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the greeks believed we were each half of a whole. peter, you are the half that makes me whole. this is happening! oh my god, this is happening! is this happening?! 

It kind of pisses me off more than it should that the Dunkirk tag is just 98% about Harry

Like yes, it’s his first movie and yes, it’s a Christopher Nolan film, that’s a huge feat. But there’s other amazing actors in it too!!! AND IT TELLS AN AMAZINGLY TRAGIC STORY that we aren’t taught in school because the stupid American system only thinks D-Day is relevant when teaching about WWII & they barely even touch on WWI, if at all. I’m super excited to see Cillian and Tom work together again cuz they’re amazing on screen together. And they’re both in a war film together so hopefully they’ll still have some comedic relief parts, or just some really badass interaction like in Peaky Blinders.

I appreciate that Harry is drawing in younger viewers to the film, because then MAYBE they’ll learn some history whilst they’re just in the cinema to gush over a guy who’s got his first gig in a huge film

Disney Universe Headcanon/fan theories

I’m glad someone has asked this question cause now it gives me an excuse to expel my weird Disney HCs and such on you guys. After my recent reinfatuation with Beauty and the Beast, I’ve been dabbling into the headcanons I’ve made up for the original film, but I just know because of how my life works that I won’t be writing them down. I have commissions to do, a job to maintain, am searching for a place to live, and have my personal commitment time taken up by Halloween Town and Mouse. No time for more projects.

Thing about me and Disney, as well as most of my associated fandoms, is I like the idea of shared universes. However, I think people can take it a little overboard with movies/films/shows that are made by the same people or company. I don‘t like stretching little details sooooo much that films which have a totally different set of logic or style than another film are totes canon in the latter’s universe.

This is why the Pixar theory rubs me the wrong way. Cars and The Good Dinosaur can not possibly be distant pasts or futures of the other Pixar flicks, and trying to explain all the ins and outs of the monster world or why toys are alive is stupid. Same goes for Tim Burton/Selick/Laika’s catalogue as well. These movies so clearly are meant to be stand alone films because -shock of all shocks- not every writer or director is trying to make a mega cinematic universe.

I will touch on my take on the Pixar movies and Tim Burton headcanoning later, but for now here’s my explanation for what Disney movies share the same reality and why:

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