he started hiding his true feelings, he willingly went into self-destructive mode, he gritted his teeth and endured everything just so that he could see sasuke, there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for sasuke and sasuke, the way he is, even if he’s around naruto 24/7, he can’t offer naruto the full range of love sasuke thinks naruto deserves

naruto would give everything, sasuke would try his best, but their balance will have to tip exactly on the middle of the scale or otherwise they would crash

hinata could provide a balance, hinata could sheath naruto’s sword if he so much as thinks about using it to stab himself for sasuke’s sake. hinata could cool naruto down when his fire burns too strong. hinata could pull him back when he and sasuke fall off a cliff when their balance goes off

and the best thing is that sasuke doesn’t affect hinata. sasuke spent his childhood putting no trust in people because they see him as a pretty face first, traumatised boy much later. sasuke spent his teenagehood wary of people because they see him as sharingan prodigy first, broken young man much much later. at this rate, he will spend his adulthood hiding from people because they will see him as the beautiful anti-hero first, but never a damaged man. unlike naruto, his worth is seen, and tragically, misconstrued by people who never mattered to him

itachi could get to him because itachi loved him as who he is, naruto loves him because he gets him, and hinata could love him, platonically or whatever, because she is pretty much the only person without the kind of bias that sasuke’s eternally resenting clouding her vision of him

just, think about the beauty of it

Three Lego movies get release dates

Warner Bros have announced the release dates for two Lego Movie spinoffs and its sequel. Lego Batman will be released on February 10, 2017. The Ninjago film has been pushed back to September 22, 2017, a year later than originally announced. The Lego Movie Sequel is set to be released on May 18, 2018

Beyond these three films, we know that Warner Bros are also developing another Lego movie- The Billion Brick Race. That film was announced a few weeks ago when they revealed that Jason Segel (The Muppets) will co-write and direct. He’ll be working alongside Drew Pearce, who wrote Iron Man 3. No further details on The Billion Brick Race have been revealed, though we could be looking at a 2018-19 release window. 

What do you think of this announcement? Are Warner Bros going overboard with the Lego movies? Or are you excited to see some of these films?