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Anon note: Hey guys, been wanting to post this for a while. Just a short Peter Parker one-shot idea I had, haven’t actually posted in a while so…hope you all like it. 

Being a teenager was hard. What’s more, being a teenage superhero was harder. For Peter, dealing with obtaining these new powers was a struggle. The sudden increase in strength, agility and senses was muddling and Peter often went nights without sleep, mulling over the new situation. But what was even harder than being a teenager, or a superhero, was love.

      The girl wasn’t perfect, which was what made her perfect. Every flaw was flawless.

 “Peter?” Ned coughed, giving the boy a friendly shove. When he remained unresponsive, Ned sighed, following Peter’s line of sight. He wasn’t surprised to find his best friend to be honed in on a certain Y/H/C.

 “Peter, if you’re going to be such a hopeless romantic, at least make a move.”

This snapped Peter from his reverie and a furious blush slathered the pale skin of his cheeks.

 “I-I’m not a hopeless romantic!” He objected, trying to turn his eyes away from the girl but failing miserably. She was just so captivating. Ned rolled his eyes, watching the girl busy making conversation with a friend.

“Dude, I get what you see in her and everything. But stop moping around. Either make a move or let’s go to English. We’ll be late and I can not get another late pass from Ms.Thompson because of your idiocy.”

 Peter feigned a hurt look, knowing that Ned wasn’t truly worried. The class was more prehistoric than the dinosaurs.

   “I’ll go in a second.” Peter promised. “Let me just look at her a little longer.”

 Peter loved everything about you. From the way your hair was pulled high into a ponytail (that, even then, spilled over your shoulders), to the way that your eyes sparkled beneath the ugly light of the school. You lit up the entire hallway with your charisma. Grumpily, Peter recognized the someone else seemed to notice as well.


The words ripped down their hallway in sharp sound and your head turned. Flash’s grin widened impossibly more and he waved one beefy arm in your direction. The miniscule roll of your eyes tickled a smile onto Peter’s lips.         Dismissing your conversation with your friend, you plastered on an expression that at least didn’t portray dismay to the arrival of the school bully.

 “Hey Flash.” You greeted. Flash’s posse arrived not far behind him, parting the crowd with their clumsy ways, elbows waving.

 “I heard you’re going to the drive-in movie tonight?”

You wrinkle your nose, looking down at the books in your arms. “Um, yeah. I am.” You answered shortly. Flash grinned, leaning one arm against the cold metal of a locker. “Do you have a date?”

You let out an exasperated sigh. Flash was persistent  in his effort to get you to date him. To be honest, he wasn’t all that appealing, and you had your eyes set on someone else. A brown haired boy, to be exact.

  You didn’t know how to escape this one. You wanted to downright tell Flash no, but it wasn’t in you to be so cold-hearted to the boy, and it looked like you had been backed into a corner. Until one boy spoke up.

   “Yeah, she does.”

You looked up from your book, surprised to see Peter hurrying over. His head was ducked, but his shoulders were pushed back. You perked up a bit at Peter’s arrival, though your eyes flashed with curiosity. “I do?” You mumbled, more to yourself than anything, only for Peter to wink in your direction. “I do!” You exclaimed, facing Flash. “Sorry Flash, but i’m going with–”

“Me.” Peter inserted. “She’s going with me.”

Flash was bewildered by your team up with Parker and looked between the two of you skeptically. “You’re going with Parker?”

 You nodded brightly, smiling up at Peter. “Yeah. Maybe next time or something, Flash.”

You, of course, needed to play the part, and you wrapped one arm around Peter’s middle. He casually draped one arm over your shoulder and the two of you turned to walk away.

  “Sorry, Flash.” You heard Peter say over his shoulder. He was much more confident in your presence, you noticed. “You can’t win ‘em all.”

“So a little background: I’m a Navy kid and I moved all around the east coast until my dad retired when I was 14. When I was about 8 or 9, we lived in Newport, Rhode Island in your standard Navy housing development. The units on our street were recently remodeled, but my best friend at the time lived in the only unit on the street that wasn’t. His name was Michael, and we’d hang out all the time after school and on the weekends. He’d always sleep over at my house, but never let me stay over at his house. I’d only ever been in his house twice, and I’m about to tell you why.

The second time I was at Michael’s house, we were sitting in his living room watching Power Rangers. It’s early afternoon and his mom is making us lunch. Michael’s mom yells out ‘Gosh darn it! Why didn’t anyone tell me we’re out of cheese?’ or something along those lines. She comes into the living room to tell us she’s running to the NEX convenience store down the road to pick up some cheese. She leaves and we continue watching TV. We never left the chairs we were in while Michael’s mom was gone. 

About 10 minutes later she gets back to the house and heads to the kitchen and SCREAMS BLOODY MURDER. It made both Michael and I literally jump out of our chairs, then we both start laughing because we thought she was playing a joke on us. I turned around expecting her to be standing there, but she was still in the kitchen. She yells ‘Michael?! Michael?!’ and we go running into the kitchen. ‘Michael, did you do this?’ We both shake our heads. Every cabinet was open. The refrigerator was open. All the drawers were pulled out to the point just before they’d fall out of the counter. Michael’s mom tells us to go to my house to finish watching our shows and as we’re leaving she calls Michael’s dad, crying.

We get to my house and finish watching Power Rangers and then whatever show was on after that. Michael says he better go home and find out what’s going on and leaves. I tell my mom what happened and she explains that Michael’s mom has been experiencing lots of weird things over at their place and tells me I’m not allowed back in his house. I was unaware of any of this and my mom says it’s because they don’t like to talk about it. Here’s two more stories she shared with me.

The first occurrence happened about two months before the previous story. Michael had pneumonia and was resting in his bed upstairs. His dad was at work and his mom was downstairs cleaning. She hears the door slam shut, open and slam shut again so she walks upstairs to make sure Michael wasn’t up walking around. She opens the door and Michael is still out cold, in the same position he was in when she left him. Michael’s mom shrugs it off and goes back downstairs to finish cleaning, leaving Michael’s bedroom door open. 

A few minutes later the door slams shut again, this time even harder. She walks upstairs and tries opening the door - it’s locked. She keeps trying and knocks on the door. Michael is completely knocked out so he doesn’t hear a thing. At this point, his mom is panicking. She slams her body against the door and it finally opens. Michael is in the exact same position, but his covers are strewn about and his closet door is wide open. Michael’s mom wakes him up and tells him to come sleep downstairs so she can keep an eye on him.

It’s a few weeks later and Michael is staying overnight at my place. His mom is home alone because his dad had some kind of overnight duty. She’s asleep in bed, all doors and windows locked, and wakes up to the toilet flushing over and over again. it’s happening so rapidly there’s not even enough time for the bowl to finish making the filling up sound. She gets out of bed, thinking maybe Michael came back home, and walks to the bathroom. As soon as she gets to the doorway the flushing stops. She takes the lid off of the bowl and inspects to make sure nothing is wrong, then goes back to bed. She’s just about to fall asleep when it happens again. She walks halfway down the hallway and says “Hello?” As soon as she speaks, it stops. She walks the rest of the way down the hall and gets to the bathroom. She stands there for a minute and then turns around to walk back to the bedroom when the coat closet door downstairs violently slams shut. She books it to the bedroom and calls 911, telling them she thinks there’s somebody in the house. 

A few minutes later the Navy housing security gets there. They knock on the door but Michael’s mom is too afraid to go downstairs so they use their keys to get in. The security officer announces himself and asks if anyone is there, so Michael’s mom works up the courage to go downstairs and tell the officer what happened. They inspect the entire house together and see that every door and window was locked, as it had been before she went to bed, but the coat closet door was wide open with coats and shoes littered in front of the door.

About a month after my first story, Michael’s family moved away. His dad requested to transfer to another base and ended up being reassigned to somewhere in Jersey. The unit his family lived in stayed untouched, at least up until we moved out of that housing development.”

By: onsunkenships  (As it’s nearly Halloween, how about we share some creepy stories? I’ll go first.)

NCT 127 as things my cat does...

Taeil: scratches the back door to come inside then runs away when I open it

Johnny: stands on his two hind legs to make a statement

Taeyong: Watches over me when I sleep

Doyoung: runs away and hides from everything

Yuta: opens my bedroom door extra wide to let his entrance be know

Jaehyun: welcomes me when I come home from school/work

Winwin: deliberately slaps me with his tail when he walks by

Mark: listens to my rants

Haechan: lays on top of my homework/sketchbooks/laptop to get my attention

Phase One

Title: Phase One
Author: TheHalesNyx
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Fluff, Smut
Summary: Jungkook bites his lip again, searching Jimin’s face with his own wide, curious eyes. Jimin waits, brushing through his boyfriend’s hair with his fingers. “I could… wait ‘till Sunday night to take the meds?” Jimin frowns, blinking up at the hybrid, but before he can ask him why, realization dawns like a warm ember, curling low in his gut.

He and Jungkook have had sex. They’ve had lots of sex. They’d never, however, had sex without Jungkook on suppressants. A little under a year of living together, just over six months of sleeping together, and Jungkook had been on suppressants since long before they’d met. It was pretty unusual, but then again, most everything about Jimin’s relationship with the canine-hybrid was unusual.

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Hey Jyushimatsu, my friends are making mean jokes about stuff being gay or transgender, telling things or people the kill themselves "as a Joke", saying seemingly suicidal stuff and belittling me for being nice and seeing things on the brighter side. I can't get away cause ones on ft, ones sitting right next me cause she's sleeping over and I'm going to her house for three days. I'm not asking for advice, just a hug and some reassurance that It'll be ok. Please? I need it right now.

Even if there’s a lot of jerks now… Not everyone is a jerk and you won’t meet nothing but jerks in your life. So it WILL be okay!

Summer update #1

Hey, guys, yeah, I am still alive. Last week I passed my last exam of the 2nd semester and all I wanted was to take a break. So I did. 

In the last week I read four books, I’m in the middle of 5th, I went running three times and to work five times. I also spent 3 consecutive night hanging out with my friends in various pubs and wrote another story. It feels like I lived another life - just in one week. That’s the way I like to take my breaks and I didn’t feel so alive and happy for at least a month. I know it sounds sappy, I just don’t care. But action and people give me so much energy, I could move worlds. 

So what am I going to do next week? I’m sleeping over at Saiko’s place (did I mention Saiko here? She’s like my soul sister, really), I have three more books so read, 3 more evenings planned with friends and I may go backpacking. 

You woke me up in the dead of the night just to drown me in the mysteries that roamed in your mind. I love sleep but I surely, truly, love you more.
—  Lukas W. // You over sleep

you just know that if it had been a male director, Diana would have been all wide-eyed and curious about Steve’s body and would have made sexual comments and tried to grope him and it would be played for laughs and after a graphic sex scene she would have been all flushed and magically different

but instead we have Patty “yaaas queen” Jenkins, so Diana just gives Steve’s naked body an interested once-over before telling him that men are neither necessary or recommended for a woman’s sexual pleasure and then rolled over and went to sleep while he lay there spluttering


Sketch Dump Time ♥

Scanned some of my pencil sketches. I’ll edit and color them as soon as possible :3

Okay… So, since my finals are right around the corner (only four weeks left, aaaaaaah!!) I won’t be able to upload that much.

At least no new stuff - I finished all my posts for the Kuro week and I’m currently preparing a shit ton of stuff for the upcoming Sheith Positivity Week (it starts on July 23rd, so there’s still a lot of time to create something :3)… so yeah. I’m very sorry for not being active. I’ll still try and upload some stuff, but I seriously need a break. I think as soon as my finals are over I’ll sleep for like… 2 weeks straight or so. xD

Also: there… have some infos.

  1. How about some CollegeAU Luro?? CollegeAU anyone? ♥
  2. CollegeAU again xD This time some sheithy stuff.
  3. …guess what? CollegeAU Allura.
  4. … I have no idea how that happened.
  5. SuperheroAU!! Beasty Boy (Keith) is my new favorite purple furrball.
  • Vintage!Castiel: *To Dean* I´m not here to perch on your shoulder. You should show me some respect. I dragged you from hell and I can throw you back in
  • Present!Castiel: *To Dean* Are you hurt? I'll just watch over you while you sleep so nothing happens. Would you like something to eat? I made this for you and grew all of the ingredients. I'll go with you. I love you. You are a strong handsome virile man, you ooze masculinity and power and-
  • Dean: Cas STOP!
  • Present!Castiel: Okay
  • Dean: ....nooo...don't stop :(


MAGNUS: I got a super nice message from Sana

MAGNUS: eid-party

VILDE: yes ❤

VILDE: I’m really looking forward to it

MAGNUS: same

MAGNUS: Come and sleep over at my place Villy

VILDE: Okayyy


MAGNUS: You’re hot btw 🔥

[*Idk how to translate næmmen properly, sorry]

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Hey! I love ur art (LIKE I CAN SEE ALL MY FANDOMS) May I see some Lancelot?(Lance x Lotor)

Thank you so much !! C:

You know I am not really a Lancelot shipper… BUT I LOVE THEM. Like I love them as best bros. That Lotor is like the other dude Lance hangs out beside Hunk. Or that Lotor is always flirting with Lance and Lance is: “Noooooo”

So sorry.
But here you have them as best bros chilling and having sleep overs xD