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PLL 7x19 Farewell My Lovely - Thoughts

- Brilliant episode from start to finish.

- Got it right! Mona killed Charlotte. I loved the entire scene with Charlotte and Mona. It was really intense because I actually was not sure if Mona would back out, like Charlotte was provoking. I loved the whole reveal. I will admit though - during the 8 month hiatus between 7A and 7B, I saw some pretty damn intricate theories as to why Charlotte was killed. I think the motive they went for was pretty generic, and absolutely safe. We can’t find a single plot hole with this. “You never did get better, I want to protect the girls from you so I can prove my worthiness, I want to prove I am stronger than you” is so simple, it’s almost bland. But, it does work. And as I’ve always said with this show, I’m no longer looking to be shocked. I’m looking for logic. And there is logic, so I can’t and won’t complain. On balance, I did like this reveal.

- I understand red herrings, I really do. This is a mystery show, and every single one of them needs red herrings to survive. But seriously - this baffles me. What. are. the. odds. that. Melissa’s. suitcase. handle. broke. AND. that’s. the. size/shape. of. the. object. that. crushed. Charlotte’s. skull. The odds of that are 0.01%. There has to be more to Melissa’s story. I liked and I have accepted that Mona killed Charlotte, but Melissa’s story can’t be explained as a coincidence like that. I get red herrings, but this one is just so damn corny. 

- The “he’s coming for you” scene was pathetic. I despise the way that played out. I find it hard to believe that a nightmare was always the original plan. I feel so mislead. I really wanted there to be a “him” coming after Ali. I guess they lead us down that path in 610 because they had just revealed ChArlotte and they didn’t want us to think that the story is over. They wanted us to keep watching for the time jump, and to know that there is another villain. So I can see why they lead us down a false path. I get it. But I hate this feeling anyway. It was a good scene, but what it represented… not too happy. (Side note: laughing that they spelt Varjak wrong… c’mon writers, lift your game.)

- Another anticlimactic moment was that the mystery location on the board game was Aunt Carol’s house. Yawn. 

- I thought Caleb could’ve played it smarter when he sat down with Mona at the 2 Crows Diner. Rather than asking her “who are you going to meet?” he should’ve just said “I’m here. It’s me” and pretend that he is the one she is meeting. And then see where the conversation goes. He could’ve got answers out of her then and there.

- I really really really enjoyed the girls’ fresh new attitude this episode. “Leave it alone, or else our graves will get dug” is the approach they’ve needed for a while. I’m so glad we got a glimpse of that before the show ends.

- Literally zero romance in this episode, which suits my personal preferences. So I loved it in that regard.

- I thought this episode was filled with nice light humour. “To whom?”, Aria talking to Dunhill’s body and taking an answer in terms of the body ‘moving’, Ezra saying he can do anything with his Masters in literature, etc.

- Mary Drake, oh my god. Forget all my theories where I proposed this is Jessica, and Mary is really dead. That can’t happen now. This is truly Mary. I love her so much. Giving her the Lost Woods was a nice gesture. She said it was to pay for lawyers, but then she goes and saves Spencer anyways by confessing to Archer’s murder? I thought that was a bit inconsistent. Unless she thought of confessing after she gave Spencer the Lost Woods? Whatever the case is, I loved her gesture and when she told Spencer that she owes her a lifetime. We actually got to see her repay that and I love it. And I also loved how Spencer felt sympathy towards her and didn’t see it as “good, you owed me”.

- So Ali found out who killed her own mother just like that? They brushed over that really quickly. I guess Ali never showed any emotion to her mother’s killer because at the same time, whilst Ali may hate Mary, Mary did just take the bullet to save Ali (and the others). So maybe that’s why the writers waited for Ali to find out now in 719 rather than 714 when Spencer found out, because now Ali might not be as angry about it.

- AD knows the girls killed Archer. AD knows Mary is covering up. So why is AD ending the game when he/she knows that the incorrect person is being arrested? Is Mary AD? AD isn’t a very good death-avenger so to speak. AD has the videos of the girls burying Archer, why not release them? Why not free Mary? Why is AD accepting this nonsense of Mary taking the blame!?

- So the puzzle pieces ended up meaning nothing? Other than signalling game over, the actual contents of the pieces meant nothing. Anticlimactic at its finest.

- I enjoyed seeing Mona revert to her prior nerdy-self. I thought that was actually sad. I loved her line about warning Hanna not to get involved. She knew it was coming. And I can see why Janel said 719 is her favourite Mona episode to date. She got to play so many sides to Mona in just one episode.

- Tanner’s line about the girls not being criminals was a really good way for the show to end its constant negative relationship between the girls and the Rosewood police. I liked how Tanner didn’t admit to believing that Mary killed Archer. Either it’s because she still thinks the girls did it and that Mary is simply covering for the girls, or, she just doesn’t think Mary had it in her to be a murderer. Either explanation is interesting, and I like that element of never knowing.

- We are NOT getting answers in the finale. The writers spoke to us through Tanner when they made Tanner say that the DA likes simple answers, rather than theories for loose ends which no one can prove. That’s literally us, the PLL fandom. They’re telling us we aren’t getting answers to our loose ends.

- I loved the final scene. It reaaallllly hit me that the show is ending when the lights on the board game went off. And then the music rolled in and that’s when I got a bit teary eyed, especially when the camera panned across the board. I loved that sense of the girls having won and finally being able to move on with their lives.

- I think AD is off to go kill Mona, since she killed Charlotte. But I really liked that final scene with AD driving off into the sunset. It came across like “my work here is done, I know who killed Charlotte”. (How does AD know Mona did it? Microphones or some shit. Somehow AD heard Mona’s story time.)

- I pressed start on the episode, and within what felt like 10 minutes, it was finished. It went so damn quick. I think that means I enjoyed it so much, or that they tried to cram too much into one episode. Can confirm now that I’ve spent longer on this post, than watching the actual episode!

-  I did get Twincer vibes throughout this episode!!! When I do a re-watch I’ll come back and post them. I never take notes whilst I’m watching, it ruins the experience. But I do remember one thing. Mona was sitting in the diner waiting to meet someone, and then lo and behold Spencer rocks up at the diner. Spencer, out of all people? Was that Twincer, going to meet Mona? Why didn’t the writers make Emily show up? Why Spencer? It could’ve been Twincer. And Lucy’s comment “A is a lot closer than you think, you guys” has me thinking that the place-swapping between Twincer and Spencer is happening this frequently. If Haleb mention them being married, Spencer may react like “what, since when?” and Caleb will say “I already told you” — “no you didn’t? When?”

- Normally at the end of these posts I do a reaction to next week’s promo too, but I have a feeling I’ll have more than usual to say for the finale’s promo so I’ll do that in a separate post, this is already long enough!

- Overall, for a non finale episode it’s clearly a 10/10. You cannot compare an episode of this quality to episode 619 for example where the most action we got was Alison falling down the stairs. (I still laugh about that.) So, 7B is a massive step up. A couple things annoyed me this week, but taking them for what they are, and the overall pace and raw emotion, it was PLL at its best. Which is good to say for another week, because 7B has been killing it recently. 


If you haven’t listened to the entire “Wild World” album by Bastille then you are missing out on some good introspective music time.

Norman Reedus Recalls First ‘Walking Dead’ Scene With Melissa McBride

by Brandon Davis | October 3, 2017

Few duos on The Walking Dead compare to the relationship between Carol Peletier and Daryl Dixon. Between the growth in the characters and the growth in the actors, it’s hard for Norman Reedus to forget their first time on screen together.

Reedus, who has played Daryl since the earliest days of The Walking Dead, quickly recalls his first encounter with Carol actress Melissa McBride on the show’s set. He shared it while Comicbook.com visited the set of the show’s 100th episode.

“Melissa is a Norman favorite,” Reedus said. “I remember my first scene with her, I have to hand her the pick ax and she has to kill her husband with it and I liked her right off the bat.”

From there, the two characters had hit it off, even if it took a little while for Daryl to open up about it.

“Kinda like two little kids in grade school, I kept going and getting more brains and blood and giving her a bloodier and brainier pick ax every time to the point where she just yanked them from me,” Reedus said. “We kind of read each other right from the get-go. [Melissa McBride] and I have very similar taste with regards to how scenes should look and how lines should be said and tone and so forth. She’s the first, probably the first, person I talked to after I watched an episode and compared notes.”

“Andy [Lincoln] will call me freaking out and then I’ll just call Melissa,” Reedus joked.

Reedus does however note the difference in McBride and Carol is that only the latter has been required to grow with the series, as McBride was an amazing and “kick-ass” actress from the start. “I mean she’s come so far,” Reedus said. “It’s not like I can even say she’s come so far as an actress because she’s been kick-ass since day one but it’s interesting to watch her character doing all these different things but I do know that when I have scenes with her it’s like lightning hit ground and it’s always good.”

The Walking Dead’s sibling series Fear the Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9 pm ET on AMC. The Walking Dead will return for its eighth season on October 22, 2017. The Season Eight premiere will mark 100 episodes overall for the popular AMC series. For complete coverage and insider info all season long, follow @BrandonDavisBD on Twitter.

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I loved your "do it I dare you" Jumin×MC×V post, so could you write a part 2 or write one where MC is in a relationship with V and Jumin is the one who is kind of flirting? Thanks so much! Your work is amazing 😍


FANDOM: Mystic Messenger
GENRE: Angst
CHARACTERS: Jihyun Kim (V), Jumin Han and Reader/MC/You

DISCLAIMER: A possible sensitive content.

a|n request granted! idk if this is what u wanted tho?? but i hope u like it nonssi!! chus!! thank you for your kind words omg!! aaah i’m so happy to hear that!

“Hey.” His soft voice enveloped your senses, the warmth of his body emitting its presence behind you. You slowly turned your swivel chair around as V gently dipped his head to plant a soft kiss on your forehead. “You’re working hard. Don’t strain yourself now.”

You smiled as you snaked your arm around his neck, slightly pulling him closer to you. Your eyes caught the coffee and sandwich he was holding and you couldn’t help but giggle at the gesture. V had always been very attentive and accommodating to you. Tending your needs down to the last detail. Ever since you started your job at Jumin’s company, there was never a day he failed to visit you.

You planted a small, feathery kiss on his cheek that earned you a chuckle from him. His creamy voice was godsend from the heavy atmosphere of your work area. Everyone were so engrossed on their jobs and were probably trying to meet deadlines after deadlines. They were this dedicated to work under Jumin’s direct leadership. All his employees were busily arranging stuffs and making sure nothing slips.

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Goods of Home worker here, I’ve submitted a couple of times. This is a good story from a week ago that I felt like sharing, with a possible bittersweet tone. TL:DR at the end.

So I’ve been here for “two years” in and around college - two winter breaks, and I’m finishing up the second summer break here within the week. And this place, it’s had its ups and downs, but overall I like having this job. And I always thought they liked me too - whenever I call to say I’m coming back and ask if there’s still a spot open, I usually get scheduled for the next day, or sometimes the day of, and one manager (I’ll call him Keith, he’s the guy who hired me) said “Even if we were overstaffed, I’d find a place for you”. Pretty much everyone here gets along, and so it’s a lot more bearable with the customers and job stresses because of it. Yeah, there’s issues, mainly with new people not putting stuff out correctly so the store becomes even messier, but overall it’s a good place.

Well, the other day was my review. It was actually the second try at it because the first time I hadn’t realized that’s why I was asked to go to the office after my shift, so I clocked out (you have to be on the clock for your review). I was kinda nervous, because I am on the spectrum and am particularly bad at telling how authority figures feel about me.
So I go there, and it’s Keith there for my review, with one of the coordinators (I’ll call her Jenny) there too doing things in the background. We get all sat down, Keith pulls out the papers, explains that it’s a 1-5 system, with 3 being “meets expectations”, 4 being “exceeds expectations”, and 5 being “why aren’t you running the store in this concept already”. 5 is basically impossible, which calms my Must Get All A’s brain.
He looks up, and says, “So, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a score this high.”
Out of like 10 categories, I got only 2 of them at 3 - policy following and dress code, which Keith and Jenny both said “I dunno how you exceed expectations on those”. Everything else was a 4.

Now, I hoped I was a good worker. But Keith said that if I wasn’t going back to college, I’d be a coordinator by now, possibly a keyholder like Jenny. Me. The 19 year old kid who doesn’t feel like I have my life together enough to get gas at a different station. Having a key to the important stuff here.
I couldn’t stop grinning inside. I worked so hard here, and it was just…nice to be recognized.

Now, after my junior year of college (the one I’m about to start), I am planning a gap year, because I can’t afford four years right now. My mom helped me do the math, and the amount I’d have to make hourly to save up enough for that fourth year is just…more than Goods of Home would offer me. I know - they told me the starting coordinator pay, and by our math, it’s just not enough.
But I’m seriously considering coming back from college and coming back to Goods of Home, because I know how the job works, I know the core set of people, I know it’d be steady and at least some of what I need. See if I can’t find some minor side jobs to cover the rest of the money I need.

Because for everything I might complain about in private, the little things, I love this place. And they seem to think I’m pretty cool too. But I just don’t know if it will be enough, because I have a year to earn enough for a year of college. I’m still unsure what to do.

TL:DR : Got my review, one of the best scores they’ve seen, could have been a keyholder at 19. Debating taking it up on my gap year even though the math doesn’t work out.

look. if destiel doesn’t become canon. that’s fine. you know? that’s cool. i mean, just because they both could potentially be happy together, like, romantically and all, that’s fine. i don’t need that. it’s cool. as long as they remain best(est) of friends till the end of their days then that’s fine with me. i just want them to be happy, overall, and if that’s platonic then it’s cool with me. they don’t need to find a different kind of happiness within each other that they both have been pining for, a kind of love that will support and cherish them forever. i mean, it’s really ok. i’m fine. really. 

dean and cas don’t ever have to fall in love.

and i’m okay with that.


Please tell me this is as cute as I intend it to be. Ahhh, unrequested stuff

Dick’s jaw dropped the very moment the elevator’s doors opened and you stepped in.

“Oh hey there!” You greeted Jason who was standing beside him, with a few grocery bags in his hands. Dick hid his face behind his bags and mouthed a “she’s cute” to Jason before the taller male got the chance to greet you back.

“Hi (y/n).” finally said Jason as the doors closed. “How have you been?”

“Oh you know, good, overall I guess” you said nervously, avoiding to meet his gaze. You weren’t sure whether you had blushed or not but for your own dignity’s sake you didnt want to embarrass yourself by looking in his eyes.

Okay but who could blame you for crushing on the hottest person ever, who happened to live right across the hall.

The small talk in which Jason introduced you to his brother died right after the elevator stopped at its destination. Yours and Jason’s floor. You had to admit it was pretty quiet for this time of day, or so you thought as you walked right in front of Jason and Dick to unlock your apartment door.

“Wait you live right across from him?” Dick exhaled, practically jumping off his place, the groceries threatening to fall from his hands.  

“Yes you dick now leave her alone” Jason managed to speak before you and brush the smile off your face that had formed in your attempt to answer. Dick shot you an apologetic stare before going into Jason’s apartment.

With a sigh you entered your apartment too and set the keys on the counter top. Another sigh came out of you before you decided that it was time for you to hop in the shower.


“If you don’t hit on her, I will.” Dick spoke, utterly angry at his brother’s behavior.

“What the fuck Dick?” Jason shot immediately back.

“Oh as if you didn’t see the way she acted around you. You’ve probably made her think you wouldn’t lay eyes on her. But maybe you’re acting like that because you like her too” Dick smirked at the thought, mostly because he knew it was the truth. Jason stood there, dumbfounded as he tried to get the groceries into the drawers and fridge.

“I don’t even know if she is in a relationship” Jason said, not meeting Dick’s eyes. A look of disappointment was covering his face.

“ well has anyone ever come here? She lives right across you”

“Well, no one has. But how do I know she’s not meeting anyone?”

“I’ll slap you” Dick threatened “stop being stupid”

“If you slap me I’ll shoot you”

Dick smirked once again as a mischievous plan came to his mind. He was convinced it’s work. It was brilliant.

“Whatever, I’ll make some cereal”

Not even give minutes had passed that Jason had sat on his couch, that he heard the sound of glass shattering.

“Oh fuck Jay.”

“What did you do?” Jason growled and got up, only to be met with the broken glass sugar jar and all it’s contents on the floor.

“I’ll clean it up, I swear. Can you just go get me some sugar?” Dick spoke, trying his best to cover the small laugh in his throat.

“I’ll kill you” Jason yelled as he stormed off the door. Oh he knew the exact reason why Dick had done it, and he wasn’t coming at your door. Oh no, he wasn’t. He’d probably go to the elder lady in the end of the hall.

But then again, this was such a good excuse to see you.

Without seconds thoughts he knocked on your door. Seing there was no response, he started ringing the bell.

“One moment, please” was the only thing he heard and he sat silent, awaiting for you to open the door.

“Hello.” You finally said as you opened the door, clenching a towel on your body.

“Fuck I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were showering. I’ll just-”

“No. Come in” you said with a nervous smile “how could you know I was showering?”

“Yeah.. I just, want some sugar, because Dick had an accident and he needs it for his cereal and I’m bubbling aren’t I?”

If Jason could he’d also his head at the moment. He was never so nervous around women, whether they were naked or not, or half naked, and what the actual fuck was wrong with him? Was he blushing?

“Well it’s in the left drawer. Take as much as you want” you laughed nervously and this time he noticed. He was as much nervous.

The following conversation was a mixture between intense stares, awkward laughs and yeahs. And some more apologies by Jason.

“You should totally crush in my apartment after Dick leaves.” Jason said as he exited the door and knocked on his own, waiting for Dick to open.

“Oh hey again (y/n)!” You laughed as Dick’s expression changed when he saw your towel.

“Hey, Dick. And I’ll be glad to come Jason.”

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Yandere dev, Yandere dev!

I have a question, Yandere dev.

Why are you adding more, more and more unneeded things like Yakuza? Let’s think for a moment.

Why would someone like Yakuza waste his time with a high school student? Actually what would happen if students begins to disappear and yet there is no reaction to it? I know it’s a fictional game BUT this is supposed to be a challenging and difficult game to achieve. For me, this is just unneeded and lazy for yandere dev. There are so many big, glaring holes in his idea. It doesn’t fit the game completely. I could be wrong but… I don’t think it would make sense at all. It would be better off as its own game. 

Overall, it does sound good as a concept but… We have Info chan already for that. Now let me ask you, Yandere dev. Do you just sit on your hands all day while playing video games and pretending that you’re so busy while adding more and more unneeded things which delays further for Osana? 

Do you guys have any thoughts you’ll like to share on this matter?

Dog sitter!Reader Sneak Peak

When the call came, you were this close to pushing the Decline button. You hated talking on the phone, avoided it whenever possible, especially when your phone displayed the dreaded “Unknown Caller.”

But you were walking in the park with Caroline, one of your client’s dogs, and a relatively good mood had you in its thrall. The sun was just rising during one of the last warm days of autumn, Caroline was actually behaving on her leash, and overall, life had been pretty awesome lately.

Reexamining that moment much later, you wondered if it hadn’t been better to toss your phone into the nearby manmade lake.

“Hello?” you answered, smiling down at Caroline as she caught the scent of something interesting, forcing you to take a slight detour along your route.

The unfamiliar voice asked for you by full name, and the smile on your face began to fade. Had someone in your family been hurt? Fallen ill? The woman on the line sounded serious, but not as if she were about to deliver bad news.

“This is her.”

“You are Joy Meachum’s dog walker. Is that correct?”

“Uh… y-yes. Who is this?” you asked as you came to a slow stop, Caroline sniffing a bush with her full attention.

“One moment, please.”

There was a click, and the woman was gone. Had… had she just put you on hold?

“Wonderful,” you murmured down to the golden lab-mix, who was far too busy exploring new scents to pay you any mind. You wracked your brain for any indication that Joy had been dissatisfied with your work, but you couldn’t find anything that stood out. Toro had always been a wonderful dog (and even though you weren’t supposed to play favorites, he was by far the walk you looked forward to the most).

You weren’t left wondering for long; the line clicked again after less than half a minute, and a new voice spoke into your ear. Deep and pleasant to the ear, but stiff and formal.


“Yes?” you asked, waiting with your hand holding the leash with a far tighter grip than necessary. Bad news was coming. You could feel it in your gut. It was a much too pleasant day to be fired.

“This is Ward Meachum. Joy Meachum’s brother.”

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Today I let myself write some fanfiction. I’ve been doing Camp NaNo this month for my new novel, and feeling like EVERY WORD I write must count towards that goal, but today I decided to treat myself. Besides, fanfic is inspiring! It’s not that I was getting in a rut with my novel or anything (yet) but plowing away on it all day every day was getting a little… eh. So a fanfic chapter is a good treat!

Overall in July, I’ve written 19,020 words on my novel (bringing its total so far to 53k). My Camp NaNo goal is 30k, and I’m not going to make it, but 19k words in a month is definitely a record for me! And that’s not counting the 5,971 words for Vampire Reviews and 6,291 words of fanfiction. So 31,282 in 26 days so far? Go me. 

My new novel, by the way, is about YouTubers! YouTubers and murrrrrrrrderrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. And like harassment and misogyny and bigotry and the stuff my cohorts and I deal with every day. Feminist stuff. #andmurder. 

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Our old manager had to retire a few months ago,he was a nice guy and always made sure we were okay with our hours,never treated us like shit,overall good guy.When he retired we got a new manager,I don't even think they trained her,she mixes up hours,forgets which employee is which,slacks off,when it's pay day she pays us the next day,she also dosent belive in sick days.These past few months have been hell c:

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Awesome! I really want to visit the other parks, I've only been to the American ones. Going back to WDW in a couple weeks though! Another question tho: what's your favorite worldbuilding element that connects different areas of the parks together, like, the Lafitte conspiracy, The haunted mansion connections, or all of the LOA/SEA stuff? If you want to do one from each park again, go ahead!

Fun questions all around!

So here’s my two cents - World-building is great when it serves to tell a greater story or enhance the stories at hand. Otherwise, it’s just references, which are fun, but don’t really tell us much. SEA is both a good example and a bad one in this regard. Overall I really, really like the original idea of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers (SEA), but I also feel like it’s become very bloated and is in danger of losing meaning.

In its original context, SEA was created to tie Tokyo DisneySea together. As a result, SEA is a constant that shows up in most lands, and we trace their exploits from the 15th century up to the present day. In following their adventures, we see how exploration and discovery has been a constant part of their work (and of humanity) even as the surroundings change, and this helps enhance and contextualize the themes of the entire park. Great storytelling.

It has expanded in some good ways and some bad. SEA tying together Tokyo’s Tower of Terror and Hong Kong’s Mystic Manor is brilliant because the two are similar stories but have characters with vastly different moral centers and, as a result, different outcomes. They gain meaning in the comparison.

By contrast, I don’t see how SEA having a secret boardroom in the back of a Jungle Cruise restaurant really does anything for its story. I also think moving away from the original tone and including Haunted Mansion and Big Thunder Mountain is really weird and misses the point. Though, if someone has an argument in favor of them I’ll happily hear it.

So that was more like 25 cents, but I basically like world-building that enhances lands, parks, and attractions, and that overall tells a story in its own right. SEA, LoA, and the Laffite Conspiracy are all great examples of good ones! My favorite has to be SEA when it’s done right.

I also have a pet theory about the Haunted Mansions in that they are all the same Mansion, but we see some different parts in each tour. The exteriors themselves are all just entry points to the true Mansion, with is a sort of Twilight Zone-y ethereal realm.

1. if you turn the volume all the way up, and listen to your favorite song with your eyes closed, you will feel less alone.

2. when you fall in love with being alone you will learn a lot about who you are; then, when you are surrounded by people, you won’t feel so afraid, you won’t feel so out of place. because when you are sure of yourself you don’t feel so obliged to fit, in some place.

3. you will meet people who have never heard your favorite song. and you may not fully understand, but somehow you will trust them with enough of your heart to recommend it to them. those who matter will listen. and they will surprise you.

4. in all your years on this earth, you have learned more than you think. you are more capable than you realize.

5. you don’t know everything. you are not the best, at anything, and you are never the only one. you are not the only one looking for a place to exist honestly - you are not the only one willing to create a place, to exist honestly. people will surprise you.

6. people love you - people will love you. even when you don’t want them to. even when you are ready to give up, even when you are at your lowest point and everyone you love doesn’t have the words you need to hear - they still love you. they will always love you, in whatever way they know how. and it will be enough.

7. God exists. there are shadows you will try to hide behind, and excuses you will try to build - but God exists in the realest way imaginable.

8. these things, this growing, takes time. do not rush it. do not expect to be something, or someone, you’re not - just because someone says you should be. take time to breathe. don’t worry so much about who you’re becoming, rather, focus on what you’re doing. make art. love others. write poems about your love for the moon; learn to love the sun. don’t cling so tightly to the identity that has been handed to you. don’t be so afraid to do what the ache in your chest is telling you to do; do not be so afraid to reach for something, to act on something, bigger than yourself. and you will find, with time, that you’ve become exactly who you need to be.

9. eventually everything will fall into place. it is hard to believe now, that this heartbreak is preparing you for love. it is difficult to grasp, that this displacement - being thrown into such harsh uncertainty - will light your path home. but, listen: you are not a mistake. you are not an accident. you are living, with purpose, and everything surrounding you - every person connected to you, every moment that touches you - is going to make sense one day. i promise, it will all make sense one day. just wait.


Dear Me, (things i learned in 2016) / misplacedpens

things i learned in 2015
things i learned in 2014

Okay soo the last day in Lolirock Multishipping Week is for explaining why you chose the ships you did, so here are my explanations

Polyrock / Iris x Talia x Auriana

This ship works really well. Iris, Talia, and Auriana do everything together (they’re in a band together, they fight crime together, they live together, etc). Overall it’s really just a really good, pure ship.

Missy x Iris

I did this one because it’s unique. It’s not my favorite ship, but I do like it. The way they are currently, it wouldn’t work, but I could see the enemies to friends to lovers trope applying here.

Taliana / Talia x Auriana

My Lolirock OTP. My very first impression of these two was Space Girlfriends on a Mission, which totally stuck. They’re really cute together, and with Nathiris being canon it would work so well for these two to get together too. (side note, maybe I’ll draw a double date pic sometime in the future?)

Talia x Carissa x Lyna

This is one I thought was interesting. I don’t reeeaally ship it but I like the idea of it. Not much else to say there.

Lynissa / Carissa x Lyna

I really like this ship a lot. I got the same vibes from Lynissa that I got from Taliana when they first showed up. That said, I was a little disappointed when they started fighting because at first they seemed like such a good team. But I do feel like despite the fighting they really do care about each other, and with both if them on earth but not living with Lolirock, they’re in this together.

Nathaniel x Doug

And lastly, Nathaniel and Doug. All I can say is, good ship. They’d totally love and support each other. 

So I guess that’s it, it’s been fun!


Hi cuties!!! How are you all doing!! Today has been super interesting already??? So first I ordered stuff from F21 yesterday and it showed up on my doorstep this morning?? So I decided to wear them and i look cute af right (lol) so I’m walking to class and I’m feeling myself THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN THESE GROUPS OF GUYS STOPS ME AND THEYRE LIKE “hey uh can my friend have your number” (mind you THEYRE complete strangers???) so I’m like uhhh which friend and they point at this ONE GUY STANDING LIKE 100 FEET AWAY and I’m like ??? no?? have him ask me instead LOL AND THEN I WALKED AWAY BC I WAS LATE TO CLASS 😂😂😂 and then on my way home I had three different people compliment me on my shirt and I was like 💘💘💘💘💘💘 hehe SO OVERALL ITS BEEN A GOOD DAY!!!!


I love dandelions - they do amazing things. Dandelion tea, dandelion salve, coffee from the ground roots……endless uses. Dandelions support overall health by gently working to improve the functioning of the liver, gallbladder, and urinary and digestive systems. Today’s concoction is infused dandelion oil, which has been sun-infusing on the window sill for a month now. The oil is great as a massage oil for sore, achy muscles, and today I strained it, added a few drops of peppermint and lime, and its now ready for hubster’s tired, aching muscles when he comes home from a day of plastering and bike-fixing. 

Next, I’ll be using some of the oil to make a salve, good for rough, chapped skin, ideal during these gardening months. 

anonymous asked:

Hey Ty! So uh,, I'm a senior in high school and all I've really been able to focus on is getting into an art college. It's been my overall goal for a good while now and I'm really really nervous about my portfolio not being good enough, or being turned down.. Do you have an idea of what a typical portfolio that get's accepted looks like? What kind of standards are art colleges looking for in a portfolio? Anyways, you've been a huge inspiration to me and I hope you have a great day!

Hey!! First off good luck on your college search!

My advice for portfolios is as follows:

  • Include around 8-12 pages
  • Start with 2-3 of your strongest pieces
    (you want to grab their attention!)
  • Fill the middle with sketch pages
    (show them how you think, show off your process)
  • End with a strong piece for the last page
    (remind them of your strengths!)

Your portfolio should look something like this in the end:

This applies to both colleges and future jobs, and again, good luck!