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If I were to start reading some Mavin fanfic, where would you suggest I start?


These are fics I really enjoyed personally.


Audeamus (Let Us Dare) by guyi

Summary: Michael, Gavin, and the mercenary group known as the Achievement Hunters went on a recent adventure to slay a dragon. Afterwards, Michael and Gavin decided to try and write their story down.

“We met, and we travelled; we saw life and we saw death. We fought many battles and we held the torch high in the face of evil. We lived, we loved, and at the end of the day, we slew the dragon.”

WC: 68,012 - Complete

An Old-Fashioned Notion by callmearcturus

Summary: “There was an idea called the Hunters Initiative. The idea was to bring together a group of remarkable individuals… See if they could become something more.”

“We’re not a team, we’re a goddamn clusterfuck.”

WC: 47,728- Complete

Fires Of The Mind by teumessian

Summary: Michael’s always had a bit of sixth sense, but a fever triggers a change and suddenly Michael can hear a lot more than he ever wanted to. It would have been fine… you know, if Gavin Free wasn’t such a horny bastard.

WC: 21,700 - Complete

and basically anything by hashtagmavin



Hope this gives you a good start. :)


Got to the con and it was sold out - was going to see if Jason wanted to have this piece himself and help with project #over10000 - tagged him in this piece because I busted my ass composing it and would love for my hard work to be seen and appreciate and not have my efforts be for nothing. @jdfffn @jdfffn @jdfffn - #greenranger #powerrangers #art #childhood #painting #morphingtime #tommy #starv #artist #spraypaint

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Super 1 Super 2


Frozen Nerves by Hashtagmavin

Summary: (Frozen AU) Michael runs away from home because he’s scared and resentful of his own powers, but ends up meeting Gavin. A chatty boy who is very confident and proud of his own.

WC: 3,685

The Fire Starter by all-the-mavin-feels

Part 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Summary: When Michael Jones heard of someone in a bright green costume running around the city starting fires, supposedly able to create and hold fire in the palm of his hand, naturally he went out looking for him. Michael always had an obsession with the supernatural. He had been expecting someone scrawny, self-conscious, maybe a little ugly, definitely not a people person. He had not expected to see the taller-than-himself, handsome, cocky, knows-how-to-make-women-drool, flirtatious Gavin Free. And boy was he glad he was wrong.

WC: 1,865 - Complete

Powers Don’t Make A Hero by Thewaywardqueen and Clokkerfoot

Summary: In a world where superpowers exist, though rare, and are massively discriminated against Roosterteeth Productions secretly hired and protected a group of gifted misfits who wanted to be safe. One of these misfits was Michael Jones.

WC: 4,809 - Discontinued

Fires of the Mind by Teumessian

Part: 1 2 3 4

Summary: Michael always had a bit of a sixth sense, but a fever triggers a change and suddenly Michael can hear a lot more than he ever wanted to. It would have been fine… you know, if Gavin Free wasn’t such a horny bastard.

WC: 21700 - Complete

Michael/Gavin  + Geoff/Griffon

An Old-Fashioned Notion by callmearcturus

Summary: "There was an idea called the Hunters Initiative. The idea was to bring together a group of remarkable individuals… See if they could become something more.“

"We’re not a team, we’re a goddamn clusterfuck.”

WC: 47,728 - Complete

Michael/Gavin  + Ray/Joel

Quenching His Flames by N30N

Summary: Fire was, and has always been a part of one Michael Vincent Jones. He had never been involved in genetic modification, no radioactive spiders, and definitely no toxic waste. Scorching heat was just something that made Michael who he was. The genes that allowed him to control such dangerous properties weren’t seclusive to himself, but they weren’t exactly common either. It was through some shitty internet support group that he met a strange friend group of five, including a severely annoying douchebag from across the ocean who decides to forcefully cool his flames.

WC: 2,985 - Discontinued


if you’re upset, think about how it’d feel to have dean hug you

i mean he always hugs like it’s the last time. he’d hook his arms under yours and pull you to him tightly, pressing his lips to your shoulder and digging his fingers into your back

and he’d be warm - he’s always warm - and he’d smell like smoke and cheap soap but it’d be perfect and he’d just let you cry into the crook of his neck until you felt better

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Tuckington! The longer the better!... bow chicka bow wow


Macaroni and Power Armour



AU in which Tucker is the worst (best?) babysitter that the Mother of Invention has ever seen. And things go about as terribly as you might expect them to.

25,393 - WIP

Of Lifeguards and Water Polo by WinterDreams

Modern AU in which the Reds and Blues are on really shitty water polo teams at the Blood Gulch Public Pool, the Freelancers are die-hard lifeguards that manage to do the stupidest shit at training, the AIs are the children in their private lessons, and Tucker may or may not be developing a crush on his crazy aquafit instructor turned self-declared water polo coach, David Washington. He’s also pretty sure their pool manager is breaking a shitload of regulations and safety guidelines when it comes to the lifeguards, but only time will tell.

178,843 - WIP

Oh, The Places You’ll Go by MdeCarabas

On New Year’s Eve 2013, Wash and Tucker share a moment on a roof and then go their separate ways. Eight months later, Tucker hires a personal trainer.


Roses Are Red, Violets Are… Wait by thehornsofmischief

Washington works in a flower shop and leads the quiet life of a bookworm with three cats. Tucker is a single dad with asshole friends who forget their anniversaries with their girlfriends. How they haven’t met sooner is a mystery that no one can figure out.

26,101 - Complete

- Ronnie

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hello do you have any superpower/powers au maybe ahot6 but any pairing is cool!!!


Start To Sink by spiderjockey

Summary: Michael finds out he’s an empath after a stressful convention goes bad, but a new worry soon develops and suddenly its not just Michael’s health on the line.

WC: 23,947

We’re The Same by fuckingPubert

Summary: Ray was born without any powers. Being so different isn’t easy, not in High School. But once he’s accepted onto the RT program, things start to get a whole lot better as he meets the unique Gavin Free and his group of amazingly skilled friends, and finally, Ray finds somewhere he can feel at home. Really, they’re the same.

WC: 22,960

- Ronnie

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Any soulmate au ot6? :)


Know the Water’s Sweet But Blood Is Thicker by coolasdicks

Summary: Prompt: “different anon ah!ot6 prompt were gavin, geoff, ray, jack, and ryan are all vampires and they are trying to find their blood slave and then they find michael who is of course their mate” Vampire!AU, where everyone but Michael is a vampire.

WC: 20,901

T: AbuseDub/Non Con

When The Smoke Clears by Jackinthatpatillo

Summary: They say that when you light anything on fire, you’ll see your soulmate in the smoke.

WC: 1,058

âme soeur by ohgodwhatisthis

Summary: The thoughts of previous ridicule and bullying about his multiple soul marks haunt him, but he thinks this new town will turn out to be different, and he might even be accepted here.

WC: 3,455 - Discontinued

Give the Bruises Out Like Gifts by coolasdicks

Summary: Michael thought it was normal.

WC: 18,523

T: Child Abuse

Get Set Go by WishingOnWishaw

Summary: In a world where everyone gets their soul mate’s initial put on their skin, there’s no hiding who you love. Though as they go through life, the boys realise that being destined for a relationship with five other people can land you in some trouble. Their life is a long and bumpy road before them, but they’re all stepping up to the mark to face this together.

WC: 18,104

OT6 gives me life i swear - Ronnie x