as a real person who doesnt care abt either one of those people im sleep over this news but as a person………coming from 5 years of 1d hell what the fuck……….. 

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hi newt, i was wondering how you keep your head high and stay optimistic when as you've said "people find you annoying"? fellow annoyance here, and it's just hard to stay happy sometimes? i'd love to find something that makes me as happy as your creatures make you.

Hello.  This might sound a little odd, but I’m not particularly concerned with what other people think of me, these days.  Their opinion is really none of my business.  But, it did take me a long time to decide that.  At school, I know, it wasn’t nearly so simple.

It can be very hard to stay positive, when you might feel unwanted sometimes.  Just, remember that absolutely no one knows your true value.  There’s so much you can offer, and others will begin to realize that when you find something that really makes you happy.  Your habits and hobbies may not be what you end up doing for a living, but they will certainly be the mark you leave on this world. 

If you can, try not to think too much on anyone who makes you feel anything less than positive about yourself.  You’re not an annoyance, you’re something very special, and the people in your life should recognize that. 

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Headcanon, Lena is snorer, and a loud one, so much so that Kara thought an animal was loose in the apartment when she first heard it.


Lena invited her to sleep over. Not to sleep over. But actually sleep over. Apparently, Luthors don’t get parties much as children. 

Of course, Kara says yes. She shows up at Lena’s and they giggle over movies and tell lame jokes and when it’s late Lena asks if Kara would like to sleep with her.

Kara slept in a pod for two decades, Lena grew up in a house almost as cold. Lena doesn’t have to explain that she hasn’t slept, really slept, with another person in years.

Kara nods and they change into PJs and they talk in the dark until they can’t keep their eyes open. It’s fun. Truly fun and Kara’s missed such simple interactions. Lena’s never really had them.

Lena’s heartbeat evens out, as does her breathing, and Kara lets the sound of both lure her to slumber. 

Until a noise rips through the air and Kara is out of bed so fast the sheets trail after her. But she doesn’t wake Lena, neither does the noise. 

Kara turns to the door and stares through the walls, what in the world?

The noise comes from behind her, it’s a cross between a deep growl and the grating of a car engine. Kara turns around and watches Lena snore.

She dies inside. She tries so hard to keep from laughing. She holds her breath and then Kara’s gasping, the squeaking snorts and chortles echoing around the room until Kara is flopped on the ground laughing.

That wakes Lena up.

“K-Kara?” Lena sits up and looks at Kara. She’s worried, Kara laughs, yes, but on the floor heaving breaths laughing isn’t really Kara’s thing.

“Yo-” Kara splutters, eyes watering. She has abdominals of steel but they still ache. “You snore!” She rolls back over, another laughing fit overtaking her. 

Lena flushes bright red and her spine straightens in indignation. “I do not snore!” 

Kara’s picking herself up and practically crawling over to the bed, it’s a miracle she isn’t floating right now. “You do too.” Kara laughs again and hauls herself onto the mattress. “You sound like a tiger crossed with a truck engine!”

Lena grimaces and turns from Kara. “If it bothers you so much, there’s a guest bedroom down the hall.” She’s pouting and closing down and Kara won’t let that happen.

She pulls Lena against her and then into her lap and Lena’s eyes are wide and she’s trying to push away and goodness Kara is strong. Kara kisses her cheek and grins, “It’s the cutest thing I’ve ever heard.” 

Lena flushes red again, but there’s no indignation now. She ducks her head and Kara laughs again. They curl up into each other and Kara focuses on Lena’s heart. She doesn’t let her hearing stray above twenty hertz and she is warm and Lena is soft.

They both sleep better than they have in ages.

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you a headcanon I have about them

  • some rando: Are you a boy or a girl?
  • me: I'm exhausted.

“If anyone needs me I’ll be sleepin’… not like any of y’all care or whatever…”

Muttering to himself with a yawn as he turned to leave. He had a nice warm bed waiting for him with three fluffy blankets and six snuggly Pokemon too.

I never noticed that Victor fell asleep crying after Yuuri rejected his sleep over idea

He must have felt so rejected, questioning if what he felt dancing and having fun with Yuuri meant so little. If that connection he felt at the banquet was a lie. That might have been his last ditch attempt to see if Yuuri still felt the same way, because I think after this the ostentatious flirting dies down. I think after that night Victor put his feelings aside as best he could and resigned himself to just being Yuuri’s coach

And now, just a short while after that night of feeling rejected and alone, he and Yuuri are engaged

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Hey M! What's the deal with having a full time 9-5 job and balancing that and being young/doing stuff/going places/enjoying life outside of work? I'm just wondering if you have any ways you do that?

I’ve never had a problem with work/life balance…I just got back from 4 days camping out in the bush listening to raging techno music and swimming in rivers! I saw Hannibal Buress do a show on Friday and I’m seeing Eric Andre tonight. I see my friends for drinks after work once or twice a week, or drink with my workmates. Friends sleep over at my house a lot, I go to the beach on the weekend, or the markets, or out for lunch. I go to as many drum n bass gigs as my body will allow. Having a 9-5 job shouldn’t stop you from having fun. I read somewhere that Australian working life is very different to overseas, much more relaxed, so maybe it’s that…

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I am so glad I got off the ship when I did (Christmas 2015 after the CR ridiculousness). I can't imagine being still jerked around by the leadership with this idiotic and outlandish conspiracies. I regret the 6 weeks I believed them and lost sleep over them hyping a reveal that never came in the way they wanted.

Anon, I’m so sorry you felt jerked around and lost sleep over it. You’re not alone. Many others did, and still do. There’s no shame in having believed something to be true. You’re one of the lucky ones. You figured it out, and got off the ship before it broke apart and sunk.

Stop by anytime, Anon. Not be shy.

Alice 🐇


Finals week is OVER! Studying for hours on end is OVER! Losing sleep is OVER! (work is not over but hey, we can’t always win).

This means that I am now officially off my hiatus and back to writing here on SceneIt(: I have missed you all so damn much, I can’t even begin to explain the void in my heart I had during the past month where I was unable to chat with you all; gist is it sucked and I’m happy to be back.

But my being back does not mean I’m taking requests; now that I have returned, I’m just going to resume the pending list so requests of any kind are not open (sorry>.<).

Enough about me though, HOW ARE ALL OF YOU?! How’s your year? School? Work? Life? Just tell me all about it<3 I love you all so much and I can’t wait to start writing again and talking with you(:

And a huge, massive thank you and hugs and kisses to the followers who have stuck with me during my hiatus and wrote me sweet and encouraging messages<3 you the real MVPs.

Xoxo, Beau<3

I am really looking forward to more interactions between Michaela and her mom because ultimately I feel like they’re leading us to more dynamic and crucial points in The Prom Queen’s narrative arc. What we’d gotten from the winter finale was already so riveting and I can’t get over how, when Mrs. Pratt asked how she could help because her daughter was in shock, Michaela replied with “I’ve been through worse.” 

Gosh what had she been referring to? 

After seeing the news that the Keating House burned down and that someone had died she must have been remembering all those other nights she’d encountered Death™ courtesy of her employment. Or, since the whole time Mrs. Pratt had been at her apartment it’s been one long volleying of heated words between the two, could she have been reminding her mom of her past that she survived on her own?

I’m hoping that Asher won’t be able to sleep over as much and for Connor to move out and allow more formative interactions between Michaela and her mom that would probably encourage her to spend less time avoiding The Keating Family and be more willing to tackle situations that are actually within her control. (Although it was fascinating to see how she didn’t let up on how she talked to her even with a few of her [very drunk and silly] peers present to witness the whole thing. Michaela has been unflinchingly honest to this lot about her past and we’re really see her wield that aspect of herself as a weapon instead of a shield and I can’t get enough of it.) Now there’s this all new ordeal where AK is in jail, Laurel is recuperating, and all the rest of them are grieving, as it were. She is surrounded by all this conflict at school, in her ~work~ situation, and, if she can’t get her mom to leave, her ~family~ life to come home to. 

Sure, she’d never been close to Wes and she’s been adamantly refusing to get involved in any more mess from Keating and Co. but this is not something she would just sit out. I don’t see how Michaela could simply brush this off and I hope she doesn’t. At one point in her life she wanted to “be” Annalise and still there’s a part of her that wants to impress her. So now I think it’ll be a chance for her to reach her aspirations by forging her own path and not by imitating someone else or ignoring certain avenues to just focus on a single narrow direction towards her goal. 

It’s an opportunity in her narrative for Michaela to be the one to grab hold of the reins this time around, not because there’s no one else to do it, but because from everything we’ve gotten from her this season, she’s the one most capable of doing so. Millstone is more likely to follow her lead. Walsh is in no position to be in control when he’s only been able to do the bare minimum of that in his life. Hampton is only now just learning The Truth. Winterbottom and Delfino’s priorities are murky but they have each other to count on. Castillo is in the hospital and it seems that Travers will be there for her. Michaela is the only one right now I’d be comfortable in taking charge post-Murder Night 3.0, possibly along with Nate (I admit this one is more wishful thinking on my part than anything else) whose own motivations I’m still not clear on. 

Pratt herself doesn’t have a personal motivation for helping out The Team but that’s just it, we know that this is a character who won’t back down and who we’re finding out is more compassionate than first impressions have led us to believe. What she said about “putting herself first” feels like a really good first step into having Michaela consciously make the decision of not putting herself first, portraying more of that empathy she has sporadically shown since the first season, and becoming someone she won’t feel she has to “reinvent” or to emulate (such as her boss / heroine or the sort of person who transcended her past) because she herself is enough. 

She can handle this and in fact I can just see Michaela handling it all splendidly. 

Survive Part 4

Rated (M)

Authors Note: I hope you guys like part 4. The first 4 parts of Survive was just the beginning of the OC’s adventure. Now the real Smutty, Angsty, Fluff is coming your way starting now!

I hope you all enjoy this series so far. 

-Admin K

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I keep dreaming the same thing...

What have I been dreaming about in sleep? Wander over Yonder merchandise! Thats right, I’ve dream that there were merchandise that actually exist! Today I dreamed that I had a coupon with Wander and Sylvia on it. I’m not sure what it was for but it had a good design on it. The dream even had newer Disney shows that were going to be worse. So, since good merchandise I dream about and everyone would want ramains cancelled, you know what I say? Screw you Disney!!! Screw you for canceling someone else’s work @crackmccraigen and for canceling such awesome franchise!!!!