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its sad that all Naruto will be remembered for is:

Hinata and NH.

it’ll be remembered for being all about the side character getting everything she wants and characters getting destroyed/plots getting retconned just for the sake of getting her crush who she barely had any chemistry or development with.

only 40 pages out of 699 chapters and a retcon, filler movie to force and guilt-trip the MC until loving said side-character.

It’ll be remembered for being all about two toxic main pairings with zero chemistry, zero actual development, all negative development or both and nothing more.

thank you, SP and fandom for over idolizing/wanking hinata hyuga to the point that it ruined the entire series as a whole.

thank you for killing neji and hurting hanabi just to give NH a couple of disgusting moments together.

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Tbh it's sad how to some people, choosing to be closeted or never dating someone of the same sex erases your identity, because seriously??? For some ppl it just isn't safe to do those things yet it doesn't take away who they are. (This is totally unrelated to your harry anons, just felt like having a go)

People forget that Adam Lambert didn’t come out until after American Idol was over, probably because he didn’t want it to affect the results. Does that make him weak? Fuck no. You can be cautiously coy about your sexuality when your career is threatened by homophobia. It’s common fucking sense.

[liam voice] SING IT


‘95 line fanboying over NCT U vocal line


I honestly can’t believe some IGOT7s.. It even went so far that BamBam had to practically scold the fans on his own twitter and state what he meant. He shouldn’t have to, you all knew he meant as a fatherly figure, but some fans ruined that by twisting it to inappropriate language. English isn’t BamBams first language, and although Jackson called a fan his “daddy” doesn’t mean BamBam knows of the other meaning.
Not everything is about sex and kinks. I know we all have the dirty thoughts in the back of our mind, but please keep them to yourself and not all over an idols social media. Especially since BamBam looks through basically all of his tweets. Not only that, but this is a sensitive topic for BamBam. He didn’t grow up with a father, he passed away whilst he was still an infant. He stated he sees Marks dad as his own, and that makes me really happy, so what makes it acceptable to joke about his choice of wording. From previous tweets we can see that BamBam takes a lot to heart, because he cares, and he is trying.
As an IGOT7, I’m disappointed, our fandom is better than this. We should be grateful BamBam takes the time to update his twitter to communicate with us in ENGLISH. So please, be more careful and responsible next time. Let’s make fan x idol interactions on social media more fun for the both of us.


161204 // yixing comforting a boy at his fansign, who was crying over seeing his idol for the first time (*´∀`*)


Playing hard to get when your crush asks if you want to take a photo with him is a surefire way to get him to pay attention to you.

“It’s always a bonus for me if anyone listens to my music & has a positive reaction.  I don’t write music for the purpose of people critiquing it…I write because I HAVE to.  When fans tell me that my music has helped them through tough times just like it helped me to write, then I have done something good for the world.”

Coran disposes of the paladins’ rubbish?
Coran Coran the garbage man

Coran is asked for some cereal?
Coran Coran the raisin bran

Coran is obsessing over an idol?
Coran Coran the super fan

Coran is attracted to all genders, but no one knows?
Coran Coran the secret pan