You know another thing i really love about living in an airship?

little to no traffic. nothing slowing me down!! except speed limits. but i mean, they’re just suggestions anyway, right? XD

my marketing assignment is currently wayyy over the maximum word limit, but i can’t help myself bc it just feels so good to write something that not related to science. it’s like constantly eating lasagna for every meal for 3 years–and i freakin love lasagna–and then suddenly given a… oh idk, plate of stir-fried green beans with garlic mmm anyway! my point is, i’ve spent an entire page raving about the marketing genius behind disneyland solely because i’m having entirely way too much fun and i feel like a greyhound in an open field. 

So I’ll make a post about Mob.

So, I (maybe unsurprisingly) have a file dedicated to various instances when Mob’s thoughts or actions are rather dark. Which was started as evidence gathering mission to try and counterbalance the excessively saccharine treatment Mob tends to get and to recognise the interesting and multifaceted character he actually is…

Characters in the series often have difficulty recognising Mob’s opinions and emotions, and while we as an audience are well aware of his emotions, I’ve noticed people tend to overlook Mob’s actual thoughts on things if they don’t align with what people think he *should* think.  

Mob is someone who does the right thing, for as many people as possible, not because he can’t comprehend bad, or doesn’t realise it’s an option, but because he is someone who actively wants to be better. And that doesn’t mean he forces himself to like or forgive everyone who wrongs him (that’s unreasonable to expect of anyone - let alone a 14-year-old kid), sometimes it just means avoiding doing them actual harm out of that dislike.

and yes, sometimes someone has to step in before Mob is pushed over his limit - thank you Reigen and Dimple at various points in the series - sometimes Mob doing nothing in a situation is the best he can manage. Because it’s better than the alternative ie: 100% murderous intent vs Mob 0% and Reigen 1000%

Mob thinks his actions through a lot in the series (although he actually vocalises those thoughts much less). And he takes the time to think through actions and consequence thoroughly 

Which in the above instance freaks Reigen out, and also highlights a difference between them: Reigen says the right thing instantly because it’s the Right Thing to say, while Mob takes a… concerning amount of time to really take a look at what he would do first. And I love them both for different reasons as a result of this interaction.

Mob is conscientious and a good person. not because he lacks the ability to comprehend doing wrong, but because he thinks and works really hard to overcome those thoughts and be better. 

He thinks about doing the bad stuff, and then actively works really hard to avoid doing them.

And I love him for it.

morrowind: fill a house with your weird shit no problem as long as you don’t go over the item limit. collect ash statues or stack books all the way up to the ceiling if you want

skyrim: fuck you. you can’t even put a cup on your fucking table without sending it flying across the room knocking everything else over, much less actually stand it upright. lydia takes a seat and absolutely demolishes your haphazard stack of books that were clipping though each other anyway. better not accidentally shout or you’re fucked. next time you load up your save all your shit is on the floor again. fuck you

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Boi do I remember creating this masterpiece. The only time I am able to create an amazing background. The only time, that I pushed myself over my limit at that time.

I remembered shipping Cyprus and Papyrus that time xD

Try to make me look bad? Hope you didn't enjoy your job.

Very long story. TL:DR at the end.

September 6th, 2017 will be an ordinary day for most people, but that day, today, marks the end of my quest to right a grievous wrong committed against me by a co-worker who was worried that I might usurp his easy job in the company.

Let me take you back roughly five years. The engineer of our company called me into the office. I had spoken to him before, primarily whenever we needed a tolerance adjusted for an order that began production over or under a limit, in order to avoid completely throwing away anything that we had already spent time and money producing. I figured that $engineer simply had a question about one of the machines, or about an order that had been ran the night before, but instead he had a proposition. I was to be offered a spot in our in-house testing lab, and to start training the next week. Obviously interested, I took the offer on the spot, and that Monday I began coming in earlier in order to do training with our only lab technician at the time.

Enter, $labtech.

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Ten Things I Hate About You

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Prompt: based on the poem on the movie that I absolutely love. 

Pairing: Theo Raeken x Reader

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I would have sent this in an ask but I felt like I would go over the character limit.

All the hcs of Richie being on the football team are cute but imagine this:

After seeing his spirit at all the games the cheerleaders ask him to be the caller for them. You know shouting out cheers and getting the crowd all hyped up. He accepts of course and he’s so good at it. Everybody gets hyped when he comes out and everybody loves him. He’s always calling out in different voices and cracking jokes.

Then Eddie, knowing that Richie is pansexual, gets jealous of all the girls he’s hanging out with and how the cheerleaders aren’t very subtle with their advances towards him. So during one game before they do their routine Richie just run up to the fence, grabs Eddie’s face, and kisses him in front of everyone. Everyone is silent until a few people, started by the Losers, start cheering. Soon most of the crowd joins in including the cheerleaders even though some of them were sad because they had a crush on Richie. Eddie’s just grinning the rest of the game.

And after Eddie runs up to Richie and pulls him into a kiss and hug and Richie just whispers to Eddie that he should never be jealous of anyone because he’s perfect and the only one for him. And Eddie rides the bus to the games with Richie and all the Losers hang out with the cheerleaders and team at tailgates and the girls have moved to having crushes on Stan, except for the one girl that always wants to talk to Bev.

And the Losers are just having an amazing high school experience and they’re all happy and oh my god I’m weak rn.


“I had to beg Harry just for me to see you first instead of him.”

A distinctly familiar voice struck you out of your thoughts as you looked up from your lap to the door that opened that’s in direct vision from your hospital bed, becoming familiar with it since you’ve been confined in it for two days, starting when a friend obligated to drive you to the hospital when things felt more than having a fever.


The happy tone in your voice even if it was cracked delighted her in many ways, a smile spreading onto her face as she slightly hunched over you to give a little hug enough to not hit the dextrose in your arm.

“Y/N,” she said as equally as happy, pulling up a chair to sit beside you as she remembered that you’re getting released today, a small chuckle leaving her lips as she could still feel his son’s eagerness and desperation through the walls.

“Harry went absolutely mad when he learned you got rushed in here. I mean, he won’t stop asking questions and all that. That boy couldn’t sleep in peace.”

She rolled her eyes as she could picture clearly the moment when her son called her up in the middle of the night with the least bit of care for timezones when he struck about the news, his voice being in the middle of the verge of crying to being panicked.

“I mean, mum — mum. You’re the nearest to her. Like did she — what happened?
Is she — oh my fucking god.”

“Especially when management told him he needed to finish the show for the night later on before he could catch a flight going here. And for goodness’ sake, he couldn’t keep still.”

“Is she okay? Did she hit her head or something? Did she-…”

Anne let out a little smile even if his son was almost livid from panic and nervousness, letting out a sigh as she pressed the phone closer to her ear and could take the ragged breaths her son’s having from walking back and forth as his characteristic when he’s genuinely not given the assurance of something importa
nt, his fists clenching and unclenching.

“When his plane landed, the first thing he did was ask the driver to fasten up the driving a little over the legal speed limit. He used to complain about jet lag but no, not this time.”

She shook her head, looking at some of the bracelets adorning her wrists as she looked up at you smiling, the happening that happened hours ago still fresh in her mind.

“And you know what?”


Your voice was little yet excited as you pursed your lips, your eyes glossing over just the thought of Harry caring for you unconditionally and undoubtedly.

“Saw this thing in him. I knew he couldn’t admit it to anyone else but I know how Harry is and well,” Anne paused, exhaling deeply as she feels fulfilled that Harry is still as down-to-earth as she taught him to be no matter what, a grin coming out.

“He’s scared.”

Your mouth slightly dropped open, the fiddling of your fingers with each other stopping as the statement held so much emotion in them.

“Even if it wasn’t the most major thing, it was to him. Harry’s scared. He was silent, just so nervous thinking about it. He couldn’t let it go.”

Anne chuckled, putting her hand on top of yours gently as the look on her face is genuine and happy, her eyes crinkling that reminded you of Harry every time he did that with you.

She’s testing out the words on her tongue as she sighed as she’s happy on everything that’s happening between you and her son, finally saying it out loud which she didn’t regret.

“My son’s in love with you, Y/N. So much.”

The sigh that went out of your lips wasn’t out of disappointment but rather, it was out of pure joy, looking at the selfless woman Harry told you about yet little did you know that you remind him of his mum.

Someone so selfless and devoted.

“Mum? Your five minutes are up! S'my turn!”

Anne laughed softly as you did too, knowing it’s the queue for her to leave the room and give way to Harry who just knocked and raised his voice through the door eagerly.

All aside, she smiled as what Harry labeled it as ‘the one that would make you smile nonetheless’, her eyes boring onto you as she sees to what Harry sees in you everyday that the both of them adore.

“He puts everything to what he loves, and from what I could see, he’s giving you more than what he has.”

Anne combed her hand through your hair softly, pressing it upon your cheek as she’s grateful his son already has a plan to make you his wife.

She smiled, her final pieces of hesitation towards you diminishing completely.

Don’t go breaking my boy’s heart, okay?”


2000’s Reddie hc’s

-Richie dramatically flipping open his flip phone and leaning flirtatiously against his wall, alone in his room, answering Eddie’s phone call

-hanging out in Richie’s room playing on their Game Boy Advances and a using game link cable to play multiplayer and to trade Pokémon

-each other’s #1 bff on MySpace

-Stan was Richie’s # 1 but Stan just puts his friends in alphabetical order by their names because he thinks its dumb and that keeps them organized nicely. Richie is sooo butthurt that he’s last on Stans list that he bumps him to 2nd. even though Richie insists that whoever is last on his list is only there because someone has to be

-Richie has a folder on MySpace of screenshots of funny comments his friends leave and conversations that he thinks are hysterical. and most of the Eddie ones are just cutesy shit or like Richie saying smth stupid/sexual and Eddie just annihilating him w/ his comeback and the caption is like “eddie spaghetti has claws”

-Richie always tryna make Eddie take goofy mirror selfies w/ him

-best believe those boys had Tamagotchi’s. (Eddie’s pink and Richie’s yellow) at first, Eddie is really judgy about Richie’s care and always on top of him about it but after a while, Richie becomes obsessive over his and is better at taking care of his than Eddie is

-glow in the dark stars on Eddie’s ceiling (because they’re cool and he likes space and not because he’s afraid of the dark!!) that Richie likes to peel off to chew on the putty. Eddie is disgusted.

-the Xbox vs. PlayStation debate is strong

-Richie attempts to give himself frosted tips just for Fun but fails miserably and Eddie laughs so hard he cries every time he sees him, for like a week straight, but then helps him dye it back (Stan literally can’t be around him until it’s fixed he can’t take it)

-Eddie wears those colorful jelly bracelets until one day Richie comes up to him at school and snaps the blue one off his wrist. and Eddie is just so pissed and all of the losers are laughing and he doesn’t know why and that makes him even madder. then, when Bill finally stutters out why it’s funny, Eddie turns bright red and takes all of them off and throws them in Richie’s face

-Richie has one of those giant ass cd binders that he keeps a ton of burned cds, w/ doodles to describe the content, of music he mostly downloaded off limewire and he always takes it w/ him to Eddie’s to show him the new cd he made. he has so many Eddie inspired cds

-Richie prefers his Walkman to an iPod because he did not spend all of his time carefully crafting his cds to have the perfect content only to give it up for one giant mess of songs in a singular place. But when Eddie gets an iPod and shows him that he can put playlists on it, he gets lowkey jealous but still insists that he would rather carry around his big ass cd binder and walkman

-Eddie is always so worried about going over his texting limit so they mostly talk over aim. Richie always sends really flirty and risqué msgs