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Nostalgia Runs Deep

i rewrote lance’s part in the mall episode of season 2 because i have a hard time believing lance homesick as fuck mcclain wouldn’t get at least nostalgic upon finding all that earth stuff.

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Lance stood outside of the store, staring at it in awe. It was… a strange feeling… To be standing here, inside a mall, something part of him honestly thought he would never get to see again.. in front of a store with a bunch of items from earth, something part of him honestly expected to never see again at this point. What his exact feeling overall was, he couldn’t tell, because he was consumed with many feelings: nostalgia, a hint of sadness and hope, and a bit of curiosity and shock. He also felt… Happiness. He was happy to see something like this. Happy to see something that felt even just a little like… Home.

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Also, will you ship me? SPN universe please :) ILY BOO! trashmates for life

I ship you with Sam Winchester!

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You are kind, sweet and an overall positive person, the exact thing Sam needs in his life. He loves that he can just come to you when he’s feeling down and can count on the fact that you will do anything to make him feel better. Which mostly consist of wrapping yourselves up in a nice blanket and binge watching The Magicians, which Sam can admit is a pretty damn good show! 

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