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the greeks believed we were each half of a whole. peter, you are the half that makes me whole. this is happening! oh my god, this is happening! is this happening?! 

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i mean i dont disagree....but come on man i wanted that cute older sheith i expected QUALITY 😂😂


older/adult sheith headcanons (real edition):

  • they own multiple dogs. like the big bloofy kind. just let me have this.
  • shiro thinks he likes horror movies but every time he watches one he ends up living in total terror for the next week. like “can you come with me to the kitchen” scared. and he lies in bed thinking to himself, i’m an adult, there’s no way i’m too scared to go the bathroom but he is. he really is.
  • keith likes overboard chinese action/gangster films and watches them obsessively. like the 80s kind with the tinny out-of-sync dub.
  • keith definitely owns a motorcycle. he’s not one of those guys that names it, but lbr he would be heartbroken if anything happened to it. and by anything i mean “it got scratched keith. it’s not the end of the world.” “i know….” “wait, are you crying?”
  • shiro tries to grow a mustache at least once but concerned friends have to put their foot down and tell him some hard truths about it. 

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Favorite Films: Overboard (1987)

Most of us go through life with blinders on, Madam. Knowing only that little station to which we were born. But now you, Madam, on the other hand have had the rare privilege of escaping your bonds for just a spell. To see life from an entirely new perspective. How you choose to use that information, Madam, is entirely up to you.

It kind of pisses me off more than it should that the Dunkirk tag is just 98% about Harry

Like yes, it’s his first movie and yes, it’s a Christopher Nolan film, that’s a huge feat. But there’s other amazing actors in it too!!! AND IT TELLS AN AMAZINGLY TRAGIC STORY that we aren’t taught in school because the stupid American system only thinks D-Day is relevant when teaching about WWII & they barely even touch on WWI, if at all. I’m super excited to see Cillian and Tom work together again cuz they’re amazing on screen together. And they’re both in a war film together so hopefully they’ll still have some comedic relief parts, or just some really badass interaction like in Peaky Blinders.

I appreciate that Harry is drawing in younger viewers to the film, because then MAYBE they’ll learn some history whilst they’re just in the cinema to gush over a guy who’s got his first gig in a huge film

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Kerry's #proudwifeytweets have less of a punch now but girlfriend is still trying it. Do you think she's trying to make things seem happy and normal? I guess I have a hard time understanding why she would want to deceive if she's gonna divorce in the next few months. It makes her look like even more of a lier.

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We made tons of examples already, with people who pretended to be in love and merrily strutting around with their spouses a fucking week or even a few days before their divorces were announced. We showed you how she’s doing exactly what everybody else in her situation wanting to sell a split did. Why the fuck is that so difficult to understand? She is doing what everyone else does. FFS, Ben Affleck was on stage at the Oscars forgetting to even mention his wife who was there, until she gave him the death stare, and he was screwing their nanny already! And 

As a matter of fact, she’s doing even more. Do you  think that, being an actress, she doesn’t know that the film got zero nominations and only Idris Elba did? Really? She is in this fucking business, unlike people around here. She knows full well what she’s doing. She knows she is overdoing it, she knows she’s making herself look foolish. She fucking knows. And yet she’s doing it. Don’t you understand why?