overall movie feels


Ok can you imagine.

Ichigo and Inoue having a fight. But not a fight fight more like Ichigo isn’t paying attention that Inoue is bothered with something. And Inoue, being how she is around Kurosaki-kun, doesn’t want to tell him cause she doesn’t want to bother him. So she bottles her feelings up and goes about her days.

But then one day it was just too much and instead of going home after picking up Kazui after school she calls Ishida and asks if they can come over.

Ishida, despite his busy day, cancels or moves all his appointments just so he can have Inoue come over.

One look at Inoue and he knows that something is wrong, but he doesn’t press on.

So they try to make dinner and a catchy song comes up on the radio. Kazui starts dancing then Inoue and then Ishida after a little prompting from them both.

And they were just dancing and laughing and Inoue has never felt to happy and light in a long while.

The song ends and Ishida suggests to call for takeout instead and starts to walk to the other room for the phone. Inoue turns around and sees Kazui follow him with a bright smile on his face. She stares at them and realizes how good of a father Ishida could’ve been and her heart breaks for a little bit.

She blinks away the tears that were threatening to form from her eyes, puts a smile on her face and follows Ishida and Kazui into the other room.