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Mind ye, ghosts are freed on the feast days.They’ll be wandering about, free to do good or ill as they please.


Summary: Dan had never been good at long distance. The traveling back and forth, the countless days that the two didn’t get to see each other. But the one thing that Dan hated the most about it, was leaving his home. 
Genre: Fluff/angst
Word count: 1k (I’m sorry its the writers block)
TW: crying, overall sadness. 
A/N: I’m sorry, I’m tired and this popped into my head at 2am last night, and I couldn’t not write it.
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HoodWinked - Pt. 1

Calum Hood was a rich man. He was the CEO of a major makeup brand, he started with his sister who was now managing her own business. His name was printed everywhere, in newspapers, magazines, and every social media outlet that had anything to do with makeup. HoodWinked was up there with Too Faced and Urban Decay, with its cruelty free guarantee and overall good quality makeup. You could get a bottle of foundation for $32.99 on the beautifully put together website. Appearance was something dear to him.

Calum Hood had earned his position, and a reputation to keep up. He was serious, never fully relaxed unless he was at home. He was careful to never muddy his name. He hadn’t been in the news for anything scandalous and he intended to keep it that way.

Days were busy at the office, something he’d grown to love. He didn’t mind meetings anymore because he cared so deeply for his business. He used to say nothing came between him and the work, until he met you. You were a designer who was helping plan a new look for the website. He found your work online, found it to be quite elegant and just what he wanted. He hired you the next day and it’d been a hectic two weeks in his building. You liked the meetings, too, they were where things came together and they were calmer than the other office life.

“Okay, Ms. Y/L/N, we’ve reviewed your sketches and online ideas for the new website layout.” The lady who started the meetings was older, with brown hair and crow’s feet from years of squinting at her computer screen. She needed glasses but refused to get them. You’d picked that up in the two weeks you’d been here. “Everything meets our standards. We like the colors. We like the phrases you use. We like the theme. But the work isn’t nearly finished. We need to know when you will be done.” She said, looking up from her notes finally and into your eyes.

“Well, I didn’t want to finish something that you didn’t like. I’ve been holding off on the finishing touches. Now that you’ve given me the okay, I will continue with my work as soon as possible.” You spoke from your chair across the table from her. She nodded, opening her mouth to speak but was cut off by no other than Mr. Hood himself.

“That’s Excellent, Ms. Y/L/N. But we need to know a date.” His hands sat on the table before him, fingers intertwined as he patiently waited for an answer. His suit was grey, with a black skinny tie and a light pink dress shirt underneath. His hair was slightly curly, slightly messy and pushed out of his eyes for once. He looked good, no doubt, but he was your boss.

“I suppose if I begin finishing it today,” You paused, looking out the window in thought. “There is still much to be done. I think I need a week, probably at the most a month and the least a week and a half.” You said, eyes going back to his. He nodded.

“Would you please make a list of what has to be done, and get it to me. Then you can begin working on it.” You nodded this time.

“Yes, sir.” You agreed to what he asked. He turned his attention to another person, the meeting went on this way for thirty minutes. People were asked where they were in their work and when they’d be done. They answered. He moved on with the lady whose name you couldn’t remember.

When the meeting ended, you were the last to exit. You kindly held the door for others to leave, and Calum was the last in the room. He came towards you with a soft smile, pushing his hand out to the door and holding. “I got it, thank you.” You let go of the door, watching the weight fall onto his arm and seeing his biceps flex through the suit material. You looked away, walking past him and giving him a thanks before returning to your office to get the list done.

You had your own office. The appearance of the website was high up in importance to Calum. He treated you well. You had a window view of the city, a spacious desk and a comfy seat. Your monitors, two of them, were big so you could get more work done on them. And the pay wasn’t bad either.

You had your music playing through your bluetooth speaker you brought with you, a Twenty One Pilots song on. You were scribbling things you needed to do on a piece of paper as your rough draft, before you typed it up. The list just kept growing as the seconds ticked by. Soon, there was a knock on your door. You didn’t look up from your work when you said, “Come in.”

The door opened, and softly closed. You finally turned around, facing the person. “Oh, hello, sir.” You greeted with a kind smile. He leaned against the second desk in your office.

“Hello, Y/N.” Out of meetings, Calum preferred to call you by your first name. “I just came by to check on your list.” You grab the piece of paper of what seemed like endless words on it.

“Everytime I think I’m done, I realize another thing needs to be done.” You say, laughing a little bit. He nods.

“I understand.” Of course he does. He’s the CEO of a major company.

“I bet you have some stories.” You said, looking out the window at the city again. A comfortable silence fell over the room and you were glad he was sitting there for some reason.

“It’s a beautiful city, isn’t it?” He asked. You nodded in response. “I chose to set up site here because of the views. I’ve always loved San Antonio. Have you been to the Riverwalk by chance?” He asked.

You met his eyes to say, “Not since I visited as a teenager. I’d like to go, to see what’s changed.”

“Maybe you and I could go together. I haven’t been in a few weeks, I’m starting to miss the sound of all the people and the smell in the air of all the restaurants.” You didn’t know why, but your heart sped up at the proposal. You did know why, but that doesn’t mean you wanted to accept it.

“Yes, I’d love to. But how would my boss feel if he was letting me out to a night of fun when I have to finish his website?” You teased. He stood up, breathing in and taking a step towards you.

Leaning down, he whispered in your ear, “Marvelous.” Then he kissed your cheek and slipped out the door in seconds. You were left with the warm feeling of his lips staining your skin for an hour afterwards. You finished your list, typed it up, and sent it his way, finally getting back to working on the website.

“Marvelous.” You said in a very bad Australian accent. “Marvelous.” You pronounced it differently this time. “He said, “Marvelous.”” You said.

“He sounds like he came from 19th century Britain.” Your friend said laughing. You two were having dinner at a restaurant close to your apartment. “Marvelous.” She mocked, holding up her wine glass. You clinked yours to hers and said the word yourself. Laughing, you two took sips from your glasses.

“I can’t believe you two have been badly flirting for almost three weeks now. More so, no one’s caught on.” 

“Have you seen him, though? He’s a looker for sure!” You said, picking up your fork and twirling it in your pasta.

“I know!” She said, a grin on her face. “Do you think he has some friends for me?” You laughed.

“I’ll ask when I see him next.” You joked. She laughed, continuing to eat her pasta. “So how’s your job going? You have the CEO falling for you, too?” You asked. She rolled her eyes.

“Oh no! She’s horrible! She’s so mean! She probably steals candy from babies. But who knows, maybe I’ll have her saying, “Marvelous!” too.” With that you two broke out into laughter again.

“Good morning, Y/n.”

“Good morning, Brian.” A friend you’d made early on was getting coffee in the kitchen the same time you were. He looked tired and upset, but nothing coffee wouldn’t fix. “Something wrong?” You asked, finding a cup for your drink.

“I just didn’t sleep well last night. I didn’t want to come in today, but you know, work must be done.” You nodded, filling your cup with coffee next to him.

“Believe me, I understand.” He chuckled, leaning against the cabinet.

“How’s the website coming along?”

“Very well, thank you for asking. How’s accounting going?”

“It’s crazy. He makes so much money.” He said, sipping from his cup. “And then he donates it and uses it for good and puts it right back into the company and into the employee’s.” He said, looking at the other wall. You stood next to him with your steaming cup of coffee. “He’s a good person, but maybe that will change as he keeps his position.” You nodded. Calum was a good person. And that only made him more likeable. 

“Hey, Y/n.” Calum said, turning around in his chair to face you. “You can close the door if you want.” You nodded, and shut it behind you. Meeting him in his office was becoming more and more common as the days went on. “What’s up?” He asked.

“I just wanted to see you.” You said, sitting on his desk next to him. He looked up at you, smiling slightly.

“That’s good because I’ve been thinking about you all morning.” You smiled down at him. He reached out and set his hand on your thigh. You were wearing a grey skirt with a white blouse tucked into it. Your breath caught in your throat. “I’ve been thinking about this all morning.” He said, standing up and pushing your legs open. He stood in between them and gently cupped your cheeks with his rough hands.

He inched closer and closer, slowly, and slower. He stopped all of a sudden, thumb brushing over your cheek smoothly. “But I’ve been imagining it elsewhere.” He said, pulling back and sitting in his seat again.

You were amazed at what just happened. He smirked up at you as he saw you were missing his closeness when a small pout spread on your lips. “This is a great view, princess.” He said, motioning towards your open legs with his eyes. You quickly pulled them together and he was the one to pout this time.

“I’ll give you an even better view later tonight, if you want.” You said, standing and leaning towards him. You pecked his forehead. “I’ll see you later, sweetheart.”

Opening the door he said, “Please come back soon, darling.” How did you two manage to go from hot and heavy to sweet and light in three seconds? You didn’t know but you liked it. A lot.

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It didnt happen yet but I'll be able to watch Logan in the first day so its a good thing

oooh that’s awesome! i’ve seen how psyched you are for that movie on my dash

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I love dandelions - they do amazing things. Dandelion tea, dandelion salve, coffee from the ground roots……endless uses. Dandelions support overall health by gently working to improve the functioning of the liver, gallbladder, and urinary and digestive systems. Today’s concoction is infused dandelion oil, which has been sun-infusing on the window sill for a month now. The oil is great as a massage oil for sore, achy muscles, and today I strained it, added a few drops of peppermint and lime, and its now ready for hubster’s tired, aching muscles when he comes home from a day of plastering and bike-fixing. 

Next, I’ll be using some of the oil to make a salve, good for rough, chapped skin, ideal during these gardening months. 

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Hello! Dropping into your ask to see how you feel about the finale! Our mam Garcia deserved better!

Hi there! I sure have a lot of feeling about the finale. Garcia Flynn deserves better is my new motto and I need it on a t-shirt! I made a post about my initial thoughts that you can read here. 

Now that I’ve had a couple of days to think about it, I’m still super emotional. Overall, I think it was an amazing episode and its been a while since a show has gotten me THIS excited. I think all the characters had development and it went at a really good pace. I’m excited to see more of these characters but especially our guy Flynn. I know I’ve said it a million times, but he is just really complex. He’s such an interesting character and I want to know everything about him! Thanks for dropping by my ask box (I love your user name and icon)

Today, I fucked up by costing my company just under 3.5 million.

So, this actually happened today!

I work at a winery owned by a fairly large player in the game. To give some back story, we are employed as “vintage casuals” for about 4 months of the year, to help out with the busiest part of their season. Its good money (I take about $1800 aud clear a week for a 72 hour week) but overall, its pretty mundane work. The permanent staff call us “insurance policies” - basically making sure the wine doesn’t go off, heat up to much, and add bits and pieces to stop it from doing the afore mentioned.

At one point in the wine making process, the grapes that have been sitting in their tanks for days are pumped to a machine that gets rid of all the skins and seeds and crap (a press), leaving only the juice. The juice is then reverted back into its original tank like a massive super soaker to push the seeds and skins to the first machine until its only just the juice going around and around. To start this process off, a little bit of finished wine is used for the super soaker, but this also means that the crappy grapes and stuff is connected to the finished wine’s tank.

Onto the fuck up - so one of the permanents had just started this whole process, using the finished wine to begin. He then called me on the radio to shut of the valve to the finished wine and “swing it” so that just the juice from the unfinished wine is being used.

Now I’ve done this a hundred times, but as I walked up to the tank, I only saw one tank tap and thinking “that’s odd”, I turned the tap on, and as always, just walked away to continue my other jobs.

A couple of hours later, my supervisor calls me into his office and asked:
Supervisor: Did you swing the tap on tank 934?
Me: Yeah?
Supervisor: Did you close the finished wines tank?

It was then to my horror that I realised what I had done… At the end of the day, I pushed through 20,000L of unfinished wine that was eventually destined to be about $5 a bottle (cost), making that a $140,000 loss… Bad… but in the big scheme of things… not the worse. However, I pumped that 20,000L of unfinished cheap crappy wine… into 150,000L of $15 (cost) a bottle wine… making a total loss of $3,350,000.

I find out if I keep my job tomorrow night… my only saving grace all depends on if I’ve totally ruined the wine or if it can be re sold as some thing cheaper…

TIFU: Internet`s best fucked up stories are here.


today i slept in, cut my hair, drove to my usual coffee shop and sat in an unusual booth (for me anyways!), jumped in rain puddles, drank multiple cups of coffee, and got hit on by a group of girls who thought i was a boy. overall, its been a good day.


My Draw Richonne every day for a year challenge!

Day 24! (3-26-16)

Drawn with pencil, colored with colored pencils.

I saw this adorable picture of the actors for the Grimes fam (-1), and I couldn’t help but redraw it as the characters they play. And of course I added Judith, because I need to make the family complete.

I feel really good about this one. I keep bringing up the fact that I was super insecure about my art recently, because its true. I hated everything i drew and at times I felt like quitting this challenge. But recently I’ve been feeling so much better about what i’ve been doing, and I feel like I’m kinda on a roll. Im gonna stay with paper for a while, because its what I’m comfortable with. I’ll still push myself with digital now and then, but for now I feel I need to take a break from that for the most part.

Had a long, rough, but overall good day, and I’m ending it on a great note, i think. Loving everyone’s positivity. As usual, any ideas, requests, suggestions, or just comments are welcome, as long as they are presented politely/kindly!