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Talk of Things to Come

Fandom: The Hobbit

Rating: T+
Character(s): Thranduil, Bard
Word Count: 1,067
Prompt: Hello! Can you please write a fic based on imaginexhobbit’s “Imagine Thranduil and Bard noticing how turned on you’re getting in their presence as you discuss the impending war with them in the king’s tent”. Thank you! You’re an amazing writer, by the way. I absolutely adore your Thranduil one shots! <3
Requested by: Anonymous

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honestly it’s so disappointing to see everyone be so eager to gang up on mighty no. 9 in the wake of that trailer. like yeah, the trailer was awful. you know who else thinks so? the people who made the game

it was a bad marketing decision pulled by the game’s western publisher with seemingly little (if any) input from the devs, seeing as how the president of inti creates called it “unforgivable” on twitter

and the game’s graphics might not be fantastic, but what matters is the actual CONTENT of the game. the character designs are good, even if the models are a little low poly. and the story and the game’s world just FEEL right for a mega man reboot. it feels like the story they would’ve told with the original mega man if they had been able to do so at the time. no nonsense, no gimmicks, no trying to be hip and cool and irreverent, just a story about a humble robot kid who steps up to save the day when his siblings are reprogrammed for evil. it’s earnest and true to the spirit of mega man and overall is the exact opposite of how that trailer tried to depict it

and, most importantly? the game’s fun. having played like half the standard levels from all the betas and demos (the latest of which is DRM free so it’s not like it’s hard to come by) i have no doubt in my mind that the final game will be fun as hell to play. it feels like the missing link between the classic series and the x series and it just feels right to play

i know it’s easier to make fun of stuff on the internet, i know it’s easier to not get invested and instead just rag on something and make a bunch of sarcastic jokes, but honestly? it’s tiring. especially with something that people were initially so excited for like this

anonymous asked:

I'm writing a mercenary character and a bounty hunter character. What are some items, gadgets, weapons, gear, etc each of them should have? A separate list for both would be appreciated. Please & thank you!

The type of gear each character would have would depend on the time period, location, genre, etc. of the story, so I can’t offer too many specifics.  For example, a modern-day stealthy mercenary kind of character would have different gear from a grungy gun-slinging 31st-century intergalactic mercenary, who would have different gear from a near-future dystopian-government-contracted mercenary.  Same idea goes for the bounty hunters.

That being said, there are probably some things that would be fairly universal.  They would likely have at least one gun, though the size and firepower of each would depend on what kind of targets and contracts they generally take.  For example, if your bounty hunter is in a post-apocalyptic world where almost everyone is packing some kind of firepower, it probably wouldn’t be out of place or suspicious for them to have a heavy machine gun on them at all times, but if they’re in a modern-day setting, they probably would want something that could be more easily concealed. They’d probably also have at least some knives and possibly some explosive devices, again depending on the specifics of the world they’re in.  

So overall, the exact kind of weaponry will vary depending on what kind of character they are.  Like are they a Bucky Barnes/Winter Solider-type killer who’s packing more guns and knives than you can keep track of and is willing to blow up whatever they need to complete their mission, or are they more of a James Bond secret agent-type who tries to be stealthy and secretive as much as possible?

The same logic applies to the kind of non-weaponry gear that they have, too.  If they’re doing a lot of sneaky break-ins and stealth missions, they would probably have stuff like lockpicking supplies, maybe some device that interferes with security cameras or hacks computers, perhaps some sort of grappling hook-type setup for getting to and from the entry points of buildings, and probably lots of other random gadgets depending on the specific mission.  Part of the fun of writing a story with characters like mercenaries and bounty hunters is coming up with crazy new gadgets and weapons that don’t necessarily exist in real life!