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Morties Feeling Worthless Is Dangerous

We remember that amazing episode of season 1. We got a bit of depth with the show and learned of Rick.

But with season three, I noticed something. Rick is getting rougher with Morty- right? Right?

What if Cocky Morties are less dangerous than insecure Morties?

Let’s talk of Evil Morty (Eye patch Morty)

What did he say?

“Morty’ are no match for their Rick.”

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Even Evil Morty finds himself valueless, he finds himself so worthless that he tortures his other selves.

His hatred of Rick is so deep he allows himself to hurt Morties, ruin multiple versions of his families’ lives and so much more.

Unless this Morty was a sociopath, he doesn’t feel he is worth it. A lot of Morties don’t.

This comic by the tumblr user — really shows what I want to describe.

(Comic by tumblr user @ahkaraii)

This shows how being feeling so small and useless jades a person. Morty, children in general, emotional abuse can turn people into something completely different.

Let’s look at the comics (they’re canon) it shows a Morty being a Rick and a Rick being a Morty.

(Rick and Morty issue 3) It shows a Rick dealing with the abuse Morty usually deals with, and snaps. Our Morty is slowly breaking, in the newest episode, where they detoxify themselves, Morty is shown sociopathic.

I don’t think in the first season he was this way, but he has seen awful things, and dealt with a worse grandfather. He is desensitized.

In the vindicators episode, Morty was shown to be extremely smart. He knew all of Rick’s tricks. He knew how to defuse the bomb and had a present of if it works.

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In the interdimensional cable episode, Morty explained it pretty well. I am sure he is more than 20% right, Rick is a genius, Beth is smart too. (Though blinded by emotional trauma), and summer, though emotional, is clever.

Why would it skip Morty? It didn’t, his doubt, dread, and overall teenage angst holds him back. At the beginning, maybe, but if pushed hard enough he will learn how to survive on his own.

Let’s look at Miami Morty, he lazes around the beach all day and dances. He’s happy, dumb and happy.

Morty in season 1 was dumb and happy, feeling loved by his family and unknown of his parents’ marriage issues.

But now he’s aware, aware of so many things. He’s angry, depressed and feels good for nothing. His emotions are high, showing his toxic self he has so much more dread and hatred for himself, for his parents and even his sister.

He is starting to be resentful towards Beth and Jerry. He’s isolated, barely at school and going to terrifying adventures. He has no escape, no socializing of children his age and spending so much time to himself.

Too much time alone with your mind as a child is toxic. My niece when she was with her parents more, used to lock her in her room for hours when she was in trouble. She grew violent, upset easily and jaded. When she was able to socialize, play, and see other children in her age group she became her normal, sweet self again.

Our Morty is not Evil Morty, the creators told us time travel is off the table.

However, Morty is down the same road as Eye patch Morty. Do I believe Rick is Eye Patch’s Rick? Maybe.

But people’s theories and learning the actual twist to the show made season 3 take so long and I think ruined the storyline.

But that’s just the theory.

Oh, and remember how Morty shot Rick in episode 1 of Season 3 because Rick was attacking him verbally?

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Yeah… that happened.

Here’s more examples because fuck Morty got dark.

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13 Reasons Why (Tape 5)

Characters: sister!reader, Dean, Sam, John, Mary, Ketch, Gabriel

Warnings: swearing, lying, discomfort, overall angst

Word count: 5535

Summary: as he begins to resolve things with Ketch, Dean realises that the tapes need to be kept safe and hidden. He continues on to listen to tape 5 and finds out more about why you decided to take your life.

Series: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10

“I can’t let these tapes get out, it would be the end of me working for the Men of Letters,” Ketch snapped.

“You’re worried that these tapes will be the end of your job? They were the end of Y/N’s life!” Dean screamed. He didn’t care that so many guns were pointed towards him. He was tired of everyone making these tapes about them, they were about you! “Look, I don’t care about your damn job, OK? But those tapes aren’t going anywhere, no one you work for is going to find them and there’s not a chance in hell that you are burning them!”

“I have to,” Ketch replied with a calm voice. “I can not let these get out, your word means nothing to me. You Winchesters have screwed me over more times than I can count.”

“Right back at ya, buddy,” Dean replied. “How do we know you’re not gonna take them back to the Men of Letters for some weird analysation crap?!”

“We can burn them here if we must,” Ketch complained. He didn’t understand, Dean was not letting him take them.

He looked over at Sam, gave him the nod and just like that, all four of them had their guns out. Mary shot the man to her left, John shot forward at a woman and Sam chased someone into the library. Ketch ran to Dean and knocked his gun out of his hand. More people around Ketch and Dean just started dropping like flies. Sure, there were more Brits in that room, but the Winchesters were the best. They protected those tapes because they were important to you. You needed them to be heard by everyone on there, and Dean wasn’t done yet.

Dean had taken as many punches as he had thrown, yet Ketch still seemed to be becoming weaker a lot faster. The anger inside Dean must have been pushing him past whatever he was supposed to feel; he just felt numb and continued to go at Ketch, eventually knocking him to the floor.

Ketch picked up the gun he had kicked over and was about to point it in Dean’s face. That’s when Mary turned the safety off on hers while she pressed it against the back of Ketch’s head.

“Don’t move a damn muscle,” Mary growled as Ketch realised that everyone on his side was dead. They had killed them within minutes.

“Now, now Mary,” he said as he stood slowly with his hands up in defence. “Let’s not make any bad decisions.”

Sam walked over to the tapes that had been dropped. One of them had been crushed… Tape 5.

“You destroyed one of the tapes,” Sam snapped. His voice was dangerously low.

“What? Which tape?” Dean asked in worry as he stepped forward and noticed the number on the tape. “No, no no no,” he cried. “I hadn’t listened to that one yet, I can’t miss one out. I need to know what happened to her.”

“Dean,” Ketch tried to speak.

“Shut the fuck up!” Dean fumed. “You broke the fucking thing, now you are going to fix it.”

“And why would I ever do that?“ Ketch snarled as he spat some blood from his mouth on to the floor.

“Is it yours?” Dean asked calmly although the rage was still coursing through his veins.

“What?” Ketch asked, Dean looked at him as if it was obvious and once again, he was angry.

“Tape 5!” Dean screamed. “Is it yours?”

“No,” Ketch shook his head. He started to worry when he pieced together what Dean was planning. “You wouldn’t-”

“Oh, I would,” Dean snapped back as he held the broken tape in his hand. “You will fix this thing or I swear I will give your boss your tape. Don’t try me, Ketch.”

Ketch pressed his lips together and breathed heavily through his nose. He was more worried than angry, that tape would ruin his life. “These tapes aren’t going anywhere, your bosses aren’t going to find out about them,” Sam added. “Even if they do, they don’t have a chance against us. These tapes are Y/N’s legacy… And we protect our own.”

Ketch wasn’t left unattended. Someone had a gun at the back of his head at all times because he was the most untrustworthy person any of them had ever encountered.

When it was Dean’s turn, he sat opposite Ketch at the library table with his gun pointed towards him. “Why do you wanna be rid of it so bad?” Dean asked.

“When you hear it you’ll know,” Ketch replied as he kept his eyes on the tape. He was slowly but surely fixing tape number 5.

“So what you’re saying is you hurt her-”

“What I did wasn’t good. It wasn’t good for Y/N and it wasn’t good on my behalf,” Ketch admitted, his attention was still on the tape he was fixing. “If the Men of Letters find out about what I did, it wouldn’t only lose me my job, they would kill me.”

“Why?” Dean growled quietly. His grip on the gun in his hand tightened.

“Because it goes against orders, I lied to her about something they wanted her to do and then it led to everything that happened, you’ll see when you get to my tape.”

“Everyone talks about these tapes so simply, like they’re just so easy to listen to,” Dean snapped.

“I didn’t find them easy,” Ketch replied, his focus drawing away from the tape and his eyes looking at Dean. “I liked Y/N. Not in that way of course, she was very young, not really my type. But in my cold heart I found a soft spot for the girl… Knowing that I did something that affected her life so badly wasn’t easy for me to hear.”

“So why didn’t you just burn them after you heard your tape?” Dean asked with genuine curiosity.

“Y/N said in the first tape that I was being watched, so I listened to them all.” He returned to fixing the tape, it almost looked as good as new. “When I finished the last tape I was going to burn them, but Sam took them from me and passed them on. I was never able to track them again until they were back here… Every time I remembered who the next person on the tapes were, they had already finished them and passed them on to another,” Ketch finished explaining.

Dean was still angry, but at least now he understood why. He didn’t trust Ketch as far as he could throw him, but he knew that when he let him go there was no chance he would tell the Brits about what happened. He was too scared of them finding out about the tapes.

Once the tape was fixed, they let him go. Of course, not without a stern warning from each of them first. Coming after you was a mistake that Ketch would never make again. At least Dean knew now how careful he had to be with the tapes, he couldn’t just leave them lying around for someone to find easily.

This was a lesson that Dean needed.

Ketch was gone, the dead Brits were still left in the bunker but they all bagged up the bodies and prepared them to be salt and burned. Sam quietly suggested to Dean to go and listen to tape 5 while the rest of them took care of the bodies.

Another tape. Another sad story, another thing Dean may not be able to handle. This time he took the tape to the kitchen and sat in there to listen to it. Your voice played through the headphones.

“Bad decisions. We all make them, right? I mean, some worse than others… But we all make them. Sometimes even if we know it’s the wrong decision, we just want a sense of security. We want to feel safe and sometimes making the easy yet wrong decision is the only way.”

* * *

It was a Monday which meant your brothers wouldn’t be visiting you until tomorrow. Although you were mad every time they visited because they didn’t get you out, the loneliness of them not being there was slowly killing you. It was awful. A pain that was inexplainable.

You sat in your room on the small, uncomfortable bed. It squeaked every time you moved, the springs inside stabbed into your back. All your thoughts were on every negative thing you could come up with, but you were drawn away from those thoughts when a man suddenly appeared in your room, causing you to scream. His hand came over your mouth to stop the screams. “Shh, it’s okay. I’m a brother of Castiel.”

His confidence in his words made him feel trustworthy. You never trusted any of the Angels, but this one seemed different. Even after slowly losing faith in all the people around you, it felt like you could somehow trust this Angel. He moved his hand away from your mouth and you began to question him quietly, you couldn’t let the nurses hear you talking to someone.

“You’re an Angel?” You questioned. “Who are you?”

“Oh, sweetheart. I’m not just any Angel.”

* * *

“And it was him, the sweetest and cockiest Angel I had ever met in that moment. The Archangel… The trickster…”

“No!” Dean cursed.

“Welcome to your tape, Gabriel.”

* * *

“Why are you here?” You breathed out shakily. “What do you want from me?”

“Well, your brothers have been praying a lot and quite frankly it’s annoying me,” Gabriel admitted. “They’ve been praying to Castiel, but brother dearest is busy and will not stop asking me to do the job for him. I’m here to check on you, to ask how you’re doing.“

“To check on me?” You questioned with an aggressive tone. “I’m in a damn psychiatric institution, how do you think I’m feeling?”

“Ok, you’re right. Asking how you were was a stupid question,” he admitted. “Maybe I can just cheer you up? I have nothing better to do.”

“Cheer me up, how?” You asked with genuine curiosity. Any other Angel would have just came to see if you were still alive and then left. But this one, this Archangel that the boys had told you about before, the so called ‘trickster’, was kind. Why was he kind? It didn’t make sense to you, but you didn’t want to wish it away. You needed to know what would happen next.

“Well what do you want?” He asked. “Are you hungry?”

With a click of his fingers a bacon roll appeared in front of you. “I’m a vegetarian,” you snapped at him. You wanted to see how far he could be pushed.

“My apologies.” Once again, he clicked his fingers and it was gone. “You tell me what you want, Y/N.”

“My hair is a little tangled, I hate it like this,” you complained.

“No problem,” he smiled as he passed you a hairbrush that suddenly appeared in his hands. “And here, a cupcake. It’s vegetarian, I promise.”

Gabriel placed the cute cupcake on the table next to you and gave you his sweetest smile. He was so kind. You still didn’t understand why, but you didn’t seem to care. “You want me to help?” He questioned as he took the hairbrush from you and you turned around. He gently pushed your hair back behind you so he could start brushing it. He was careful over the knots to be sure he didn’t hurt you. Who knew that Angels could be kind?

After that day, he began visiting you every day. He would bring you presents and take care of you, he made you actually want to be alive rather than cry and moan all day about how bad it was. He made you feel happy, and even though the nurses had no idea about his regular visits, they all noticed a big change in your mood. They told your father, John, that it may be time for you to leave the hospital because you were showing signs of the medication working and that they were finally increasing your levels of happiness.

It was a few months before you were allowed to leave and you owed it all to him. To Gabriel.

So, on that last day when you were released, you kissed him. On his last visit to your room you grabbed him by his shirt, pulled him close and softly kissed him. His lips were smooth, they moved gently with yours as his hand moved to the back of your head to pull you closer to him. It lasted longer than you had expected before you pulled away and smiled at him. He was perfect… But you knew it wouldn’t last. So why did you let yourself get so close? What was he going to do to hurt you?

When you were discharged from the institute, Sam and Dean were the ones to pick you up. You spoke to them happily and didn’t bother to be angry with them anymore, it wasn’t their fault you were in there anyways… It was Charlie’s. But you had to forget about her now, just focus on the positives. The things like the kiss with Gabriel.

“What’s got you so happy?” Dean asked from the drivers seat while Sam rode shotgun.

“What’s there to be unhappy about? I’m coming home from the worst place in the world and I don’t ever have to go back. I’m with my brothers, I’m happy now,” you smiled.

“Well we’re happy to have you back,” Sam replied gleefully. “And we know how much you’ve missed it so we’re buying you lunch at-”

“Louie’s Pizza Parlour Extravaganza?!” You screamed excitedly.

Dean chuckled. “How’d you guess?”

“You guys know it’s my favourite!” You exclaimed as you clapped your hands together. “This day can’t get any better.”

The boys both loved your excitement in that moment. All they were doing was taking you for pizza, to them that’s all it was. But to you it was getting to spend time with your family once again and eating a pizza from your favourite pizza parlour in the world. It was a huge difference to the food they had given you in Serenity Grove. To them it was another day, to you it was perfect.

You spent hours at the pizza place just talking and messing around, it was one of your best memories with your brothers. It was a moment you appreciated so much but it didn’t last long. Nothing good ever did.

You knew it was coming, but that didn’t make it any easier having to hear it. “Y/N, on a more serious note, we need to know what’s happening between you and dad.”

You shook your head. “I don’t have a dad.”

And you wanted that to be the end of it. No more talking about the ass that was John Winchester. Of course it wasn’t the end, but you continued to look down and eat your fries.

“Dad misses you, Y/N,” Dean spoke. “He’s happy that you’re coming home.”

“Home,” you laughed ironically. “That’s a funny word, really, isn’t it? My home is with you guys, not John and his bitch wife.”

“Hey! That’s our mom you’re talking about,” Dean snapped.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” you replied sarcastically. “John and your bitch mom. There, is that better?”

“Hey, come on,” Sam tried to speak reasonably. You had only just got out and he didn’t want to cause an argument. “You and dad may not see eye to eye on a lot of things, but he’s really excited that you’re coming home. So is mom.”

“If they wanted me home so badly they wouldn’t have put me in there to start with,” you replied quietly, avoiding eye contact with both of them. “But sure, let’s go back to the bunker. I knew this wouldn’t last anyway.”

So there it was, the pain once again. Why did John and Mary have to even stay with you guys? They were adults that could get out on their own and take care of themselves.

The trip back to the bunker was silent. You didn’t understand how you could go from having the time of your life with your brothers to complete silence and awkwardness. It wasn’t a strange occurrence for things to go from good to bad within a matter of seconds, but that didn’t make it any easier.

Since the ride back was so long you began thinking that maybe you could take control of this, you could control whether you were happy or sad. Even though you hated him with every fibre of your being, John was happy that you were coming home. Maybe you shouldn’t get all angry with him when you return. You weren’t going to forgive him of course, but getting angry wouldn’t bring back lost time. You just had to hold on to your kiss with Gabriel and hope that it was enough to push you to be nice to John and Mary.

As Dean parked the car outside the bunker, they both looked back at you in the back seat and were about to ask you to not react badly to John. “You guys don’t have to say anything.”

You opened the car door and stepped outside before making your way towards the bunker. You stepped in casually just like you were heading back home once again, which was what you were doing but it had just been a long time. You made your way down the stairs, your expression unreadable as Sam and Dean followed behind you. John and Mary were in the war room just waiting for you to arrive back. They stood and soon as they saw you, no one knowing how to react.

You stared at John and just thought back to the times he had visited you. You knew he was thinking about it too, those times you had attacked him and kicked and punched and screamed that you hated him. “Y/N,” he spoke softly.

And in that second, just the sound of his voice angered you. You hated him, but at the same time, you loved him. You could feel holes being burned into you from the stares you were getting from Sam, Dean and Mary. As you dropped your backpack to the floor and stepped towards John, you thought that everyone would expect you to attack him. But you didn’t speak, you didn’t say a word. You reached out your arms and hugged him.

For a moment John didn’t react. He had no idea this is how you would react. Then he sighed with relief. His daughter was home and she wasn’t mad. Of course you were, but you had to put it behind you. He wrapped his arms around you and held you close. “I’m happy you’re home.”

You smiled to yourself because his words felt real, like he really meant them. You didn’t believe them, but hearing them was going to have to be enough. You looked over at Mary after you pushed out of the hug with John. “It’s good to have you back, sweetheart. I made you something to eat,“ she smiled.

You could have just told her that the boy’s already took you for lunch, but of course you didn’t.

“What, did you poison it or something?” You snapped as you remembered her saying that you were better off dead. You realised what you had just done, and everyone stared at you just like they were waiting for you to fuck up. No, not anymore. You weren’t going to let that be who you were. “I’m kidding!” You giggled. “Sorry, it’s been a while since I’ve been in a normal place. Appropriate and inappropriate kinda merge together in that place…”

“It’s okay,” Mary smiled as she reached her hand our for you. Her smile seemed genuine. It confused you, why would she be kind to you now after what she said?

Regardless, you needed to start putting effort in to improve your own life. That’s why you took her hand and let her lead you to the kitchen. You had expected the boys to follow you but they stayed where they were which just left you and Mary alone in the kitchen. She gave you the tomato pasta she had made you and sat opposite you while pouring a glass of orange juice.

Even when everyone else wasn’t around, she was nice to you. If she hated you so much and thought you ruined her family why would she still be nice even when you were both alone? “If you need anything else, just let me know.”

The whole day felt a little weird now that you had a new attitude. You all seemed to get along ok, which made you think even more that you were the problem. You weren’t the problem, families just argued sometimes and that’s part of life- no ‘one person’ is the cause of all fights between a family.

You returned to your room and began thinking of Gabriel again. You wanted to see him, you couldn’t stop thinking about the kiss. It was soft and tender, he was so sweet and slow. It was perfect, you wanted more. You needed more. When you prayed, he didn’t show. Why?

You thought that he must have been busy and decided to just head back to the library where everyone was. You sat at the table in the library and picked up a book, mindlessly flicking through the pages as your thoughts were back on Gabriel.

“You know-” you heard at the same time as a flutter of wings, “-I can hear you when you think about me.”

“Gabriel!” You exclaimed as you threw the book down. “What are you doing here?”

“I was about to ask him the same damn question,” John growled. “What the hell are you doing here?”

“Dad, it’s okay,” you replied and everyone’s eyes shot to you. “What? He’s a good Angel, he was there for me in Serenity Grove.”

“Yeah, I was ‘there for her’,” he winked at the rest of your family. “You know, helped her out when she was in need.”

“You didn’t need to be there for her,” Dean snapped. “Sam and me visited her every week.”

“Well, if you helped her in the way I’m talking about, that would be kinda wrong, wouldn’t it?” Gabriel asked in a cocky tone. You thought he was talking about the kiss, but then he continued to lie. “Those nights we spent tangled up the sheets really were special to me, Y/N.”

“You son of a bitch!” John screamed as he jumped forward to grab Gabriel but he just disappeared and reappeared in a different place.

“Tangled in the sheets?” You questioned. “No! Nothing like that happened.”

“You can’t deny it when I have this to prove it,” Gabriel smiled as he pulled out his phone and pressed a single button before all of your phones went off. You pulled it out to see the picture that he had sent to every single person on his contacts and you knew that he got most of them from the boys and Castiel.

The picture was compelling. He must have taken if when you closed your eyes to kiss him. The photo was cropped so that it just showed above your shirt so it looked like you weren’t wearing one, the angle looked as if you were laying down. And of course, you were happily kissing him back and your hair was a mess.

You looked up and noticed the judging looks you were getting from everyone in your family… Even from your brothers. They were the only people you cared about the opinions of. “Ok, yes, we kissed but we didn’t-”

“Save it,” John snapped. Gabriel was going to ruin everything. “You stay the hell away from my daughter,” he growled at the Archangel.

“Whatever you say,” Gabriel smiled before clicking his fingers and disappearing from the room. How could he do that to you? After everything.

“I promise it’s not true!” You tried to explain.

“Out of everyone it could have been you chose him!” John shouted. “After everything he has put our family through, you just couldn’t help yourself could you?”

* * *

“Those words were heartbreaking. You said it as if I was just a common slut that sleeps with everyone, like some cheap whore. You called me easy… If I was so easy, why did everyone find me so hard to love? Why did you?”

* * *

You had stormed off to your room after they all failed to believe you. Why would your family not trust you that you would tell the truth? You expected Mary and John to not believe you but you had thought your brothers would support you. They didn’t. They said it wasn’t a problem but that you should have admitted to it rather than trying to hide it. It just resulted in you screaming at them all and then coming to your room to cry.

As you wiped the tears away, someone unexpected appeared in your room. Gabriel. “Y/N?” He asked as he noticed your tears. “Sweetie, what’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong?” You growled. “Are you fucking kidding me?!” You slammed your fists against his chest but as you went to do it again he grabbed your wrists.

“Just calm down, we can talk about this.”

“Why did you lie?” You sobbed as you stopped trying to pull your wrists away from his hands. “You’re ruining what I have with my family. I hate you! I hate you!” You tried to hit him again but it was just a failure and the tears continued to stream down your face.

“Hey, talk to me,” he tried to calm you.

“You lied about us having sex,” you cried. “Why?”

“Me and some of the Angels had a bet that I could convince a bunch of your friends that we really did, it’s no big deal,” he chuckled.

“No big deal?” You asked as you yanked your hands away from him. “It’s a big deal to me you asshole! What the fuck is wrong with you? Is that all I am to you? A bet?”

“No! Y/N, I wanted to kiss you.” He brushed your hair away from your face but you slapped his hand away.

“Don’t touch me. You can lie about touching me, maybe that’s one thing you can take from me, but one thing you can’t take from me is my right to say no. Now get the fuck out of my room. Unless you tell the truth, I never want to see you again.”

You felt amazing after what you said. You felt strong and powerful. You told him what was what and he knew it. You knew that through the change on his face when you told him what he could never take from you. “I guess I won’t be seeing you ever again then, Y/N, unless you change your mind.”

You stood there with your arms crossed across your chest and scoffed at his words. “Not fucking likely.”

* * *

“People were right about you Gabriel. And when I say people, I mean everyone that ever had anything to say about you. Some said you were sweet, but others said you were a liar and a cheat. They were all right. You were one book with two covers, I guess I forgot to read the other one before getting involved in your story.”

Tape 5 was over. Dean, once again, was left with his feelings after the tape. A few minutes later, Sam came in to the kitchen to grab some food. “You alright, man?”

“Gabriel’s tape was just. Wow, I mean,” he sighed. “Shit, dude. Why didn’t we believe her?”

Sam shook his head. “I don’t know.”

“I mean, at the time the evidence was there, he made a damn compelling case. But now I’m thinking back to it and… Why? She was our sister. We didn’t believe her, worst of all we believed Gabriel over her! She knew how much we hated that guy, how much he hurt us,” Dean began to rant. “She must have felt so betrayed… Every single one of these tapes, we always seem to have something to do with it. It’s our fault more than anyone else’s.”

“We can’t afford to think like that,” Sam said as he took a seat opposite Dean at the kitchen table.

“Why not? Because it’s the truth?” Dean growled. “We need to take some damn responsibility.”

“Not for the tapes that aren’t ours,” Sam replied quickly.

“You don’t even have one!” Dean snapped back.

“And I’m still blaming myself!” Sam finished. “You think you’re the only person that feels all this pain and that you’re the only reason why? It kills me every day to even wake up, Dean. I have to push myself to get out of bed and face another one of these fucking days where she’s gone and we have to keep living. She was my sister too… I loved her. You’re not the only one that lost her.”

“You don’t think I know that, Sammy?” Dean questioned with a softer tone. “Look, I’m sorry that all I do is complain. But I just feel like we did something wrong, like we didn’t do enough. I’m sorry, I know that you miss her… I do too. But Sammy, we can’t let it pull us apart like this. We’re gonna all have to be there for each other if we’re going to get through this…”

Sam just looked down at the table before nodding. “I was thinking about what you said before about Jody, that we haven’t visited in a while. She called earlier and asked if we wanted to go visit, she might have found a case.”

Dean smiled with a nod. “Just me and you? What about mom and dad-”

“They’ve already found a hunt somewhere else,” Sam interrupted. Dean knew that it was because they didn’t want to go, but he just nodded at Sam’s lie. He couldn’t be bothered with even more arguing. “Ok, better get packing…”

They both headed off to their rooms to just grab a few shirts and everything they would need for the next few days. As Dean was about to put his wallet away, he realised that he still had the note in there that you had left Sam for the tapes. He thought about it for a few moments before taking it out and holding the folded piece of paper between his fingers. He sat there on his bed, took a deep breath and began to open up the letter.

His fingers brushed over it as he smiled at the fact it was your handwriting. He always remembered that when you were researching you would write things down that could be of importance later. Then, before he could stop himself, he began to read the letter.

I know that this letter will be hard for you to read.
But I promise you, it can’t be as hard as it is writing it.
I need you to do me a favour with these tapes that I’m leaving you…
I need you to make sure that everyone on there listens to them…
And I want you to listen to them too.
These tapes are the only legacy I’m leaving.
When you read this letter it will already be too late, I’ll already be dead.
I love you and Dean so much, and I’m sorry for what I’m about to do to you.
Well, to you, it’s what I’ve already done.
It’s my time, I know it’s my time. I just can’t do it anymore.
You don’t need me, you’ll move on to the next problem that life gives you and forget.
I never wanted to hurt you and Dean, and I wish I didn’t have to do this,
But I do. It’s the only way for me to feel okay again.
I’m so lucky to have met such a amazing people like you and Dean. You’re my family.
I don’t deserve you guys, I never did. I would have destroyed you,
Just like how I destroyed my mom. It’s what I do, I ruin people’s lives.
I couldn’t live knowing that I could ever hurt you. I love you both too much.
I hope you can forgive me. I’m so sorry. I love you.
Love from, Y/N

Dean’s tear dripped on to the paper; that was how he eventually realised at he was even crying. The letter was powerful, it was so full of love for them but hatred for yourself.

“You ready to go man?” Sam asked as he knocked at Dean’s bedroom door.

“Yeah,” Dean hid the rest of the tapes in the safe in his room and put tape 6 in the player, ready for when he was at Jody’s. He finished the letter, and now he’d finished tape 5. He was ready for tape 6. “Let’s get this show on the road.”

On Sleepless Roads (1/3)

This fic is a love letter to the characters of Emma Swan and Killian Jones. It is a fic that has been in the works for over nine months and I am so excited to share it with everyone. It started with filming spoilers of our favorite female protagonist being stabbed on a dark, foggy night in Storybrooke and it grew from there. Season 6 Canon divergence. 

(Tagging @acrobat-elle and @lovebecomeshim upon request.) 

Ao3    FF   Part 2  Part 3

One night of peace is all they were granted before the next crisis began. One night to recover from the aftermath of darkness and secrets, hell and death, before Mr. Hyde made his presence in town known. But with Killian by her side, it didn’t seem to matter in the long run. The moment she saw him above the place his body had been laid to rest, a question in the call of her name, she decided to fight for her own happiness. Maybe the savior could have a happy ending as well. Maybe this was it.

That was what she had believed before she found herself here.

“Ah, the infamous Savior. Do you really think yourself a match for me?” She can’t see his face, the cloaked figure that’s far too reminiscent of past Dark Ones. With the edge of his blade threatening Henry’s throat, she draws her sword, sighing in relief when the action grants her son’s release. Killian grabs Henry the moment he’s near.  

Cold air bites at her skin, slips into the gap between her sweater and back, leaving a trail of goosebumps. She tightens her grip on her father’s sword. “I think you’ll find yourself surprised.”

“Perhaps. But you can’t fight wounded.” She feels the ground give beneath her first - knees stinging with a thud as they hit concrete. There’s a thick sticky crimson covering her hands where she’s holding them at her side and oh god -

The dagger poking out of torn flesh burns - a hot searing pain that stifles her breathing. It hurts. It aches, throbbing with a sharp pain paralleled by nothing she has felt before. Her cry is a high pitched wince as her body curves into itself and dammit it hurts. She tries to focus on the roughness of the unpaved road at her knees, but she can feel the sensation fading, can feel herself fading with it. The moment she moves, a small shift as her legs give out, it comes back with a fury.

Muffled words grow louder as the world around her comes back into focus, Killian’s panicked voice the only thing she can hear.

“What’s wrong? Emma, Emma, love talk to me!”

Her eyes burn too, and she tries to blink against the dust clouding them, moaning in pain at the knife lodged into her side. “Killian,” she breathes, leaning into his chest as his arms wrap around her. Magic pulsates beneath her palms but does nothing to heal the wound or stop the bleeding. “Son of a bitch.” It’s gritted between closed teeth, and she tries again to no avail.

Killian’s hand is cold as it roams across her shoulders and down to her back, frantically searching for something he can’t seem to find. He repeats her name, a panicked fear she can feel rise in his chest with every inhale.

“I’m-” His hand finds hers with calloused fingers pressing further into the wound - adding kerosene to what might have been a dulling spark. She reels forward as the lights flicker on, an anguished cry at the contact. It seems to summon Henry, the absolute last person she wants to see her in this state. But before she can tell him to leave, he’s scavenging for keys as Killian lifts her into his arms. Her request would have fallen on deaf ears anyway.

“Come on, Swan. I’m getting you to a hospital.”

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Pinky Promise

A/N: Reader is the oldest Winchester. Focused mainly on Sam x Sister!Reader

Word Count: 1113

Warnings: Angst, death, overall saddness

Sam age-11   Dean age-15   Reader age-18

Sam x Sister!Reader   Dean x Sister!Reader   John x Daughter!Reader

Originally posted by bahorelfeuilly

Eleven year old Sam Winchester closed his eyes, bracing himself for the certain death he was facing at the hands of the werewolf his family had been hunting. He was supposed to stick with his older siblings, however he had wandered off on his own. The werewolf had found him and now he was up against it alone. The wolf had knocked away the gun Y/N had handed to him at the beginning of the hunt.

He was weaponless and scared.

Sam closed his eyes as fear overtook his body when he saw the werewolf raise it’s claws to strike him, however the pain never came.

“Hey you stupid dog!” Sam heard your voice yell out. He ripped his eyes open with enough time to see you push Sam out of the way as the wolf swiped at Sam’s throat.

The next thing Sam knew he was on the ground as a gunshot rang out, followed by the sound of something thudding onto the ground.

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Pairing: DeanxReader

Summary: You decide it’s time for Dean to try some of your “fancy” coffee. Of course, Dean can be quite picky, and sometimes it’s best to choose your battles. Sometimes.

If you’d like to join any of my tag lists please message/ ask or add yourself to my google doc tag list! Whatever is easiest for you!

Word Count: 1042

Warnings: Not much! a wee pinch of angst, overall pretty flangsty

A/N: She’s baaaaaaack! After an out of the blue hiatus, I’m finally semi-active again! I figure a little Dean fic would make it up to you all. I haven’t written in three months, so I may be a little rusty. Still, I think this is pretty cute, so I hope you enjoy. And (have you missed hearing me say this all the time??) FEEDBACK IS SOOOOO VERY APPRECIATED!! EVEN JUST A LIKE!

“Adventure in life is good; consistency in coffee even better.”
Justina Chen, North of Beautiful 

Your name: submit What is this?

“What the hell is a macchiato?”  

You stood hand in hand with Dean in front of a too-happy barista who awaited your orders pleasantly. Dean always teased you about your “fancy” coffee habit. You figured it was about time he gave it a try himself. Dean tended to stick to his ways; you figured with the havoc his life was filled with, he would take whatever consistency he could get. You were just glad you were a part of that comfort to him.             

 “Shh,” you replied, swatting at Dean’s arm gently. “Not so loud. It’s like a latte but not mixed up, I think.”             

“You’re paying two dollars more for them not to mix it?”             

You shrugged. “Essentially.”            

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Barba’s Co-counsel

A/N: Anon request: Can I request a Rafael Barba one shot thingy where you (Barba’s co-counsel) gets death threats as well and someone acts on them and you get stabbed around the same time Dodds is shot. Overall angst and fluff.
Thank you @minidodds and @larkistin for your much appreciated input. Enjoy guys!

“How do you find the defendant?” Judge Barth asked.

“We, the jury, find the defendant guilty,” the foreperson announced.

You cheered inwardly, glancing over at Rafael Barba, your co-counsel. He nodded his approval.

“Want to grab a drink to celebrate?” you asked Rafael.

“Okay, but there is something I should tell you first,” Rafael said, somewhat conspiratorially.

He led the way to his office, his eyes darting around nervously as you walked.

“Rafael, is everything alright?” you asked.

The two of you had only been working together briefly and it was amazing how in sync you were, almost as if you could read each other’s thoughts. In this time, you had also learnt to read his expressions fairly accurately, or so you had thought.

Rafael ushered you into his office and closed the door, pulling the blinds closed.

“We need to talk.”

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Behind The Scenes (all parts)

Genres: Fluff, Angst, Dark 

Overall summary:  You first meet BTS while attending one of their concerts/ fan meeting. You get closer to the members and get stuck in the web of their real lives.

Overall warnings: foul language, mention of drugs, implication of sex, physical abuse, verbal abuse, sexual assault, guns, murder, implications of unconsensual sex

These GIFs are mine. I made them based off of this scenario series.

BTS 1:

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 (These parts are all like one big intro)

Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7/ Part 8 / Part 9 / Part 10 / Part 11 / Part 12 / Part 13 / Part 14 / Part 15 / Part 16 / Part 17 / Part 18 / Part 18.5 / Part 19 / Part 20 / Part 21 / Part 22 / Part 23 / Part 24 

BTS 2:

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 3.5 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 5.5 / Part 6 / Part 6.3 / Part 6.6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9 / Part 10 / Part 10.25 / Part 10.5 / Part 10.75 / Part 11 / Part 12 / Part 13 / Part 14 / Part 14.3 / Part 14.6 / Part 15 / Part 16

BTS 3:

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 3.5 / Part 4 / Part 4.5 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9 / Part 10 / Part 11 / Part 11.5 / Part 12 / Part 12.5 / Part 13 / Part 14 / Part 15 / Part 15.5 / Part 16 / Part 17 / Part 17.5 / Part 18/ Part 18.5 / Part 19 / Part 20 / Part 20.5 / Part 21


BTS 4:

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part  3 / Part 4

ghost in the wind - pandabrite - The Adventure Zone (Podcast) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works


lucretia knows what she must do, but there is a hole in her heart. she seeks to mend it in the only way she knows how– writing. but some wounds aren’t meant to be healed, some wounds must be worn like a badge of honor. she must brave through this pain. and she knew she would have to do it alone.


this is the first prose i’ve publicized in years and also my first prompt of NaNoWriMo! i’m following a list of prompts posted by tumblr user @lucretia-the-director. i hope you enjoy! this first prompt was ‘write a love letter.’

(Fic) Lovesick Idiots

My first boyxboy one-shot! :D I hope you enjoy! It didn’t turn out as good as I hoped, but oh well. 

Tag list: @tiny-mudkip @romananalogicality @the-sun-shines-bright @pattonpending @edgeworthsnoodle @lovely-chaotic-goddess @aph-curls-n-dimples @the-babysitter @sunnyside12pershon @xix-leiloves-xix @cup-of-blue

Fandom(s): Sanders Sides, YouTube, Thomas Sanders

Warnings: Jealousy, pining, crying, Lo is confused about his feelings, and overall angst. Don’t worry, the fluff will come. 

Ship(s): Romantic Logince and implied Romantic Moxiety

Logan didn’t like feelings. For the logical side, they were unnecessary to solve many problems and come up with solutions for many of life’s basic functions. So, he would avoid them, push them down and bottle them up until eventually, he became a dull, emotionless man. At least, that’s how the others saw it. In reality, Logan’s feelings were stronger and more harshly felt than the others, and all because he kept them hidden. The worst feelings of all were the ones he felt around Roman. 

All the fanciful trait had to do was look at the bespectacled man and he felt as if he were melting. Heat would rise to his cheeks and creep slowly up his neck, turning his face red. His stomach would toss and churn, and sometimes it felt as if a thousand tiny insects were fluttering around in there. Whenever Logic received a smile or was at the butt of the other trait’s lighthearted and well-meaning jokes his heart would beat faster in his chest and his throat would suddenly close, and he would have to give his all to choke out a reply. Logan was confused, because these sorts of things should have scared him, terrified him even. But, he always felt oddly happy whenever these things happened to him. And once again, it was ONLY with Roman, and he didn’t know what that would mean. Logan had become worried that since he bottled up his emotions so often, his brain could no longer tell the difference between positive and negative emotions. So, to end his confusion and help him sort out his feelings, Logan decided to consult with the very embodiment of Thomas’ emotions. 

“Hmm…I see what you mean, kiddo. Feelings like that can be pretty scary if you don’t know what they mean,” Patton said, tapping his chin thoughtfully and looking at his friend over his glasses, eyes sparkling with amusement. Logan bit his lip, fidgeting with the end of his tie nervously and casting his eyes down. 

“Just tell me what they mean, Pat. I-I…I’m so confused. Is there something wrong with me?” Logic murmured, and Morality’s eyes softened at how helpless the other trait sounded. Getting up from the armchair he was sitting in, Patton walked over and plopped on the couch next to Logan, taking his hands in his and squeezing them reassuringly. Logan glanced up and let out an offended gasp when he saw that Patton was resisting the urge to giggle, his lips pursed and his eyes shining. Patton burst out laughing and wrapped his arms around Logan, his shoulders shaking with the force of his laughter.

“I-I’m sorry, you’re just so adorable! I can’t believe you haven’t realized it yet!” Morality giggled, letting go of Logic and hugging his knees to his chest. 

“Don’t realize what?!” Logan practically shrieked, his eyes welling up with tears of frustration. Ugh, too many feelings!

“You’re in love with Princey,” Patton said, his voice softer, smiling gently at Logan and fighting off the last of his giggles. Logan froze, blinking, and shook his head. In love…? Why would he be in love with Roman? Sure, Logan had a lot of respect for him. He was confident in his abilities as Thomas’ creative side, he could always make Logan smile when he was having a bad day, he acted like an egotistical jerk but was really one of the sweetest people Logan had ever had the pleasure to meet, he had a regal air about him that demanded respect even though he never really asked for it, Logan was one of the few people Roman ever opened up to about his negative feelings, he had a phenomenal singing voice, he was so very handsome in a way none of them could ever dream to be, everything about his just seemed to be so effortless and perfect, he always made Logan feel like he was important and needed and-


“Oh no… No, no, no, no, no,” Logan whispered, clenching his fists and closing his eyes, taking in a shaky breath and closing his eyes. “H-He…I can’t be. Th-That’s impossible! I’m not meant to feel those sorts of things. I can’t!” Logan insisted, opening his eyes and glaring at Patton ferociously. Morality simply smiled and pulled Logan into a hug, ignoring the way he stiffened and gently rubbed his back. 

“Of course you can, Logan. We’re all human. Well, part of one, but that doesn’t really matter,” Patton said with a soft chuckle as he ran his fingers gently through Logan’s hair in an attempt to soothe him. Logan shivered slightly but didn’t stop him, resting his head on his shoulder and sighing deeply. Patton was right. Love…love was the only explanation. But he could not, and would not reveal his feelings to Roman. The creative side needed someone like his own self, like Virgil or Patton, not an emotionless, love-deprived freak like him. 

“Whoa, hey kiddo, that’s not true! You are not a freak!” Patton protested. Oops. Looks like he’d said that out loud. Logan quietly thanked Patton for his time, gently pushing him away and going up the stairs to his room, saying something about getting some work done. All of the bottle up anger, sadness, and frustration began to bubble up and Logan had to clamp a hand over his mouth so Morality wouldn’t hear him sobbing. Patton watched after his friend with concerned eyes and sighed, getting up off the couch and storming off angrily to find Roman.

“I told you that you should have told him sooner!” Patton snapped, standing in front of the tv with his hands on his hips, glaring at Roman where he cowered on the couch next to Virgil, who looked both concerned and slightly amused at the conversation commencing before him. Roman swallowed and looked up at the dad character with a sheepish smile, shrugging his shoulders and sighing.

“Well, how was I supposed to know Logan felt the same? I was scared of rejection, Patton! That is all!” Princey said in a pathetic attempt to defend himself. Patton’s eyes narrowed and he grabbed Roman by his sash, pulling him off of the couch and dragging him up the stairs. Princey yelped and stumbled after Morality, not wanting to trip over his own feet and look like a complete idiot. Anxiety smirked and waved at the two traits as they disappeared up the stairs. Patton didn’t stop dragging Roman until they had reached the navy blue door that would open up into Logan’s room.

“You better get in there and fix everything before it’s too late,” Patton hissed, giving Roman the evil eye before smiling again and skipping through the hall and down the stairs. Princey swallowed hard and stared at the door, unsure of what to do. Part of him wanted to believe that what Patton had said was true. Logan was in love with him and just didn’t know how to handle his feelings, which is why he had been acting so strange and avoiding Roman at all costs. But, a part of him knew that Logan just despised his every-present confidence and egotistical attitude. He was stupid and needy, and Logan finally gotten sick of it and decided to stay away. Roman knew Logan probably had a thing for Patton, not him. After all, Patton actually showed Logan that he cared about him. Logan was so perfect, so amazingly intelligent and he didn’t even have to try. He was calm, collected, and really never had a bad word to say about anyone. He was kind, in his own special way. Roman just…wasn’t.Princey’s eyes pricked with tears and he almost turned away when he heard a soft whimper come from behind Logan’s door, followed by quiet sobs. Not even bothering to knock, Roman gripped the door handle and slowly opened the door.

“Logan? Lo, are you alright?” Roman asked quietly. Logan sat bolt upright in his bed, revealing his tear stained face and quivering lips. His eyes widened when he saw Princey standing in the doorway and he quickly tried to wipe his eyes, but tears just kept streaming down his face. Logic let out a frustrated sob and collapsed back on the bed, his shoulders shaking his his fists clenched around clumps of the blanket beneath him. Roman gasped and quickly knelt at Logan’s bedside, resting a hand on the back of his head.

“Lo, look at me. Please look at me. Look at me, sweetheart,” Roman pleaded, the nickname slipping out before he could stop himself. Logan just sobbed harder and shook his head, batting Roman’s hand off of him and curling up in a ball, his back facing the creative side. Princey’s eyes started to fill with tears and he sat on the edge of Logic’s bed, leaning down and cupping the other trait’s head in his hands. He turned Logan’s head to face him and wiped away the tears on his cheeks, his face twisting in a grimace as Logan kept his eyes clenched shut and his body rigid as more tears managed to squeeze through his close eyes. 

“Logan, please don’t cry,” Roman whispered.

“How can I not? As soon as I stop, you will leave me, your job of comforting me over. Then I’ll be alone. Just the thought upsets me,” Logan murmured, his voice hoarse and cracking, and Roman’s heart clenched and he shook his head, gently caressing Logan’s cheek with his thumb. 

“No. I will never leave as long as you want me here. I lo- l care about you,” Roman replied steadily. Logan cracked open one eye and glared up at the other trait, shifting slightly so he was on lying on his back. Roman’s mouth twitched slightly into a smile when he saw that Logan had stopped crying and was giving him a look of annoyance. It immediately faded when he saw the fear, and the pure agony of one so deprived of love they didn’t know what it felt like anymore.

“You…don’t believe me?” Roman asked breathlessly. He could feel tears coming again. 

“No. I do not believe you. There is nothing to love about me. I’m an emotionless freak that has nothing better to do with his time than correct everyone and make them all miserable,” Logan said dejectedly. Roman’s hands trembled and he tried to say more, but the words caught in his throat. Logan sighed and was about to turn back to face the wall when Roman lurched forward and grabbed him by his necktie, yanking him upwards and crashing his lips into his. Logan froze, his eyes wide open as a sudden rush of energy flowed through his body. His heart started to rapidly beat and he felt more tears, but this time he was glad for them to come, because they were tears of joy. He closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around Roman’s waist, pulling him closer and returning the passion-filled kiss. 

Roman trembled as Logan returned his kiss with just as much fire as he, unable to keep himself from crying silently as arms wrapped around his waist and pulled him closer, welcoming his love and the contact and everything in between. It truly felt magical, like a kiss described in fairytales. There were no wedding bells or fireworks, only the feel of Logan’s hands and lips that were his, all his to kiss and to hold forever and ever, and that was enough. The kiss ended sooner than the two would have liked as they separated for air. Logan panted, grinning from ear to ear at the red-faced and flustered royal. He planted a few small kisses on Roman’s cheek and nose before nuzzling into the crook of his neck, barely able to believe that this was happening. 

“I love you, Logan,” Princey whispered, holding Logic close to his chest. And even though the other man never replied, Roman knew that he was loved as well. 

“Geez, it’s about time those two lovesick idiots fessed up!” Virgil said with a small smirk as he peered at the two traits through the door. They were curled up together on Logan’s bed, fast asleep with their legs intertwined and holding each other close. Patton let out a small squeal and did a little victory dance beside the darker trait, who let himself smile slightly. 

“Come on, lets leave them alone. I want some cuddles too,” Patton said, grabbing his boyfriend’s wrist and dragging him off to the common area. Virgil spared one last glance at Logan’s room, his eyes softening. It looked like everyone had finally found their happy ending. 

anonymous asked:

Fav se angsty scenes ?

Most of them are in season 3 for obvious reasons

Before I get into my general assessment of these moments I need to bring your attention to the above 3x22 gif because I’ve never seen this scene so close before and the way Stefan looks at Elena before she looks up at him… like he looks like this might be the last time he gets to kiss the woman he loves.

But what I love about these angsty SE moments, which happen throughout the series but specifically season 3 is I think you see the physical representation of KW’s quote on how Stefan and Elena meet each other and can breathe again?

^^ like even here there’s a moment where Elena’s lips widen and it’s like she’s exhaling, you see it in the phone call in 3x01 when Elena says Stefan’s name and he exhales:

and what makes that “breath” angsty is the fact that the scene usually starts out with them taking a chance, either an emotional one or a physical one, that has them holding their breath, maybe Elena has moved on, maybe Stefan doesn’t want to fight anymore, maybe I might die:

and then SE connect and they breathe:

In season 1:

So what I love specifically about this last gif is how Stefan makes eye contact with Elena until the last possible moment because that eye contact is establishing trust, like if you don’t want to do this at any time, I’ll see that and I will be perfectly happy dying here while you leave and it also establishes how much he loves her while Elena offering her vein to an in-need ripper establishes how much she loves him.

The angst of season 1 is all about establishing, establishing their connection through gazes, the depth of their love through stares, like we don’t see what Stefan’s expression is like when Elena tells him she loves him, it’s the back of his head and then Elena and then back to Stefan and he turns around so we the audience and she the love interest can see how completely moved and wrecked (in the best way) he is by what she said whereas their stares with each other are angsty because they’re extremely charged and both of them are deeply moved and it makes it intense:

In season 2:

Season 2 is probably the least angsty SE season but I think the two above gifs are underrated. Elena stabbed herself to stab Elijah and then Stefan rushes to feed her his blood but what I love about the above moment is how Elena is comforting Stefan as much as he’s comforting her? She knows how scared he must’ve been seeing her stab herself so she’s looking at him and holding his head like, are you OK? And the gif above it, I really love how earnest Stefan is there, the way he’s like I don’t think you get that I will literally die for you, so don’t worry and Elena’s strong like NO, I GET THAT, THAT IS THE PROBLEM. I DON’T WANT YOU TO DIE.

In season 4:

I talk about the above gif a lot because I find this scene so underrated, it’s not the typical angsty scene but I included it in this list because of the weighted tension of the entire scene and the unspoken makes it angsty. Damon outs that Stefan slept with Rebekah and he does it because he wants to solidify distance between Stefan and Elena, he’s throwing it in Elena’s face essentially and Stefan knows that it will hurt Elena which is why before this scene he stares at her and Elena is visibly hurt when she looks at him and she is still hurt in this scene and Bonnie even knows that Stefan sleeping with Rebekah will upset Elena because she’s staring at her throughout this entire exchange like, damn girl, you OK? And it’s angsty because everyone knows that Elena is sleeping with Damon but that Stefan sleeping with someone else deeply hurts Elena.

In general, the season 4 angst was really about how tethered Stefan and Elena still were to each other, I mean when she touches his hand as he touches her face that’s the episode she sleeps with Damon, the sexual tension of their prom dance is angsty because Elena is clearly moved by it.

In season 5:

I think the last two gifs are angsty for a couple of reasons. In the gif above I enjoy how when they’re not looking at each other, they have an AWWWKARD expression on their faces but when Stefan turns to Elena, their expressions change, they’re looking at each other’s lips and Stefan actually licks his, which is like the whole point of this scene was supposed to be like har har exes in close proximity, the discomfort! Bu it actually looks like they legit want to jump each other’s bones and thought better of it and Stefan using how Elena never gave up on him as incentive for her not to give up on Damon is the show dragging DE without thinking about it. The gif above is when Elena wakes up after Stefan kills Katherine and just that soft blink Stefan does when he sees Elena is actually there is super angsty because my guy looks at no one else that way.

The overall angst of season 5 is a continuation of season 4 but in my opinion sadder because these emotional, charged moments but there’s also a sense of dejection in their expressions like they can’t see a path that leads them back toward each other because of the choices they made and yet they still envision that path.

In season 6:

What’s angsty about the last gif to me is the way Elena lowers her eyes and head when she walks away. In general, I find that the SE angst of season 6 comes from the fact that they’re always cycling back to what they were to each other, who they were to each other and it’s not in a way in which they moved on, they’re trying to replicate that with other people while episodes like 6x16 re-emphasize their connection.

In seasons 7 and 8:

We all know why the last two gifs are angsty af, I especially find it angtsy because we see Stefan’s wedding ring as he brushes Elena’s hair away but Julie and co had so many interviews and quotes about how seasons 7 and 8 are supposed to be the continuation of the DE love story even though Elena isn’t present but I really think it just reinforced the SE love story in much subtler but poignant, angsty and profound ways.


Why the hell couldn’t he and Tony get along like that? Okay, maybe it was a little strange to be jealous of a memory of your past self, but it still ticked Steve off. Tony was obviously the same person; yet, Tony had never talked to him like that, never seemed as light and easy and…happy to be around the real Steve.

And God damn the bastard, it stung.

“Thanks For the Memories,” by Wordsplat.

Fluff: ++++

Angst: +++

Smut: ++++

Overall Subjective Rating: +++++

Read it here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/739949

Picture credit to sanbenger

Read It Wednesday

Is this week ten? Did we finally make it to week ten? Holy crow that’s awesome! I’ve added a few changed to Read It Wednesday. Nothing major, I promise. As of now, I won’t be adding gif drabbles/celebration drabbles to future RIW’s. (unless they’re over 1,000 words) I will still read them but I just won’t be adding them. What I will be doing instead is reblogging those drabbles and making sure they get the love they deserve. ALSO I’ve stated this before, but I won’t be reading fics that don’t come with warnings. Warnings can be in the tags, just make a reference that they’re there. Some things I’m not comfortable with and I just like to spare myself those uncomfortable feelings. I hope none of you hate me for that. Annnd again, if you don’t see a specific series here, please understand that I’m not caught up on it, but will do my best to catch up on it soon. Okay, sorry for my long spiel, now onto the fics I’ve been tagged in this week!

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You Are Not My Mother Part 4

Title: You Are Not My Mother Part 4

Summary: Sam and Dean’s younger sister takes off when she discovers Mary is working with the British Men of Letters. In her possession is one of the most powerful weapons in the world, The Colt.

Word Count: 1607

Warnings: Dark angst, graphic torture, and overall angst (sorry no fluff)

A/N: Here’s the fourth part! It took me a while, but I finally finished it.

Catch up:

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Tags below the cut.

   Friday passed as well as the weekend without any word from Y/N and Sam was starting to worry.

“Anything yet?” Dean asked.

He shook his head. “No. You think she just got busy?”

“No.” Dean stated. “She’s always made time to email or text even when she had that hunt last week.”

“What do we do?” Sam asked.

“We can wait and see if she contacts us here soon or we can trace her.” Dean suggested.

“I’ll give her a few more days.” Sam said. “She might be caught up in the hunt or lost signal.”

    Dean nodded and left the room. Little did Dean know though that Sam was already tracing Y/N’s last email. He wanted to have an address just in case she never got a hold of them.

“Bobby’s place?” He whispered to himself. “I would have never guessed she’d be there.”

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Secrets Kept

Namjoon Scenario

Warnings: Talks of a war, Swearing, A lil’ angst, but overall fluffy.

Words: 4.6 K

Summary: Serving at a training camp during a war is hard enough. Serving while you’re a woman undercover is a lot more difficult. Namjoon then decides to lend you a helping hand. In his own, twisted, way…

Requested: No


Originally posted by kimseojkin

You had just lifted your undershirt off you to examine your bruise when there was a little knock on the door. Thinking it was just Taehyung having finally come to help with patching you up, you only unlocked the door. “Come in,” your voice was little hoarse as you looked at the bruises blooming right under your rib cage. You had fallen pretty hard from a height while trying to finish your drill course but still plowed through to the finish. That’s when you told Taehyung to meet you in the washroom. “The drills took a toll on me eh?” You chuckled as you looked at the door that opened through the mirror. Taehyung was still not coming into view so you turned around to show him a little better. “I think we just ne-” Your eyes widened as your eyes landed on Namjoon instead of who you had expected.

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“Keep it secret,” the other man whispers, so quietly that he has to lean in to hear him – then Merlin suddenly reaches up and grabs the Prince’s wrists, and his eyes are burning bright and uncontrolled. Then there’s an immense searing pain in his lower arms as something thunders between them, exiting Merlin and flowing to him, and he’s quite sure he can feel sparks between their skin but maybe he’s imagining it. The bright light fades from Merlin’s eyes and he releases the Prince, eyes closing and pulse slowing and breathing lessening.

“No,” Arthur murmurs, his hands still gripping Merlin’s face a little too tightly. “No.”

“It’s OK, really,” the warlock replies. “I’ve been ready to die for you before.”

“No. I won’t let you die for me,” he growls in return, moving to grip his manservant’s hand with one of his, and he can feel an incredible warmth thrumming through him now, one that he’s never experienced before. Merlin smiles, a little sadly, and his whole body relaxes.

In which Arthur uses Merlin’s magic to save its owner. Afterwards, things happen. A lot of things.

Fluff: +++

Angst: ++++

Smut: ++

Overall Rating: ++++

Read it here: https://m.fanfiction.net/s/4635790/1/

Picture credit to tracionn