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I - I really like you by Carly Rae Jepsen

T - Thinking out lou by Ed Sheeran

Z - Zero percent by My Chemical Romance (ha! I found one!)

E - End of line by Daft Punk

L - Let her go by Passenger

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the final blow has been struck, Xehanort, despite all his cunning and his foresight, has been defeated by the 7 guardians of light. His ultimate form starts to dissipate and shrink until there’s just a crouching figure laying on the barren rocky ground of the keyblade graveyard. Kairi, Sora, Riku and the others stand still at the ready, not knowing what this new form might be capable of, but just then the smoldering figure raises it’s head of messy brown hair. The young keyblade wielders ready their weapons, muscles tensed for action, when a graceful hand lands haltingly on the shoulder of Sora, a simple command of cease fire.

Aqua’s heart is racing painfully fast in her chest, hardly daring to believe her eyes, but there’s no mistaking that curve of the back or those ridiculous billowing pants she herself had jokingly bought for him so long ago.

Terra sat up and turned around to look at the small crowd gathered behind him, all hard, determined faces ready to strike but then..


He wobbled desperately to his feet, magnetized by the tears welling her eyes. After so many years of not controlling his body, he only made about three steps until his knees gave out and he was sent plummeting forward, only to be caught in the arms of the sole person in the universe who had never given up on him.

Bracing himself against her shoulder, Terra couldn’t bring himself to look into Aqua’s stark blue eyes. He had been conscious the whole time, and had been forced to watch in abject horror at his own hands around the neck of the woman he loved more than anything. He couldn’t face her, not after what had happened.  

“Aqua..” he croaked, just then gaining faculty over his vocal chords, “I’m so sor-

and just like that she had her hand in his hair pulling his face up to hers for a kiss so passionate and needy that Terra thought he might collapse again. 

Behind those lips he had so often fantasized about flowed all the pent up grief, loneliness, anger, and sadness that had hardened like a shell around the keyblade master, dulling her usual glow like an old snakeskin. But as their mouths opened up to each other the skin was shed and the old Aqua’s vibrance began to radiate from her eyes.

Finally separating their embrace to gasp for air, but still in each other’s arms, the two suddenly became aware of their audience present that was no longer ready to fight and very confused.

For the first time in what seemed like decades, Master Aqua cracked a grin, 

                       “Everyone, this is an old friend of mine, Terra.” 

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Would you rather bang perci than Roxy?

Meme || Status: Accepting

❝Oh yes. You’ve found me out. The reason why
   I couldn’t possibly want anything from Roxy in
   that particular department isn’t because I’m
   almost twenty years her senior, or the fact that
   I’ve too much respect for her to be willing to
   sleep with her, or even the fact that we’re both
   coworkers and I’d much rather not complicate
   matters any more than they have to be. It’s
   because I would much rather be with Percival
   instead. However did you know?❞ 

                         The entire response is deadpanned,
                          his words dripping in sarcasm. 

So something I just realized (when trying to fall asleep, of course).

Garnet’s eyes are: Ruby on the Right & Sapphire on the left. 

So I assume that means depending on what eye is crying, that is the gem who is crying. 

For example, this would be Sapphire crying:


Sapphire and Ruby’s gems are located opposite their eyes. 

Sapphire’s gem in on the right & Ruby’s gem is on the left.

So in a cute kind of way it’s sort of like they are brushing away each other’s tears.

To all the messy language learners out there. Don’t worry if your vocabulary lists are rarely longer than ten words and sit unfinished in your notepad or laptop. Don’t worry if you go on and off your language a lot. Don’t worry when you see the super organised and driven learners, who stick to schedules and manage to practice daily. We’re all different and we have different learning methods and different lives and schedules and motivation patterns. My language learning method is super messy, like the messiest you’ve ever seen. The only regular thing in my language studying is the incredible frequency with which I ignore languages I shouldn’t be ignoring. But language is such a big thing, and as long as you’re getting input somehow and trying some output every once in a while, you will be fine. At least we’re very used to the plateau stage, because it’s basically as if we never come out of it until one day we find out that we can speak somehow. Chill and enjoy.

Unisex names, Crazy Exes, and other Gas-n-Sip Adventures

based on the “You’re a store clerk and oh shit I just spotted my ex please let me hide behind your desk-thing” prompt from this post

The check out guy at the gas-n-sip is really fucking cute. Like please-sit-in-my-lap attractive, and Dean can’t really focus on buying that six pack right about now, cus seriously he didn’t know that shade of blue even existed.

Dean is this close to asking for blue eye’s number when Aaron turns around the corner of the closest aisle and every alarm bell in Dean’s brain goes hay-wire screaming “CODE RED! CODE RED!

“Shit shit shit” Without even thinking about it Dean jumps over the cashier counter and ducks out of sight.

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