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Do you know of a fic where Michael Jones sees the future and realizes he marries Gavin but has a whole "please god no" thing where he tries not to until he gives in. I think it was on Archive but the tags aren't coming up really good. Please help! Thank you so much and I love your blog


An Entire Future Stuck With You by Hashtagmavin

Summary: (Psychic AU) Michael is sort of psychic. When he meets Gavin and sees that they end up having a very serious future together, he will stop at nothing to get rid of the annoying asshole before it’s too late. But Gavin is clingy and affectionate, and it’s difficult to get rid of him. And even more difficult to want to get rid of him. [PG13]

WC: 42,504 - Complete

[Tags: Angst, Future, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff, Series, Supernatural]


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All the kinks please and thank you:)

AH OT6 [Jeremy]

Tamed by netherprince

Summary: Funny enough, figuring out how to tame the Haywood started being an idea when Gavin made an offhand comment about the guy being a rabid dog. [R]

WC: 1,128

[Tags: Fluff, Hurt/Comfort, Kink, Smut]


Oh My Love, You’re My Love, Yes I Swear By Stars Above by oceanbones

Summary: The one where Gavin wears lady clothes. [R]

WC: 11,000

[Tags: Fluff, Hurt/Comfort , Kink, Smut,]

Reader Insert

For Science, Of Course by hopelessbookgeek

Summary: There’s kind of a bet that Jeremy has a big dick. You’re determined to get to the bottom of things. And if science requires you to get down and dirty with your gorgeous coworker, then… Jeremy/Reader [F] [R]

WC: 2,750

[Tags: Fluff, Kink, Smut]


Daddy Dearest by orphan_account

Summary: In which Gavin wants to be dominant and Ryan has a daddy fetish. [R]

WC: 2,623

[Tags: Daddy Kink, Established Relationship, Fluff, Kink, Smut]


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Long Jeremwood fics? Appreciate all the work you all do and hope those who went to RTX had a good time.


Say It With Flowers by DmitriMolotov

Summary: Jeremy wasn’t sure what he expected when he stormed into the flower shop, slapped 20 bucks on the counter and asked “How do I passive-aggressively say ‘fuck you’ in flower?” but it certainly wasn’t Ryan’s smile. [PG13]

WC: 13,844

[Tags: Angst, AU (GTA, Modern), Fluff, Proposal]

Baked by jackiestolz

Summary: Turns out Lil’ J is a fan of all things baked (in the oven, where he put them as an enthusiastic baker). Now the Achievement Hunter office is making requests to see if he’s any good. But will his affection for baking lead him to his other great affection, one Ryan Haywood? [PG]

WC: 25,273 - Complete

[Tags: Fluff, Series]

Two Weeks on the Job by Useless19

Summary: Jeremy starts working for the Fake AH Crew after a one-night stand that definitely isn’t going to come back and haunt him. It’s not like the guy is one of his new crewmates or anything.

Right?  [R]

WC: 17,399

[Tags: AU (GTA), Smut]

Sweat and Primer by futureboy

Summary: Ryan, cast as the classy Detective Pollard in an original college musical, is intimidated by the daunting prospect of his first proper solo. It’s a good job the guy one dorm over encourages his shower singing.

[Lead Actor/Tech Guy College!AU.] [R]

WC: 15,133- Complete

[TagsAU (School), Fluff, Series, Smut]


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Hi I'm looking for a Michael Jones x Jeremy Dooley fic where jeremy is in love with michael and Michael starts sending Jeremy all his sexual fantasies and there's angst and I can't find it (through a bet, i believe) please and thank you!! <3


We’re Live in Three…Two…One! by InvadingThoughts

Summary: He’s on Off Topic. He’s way too drunk. He’s touched Michael five times in the last two minutes. [R]

WC: 19,647Complete

[Tags: Angst, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort, Kink, Series, Smut]


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Raywood a/b/o fanfic where rays in heat for the first time?


This Magic Moment by MissGillette

Summary: When his heat attracts the unwanted attention of three Alphas in the locker room, Ray is saved by Ryan: varsity quarterback, intelligent, gentlemanly Alpha extraordinaire. Ray thinks the moment between them is over when Ryan leaves, but life is a magic thing.

(Non-con applicable only to the first chapter) [R]

WC: 22,056 - Complete

T: Dub/NonCon

[Tags:AU (Creature, School), First Time, Hurt/Comfort, Series, Smut, ]

Sacrilegious by MissGillette

Summary: As a Soph, a temple guardian, Ray spends his days caring for the many naga gods of the temple: The Ayin. The clock is ticking, however, because once Ray presents and gains a status, his paradise with the gods will turn to hell as he is banished to the outside world. [R]

WC: 13,832

[Tags: AU (Creature, Dystopia), Fantasy, First Time, MPreg, Smut]


So I went to go fill this ask and it seems the original asked had been deleted somewhere by accident! Sorry Anon! 


In The Blood by CourierNinetyTwo

Summary: AU where the White Fang is an organized crime family allied with the Schnee Dust Company to maintain their control over the Dust monopoly. Essentially, mafia!Blake.  [PG13]

WC: 19,946 -  Complete

[Tags: RWBY, AU (Modern), Fluff, Queer (Non-Binary), Series]

Attaque Au Fer by CourierNinetyTwo

Summary: The ‘epilogue’ to In The Blood that ended up being a little more than half its length. Reading that first is very recommended. [PG13]

WC: 10,167 -  Complete

[Tags: RWBY, AU (Modern), Fluff, Queer (Non-Binary), Series]

Bind by CourierNinetyTwo

Summary: What does trust look like when there’s a murderer in your bed? Set about a year after Attaque au Fer. [R]

WC: 7,896 - Complete

[Tags: RWBY, AU (Modern), First Time, Fluff, Queer (Non-Binary), Series, Smut]

An Abode For Jackals by CourierNinetyTwo

Summary: Set two years before In The Blood. Cinder has a bargain to make with the White Fang and an offer Blake doesn’t want to refuse. [R]

WC: 11,685 -  Complete

[Tags: RWBY, AU (Modern), First Time, Queer (Non-Binary), Series, Smut]


AH No Romance 1 AH No Romance 2

AH OT6 [Ray]

Local Gods by oct1en3one

Summary: This is Los Santos, the city of dreams and fuck-ups, nothing is ever as it seems, so the Fake AH Crew sits in anonymity on the beach, waiting for their dead to wake up. [NC17]

WC: 26,177

T: Character Death, Gore

[Tags: Angst, AU (GTA), Supernatural, Violence]

Tats (With Arah and Dragonastra’s help! Thank you lovelies ♥ )

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If I were to start reading some Mavin fanfic, where would you suggest I start?


These are fics I really enjoyed personally.


Audeamus (Let Us Dare) by guyi

Summary: Michael, Gavin, and the mercenary group known as the Achievement Hunters went on a recent adventure to slay a dragon. Afterwards, Michael and Gavin decided to try and write their story down.

“We met, and we travelled; we saw life and we saw death. We fought many battles and we held the torch high in the face of evil. We lived, we loved, and at the end of the day, we slew the dragon.”

WC: 68,012 - Complete

An Old-Fashioned Notion by callmearcturus

Summary: “There was an idea called the Hunters Initiative. The idea was to bring together a group of remarkable individuals… See if they could become something more.”

“We’re not a team, we’re a goddamn clusterfuck.”

WC: 47,728- Complete

Fires Of The Mind by teumessian

Summary: Michael’s always had a bit of sixth sense, but a fever triggers a change and suddenly Michael can hear a lot more than he ever wanted to. It would have been fine… you know, if Gavin Free wasn’t such a horny bastard.

WC: 21,700 - Complete

and basically anything by hashtagmavin



Hope this gives you a good start. :)


Miles 1 Miles 2


The Road to Freedom by iaveinabox

Part 1 2 3

Summary: Miles knew he was a fool for thinking the war in Europe would be easily won, and what starts out as a simple reconnaissance mission turns complicated when Miles finds himself stuck in The Netherlands with an injured British soldier on his hands. WW2/Soldier AU

WC: 6886 - Complete


I Found Love in the Stars While You Found Heartbreak in the Paint. by montes-carpatus

Part 1 2 3 4  


Summary: Miles is a graduating painting major with an interest in astronomy for his final series and seeks mentorship with Dr. James Ryan Haywood, an Astronomy and Physics professor at the same University

WC: 10089 - Complete

Time Doesn’t Stop for Star-Crossed Lovers by montes-carpatus

Summary: Miles Luna, a time traveler lands in the shop of Ryan Haywood, a lonely clockmaker, due to his brace malfunctioning and asks for him to fix it. 

WC: 3128

- Mighty Met and the Oh-So-Magical Ave


Joel 1 Joel 2


Something Lucky by imaginedecember

Summary: There’s something about scars and how life isn’t easy that makes you and Joel Heyman fit together like strange puzzle pieces. Joel/Reader [F]

WC: 1212

Hasty by handsomewhitedad

Summary: Joel’s editing and can use your help! Joel/Reader [F]

WC: 935

Comfort by luffles424

Summary: Joel catches you crying and offers you a shoulder to cry on. Joel/Reader [F]

WC: 869

Coffee by cloeh-kun

Summary: You had never doubted of Joel’s intelligence. Until you brought home a Keurig. Joel/Reader [F]

WC: 1375

Speehcless by cloeh-kun

Summary: In order to admit something, one must have a voice. You don’t have a voice anymore. You coughed that one out sometime yesterday. Joel didn’t take pity of that, he took advantage of it. Joel/Reader [F]

WC: 2427

Cold Medicine by cloeh-kun

Summary: You knew you were sick the second you opened your eyes. Joel/Reader [F]

WC: 1474

Restless by rinsylittleprick

Summary: Joel can’t sleep and you go to comfort him. Joel/Reader [N]

WC: 590

Release by handsomewhitedad

Summary: A drinking game with Joel turns into something more. Joel/Reader [F]

WC: 7426

Two Years by ahficlets

Summary: You were pretty sure he hated you. Since the very second you were introduced, he stared at you with a stony expression, not saying a word. Joel/Reader [N]

WC: 288

Sweet Tooth by murbeft-fics

Summary: Someone found the bowl of Halloween candy. Joel/Reader [N]

WC: 587

Untitled by h-jonesy

Summary: Joel needed a hand with his tie. Joel/Reader [F]

WC: 350

Surprise by luffles424

Summary: You return home from work to find a very welcome surprise. Joel/Reader/Ray [F]

WC: 1104

- Tats and Ra