Just imagine how beautiful the slytherin common room looks during the holiday season. Lit by christmas lights tangled with pine garlands around the room. The soft yellow light bounces off silver ornaments decorating a proud, tall tree. Each student brings one ornament from home to decorate The tree with. The faint smell of hot apple cider. Candy canes are hung everywhere. The students will suck them into sharp points and poke each other. There’s a pot of of cider charmed to always stay warm. Seventh years sneaking in fire whisky and mixing it with eggnog, they get tipsy in front of the fire. An advent calendar sits on a side table; the students all gather at night to take a turn opening one. It’s a house tradition never to pick the twenty-fifth until last. Thick blankets, charmed to stay warm, strewn on the couches and chairs to keep students warm as the dungeon temperature plummet. Slowly presents gather under the tree throughout December, they all sit down as a house to open them before students go home for the holidays. The students that don’t go home exchange smaller gifts on Christmas morning, passing around and sharing the sweets they got from home. Everyone showing off their presents when classes start again. Long hugs and talking too fast to tell each other all about their holidays. Whole house sleep over in the common room on the first night back. Slytherin being a family during the holiday season.

((Eyy I’m gonna be cosplaying Tamaki again at Anime North Texas on Saturday and Sunday so if anyone wants to meet/take pics with me let me know!! I’ll also be cosplaying Overhaul tomorrow/Friday too! Can’t wait to take more Suneater pics tho ^^))

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I don't feel that good about asking this (because I feel it's very, like private) but since I think about it quite often, I feel like I have to ask you (it may bring some peace to my loud mind) Do you know where his ash are? I've readed it was given to his family but like, do you know any details? Also, readed that it would be placed next to Chris' on Hollywood Forever in Los Angeles but yeah, do you know more?

Hi. It’s ok to wonder, you’re not asking the family, you’re not disturbing anyone’s privacy by wondering to yourself.

I am afraid I can’t be of much help to you, though. I really have no idea. I would assume that if he was cremated that the ashes would go to the family. Whether they decided to scatter or keep them is a very private decision and not something you should lose sleep over. 

If I am not mistaken the option was to bury him next to Chris but the family decided against it. 

There’s really no grave where we can go, leave flowers and pay our respects, but all over the world there are markers of his existence. There are stars and streets and murals and graffiti and benches and candles and tattoos and there are memories and videos and pictures and he is too big for a grave anyway. 

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i guess you'll miss out on thanksgiving parade christmas morning valentines day St Patrick's Day chinese new year new year 4th of july when u and your brothers sleep during the day

You assume that those things can only be celebrated during the day.

I won’t miss the Thanksgiving Day parade. Besides, if I really wanted to I could just stay up until that was over and then sleep in the afternoon when not much is happening. Christmas morning would just be Christmas evening to us-there’s nothing about Christmas that has to be done at a certain time. In fact, since Christmas officially starts at midnight we could do all of our presents and food and then go to sleep at dawn if we wanted.

As far as the New year, that fun also starts in the evening. There’s nothing I am missing at 9am on New Years Eve that is going to warrant me not sleeping until about 5pm  anyway. All that fun happens in the evening. The same thing with July 4th. You don’t watch fireworks at 3pm.

So you see, we aren’t really missing out on anything. I can go to sleep when the sun comes up, sleep for several hours and miss what? When everyone is at school or work? I’m really not missing out on anything. 

oh my god okay so how did Cas know that Dean would react like that while waking up

Sammy could’ve told him, sure, but look at his face. He KNOWS. DO NOT WAKE THE SLEEPY DEAN

So imagine Cas watching over Dean as he sleeps. He’s still powerful. Still hopeful. Not human yet. And Dean groans. Shifts in his sleep, and his eyes flutter open, then a flash of movement. Cas accidentally teleports out of surprise. He winds up in Baby, of course. 

He’s flown there so many times, he knows the way by heart.


Cas sits in the bunker, exhausted from a night of searching for cases. He’s forgotten that he’s mortal. He can’t ignore the need to sleep. HE wanders down the bunker hall, too tired to remember the path to the room Sam and Dean gave him. His feet take him down the familiar route, and before he knows it, he’s standing in Dean’s room. He falls onto Dean’s bed and is asleep in the same time that it takes Dean to react to the unexpected presence. The flash of movement from Dean doesn’t even change his breathing patterns.

Dean glances down at the angel- half in exasperation, half in amusement. Cas is so different when he sleeps. They all are. They’re less weathered. They have the escape from the guilt and bitter memories.

Riverdale season 2 after 2x06

This episode was all over the place, with some up and down, not as good as 2x05 but still Riverdale in my heart.

- Love love the Southside/Serpents story line. I just want more of Sweet Pea, Fangs Forgarty, Toni Topaz and all the other student.

- I’m glad Toni and Jughead didn’t sleep together but I’m in for Jopaz or Tughead…. In the comic those two are friend. Toni is the female Jughead, so I need him to care for her and her to care for him or for more sleep over of Toni at the trailer but only because she need a place to stay. 

- Serpent Jughead all the way. The scene between him and Malachai, when Jughead challenge him for the car race, Serpent Prince take the lead… so good.

- I love mechanic Betty. The scene between her and Jug in the car shop was so great and so much about the comic. It was a pleasure to watch.

- Where Betty and Jughead go after the car race, she get in the car with him but we don’t have a fallow up after that scene.

-The last scene of the episode, with Bughead on the couch, the look Jughead give to Betty… I don’t have a good impresion about it. It’s like he questioning her or himself about something. 

- I think the Black Hood didn’t expect Dark Betty turning on him and I’m glad Betty over power him. She was cold stone and it was chilling to see.

- I know Archie is a good guy and he want to do good, but please he need to think about the consequence of is action. It was a bad move from him calling the cops, what the Ghoulis do next? Pretty sure it will not be pretty.

- Varchie is cute and I like them, but sometime I have the impression she care more for him then he care for her. 

- Veronice is a Lodge after all. The last scene, about Nick accident just prove me she can be ruthless and now I’m dreaming of a team up between her and Jughead… 

- B and V scene at the Diner or working together to take down a drug dealer, I’m just leaving for those two girls being Beronica.

- Cheryl, love her, in any scene but the scene between her and Nick, give me bad chill for her. I feel for her and when she confront her mom about the money, I choke up a little bit.

- Mmm Josie and Reggie…. more please and I stand buy the fact Josie (and the rest of the Cats) need her own show. 

- Fred Andrews need to be careful with the pills……. 

- With FP reaction, can’t wait to see him out of jail and be back at the White Wyrm. Some FP vs Tall Boy or Father vs Son!!! Love Jug and FP scene together.

Love the car race scene and the fact Bughead are back together but I have the impresion a lot of scene was cut during editing and it make want more. I said it before and I said it again, this need to be two hours not just one. 

I’ve been tagged in this Bad Habits meme a few times, so I guess I’d better do it lol

I’m late to the game so I’m sure anyone who WANTS to do it has already done it, but I haven’t seen these from @oolathurman, @darth-char​, and @lesabear yet, so I tag them \o/

along with anyone else who DOES want to do it but hasn’t been tagged yet :>

Eschatallia Soranus

Swearing | Fingernail chewing | Slouching | Slurring | Drinking | Smoking | Drugs | Impulse decisions/shopping | Obsessive comm checking | Bad time management | Slang | Poor grammar | Overworking | Slacking off | Over sleeping | Under sleeping | Skin picking | Poor eye contact | Lying* | Rambling | Skipping breakfast | Junk food | Self criticism | Procrastinating | Day dreaming | Forgetful | Envious | Jealous | Gossiper | Drama seeking | Secret teller | Spitting | Lip licking | Lip chewing | Drinking from the bottle | Yelling | Poor hygiene | Impatient | Hot headed | Biased | Complaining | Scab picking | Cheek biting | Teeth gnashing | Stealing | Scamming | Speeding | Hair pulling | Large ego | Eavesdropping | Exaggerating | Fidgeting | Free loading | Littering | One-Upping | Whining | Borrowing without returning | Unnecessary Aggression | Talking during performances | Plagiarism | Copying | Glaring | Spacing out |Ignoring | Over critical | Messy | Hateful | Overly Prideful | Reckless 

*she has to or she’ll be executed for treason, okay???

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So this happened… if this isn’t the most   Adorable   rebloggable thing on my blog I dunno what is I am dying of cute over load. Speaking of sleep it’s about time I pass out and sleep myself g’night .

1,000 Follower Sleepover

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That’s right we’re gonna have a sleepover and do sleepover crap. So this is what my sleepover basically consists of.

  • A bunch of imagines will come out and anything requested this weekend will for sure be done this weekend of the next week.
  • Ask any questions you want. I actually might make some to go with it.
  • Anything else I’m missing? If there is message me on the ask box or messenger and I’ll add it!

Love you Guys!