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Mavin minecraft au


Sparks by NoNameWriter

Summary: All his life, there’d only ever been one main rule: don’t speak to the Humans. Don’t let them see under the green hoods or hear anything beyond the gentle hissing of their kind. Despite never being that great of a Spark, despite his people casting him long glances and silent disapproval, despite being alone in this world after Dan was taken from him, Gavin never meant to break that rule.

And then two Humans, one in a bear pelt and one in black armor with roses over his breast, heard what was supposed to have been his dying wish. Only, they didn’t just let him die.

And now, he had to live with this.  [PG]

WC: 39,810 - WIP

[Tags: AU (Minecraft), Hurt/ComfortSeries]

Feverish Afternoon by inthelittlegenny

Summary: Gavin’s been suffering from a fever; and Michael comes to help. - Mavin Minecraft AU Drabble.  [R]

WC: 314

T: Illness/Trauma

[Tags: AU (Minecraft), Fluff]

Don’t Look Back by charmolypi

Summary: Gavin doesn’t think things through, sometimes. Sometimes he does. And sometimes it’s somewhere in between, like when he decides to finally run away from Achievement City. He’s prepared as far as food and water goes

…in the sense of fighting creatures, not so much.

He’s lucky someone seems to take pity on him.

(written for mavinweek)  [PG]

WC: 8,468 - Complete

[Tags: AU (KingMinecraft), FantasySeries]

Tribe by Heartsprout

Summary: Michael settled in well to the new life he built to be with Gavin

The new language comes easy to him and he has found where he fits into the dynamic of the Hunters

Only someone he thought to be long dead returned in a very-much-alive state

Someone who could throw off the balance of his new and still blossoming relationship

They both need him and he needs them both; so how does he choose?  [PG]

WC: 7,507 - Complete

[Tags: AngstAU (Minecraft), Established RelationshipSeries]

Here ya go luv!


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anything soulmate au for mavin (michael/gavin) or raywood (ray/ryan)?

I filled a Soulmate Raywood request a couple of weeks ago, you can find it here. But here is some more for ya!!!


Firework Fingertips by Madqueenmogar

Summary: Everyone will find their soulmate eventually….right? [PG]

WC: 1,814

[Tags: AU (Soulmate), Fluff]

Time is almost up. by Rainamae114

Summary: When you turn 18 coordinates, a date and time show up on your body. At that specific time, you meet your soulmate. [PG]

WC: 2,194

[Tags: AU (Soulmate)]

Michael/Gavin + Ryan/Ray

It Doesn’t Rub Off by frnkwy

Summary: Michael didn’t like to think about the whole soulmate aspect of life.

He knew what happened. That one person who you love unconditionally will ultimately leave, and those last words you hear them say are forever etched into your skin, reminding you every day that your soulmate is gone, and you’ll never see them again. He knew that it was the same every time, there was no changing it.

He just hoped it would be different. [PG]

WC: 10,074 - WIP

[Tags: AU (School, Soulmate), Friendship, Series]


Bound, Unburdened by LetUsIndulge

Summary: Ray harboured a special contentment knowing his soulmate existed; he was happy just looking at the red thread that seamlessly connected him to an unknown, though important person. The only thing that threatened that feeling of belonging was meeting said person in the flesh. [PG13]

WC: 26,479 - WIP

[Tags: AU (GTA, Soulmate), Series, Violence]


Of Eagles & Snakes


Author: NotLostAnymore

Summary: Gavin Free never expected to be told he was a wizard at eleven years old, nor did he expect a single one of the things that happened in the seven years that followed. Somehow, even among all the craziness that greeted him at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, falling in love was the biggest surprise. [PG]

WC: 25,439 - WIP 

[TagsAU (Fantasy, Media), FluffFriendshipHurt/ComfortSeries

Thank you @kylesluna​ for the submission! :D

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If I were to start reading some Mavin fanfic, where would you suggest I start?


These are fics I really enjoyed personally.


Audeamus (Let Us Dare) by guyi

Summary: Michael, Gavin, and the mercenary group known as the Achievement Hunters went on a recent adventure to slay a dragon. Afterwards, Michael and Gavin decided to try and write their story down.

“We met, and we travelled; we saw life and we saw death. We fought many battles and we held the torch high in the face of evil. We lived, we loved, and at the end of the day, we slew the dragon.”

WC: 68,012 - Complete

An Old-Fashioned Notion by callmearcturus

Summary: “There was an idea called the Hunters Initiative. The idea was to bring together a group of remarkable individuals… See if they could become something more.”

“We’re not a team, we’re a goddamn clusterfuck.”

WC: 47,728- Complete

Fires Of The Mind by teumessian

Summary: Michael’s always had a bit of sixth sense, but a fever triggers a change and suddenly Michael can hear a lot more than he ever wanted to. It would have been fine… you know, if Gavin Free wasn’t such a horny bastard.

WC: 21,700 - Complete

and basically anything by hashtagmavin



Hope this gives you a good start. :)


Miles 1 Miles 2


The Road to Freedom by iaveinabox

Part 1 2 3

Summary: Miles knew he was a fool for thinking the war in Europe would be easily won, and what starts out as a simple reconnaissance mission turns complicated when Miles finds himself stuck in The Netherlands with an injured British soldier on his hands. WW2/Soldier AU

WC: 6886 - Complete


I Found Love in the Stars While You Found Heartbreak in the Paint. by montes-carpatus

Part 1 2 3 4  


Summary: Miles is a graduating painting major with an interest in astronomy for his final series and seeks mentorship with Dr. James Ryan Haywood, an Astronomy and Physics professor at the same University

WC: 10089 - Complete

Time Doesn’t Stop for Star-Crossed Lovers by montes-carpatus

Summary: Miles Luna, a time traveler lands in the shop of Ryan Haywood, a lonely clockmaker, due to his brace malfunctioning and asks for him to fix it. 

WC: 3128

- Mighty Met and the Oh-So-Magical Ave