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fake ah crew fics where Gavin is a hacker/computer nerd and gets information for the crew?


Snapshots by Queen_Valkyrie

Summary: Gavin’s getting real tired of the shitty pictures the newspaper always posts of the Fake AH Crew’s heists.

So he decides to submit his own. [PG]

WC: 1,778

[Tags: AU (GTA), Fluff]


Partners in Crime by missingnolovefic

Summary: The Vagabond joining the Fakes is big news in Los Santos’ criminal underground. It’s a good thing his boyfriend’s a hacker - especially since no one knows about the two of them. [PG]

WC: 12,379

[Tags: AU(GTA), Established Relationship, Fluff, Friendship]

I Won’t Lead You Astray by firefly267

Summary: Ryan wasn’t sure how he had gotten wrangled into working with the Fake AH Crew, but he knew that the heist they had planned was never going to work. [PG]

WC: 3,003

[Tags: AU (GTA), Established Relationship]

I’ll Tell You All My Secrets by firefly267

Summary: This wasn’t how Ryan thought he’d come out to the crew, but it could have been worse.

Or the crew finds out that Ryan and Gavin are dating.

WC: 4,057

[Tags: AU (GTA), Established Relationship, Fluff]


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any new Joelay? :v


I’m Not a Betting Man, But This is a Sure Thing by acindra

Summary: Joel’s a dragon searching for his soulmate. Somehow he manages to stumble into a coffee shop au. [PG]

WC: 13,252

[Tags: AU (Coffeeshop, Creature, Soulmate), Fluff]

Paper Hearts & Scattered Minds by darkpanda22

Summary: The 50’s was a time so full of struggle and fights for justice, yet, for the teenagers of the time it was a time of color, dances, parties, music, independence and most of all, fun. For Ray it was no different, except, he had a secret that would destroy everything he’s created in the first 17 years of his life.


The 50’s AU where Ray is living on eggshells. One wrong move and everything would crumble down around him. His parents have created quite the mess of Ray’s life but he still keeps their secret because he’s afraid of what his parents would do once they found out he told and how his friends would react to the truth. [R]

WC: 15,315 - Complete

T: Abuse, Child Abuse, Homophobia

[Tags: Series, Violence]

- Liz

Never Enough

Geoff/Michael + Dan/Gavin + Geoff/Gavin (One-Sided)

Author: zayndehaan

Summary: Geoff Ramsey lives a fairly routine life. He works as a manager at a video game production company; a job he likes, with people he cares about. Every night he goes home, has a drink, and dreams about a strange, good-looking man he’s never met before. In his dreams he makes wonderful love to the man and lives out fantastic romantic scenarios.

Only problem? Geoff is straight as an arrow. [R]

WC: 23,352 - Discontinued

T:  Homophobia(Implied) Substance Abuse

[Tags: AngstAU (Modern), Friendship, Series, Smut, Supernatural]

Thank you zayndehaan for the submission! :D

RWBY Wips 1 RWBY Wips 2

Roman/Ruby/Ozpin + Yang/Junior/Blake + Sun/Neptune/Jaune/Ren +Weiss/Glynda

Fated Ink by BlueStarlalight

Summary: Fate, a being that decides if one is to be a normie, poly-lover, swiper or leer. She decides if finding your mate/ mates is as simple as a touch or as hard as falling in love.

WC: 31,742 - Discontinued

Sorry I’m RoseWick trash, and I’ve read these recently and they are A+!

- Jyn ♥

if you’re upset, think about how it’d feel to have dean hug you

i mean he always hugs like it’s the last time. he’d hook his arms under yours and pull you to him tightly, pressing his lips to your shoulder and digging his fingers into your back

and he’d be warm - he’s always warm - and he’d smell like smoke and cheap soap but it’d be perfect and he’d just let you cry into the crook of his neck until you felt better

Mods H/C 1  Mods H/C 2



They Always Had Each Other by  IWriteLove

Summary: Bad days were bad for them. The worst days nearly broke them everytime. However, for every bad day, no matter how bad they got, the good days were plentiful, and always the best for them.

WC: 762



When The Rain Falls by xShadowWolfx

Summary: Ray goes through rough times and keeps it a secret from the rest of the Hunters. But when the storm refuses to pass, he finds it difficult to remain silent any longer.

WC: 5,547



Start to Sink by spiderjockey


Summary: Michael finds out he’s an empath after a stressful convention goes bad, but a new worry soon develops and suddenly its not just Michael’s health on the line.

WC: 24,035

The Team 

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hello do you have any superpower/powers au maybe ahot6 but any pairing is cool!!!


Start To Sink by spiderjockey

Summary: Michael finds out he’s an empath after a stressful convention goes bad, but a new worry soon develops and suddenly its not just Michael’s health on the line.

WC: 23,947

We’re The Same by fuckingPubert

Summary: Ray was born without any powers. Being so different isn’t easy, not in High School. But once he’s accepted onto the RT program, things start to get a whole lot better as he meets the unique Gavin Free and his group of amazingly skilled friends, and finally, Ray finds somewhere he can feel at home. Really, they’re the same.

WC: 22,960

- Ronnie

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Any soulmate au ot6? :)


Know the Water’s Sweet But Blood Is Thicker by coolasdicks

Summary: Prompt: “different anon ah!ot6 prompt were gavin, geoff, ray, jack, and ryan are all vampires and they are trying to find their blood slave and then they find michael who is of course their mate” Vampire!AU, where everyone but Michael is a vampire.

WC: 20,901

T: AbuseDub/Non Con

When The Smoke Clears by Jackinthatpatillo

Summary: They say that when you light anything on fire, you’ll see your soulmate in the smoke.

WC: 1,058

âme soeur by ohgodwhatisthis

Summary: The thoughts of previous ridicule and bullying about his multiple soul marks haunt him, but he thinks this new town will turn out to be different, and he might even be accepted here.

WC: 3,455 - Discontinued

Give the Bruises Out Like Gifts by coolasdicks

Summary: Michael thought it was normal.

WC: 18,523

T: Child Abuse

Get Set Go by WishingOnWishaw

Summary: In a world where everyone gets their soul mate’s initial put on their skin, there’s no hiding who you love. Though as they go through life, the boys realise that being destined for a relationship with five other people can land you in some trouble. Their life is a long and bumpy road before them, but they’re all stepping up to the mark to face this together.

WC: 18,104

OT6 gives me life i swear - Ronnie x

New Self-Harm 1 New Self-Harm 2


You’re the Shore (When I am Lost at Sea) by RageHappyAH

Summary: The last thing Gavin expected was a relapse after being free from his disorder for almost seven years. He thought he had gotten rid of them, that they were a thing of the past. But the voices were back, the hallucinations were happening again, and his sanity was slipping away all over again.

WC: 6,361 - Discontinued

T: Mental IllnessSelf-Harm

Drifting by cardboardbowl

Summary: For a few months now Michael and Gavin have done nothing but drift away. Anytime they would talk it would be more like a fight. Not that Gavin didn’t try to keep things calm, it was Michael who blew up at everything. Ignored everything. The insults, no longer light hearted, begin to catch up with Gav.

WC: 10,513 - Discontinued

T: Cutting, Suicide


In Love With All These Vampires by Chooboozle

Summary: Ray is a practical new worker at Rooster Teeth. He loves his job, but he never expect that when he was going to be interviewed by Geoff Ramsey that he would soon find himself working with new co workers that weren’t exactly human. So far, he’s been adjusting very nicely until one fateful day, fate decided to trap him in a mindset of romance and lust. Who is it for? Ryan Haywood. Ryan has an option with Ray for a cure…let him live in an insane obsession over him that could threaten the human’s life, or completely take him and his life essence to “cure” Ray and allow the human to become undead. Ryan can’t figure it out just yet.

WC: 18,847Discontinued

T: Cutting Character Death

-Bee <3