overall a pretty chill good day

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what are jimin's good qualities?? except his six pack and probably good dick game (rip yoongs ass)

jimin is very nice and respectful for a thug with anger issues, i would argue he’s one of the better guys in the team. doesn’t touch yoongi without his consent, sometimes buys yoongi’s time from the brothel so he can take a day off. he also only calls yoongi sweet things because, quote, “figures ya get called enough bad names, sugar”. overall swell dude. pretty chill, but can kick jungkook’s ass. cons: steals cars, horrible accent


290/? - 197/365: had a FAB 10 hour sleep and woke up feeling pretty much amazing. got some work done in the morning, then had my skype meeting with my dissertation supervisor. got some good pointers and some good feedback and now i’m even more stoked about doing well on this. mostly just chilled for the rest of the day and completely neglected my to do list oops. my aunt came over in the evening which was lovely and overall it was just an a+ day

I think I'm gonna take this time to describe my experiences with different signs, male and female.

Aries, male: pretty cool to talk to most of the time
Aries, famale: perfect people pretty much, my aspiration in life is to live up to their standards.

Taurus, male, pretty rad people overall, they have many flaws that they try to hide, but they’re dependable and easy to talk to.
Taurus, female: not very stable depending on the people there’re surrounded by, watch what you say to them, if you’d not on there good side, that $#!% will spread like wildfire.

Gemini, male: can be chill, but has his fair share of rude points when having a bad day.
Gemini, female: totally unpredictable, you never know when there gonna go from cussing you out, to buying you food.

Cancer, male: in the end they’re sweet, but they just have so many self loathing issues it can make it hard to converse with them at times, not to mention they have a nasty habit of stepladdering over the truth when confronted.
Cancer, female: they will either shower you with the fullest of their affection, or turn an everlasting cold shoulder to you, with cancer female, there are no inbetweens, so do not take them for granted.

Leo, male: they will appear chill at first, but don’t get them twisted, popularity is their number one priority, and if something you do, or the way you are jeopardizes that, well don’t don’t be surprised when you never hear from them.
Leo, female: have a motherly instinct about them, sure they enjoy nice things and pretty people, but when they see injustice twards the weak, they will without hesitation interfere to make things right.

Virgo, male: can seem emotionally distant at times, but overall relyable, so don’t be afraid to trust them with certain personal happenings if needed.
Virgo, female: place far too much responsibility upon themselves, to the point of self induced stress, not to mention it’s easy to sway their emotions, so be cautious around them, and remember, with a Virgo female, Every Day Is A Bad Day Unless You Cheer Them Up!

Libra, male: self educators to the fullest, when their interested in a particular topic, they Will go all out to learn whatever possible about it.
Libra, female: practically the same as male quite frankly.

Scorpio, male: tend to have a hard time expressing their feelings, or even knowing what their feeling are at times, so they will throw you through a loop to find out, even if the answer is simple.
Scorpio, female: prone to make mistakes early on in life, but try their best to aid those important to them.

Sagittarius, male: sweet, but at the end of the day, it’s all about the fun, so dont go makin plans, and be offended when they’ve already made their own.
Sagittarius, female: loyal, self relyant, and never dull, they are sure to bring joy to the right people who cross their path in life.

Capricorn, male: very wise and dependable, don’t ever be afraid to talk to them, because they will listen, and they will understand.
Capricorn, female: the definition of emotionally distraught, be very carful with your choice of words, because they will never forgive when infuriated.

Aquarius, male: there’s no winning an argument with them, even when all the facts are laid out before them, they are always right no matter what.
Aquarius, female: tend to have their own spin on nearly every situation, don’t ever expect to have a dull conversation with them.

Pisces, male: very easily misunderstood, there are those who interpret their actions as evil, when the reality is they’ve hardly done any wrong to begin with.
Pisces, female: can be indecisive at very stressful times, which may lead to a collapse of their mental stasis if the situation has no visible solution.

Well, that was a chill episode!  Falls solidly in the “not spectacular but pretty fine” range.  We learned some cool things, got to see Rose be a dork, and spent some time with Dave Strider, which is always a good thing.  Greg the Babysitter comes in at my new #11 for Season 3, between Kiki’s Pizza Delivery Service and Alone at Sea, and my new #51 overall, between Political Power and Marble Madness.

I’m gonna go finish my night’s sleep.  I don’t know if I’ll actually stream today; I’ll try, but I practically spent the last three days in a coma and it’s really messed me up something fierce.  I’ll be seeing you all tonight for Gem Hunt, though, which may actually be the most generically-named episode of the entire show thus far.

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YUM watermelon! Having a big bowl of this as an afternoon snack! Today has been pretty chill in comparison to other days, taught my grit double this morning, took my car to get looked at as something needs fixing, worked on my ebook, tanned a lot, went to the shops to get my eyebrows waxed which was well overdue and now I’m chilling before I’m going to teach again! Pretty good day overall except I dropped my iPhone and my whole screen is completely smashed 😱😖 and it’s been restarting itself so much for the last couple weeks so a trip to the Apple Store is needed indeed! Hope you’ve all had a lovely Tuesday x




This is from today’s morning; I had a millet porridge with maple syrup & bananas for breakfast and it was sooo good, plus made me feel really energized and ready for the day! Then I decided to work on my journal a little bit, since this week’s pages were still looking a bit empty. Today was more of a chill day, but I still got some stuff done so I’m overall pretty happy ✨


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I will remember this year for two things, one awful, one good. My grandpa cut down nearly all my favorite trees. It’s been a long process of (d/h)ealing. The good is the progress I’ve made toward becoming the person I want to be! Mostly gender wise. I’ve changed my name, pronouns, the bathroom i use, started spiro. I was vocal about my needs in a productive way that made my life easier.

Looking back at my resolutions last year, i can’t believe it’s nearly 2016, and i pretty much failed them all :-/ It’s my senior year and i’ll be starting college 2016. I finally saw the REDWOODS! I learned how to ride the bus (I even did it alone), I recorded my first song, did my first performance, i was in a play, i had a few cute moments with my crush, I gardened! i skipped my first assembly, i went to Yellowstone, etc. etc. overall it was good, pretty chill, the calm before the storm of actual adulthood flies in. 2016′s gon be a big change. bring it on.

anyone who hasn’t done this yet and wants to: go.