So I'm Going to Egypt

Hey I know things have been a bit quiet on this blog as of late and there are two reasons for this.  My work week has been absolutely crazy as of late and I’ve been working a lot of over time. On top of that I’ve been gearing up to take this awesome two week trip to Egypt. The end result being, I haven’t had much time for art or video games. 

I’m not giving up on this blog or my comic by any means but needless to say I won’t be around for the next few weeks. I look forward to getting back into the swing of things when I get back.  Until then I hope you guys don’t mind waiting a bit.  

Sweet dreams...
( darkiplier )
Sweet dreams...

@arlinabloodgrave20 submitted a script for Darkiplier regarding a sleeping listener. Enjoy!

(Sees a listener sleeping) 

“Well…would you look at this. Humans are so fragile even when they sleep. Their life can be taken away and they wouldn’t know it. And yet…humans look like they’re at peace. Strange how it’s possible for this to happen. Perhaps they’re not afraid of what will happen to them if they sleep. This is perfect. I could just “protect them” as they sleep.”

(Listener slowly wakes up) 

“Oh! You’re awake! Did I wake you? ….No? Good. I was just merely watching over you as you sleep. What’s that? Of course I’ll stay with you as you sleep. Just rest.”

(Listener eventually falls asleep)

“Perfect. Now I can get to work. Sweet dreams.”

oh my god harry potter au where jefferson is james potter and hamilton is lily evans and jefferson has been hitting on hamilton for five long years and he’s obnoxious and loud about it and because he’s a dick to anyone who’s not His Friend and anyone who’s not in His House and he’s rich and privileged hamilton 100% thinks he’s just doing it to Make Fun Of Him and so he hates his fuckign guts and is more likely to hex the fucker than give him the time of day

whereas jefferson is hopelessly love sick over this little sleep deprived workaholic asshole whose eyebags are heavier than his entire family’s vault in gringotts and he honestly doesn’t know how to go about talking to the fucker because hamilton seems to Hate him and nothing jefferson ever does makes him smile the way he smiles at his friends

not the flowers jefferson bought him (picked in the dark from the herbology greenhouses which is probably how hamilton ended up with a bouquet of screaming plants at breakfast rather than the lovely blossoms jefferson had meant to pick), not the public speeches of support jefferson gives to hamilton’s cause-of-the-month (he dresses up in his flashiest clothing to grab everyone’s attention and then has anxiety attacks and ends up cutting himself off which is probably why hamilton thinks he’s mocking him), not even his offers of tutoring (jefferson Knows hamilton is as smart as the day is long but he also Knows that his grades in divination are shit and divination is His Subject and he just wants to help hamilton damnit why does he get hexed for trying to help??????????)

jefferson flying paper aeroplanes across the room that land in hamilton’s hair that angrily get discarded or burned immediately. hamilton smugly watching jefferson’s sleeping draught explode in his face for the third time when he’s been making this potion flawlessly since he was twelve. stumbling into each other late at night in the library when neither of them should be out of bed and deciding to just keep quiet about it rather than start a fight. library nights becoming a Thing between them but any time jefferson opens his mouth he seems to ruin it somehow and he spends the entirety of their sixth year slumping back to his dorm and screaming into the pillow until he decides to just Give Up because hey, it’s obviously never going to happen, he doesn’t know why he’s hanging on, hamilton doesn’t and never will Want Him

when seventh year starts up and jefferson doesn’t even attempt to approach hamilton, not even the whole open-his-mouth-and-then-forget-what-he-was-going-to-say-and-stand-there-like-a-fool scenario that has been his friend for many years makes an appearance, hamilton gets all confused and kind of hurt because he thought they were slowly making their way to friends but jefferson is nowhere to be found in the library and doesn’t even try to make eye contact with hamilton in their classes anymore and there’s no inappropriate gifts and bad poetry and valentine’s day rolls around and everyone’s talking about how jefferson’s going to hogsmeade with lafayette, what the fuck, he thought lafayette was his friend? why would laf date the boy he-

oh fuck. this turned into a terrible and ridiculous nonsense post. it’s 3:30am. someone talk 2 me about this

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did you have any fear once the twins were killed that you were the last seeker? i mean, will the allspark even make more seekers since prime was a grounder?

I…. No, not because of the twins’ deaths. I always thought there must be other Seekers in space somewhere at least. But I had that sense, that gnawing feeling of forboding, for ages, as my armada dwindled and were scattered. What if I was the last? How would I even know, and if I died and we vanished, would anyone even care? If I let myself think about it it made me desperate.

And now… I have met several surviving Seekers, though not nearly enough. But what of the Well? The Prime being a grounder makes no difference. There has never been a Seeker Prime and the Well has always made all kinds of forms - many more forms than there were ever Primes to match. There’s no reason the AllSpark would stop creating us. But still, there are times… times I fear that is the case, though I can’t quite put my finger on why. Primus wouldn’t abandon us because of me…

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90s Kon has been taken advantage of by almost every adult in his life, please imagine him sleeping over at Bart's house or a Bat safe house and just?? Being really confused that Mac and Helen and Bruce and Dick /aren't/ like that like he's like??? Okay what's the catch??

ok so AU where Max notices that Kon acts weird around adults and goes and pokes into what’s going on with his life, because he’s A Dad™ and is concerned about this kiddo who seems to have nobody looking out for him

and then when Max figures out what’s going on he drags Kon to live with him and Helen and chews Clark the fuck out for not keeping an eye on him

Alternatively, AU where Dick notices that Kon acts really confused and intimidated around him, and goes and Detectives™ his way to figure things out and then beats up literally everyone who’s ever hurt him and offers to let him crash in the ‘Haven if he ever needs someplace safe to stay

Guilty Kiss HC’s

Some quick Guilty Kiss Headcanons bc I wasn’t that active recently.

  • Since Riko joined GK she started to wear more black
    • Chika: “Uh, Riko-chan, I think you changed a bit.”
      • Riko, wearing all black: “Nah.”
  • Yohane and Riko sleeping over at Maris house!!
    • Yohane and Mari insisted that they would cook something for Riko
      • “Listen, guys, you don’t have to– sighs
  • “Alright, Riko-chan! How does it taste?”
    • “Do I really have to try this?”
      • “Yes!! Trust me, it’s shiny~”
        • “Ew– oh. This tastes really good?”
          • “I told you so~!!”
  • Yohane is forcing RikoMari to watch a horror movie
    • But in the end she is the one who’s scared the most
      • Mari: “Mh, I expected more to be honest. This wasn’t scary at all~”
        • “THIS was f*cking terrifying”
  • Yohane is also the first one to fall asleep
    • Mari wanted to draw a mustache on her face, but Riko stopped her
      • “C’mon Riko~! This is going to be fun~!!”
  • So Mari drew a mustache on Yohanes face while Riko took pictures of it
    • “We could also draw a dick on her forehead” 
      • “Oh, Riko-chan is evil~”

Okay, @its-a-goddamn-heartbreak​ requested this: “Teenage Alistair sleeps over at Julius’ house but wakes up violently ill in the early hours of the morning. Bonus points if Julius’ mother is convinced that he’s drunk/hungover” on my other blog, so here it is at last!

I had a lot of fun writing this, I love these two as teenagers. They’re about fourteen here. And I got to write about Julius’s mum too! I tried to make her likeable, cause she’s not really a bad lady at heart. Anyway, I hope this is okay.

“Jeez, your mum really hates me, doesn’t she?” Alistair laughed, flopping down on Julius’s bed. Julius perched beside him, sitting primly on the edge of the bed, as if he was the guest. He hung his head.

“I’m sorry, Alistair. She’s heard all the rumours about you…” he mumbled. Alistair shrugged.

“Doesn’t matter. I’m used to being disliked. It’s only because she loves you to pieces, anyone can see that. She just doesn’t want her precious baby corrupted.” Alistair’s voice was light, but his eyes suddenly looked a little wistful, as if he wished for a mum to worry about him and fuss over him and baby him.

Julius watched Alistair carefully. His fourteen year old friend always seemed so much more relaxed when was lounging about in Julius’s house. Alistair had taken Julius home to his own house a couple of times. Julius had been astonished by the size of it, but had been far more perturbed by the effect it seemed to have on Alistair. The red-head’s face had darkened, his fists clenching, and he’d stepped over the threshold with his chin in the air, as if he was expecting confrontation right away. It was so frightening that even Julius - who Alistair could rarely scare anymore - had backed away.
“Are you happy, Alistair?” Julius asked now, flopping back on the bed too. Alistair glanced at him, surprised.

“That’s a scarily loaded question. Happy how?”

“You know. At home,” Julius pushed cautiously. Alistair sighed, staring up at the ceiling.

“Not really. You know I don’t get on with my family. I don’t know, I feel like I don’t fit anywhere. At home my life feels like a shoe that doesn’t fit - you can walk around in it okay and pretend you’re fine, but it rubs and hurts and irritates you. But then I come to stay with a sweet, fluffy family like yours and I feel all sharp edges.”

Alistair paused, suddenly looking shocked about having revealed so much. He sat up quickly, his cheeks flushing red. With his red hair, blushing made him look as if someone had lit a fire under him. Julius sidled up to him cautiously, staring with his big brown eyes.

“Well, you only have to stay there for three more years now. Maybe we can share a flat when we go to university. You’d fit okay with me, right?” he asked, beaming brightly. Alistair held a hand over his eyes, pretending to be dazzled.

“Don’t flash that smile at me, I’ll go blind! Of course I’d fit with you, stupid. You know you’re the only one I like.”

The rest of the evening was passed watching films, playing video games and just chatting idly. Alistair had never slept over at a friend’s house before, so the experience enough was new and exciting for him.
Alistair was, however, growing quieter as the night went on. He was generally far more alert at night, but now he found himself inexplicably tired, his head nodding as he watched a movie or listened to Julius.

He was rather relieved when Julius suggested they go to bed, falling asleep surprisingly quickly, considering he was in a strange place, and the air mattress on Julius’s floor wasn’t too comfortable.

When Alistair jerked awake a few hours later, the room was dark, Julius was snoring softly. Alistair wasn’t too perturbed at first - he often woke in the night - but when he rolled over his stomach gave a painful lurch, forcing him to press his hands to his lips desperately. He stumbled out of bed hastily, fighting a heave, determined not to get sick on the floor in Julius’s house.

Alistair’s body seemed to have other ideas. He retched into his hands as he dashed up the dark corridor to the bathroom, vomit spraying through his fingers onto the carpet. He cursed in his head, finally locating the bathroom and falling to his knees in front of the toilet.

He heaved again, vomiting violently into the loo, groaning as his stomach cramped agonisingly. He dragged his red bangs back as they fell in his eyes, tendrils of saliva and sick hanging from his lips.

“Alistair? Are you in here? Oh God!” Julius had stumbled to the doorway, rubbing sleep from his eyes, his curls dishevelled. He knelt down immediately when he saw the state of Alistair, rummaging in the cupboard and slipping several hair clips into Alistair’s sweaty locks, fastening them out of the way. Alistair tried to swat him away, indignant that Julius was trying to put his sister’s pink hair grips in his hair, but he was forced to lean forward as he coughed up another mouthful of vomit.

“It’s okay, Alistair. Just breathe. I’m here for you,” Julius whispered continually. Alistair was shaking pitifully, looking wretched.

“Shit, Jules, I puked all over your floor,” he choked, resting his head on the toilet seat. Julius rubbed his back gently.

“It’s alright, don’t panic. You can’t help being sick. Did you just wake up feeling bad?” he asked, and Alistair nodded miserably. Julius suddenly gasped. Alistair glanced up towards the door, groaning again at the sight.

Carol Summers - Julius’s mother - stood in the doorway in her nightclothes, mascara smeared around her eyes, her arms crossed over her formidable bosom. Her face was hard and disapproving.

“Mum, can you help? Alistair is ill,” Julius said innocently. Carol sniffed, not looking at all sympathetic. Alistair glared back at her instinctively.

“Sick…or drunk?” she snapped suspiciously. Alistair snorted rudely, rapidly losing his temper.

“For God’s sake! I’m not fucking drunk! I just woke up feeling ill,” he yelled, and Carol flinched at the curse word.

“Well, how can I trust you? I’ve heard all sorts of things about you,” she said. Alistair clenched his fists in his lap, beginning to really shout now.

“Yes, heard! Nobody ever tries to get to know me properly! Don’t act like you were prepared to give me a chance. I saw it on your face as soon as I walked in - there was no point trying to be nice and polite, you’d already decided I was a piece of shit, just like everyone else!”

His voice cracked on the last word, quickly silencing him. Alistair ducked his head so his hair hid his teary eyes. Being loathed by everyone didn’t usually get to him so much - but he’d really tried with Julius’s mum. It didn’t matter, she hated him anyway. Julius glared at his mother with surprising malice, shuffling closer to Alistair to show who’s side he was taking.

Carol felt a pang of guilt in her chest; she wasn’t really a cruel woman, just protective of her children. She couldn’t help feeling bad as she looked at Alistair now, sniffling and shaking on the bathroom floor. The red-head didn’t look at all frightening now - he was barefoot, wearing pyjamas, his bangs still pulled back with pink hair clips. He stopped looking like a potentially dangerous delinquent who would lead her son astray - he just looked like a sick kid.

“Hey, come on now, no need for tears,” Carol said, her voice so much softer that she sounded like a different person. She knelt in front of Alistair purposefully, lifting his chin and pressing a cool hand to his forehead. Alistair muttered irritably, but didn’t pull away.

“You’re burning up,” Carol announced, looking a little concerned now. Alistair sniffed sulkily.

“Guess we can skip the sobriety test, then?” he snapped. Carol frowned.

“Don’t you cheek me, you little spitfire! Now, you two go and rest on the sofa. I doubt your parents will appreciate being disturbed at this time of night, Alistair, so I’ll look after you until the morning,” she said briskly, hauling both boys up and pushing them out into the corridor in one swift move. Alistair was a little bewildered by the sudden change in the woman, and followed Julius silently into the living room, curling up on one end of the sofa, Julius the other. Julius beamed at Alistair.

“Don’t worry, mum will take care of you now,” he said, without a hint of doubt.

Alistair was silent, not sure how to react to this. Whenever he got sick at home, his family just left him in bed to recover on his own. If he ever vomited on the bright white carpets in his own house he got a smack round the face rather than sympathy. It was odd for him to have Carol cupping his forehead gently, Julius pressing up against his side and asking if he needed anything.

Carol returned with a basin, which she placed on the floor by the sofa, a thermometer and a cold cloth. She held the thermometer aloft.

“Come on, open.” Alistair kept his mouth shut stubbornly. Carol raised an eyebrow.

“I’d watch it, matey, I might just stick it somewhere else if you don’t cooperate,” she said - and Alistair decided to accept the thermometer in his mouth after all. She frowned at the thermometer when it beeped.

“You’ve got quite a high fever. Come on, lay down.” She pressed the cloth onto Alistair’s forehead when he obeyed meekly, before covering both boys with several blankets.

“Try to sleep, both of you. I’ll be in the bedroom if you need me,” she said. Alistair stared at the floor, not looking at Carol.

“Thanks,” he mumbled. Carol paused before she left the room. She smiled suddenly, transforming her face completely.

“You were right, I have been unfair. I’ll form an opinion on you when I get to know you. Don’t disappoint me, Alistair Renfrew!”


mira-jadeamethyst  asked:

[drapes a blanket over Prince] [hugs gently] Sleep well, man; you all deserve a good rest. OH! [hands over headache meds and a glass of water] Just in case. I don't think you mentioned a headache, but everyone else woke up with one... [mutters] and I kinda whacked Not!Prince over the head with a baseball bat last night...

*prince wakes up with a headache he sees the pain killers next to his bed and takes them*

“till sunbeams find you”

There are a hundred rebel soldiers sleeping in the dark room and she curses under her breath as she picks her way down the aisle of bunk beds ensconced against the walls. Dim lights by the door cast strange shadows over the sleeping forms and she wills her eyes to work in the dark. The soldiers are unfamiliar in sleep, guards temporarily down, but as her eyes adjust she picks out identifying markers. Shoes sitting by the beds, jackets hung on the wall. Not everyone is sleeping alone, which makes her feel less conspicuous. She moves quietly, more from fatigue than courtesy, until she spies a familiar profile on a bottom bunk.

In which drooling-on-the-other-person makes an appearance in the fandom.



EP 12: Yuuri’s Exhibition Gala + the pair skating we all wished for

a visual representation of my inauguration day anxiety