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Guide for the Truth about "High End" Girls

So, for awhile now I keep getting inquiries from various new girls asking how to be “High end” or attract high end clientele. Although, it’s been a combination of experience, business instincts and intuition that keeps me successful, it was definitely superficial and unfair traits I was blessed with that branded me as “upscale”. The cold hard truth is that most women won’t be able to meet the “high end” requirement simply because of competition. The list below is comprised of universally accepted traits that are a prerequisite for ATTRACTING high end clientele.

The industry operates on first impression. The things below are usually the bare minimum traits whereas humor, kindness, intelligence etc. are more like bonuses that can help maintain clients over time AFTER they get to know you. You can’t get to know somebody you don’t even want to open the door to.

1) Youth; the most prime age is 18-25. This is not a hard rule as some women can stay youthful for quite awhile. HOWEVER, this IS the age range your COMPETITION will be.

2) BEAUTY; this is an industry based primarily on attraction. Remember, a man won’t pay to fuck someone unattractive. Although some women may be able to defy the beauty standards by out shining in other traits but those are the anomalies. The hard TRUTH is this industry is most beneficial for girls of traditional or stereotypical beauty.
-Nice teeth: Doesn’t necessarily need to be perfectly straight but does need to be healthy white.
-Clear or nice skin: It radiates youth and is regarded as hygienic. Stretch marks are okay. Not many men will see a problem with it.
-Curves: This is optional because many wealthy men love the fashion editorial look. Don’t be discouraged if you’re more flat.
-Thin: This one is unfortunately one that not many people will be honest about. Whether you have big bouncy curves or not, your waist and overall physique should still be considered thin or toned. There is a fetish for BBW but that is a small pool.
-Well kept hair: Another matter of looking presentable and hygienic.

3) Education; no wealthy and educated man will embarrass himself with a bimbo on his arm when he could afford beauty AND brains. That’s not to say people without degrees can’t trick their audience into thinking otherwise. I know some girls who barely made their GED but managed to self educate and carry themselves in a way they pass as Master graduates. Ladies, learn to read and study for fun.

4) RACE; a very unfortunate and hard truth for the industry. If you’re a black sugar baby, it will be harder for you than your white or Asian counterparts. I’m not sure if it’s because there are more black SW’s or there’s still racism or a combination of the both. This is just something I’ve observed about the competition. There is an overwhelming amount of black and Mexican SW’s in the industry struggling.

5) Schedule flexibility; it will be much harder to make a lucrative career out of high-end SW when you only have a few hours each week. These men are paying high rates for you to accommodate to their needs, not the other way around.

I recognize there are of course women who are the exception to some or all of these traits but I got tired of seeing posts painting a delusion to every young and naive girl that they can pursue a ‘glamorous high end lifestyle’. It is one thing to be a SW and another thing to be a SUCCESSFUL SW where the money is actually worth it. Often times, the mistake is marketing yourself in the wrong image for the wrong clientele. I wanted to be brutally honest because not every woman’s potential money is equal. While the risk is the same, this industry IS easier for some than it is for others.

The more traits a girl has on this list, the higher the POTENTIAL income will be. It is still up to a variety of other factors for the potential to solidify into a tangible number. This is simply a list of traits generally highly sought out by POT’s or clients.

I have met MANY middle-end SW’s who have much better work ethics and business instinct that ended up making a SHIT ton more than a high-end girl.

All in all, don’t be discouraged if you don’t fit many of the traits. Readjust your vision of intended audience and market yourself correctly. Rather than cluelessly not make any money as a small fish in a large pond, be the big fish in a smaller pond. Be realistic and be smart. Go get that money. 💸💸💸

Oh look, it’s Christopher! BUT: I toned down his body mass a bit so it looks more realistic, the old Christopher had HUUUGE pecs and was too muscular for his overall stocky physique, so there ya go, new Christopher :)


Title: Sway With Me

Character(s): Ike Evans and Sisi (original female character)
Summary: Ike, a business professor and hotel owner of the Miramar Playa, meets an unexpected woman that catches his interest. 
Word Count: 1,853
Warning: Just tons of tension!!!
Author’s Note: Created the gifs of the two people dancing, so I hope it gives some visual during the dance scene! ;-) Also, huge, huge, huge thank you to @negantrashlucille23 for this wonderful request/idea! It was originally going to be a one-shot, but I have been yearning to write for Ike for quite some time now. I’m mixing her request (Ike as a business professor) into the main storyline of the actual series. So, I hope you enjoy! I’m currently watching Magic City, so if anything seems too out of character or incorrect, please forgive me! 

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Song: Sway by Rosemary Clooney and Perez Prado

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What about a Daryl x reader were they were boyfriend and girlfriend before the Apocalypse but they lost each other when it happened but the reader is brought to Alexandra by the kingdom people and she recognizes him but he doesn't recognize her until he pulls her aside later

A/N: This is the last reader prompt I have so feel free to send in more!

Word Count: 1197

Warnings: Fluff and stuff

You were coming to discuss details of eliminating Negan with Alexandria. You’d yet to visit there, having already been to Hill Top several times. You were part of The Kingdom, only for around six months, but you’d proven your loyalty and strength as a fighter and Ezekiel decided to put you on the front line because of it. 

You didn’t mind, it wasn’t like you had anyone you were leaving behind. You didn’t have much family to begin with and you lost your boyfriend the day it all started, unable to trace each other after you left for work that day. 

Your heart hurt every time you thought about him though, he was a survivalist for sure, you just hoped he wasn’t led astray by that brother of his.

Shaking your head of the memories you’d once shared together you focused on the task at hand. Driving through the gates to Alexandria you were greeted by a group of five people. Hopping out of the truck, you rounded to take your place next to Ezekiel as he shook hands with Alexandria’s leader, Rick. 

You took a moment to study the faces of the others, your breath suddenly hitching in your throat as locked on to a man with long dark hair and piercing blue eyes that struck you to your very core.


It was him. It was actually him. 

You wanted to cry. Having to hold back a whimper that caught in the back of your throat. 

He was too absorbed watching the exchange between Ezekiel and Rick to notice you just tucked out of his line of sight. 

The apocalypse had taken it’s toll on him, you could see that. His hair was much longer, darker too, the circles under his eyes were more sunken in, but that was pretty much for the same for everyone nowadays. His muscles strained through his short sleeved shirt, his arms sun kissed and golden. 

Apocalypse or not, he was still the epitome of walking sex. 

His eyes finally snagged yours as both parties broke into a walk, but no recognition seemed to register, his eyes adverting back forward.

You felt a stabbing pain go through your chest, how could he not recognise you? You’d spent two years together before the outbreak, practically inseparable. He was the love of your life, your best friend, you trusted him with everything just as he trusted you. 

You knew you looked different, but not beyond not knowing who you are. Your hair much like his was longer, fading to your natural colour after hair dye was no longer a luxury you could have. You’d lost a fair few pounds too, food being few and far between at times and having to train every day doing wonders for your overall physique. 

You’d try to talk to him, later. There was no way you could go back without talking to him first, you’d spent this whole time, trying to believe he was okay and now here he was in the flesh. So damn close you could reach out and touch him. But something preventing you from doing so, in case he truly had forgotten you, in case he’d moved on and didn’t care for you as you did him.

The whole meeting was lost to you, you weren’t taking in a damn word of what anyone was saying, all you could do was watch Daryl. 

It was well over an hour before he finally spared another glance your way, catching your lingering gaze. You couldn’t find it in yourself to look away, trying to keep control of your breathing as his shocking baby blues bored into yours.

It was like something clicked in him then, his eyes roaming over your hurriedly, his mouth gaping open slightly as he met your watery gaze once again. He knew. 

God you loved him, hadn’t stopped loving him since the day you met him. 

You could see he was restless as he looked away from you, trying to focus on what Rick was saying. His foot was tapping repeatedly and he was gnawing at the side of his thumb impatiently, that motion alone made you smile. Some things never change. 

Finally you were all released from the meeting, leaving it that you’d all meet again in a weeks time to start work on the plans. You were forced to file out with Ezekiel, your eyes desperately searching for Daryl as you were led back towards the truck. 

You gasped as a hand grabbed your wrist, Daryl calling to Ezekiel that you’d be over in a minute, dragging you off towards a narrow gap in between two of the houses. 

Your heart was thundering in your chest as his hand around your wrist, trying to contain your emotions until you had at least some kind of privacy.

The moment he pressed your back against the brick wall, he tilted your chin up to face him, eyes searching out yours silently before crashing his mouth against yours. 

You smiled into the kiss, a single tear slipping free as his arms wrapped tightly around your waist, your own arms snaking around his neck, locking him to you like your life depended on it. Fuck, you’d missed him so damn much. He pouring every ounce of emotion into the kiss, a familiar tongue sought out yours, caressing together in a languid dance.

“Shit,” he breathed as you pulled away for breath. “Y/N?”

You nodded as he cupped your face in his rough calloused hands, peppering your face with light kisses before kissing you fully on the lips again.

“I thought ya were gone,” Daryl almost sobbed, clutching you against your chest.

“I thought you forgot about me,” you murmured into his chest, tears now falling freely. 

“Never,” he said quickly, “I could never forget ya sweetheart.” 

You took in a deep breath, his smell still so similar to how it was before. A mixture of pine, gasoline and smoke. 

You revelled in the warmth that he always seemed to emit, burrowing into him as much as your body would allow.

He felt you shaking beneath him, cradling the back of your hair gently, murmuring softly into your ear.

“It’s okay darlin’, I ain’t lettin’ ya go ever ‘gain,” he promised pressing a lingering kiss to your forehead.

“Daryl?” Rick’s voice suddenly came somewhat hesitantly.

“Yeah,” Daryl grunted, not appreciating the intrusion. 

“Um, Ezekiel wants to head out,” he said slowly, glancing between the intimate pair. 

Daryl nodded, “let him head out then, she ain’t goin’ no where.” 

“Daryl-” you tried to protest.

“Hell no,” Daryl almost growled, “I jus’ got ya back, I…I can’t lose ya again.”

You smiled kissing the side of his jaw, laying your head against his chest again. “Okay.”

Rick tried to fight off a grin as Daryl glared at him letting him know the conversation was over.

“I’ll explain the situation,” Rick said, backing away. “Welcome to Alexandria, Y/N.”

You smiled at Rick, your smile turning into a grin when you angled your head up to Daryl. You had something to fight for again and you going to make damn sure you weren’t going to lose him. 


CHAMPION OF MY CITY! Overall winner in Men’s Physique open and I ended up taking 3rd in my Classic Physique debut which was such a great learning experience . In my 4 years of competing, yesterday was the first time I competed in my hometown and the support was absolutely amazing.Thanks to everyone who came out last night and supported me through all of this! Especially during the dark times of prep all the kind words and support it means more than you’ll ever know. And absolutely nothing beats competing with your gym family! Steve, Mark, Josie, Jordan and Darrell we had such a fucking blast back stage! You all looked amazing but you know that 🤗 I have zero regrets for spending majority of my summer on prep doing back to back shows , last night made it all worth it 🏆 Nothing can top this feeling except this delicious food I’m about to eat in 3…2…1😝🍔🍩🌮🍕

"To me, the sexiest part of the body is..."

Aries mars: the overall physique
Taurus mars: the neck
Gemini mars: arms and hands
Cancer mars: the boobies
Leo mars: the chest
Virgo mars: the tummy
Libra mars: the hips
Scorpio mars: the private parts
Sagittarius mars: the butt and thighs
Capricorn mars: the bone structure and teeth
Aquarius mars: the calves
Pisces mars: the feet

Chapter 1: Who Are You? A Stranger (Taehyung x Reader)

Requested by sarandown: Hi! I love your account! I was wondering if you could write a smut/angst about V being a psychopath but loves you a lot and kills any one who talks bad/ even looks at you. Somthing similar to the kdrama Gap Dong! ^-^

[[A/N: (WARNING: READ THE REQUEST BEFORE DECIDING TO READ THIS) I don’t know if this is even remotely close to what you wanted but I hope you enjoyed it regardless. I’m looking to write more chapters to this story.Also this is very long, so I apologise in advance.]]

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 



On the isolated streets of Gyeonggi Province, at about some time in between three to four in the morning. All signs of human life were completely absent at the time, no cars or vehicles of any sort could be heard starting their engines. The only sound present was the soft spoken wind harmonising with the silence. There were very few street lights there, but all flickered without fail, revealing a woman walking alone. 

She walked without a worry placed in her mind. She was said to be very beautiful by the people who knew her. Commonly described as a living work of art. Pale skin as white as paper and as delicate as the petals of a flower, her eyes obtained a smouldering gaze even though they were deemed to be shaped like those of a puppy, accompanied with a cute button nose to match her plump lips that had always been tinted in a peachy rose colour.  

It was believed that she had been on her way home, but no one knew where she had come from or why it was that she decided to return home without the company of another person with her … She thought she was alone, before she heard whistling. She didn’t know where the sound came from, she tried to quickly catch a glimpse of whoever could have been behind her, though as soon as she looked behind, the whistling stopped and still no sign of human life was present apart from her own. She began walking again and alas the whistling had resumed with no sounds of footsteps to indicate whom or what was doing this, she looked back one more time and was presented with the shadow of a man. 

Paranoid with the thought of being followed she began to quicken her steps and the whistling shadow followed very close by, until she broke out into a run and the shadow jumped on to her. She was said to have been strangled to death.


“Even though this happened over 20 years ago, police officers have been unsuccessful and are still working hard on discovering who committed the crime. As they couldn’t find the face which belonged to the murderer, they had decided to give this excuse-of-a-human-being a nickname. Has anyone heard of the name given to this faceless criminal?” The professor who had given the lecture examined the classroom with an air of impatience swarming within him before a student’s arm tentatively raised itself. 

“Was it simply ‘The Shadow’?” You said feeling quite uncertain with yourself as soon as you had answered because of your professor’s blank facial expression. 

“Was it? Well we don’t know, do we? Th-” Abruptly interrupted by the sound of the bell ringing, indicating the end of the lesson. “We’ll look at his crimes in further detail in the next lesson … Class dismissed.”

Class had finished much later than normal, today. You walked out of the classroom, thinking about everything you had just learned. Your heart felt heavy in distress of the subject, for some reason the traumatic topic of the lesson couldn’t escape your mind not even for one minute. Why was it only you that felt deeply affected by this? Did nobody else care? No one else seemed bothered by it. 

Yet you were encircled by positive energy and laughter coming from your group of friends, consisting of 4 girls and 3 guys. Out of all of them, only one seemed to have felt sincerely concerned about you and seen that you weren’t quite yourself. Well you would have hoped that she would’ve noticed, she wasn’t your best friend for no reason. Her name was So Dam, she possessed such natural beauty that sometimes you envied her good looks and you were convinced that she had a heart made out of gold. She held your hand in hers “It’s okay to be scared, I guess it’s something that could’ve happened to any of us. But I think it’s best if you try not to worry too much, it happened over 20 years ago. For all we now ‘The Shadow’ could be dead.” She tried reassuring you as her thumb gently caressed the skin on your knuckle. 

“But he could also still be alive. It’s rumoured that he is probably in his early 40s these days and if that’s the case then he could be anywhere.” You felt your heart begin to beat much faster than usual, you were terrified and even though So Dam kept presenting you with reasons as to why you shouldn’t worry, you couldn’t resist but wonder if ‘The Shadow’ hadn’t finished what he set out to start.

“_____! Listen, it’s only a rumour, I’m sure you’re smart enough to not dwell on to a rumour. Especially if it comes from an unreliable source. You’re my best friend and I hate seeing you like this,” She took her hand away from your grasp and spoke a bit louder so the other girls could hear “So, I decided to organise a girl’s night out for tonight. No boys!” 

One of your guy friends in the group started pouting and throwing a mini-tantrum “What? How is that fair? I understand if you’re not going to invite the other guys, but no girl’s night out is complete without me!” 

“Okay Jae-Hyuk, you can come” So Dam said as she chuckled softly.

Together you all walked off campus, as you would everyday. Until only two of you were left together, due to everyone leaving in separate directions to go find their way home.

Today, you were being walked home by Seokjin - your ex-boyfriend. Your expectations of silence and awkwardness had been short lived as he didn’t stop talking the whole way, he updated you on his life in general and how he was coping with his new girlfriend and all sorts. Usually, it would have appeared normal for you to feel slightly jealous and resentful, but you were genuinely content that he was happy. It wasn’t like you to wish the worst for somebody. “What about you _____? Found any luck in the love department?” 

By the time you could answer, your thoughts got interrupted by the husky and sultry voice of a man addressing you.“Hello! Sorry to disturb you, I was just wondering if you’d be interested in something.” He was beautiful and oh so mysterious. Naturally dark skin tinted with a golden glow that complimented his overall physique with wisps of hair casting, shifting shadows across his sharp features as the dark strands danced in the subtle breeze that caused a shiver to run throughout your body. His lips were quite full and seemed like the pair that couldn’t stand not being touched by those of another. Hooded eyes stone cold as if everything they saw unimpressed them, until they met yours. There was just something about him that made you really nervous like a high school student confessing to their first love. “I’m a new employee at this coffee shop and it would mean a lot to me if you and your friend could come visit it. I assure you, we serve the best coffee in the country.” He said as a smile drew itself upon his lips. 

Acting through your nerves, you had unintentionally dropped your stuff on the  floor. Heat furiously rushed to your cheeks, flushing them in the most obvious colour to reflect how flustered you felt just as you were losing yourself in that smile. God! That smile was everything. You could hear Seokjin tutting in the background when the man knelt down to assist you in picking your stuff up. After he was done helping you, he handed you the flyer for the advertisement of the coffee shop he worked in, “Take care” he said as a smirk crept at the corners of his lips. “If it’s destined, I’m sure we’ll meet again.” He said winking at you before waving goodbye to you and Jin. 

On the rest of the journey home Jin continued to tease you over how you had been ‘swooning’ in front of the guy. Followed by him horribly imitating your flustered state.  A few minutes passed by and before you knew it, he had dropped you off at your front door and before he left he stated “I do want you to find someone who will make you happy, but just be careful.”

“Thanks but I’ll be fine, I’m sure of it. You don’t have to worry about me Jin.”

“Yeah, I’m not convinced. That guy seemed a bit odd to me, anyways I’ll see you tomorrow.” You couldn’t help but think about the fact that Seokjin had found the guy to be ‘odd’, there was nothing weird about a guy handing out a couple of flyers. Was he jealous? Jin didn’t really struck you to be that type of guy. 


On your arrival to So Dam’s house you were surprised to see that Jae-Hyuk, Seulgi, Julia and Ah Reum were already there, all of them dolled up and ready … Apart from you. Therefore they all took immense joy in dressing you up and giving you a subtle makeover. The final outcome wasn’t disappointing at all but you were just glad that you didn’t walk out of your house looking like this everyday. Your dress was strapless, it hugged your figure very tightly and ended mid-thigh which meant bending over was to avoid. Your hair had been curled in the style of glamorous Hollywood waves and your make up was so ‘on point’ that not a trace of imperfection was noticeable on your face. The heels they had given you to sport with your dress were fairly high but bearable and once you’d been ‘transformed’, you were all ready to go out clubbing.

The club’s atmosphere stank of lust filled desperation, it was quite strange really. Everyone appeared to desire hooking up with one another much rather than having a good time. Near the dance floor, hid a booth at a particular corner which was being occupied by yourself and your friends. Drinks kept being served to your table from strangers which felt like compliments for all the effort your friends put into getting ready.

A few drinks later, you had noticed a guy checking you out but you didn’t pay much attention to him as you were too busy listening to your friends who were all drunker than you. In all fairness, you were drunk but not to their extent. Vodka shots were being passed around and they all drank to their heart’s content whilst agreeing on the rule of “no hooking up with anyone tonight” … Psh! You highly doubted that was a rule anyone would be following, especially since they were all heavily under the influence of alcohol.

Anyways, you decided to stay in the booth with an over-emotional Jae-Hyuk. In this case describing him to have been just drunk was an understatement in itself. “I’m a mess, aren’t I? Did you know I was gay? I’ve been gay my whole life and my parents don’t even know. I want to tell them but I don’t want to be disowned. I’m their son, they’re supposed to always love me, right? Should I come out to them? Should I not? It’s a tricky dilemma, isn’t it? Ughh, I’m going crazy! Help, please?” He whined as tears welled up in his eyes, preparing to cascade down his rosy cheeks.

With the palm of your hand you rubbed his back to try to comfort him “I think we’ve all known for a while. Your parents probably already know too but, I guess you should tell them when you feel ready.” You could tell he wasn’t listening to you, he was far too busy looking at a guy making his way towards your booth. 

“Hey!” Jae-Hyuk said to the guy with a grin plastered on his face. 

“You guys aren’t a couple, right?” Both Jae-Hyuk and you looked at each other and burst into laughter at how ridiculous that question sounded. 

“No, man.” Jae-Hyuk snorted.

“Ah, good” the guy sounded relieved “So, you wouldn’t mind if I stole her away from you?” 

Jae-Hyuk shook his head “Be my guest” he said before going on to find the rest of the girls to join them.  

The guy helped you up and as soon as you could make out his features, you beamed at him and gently gasped “It’s you! That guy from before.” 

He grabbed on to your hand, bringing his lips dangerously close to your ear as he whispered “Dance with me.” He lead you all the way to the dance floor and placed his hands on your waist as the both of you danced together. From far away you could just about see Jae-Hyuk mouthing the words “Get in there!” As the guy held your body closer to his. To be honest all you had managed to do for the rest of the night was dance and sing along to what you thought were the lyrics of the songs playing and repeated the cycle. For the short amount of time you were with him, time seemed to be completely pointless. You had officially lost track of time and your friends, too.

“Hey, I know you’re a stranger and everything but, I’ve lost my friends and we were all supposed to go home together … I think it’s really late outside and it might not be safe for me to go on my own. Can you please take me home? If it’s not too much to ask.” You said raising your eyebrows in anticipation for him to respond. 

“You would think that a beautiful girl like you would be careful especially out on a night like this.” You furrowed your eyebrows at him suspiciously “I’m just saying. You can never really know a person’s intentions.”

“Well, I only asked you because we’ve had a good time and I don’t think you would want to hurt me, would you?”

“No, never!” He smiled crookedly whilst glaring into your eyes, as if he was searching deep inside your soul. 

Throughout the whole taxi ride, you had your hand positioned on his knee. Readying itself to gradually make its way further up his thigh as you pretended to look outside the window when really you were checking out his reaction in the reflection of the window. He let out a very elongated and rattly sigh as his thighs twitched beneath your touch. “Are we there yet?” He impatiently asked. 

“Soon” You simpered, as your hand began touching his bulge, he quickly seized on to your hand quite tightly. It wasn’t enough to hurt you but it was enough to get you to stop. Once you had arrived to your destination, he stayed in the taxi mentioning that he had some place to be and something to do, however you were having none of it. So in the end, he seemed to have been persuaded by your consistent persistence in insisting for him to come inside your house. 

In the process of entering inside your house, his eyes examined your place in complete disbelief over the view that was presented to his eyes. “This place is really big! Do you live alone?”

“Yes.” You said as you took your high heels off, revealing that there was a short amount of height difference between the two of you. 

“Do you ever feel lonely?” He seemed almost hesitant to ask, leaving you to hum in response. “Maybe I’ve over-welcomed my stay.”

“No, no, no, no. I want you to stay … Please?” An awkward silence passed by as he was considering your offer. 

“Why do you trust me so easily?” 

“You haven’t given me a reason not to trust you.” At your response he smiled and made his way closer to you. 

Delicately tucking a strand of your hair behind your ear, he says lowering his voice “But … You don’t even know my name or who I am.” 

“It’s much better that way,” You nervously chuckled as he let his lips find a comfortable place inbetween your own. His lips felt so soft against your own, it was a feeling you honestly didn’t mind getting used to even if it was only for the night. Tongue’s both dancing gingerly around each other, you could feel your temperature rising more and more as the kiss progressed in to a passionate one full of heated frustration. He began cupping your face with his soft, warm hands in order to try to deepen the kiss. 

Breaking the contact away from his lips, you took his hand into your own making sure to carefully intertwine your fingers in his. Guiding him upstairs and straight in to your bedroom, where he proceeded to crash his lips on to your lips as his hands grabbed firmly on to both of your butt cheeks through your dress. This caused a muffled squeal of excitement from you. He brought your body much more closer to his own as to fill up any distance separating any potential contact from your bodies. 

He stopped kissing you and wrapped his arms around you in an embrace. He rested his chin on your shoulder and started pulling down on the zip of your strapless dress, allowing it to slide all the way down to your ankles “My name is Taehyung, by the way.” 

“Now you ruined the fun out of this!” You tutted.

 “No, not at all. I just did you a favour.” He winked at you “You’ll need a name to scream whilst I’m fucking you.”

“… Whatever.” You said as you unbuttoned his jeans for him, taking your time in the process. It was quite odd for you to be behaving like this as it wasn’t like you to rush into a one night stand, especially not without knowing the guy’s name but with Taehyung it was different. He had this mysterious aurora to him that you couldn’t resist. 

When you started helping him out of his clothes you could feel his gaze piercing through you furiously as though he was really angry or something. You had to admit that it did spark a feeling of discomfort within you but through your blinding gauge of lust, it was something that you had chosen to ignore. After all, it wasn’t as if you’d be seeing him around much after tonight.

Catching you off guard, he pushed you on to your bed and hovered on top of you before burying his face into the crook of your neck where he planted many light pecks, commencing at the sensitive skin on the surface and coming to a halt at your collar bone. As soon as he stopped you let out a soft wince as to encourage him to continue but instead of doing as you pleased, he began harshly sucking that spot causing your breathing to become slightly rattled.

Taehyung’s hand slipped inside your panties, his middle finger was very lightly grazing over your clit. It honestly felt as though he had barely even been touching you there, however there was no other explanation for the tingling sensation taking place in your clit which also provoked your nipples to fully erect. You closed your eyes and sunk your teeth into your bottom lip, savouring the moment when he began diligently rubbing small circles on your clit - adding more pace and pressure on to it as time passed by. A light chuckle was heard from you due to his nose nuzzling and tickling the sensitive skin on your neck as he took in all of your aroma through his nostrils. Momentarily after you could feel his lips nibbling on your earlobe. The tingling sensation that came with the foreplay made your body squirm underneath his, you could feel your pussy throbbing as it craved for him to be inside you. 

Confusion washed all over you as when you were on the verge of moaning, Taehyung simply stopped showing his instant dominance over you - it was a way to show you that he was in control of your body. He got off of you and hooked his fingers on the hem of your panties, graciously taking his time in pulling them down. He smiled as he admired your body but it looked more as if he was fascinated by the love bite he had given you earlier. 

“What’s wrong?” You questioned him, feeling yourself becoming rather self-conscious and impatient. 

It looked as if he took a moment before answering, thinking about exactly what he wanted to say … Like how he had never felt so emotionally attached to a girl he would fuck, especially not during something as meaningless as a one night stand. Though, this was the problem. This didn’t feel meaningless and it felt more as if he was going to make love to you than just fuck you, but in spite of all these mind boggling feelings that were occurring he decided to conceal them by replying with “Nothing.”

“You’re a very strange man, do you know that?” 

“How so?” He asked intriguingly as he rose one of his eyebrows. 

You sat up from your previous laying position and stated “You are like an unpredictable traffic light. You pleasure me and then without warning you stop … If you don’t want to continue, you can tell me. I’ll just finish myself off.”

“Sorry, I was trying to save the best until last.” He hurriedly took off his boxers, as his fully erect cock sprung up into sight. Encircling his hand around his manhood he started toying with it before taking a seat next to you. Assuming that he wanted you to give him head, you held your hair in place and got ready to kneel on your knees before his hand grabbed on to your forearm “You don’t have to do that.” He patted his thigh indicating that he wanted you to mount him and so you did. 

The tip of his penis rubbed your pussy lips before he entered your opening with caution. You pushed yourself down on to him very slowly feeling some sense of relief as he was finally inside you. He placed his hands on your waist, adjusting himself to your lengthy pace. You were at it for a while, to you it felt like an eternity but it wasn’t as long as the both of you perceived it to be. You tried speeding up your pace yet you didn’t feel satisfied with how fast you weren’t going. It felt very embarrassing to you because you knew he could see you struggling as beads of sweat formed themselves on your forehead. “Cute” he said in a mocking sort of manner. He hardened his grip on your waist whilst he began roughly pulsating into you, digging his nails in your skin as the groans that evaded his mouth syncopated with your moans. He had the gratifying view of your tits jiggling in his face causing his adrenaline to gradually increase. You were practically working together, becoming one in the process until he swiftly put you beneath his weight. 

For the last few seconds, he began repetitively pounding into you causing you to curse his name under your breath. He giggled feebly at the mention of his name and at that moment you were more attracted to him than you would ever like to admit. He began slowing down as soon as your felt some case of mild butterflies stirring at the pit of your stomach … This was by far the most gratifying amount of pleasure you had felt in one night. You felt his releases swim into your system - signalising the end of your small encounter. 

Without saying a word to him, you made your way to your bathroom to take a shower. You simply got in and let the water wash away your guilt, it might have seemed weird that you felt guilty for having had such a good time but you had a really bad feeling. As if you were about to hear some bad news. 

“Hey! Is it okay if I stay for the night?” He called out from your bedroom. 

“Yeah sure.” You quickly responded. 

Once you had finished and gotten back into your bedroom, you were surprised that he was already asleep. In your bed, laid a man that you had just met. It seemed highly immoral of you but escaping from the harsh reality of life, even if it was just for one night, it was worth it. You got into bed next to him, he covered most of the blanket over you as an excuse to bring his body closer to yours, willingly allowing you to feel his natural body warmth nurse you to sleep. 

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findyoufit submitted: 

 Significantly less fat on my midsection, smaller arms, a more flattering butt, more toned legs and an overall leaner physique.

Height: 5ft 2"

Highest weight: 172lbs

Current weight: Approx 122lbs

Lost the bulk of my weight in 4 months through a change in diet (more whole foods as compared to processed foods) and exercise. I’ve been slacking lately, but I’m going hard again. Follow my journey on my latest fitness plan that I started today.

—- SEND in your own Before and After weight loss progress photos HERE.


I wanted to see a simpler looking rocket or jet boots and bracelet for Samus in the new Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Every time I look at the boots she’s wearing, the design makes me think of Metal Gear Rising. Mine might be too big for her overall physique and not really sure about the overall design either, but I just wanted to give it a try for something simpler after first seeing the reveal. 


semilunaris In all honesty, this is exactly what i’m thinking.

I think the main reason the reunion was so… idk, shallow? is because Shuu changed so much. Sasaki recognized both Touka and Nishiki based on appearence (he commented on Touka’s beauty and only recognized Nishiki after removing his mask), but Shuu changed so much that he barely looks like himself anymore. I don’t think Sasaki even had a chance to look at his face properly (distracted by Shuu flopping down in front of him, his ridiculous suit, his overall fragile physique, etc.). Their encounter was so brief, it probably laste no longer than 30 seconds. Kanae immediately took Shuu away, leaving Sasaki baffled.

I bet even Shuu’s smell changed (ghouls have an overly sensitive nose after all and Sasaki could’ve rexognized him that way, maybe?). He is terribly malnourished and he has been eating nothing but ghouls lately, so his smell is definitely different than what it was before.

Tbh, I think even without memory loss Sasaki/Kaneki would have a really hard time recognizing Shuu in the state that he is in now. We can only hope and pray that knowing Kaneki’s alive will make Shuu take proper care of himself in an attempt to make Sasaki recognize him again. I think we have yet a proper reunion to see!