overall maverick

lantern-soldier  asked:

I remember you doing a guide to drawing robot masters awile back and I was wondering if you had and tips on drawing mavericks?

i am SO sorry for how late this answer is, i’ve been busy.

So at about 2 am last night i drew some quick tips for drawing mavericks and here they are! 

So for starters, the Robot Masters are based off of a few kinds of body types. Of course there’s always exceptions to that, pump man and sheep man and nitro man and a whole bunch of others have unique body types. But the Mavericks are all over the place, and that’s great! Variety is a good thing.

So drawing a maverick is about taking parts of an animal and mixing it with parts of the typical mega man body type. So as long as your maverick has mega man style boots and arms you’re good. Just look at that idiot Tornado Tonion. Another thing to consider with Mavericks is that sometimes they’re just humanoids with animal heads so feel free to have fun with that too. 

(Also i know that there’s humanoid reploids that aren’t shaped like X such as Colonel and Signas and Sigma and ALL SORTS OF PEOPLE but it was 2 am cut me some slack here folks)

Another staple of Maverick designing is the details and things. Now i don’t know why but eventually the designers for the Mega Man X characters (it was happening the most during X3 and then it died down) were putting lines and vents and seams everywhere and it looked a little silly and toy-like but i think tapping into that mindset of putting gems and lines everywhere just a little bit can make a good original maverick. 

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