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2005–06 Czech Republic Jakub Janda

2006–07 Poland Adam Małysz

2007–08 Austria Thomas Morgenstern

2008–09 Austria Gregor Schlierenzauer

2009–10 Switzerland Simon Ammann

2010–11 Austria Thomas Morgenstern

2011–12 Norway Anders Bardal

2012–13 Austria Gregor Schlierenzauer

2013–14 Poland Kamil Stoch

2014–15 Germany Severin Freund

America👏🏽 is👏🏽 not👏🏽 a👏🏽 democracy 👏🏽

In honor of the new year, and by request, I’m doing a round of tumblr awards for the first time in a few years

  • mbf me
  • reblog this (likes are only for bookmarking)
  • this must reach 50 notes
  • ends on March 15th
  • the winners will be announced 2 or 3 days after
  • each category will have 1 winner and 2 runner ups
  • David Bowie Award (Best URL)
  • Sirius Black Award (Best icon)
  • Lucas Beineke Award (Best theme)
  • Snow White Award (Best aesthetic/color scheme)
  • Lady Gaga Award (Best posts)
  • Darren Criss Award (Best sidebar)
  • Lea Michele Award (Best navi page)
  • Max Von Essen Award (Best Broadway)
  • Serious Moonlight Award (Best David Bowie)
  • Janice Rand Award (Best Star Trek)
  • Freddie Mercury Award (Best Classic Rock/Pop Culture)
  • Lestat Award (Best Multifandom)
  • Judy Garland Award (Best overall)

For winners:

  • A follow from me if not yet
  • A place on one of my updates tabs for a month
  • 1 solo promo upon announcement
  • 5 solo promos for a month under request
  • 2 photoshop prizes under request (url graphic, an icon or any kind of graphic/edit/gifset)
  • My friendship and love :)

For runner ups:

  • 1 group promo upon announcement
  • 2 solo promos for a month under request
  • 1 icon under request
  • My friendship and love :)

First and foremost, I just have to say thank you to everyone who poured out their love and support the past couple of days. It means so much to me that so many strangers love me enough to express it. Among my tears of sadness this week I cried tears of happiness too :)

Now, on to what is perhaps my most favorite outfit of all time! I feel so cute in this ensemble, and its actually an incredibly simple outfit! I think on the next go I’ll change up the tights, but overall this is a winner in my book! 

I took a ton of pictures in this set, so I’ll post the rest on the next update. For my american fans, I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! If there are other holidays tomorrow that I don’t know about, I hope you enjoy them as well. I really do love you all!

normal thursday night for sid the kid

-tallied his 1000th nhl point
-had a 3 pt night
-scored the OT winner
-regained overall nhl pt lead
-murdered me in cold blood

Princesslimes stim blog awards!


stimmiest paint blog

stimmest slime blog

stimmiest stim blog overall 

one winner in each  category 

How to enter:

must be following me

must reblog (just once will do)

likes dont count

winners get:

week long promo 

me a new friend! 

a follow back! 

stimboard of your choice!

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Bügelfalte⬇BMW 328 Mille Miglia
The BMW 328 was constructed in 1936 as sportscar.
For the Le Mans 24-hour race In 1939, BMW made a coupe from the body-builder Touring in Milan on the 328 chassis. The lightweight aluminum body (“Superleggera”) of the super-thin sheet metal was stiffened with a grating tube framework. This rather expensive design - due to a lot of manual work -was then applied to various racing vehicles. In the Le Mans race, Max von Schaumburg-Lippe/Fritz Hans Wenscher finished 5th overall & were the winners of the class up to 2 liters displacement. A year later - at the Mille Miglia in 1940 - BMW used this car and a so-called Kamm-coupé as well as 3 roadster on the basis of the 328. The roadster was regarded as a prototype for the planned post-war model. They are called the Mille Miglia, because they were used as a factory car only during this race.
The performance figures for the racing engine, which corresponds to the engine capacity (1971cm³) & the technical design of the engine, vary between 87 & 90kW (118/122 hp) at 5000 to 5800rpm & a compression ratio of 9.15:1 Test rigs have reached 96 to 99kW (130 to 135 hp). The empty weight of the roadster (with 100l fuel) is 700kg, the coupé weighs approx. 780kg. The maximum speed is 200 to 220 km/h.
Huschke von Hanstein & Walter Bäumer won the Mille Miglia with the Le Mans coupe from Touring superior in 8:54:46.3 hours or with an average speed of 166.7 km/h. Adolf Brudes & Ralph Roese were 3rd with one of the 3 roadster. The other 2 roadster took 5th & 6th. The Kamm-coupé fell out.
After the war, the Touring Coupé was confiscated by US officers & shortly afterwards sold to a former BMW employee who emigrated to Canada in 1947, took the car with him and sold it. In the 1970s, the coupé changed hands again before BMW was able to recapture and restore it in summer 2002.
The Brudes car came to England in 1945 & in the following years to the most diverse owners who modified it according to their needs.
The Kamm-coupé was destroyed in a crash in the 1950s.
His striking rear gave the Coupé its nickname “Bügelfalte (crease)”.

The Foxhole: Be Mine! Pictures!

“It was a wonderful turn out for the night filled with dancing and singing!

During the Trivia game it got intense many people got the answers right. However our three winners overall were Yona, Ellivana, and Spirox Dorados’no the current trivia master! After a small break we had the Dance Competition where people showed of their dancing talent!

This time we had six contestants. Yona Dawnshadow, Aerimell Vallas’lin, Connor Lol’ithir, Ellivana Duskreaver, Rassiliana Dawnsong, and Rhillia Inferniel. The votes were cast and our winner was Rassiliana!

To wind down the night we had a lovely range of performances! First Yona took it away by singing “The Story” dedicated to her love Demetryus Dawnshadow. Followed by myself singing “Black is the Color”. We also had three surprise performances, one by Aerimell from The Dragonlore Enclave who jazzed it up with a song calling out to a past love. Rhillia from the Eversong Ensemble who sang a beautiful song of violet eyes. Last but not least, Tritchby Doe from sang a song about a Forsaken homecoming!

I also wanted to mention a special thank you for our photographer for that evening Miss Chaleur Firesong!”

~Aldravia Dal’alah (Leader of Invenire)

Demetryus Dancing!


Our brave dance contestants!

Connor Lol’ithir taking the dance floor!



Thank you all for coming!

@demetriusstarshadow @gwen-starshadow @thedragonlorenews @thetirisfaltheatretroupe

Sakamaki: chubby bunny. Requested.

It started off as a game then it turned into a challenge and you sat in the corner regretting telling them about it.

He was the overall winner, none of his other brothers could beat him. Not even Subaru, who glared with annoyance as he spat all the marshmallows onto the floor and the maid hurried over to clean it up.
You smiled as you got up and kissed Kanato on the cheek causing him to blush a light shade of pink as you snapped a picture of it.

“Give it up brother, you can beat me.” He smirked as you took a marshmallow out of the bag of marshmallows and pop it in your mouth.
“Oi!” Ayato growled, “you can do that we need them!”
“Leave her alone big brother.” Laito’s tone held a bit of a protective growl.

Even though Kanato had beaten him, Subaru did look like a chubby bunny. With his white hair and red eyes, though he did look a bit angry. It was cute.
“Awe!” You cooed as you came up behind him and slipped bunny ears on him.
He turned red all over.

And so after 8 months of procrastination it only took us 3 hours to do this
yes we do hate ourselves
Life is a complicated mess and we just so happen to be the horrible combination of busy and lazy
But since IHPQ turns One Year Old today (July 7th at 2am) we figured we’d better do this thing but hey better late than never amirite kids?

A W A R D S:

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“Pregnant uterus, equine”

Photograph of a pregnant uterus from a New Forest pony, approximately five months into the pregnancy. This picture was the overall winner of the Wellcome Trust image awards 2015. 

Michael Frank / Royal 

World Cup Standings (18 of 19 Competitions)

1. Sara Takanashi (JPN) 1375 - Official Overall World Cup Winner
2. Yuki Ito (JPN) 1108
3. Maren Lundby (NOR) 1049 
4. Katharina Althaus (GER) 726
5. Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (AUT) 717
6. Carina Vogt (GER) 687
7. Ema Klinec (SLO) 590
8. Irina Avvakumova (RUS) 531
9. Jacqueline Seifriedsberger (AUT) 499
10. Svenja Wuerth (GER) 468


This is a story I recently entered in a competition, that has just been selected as a State Winner. The overall winner has yet to be announced. 

My sister comes home the summer I turn eleven. Her name is Nya, but they don’t call her that in the city. She likes to be called Nicole. She thinks it’s a pretty name but my mother doesn’t look at her the same when she says that. Mama likes Nya because it was chosen for her grandmother, not the name our father wanted for her but the name Mama chose all the same.

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