• Pathologist:*enters the morgue*
  • Sherlock:*examining a body*
  • Pathologist:*rolls his eyes* Excuse me, sir, this area is out of bounds to-
  • Sherlock:*still looking at the body* It's okay.
  • Pathologist:*sighs* If you don't leave, I'll have to call security.
  • Sherlock:*rolls his eyes* I said it's fine.
  • Pathologist:*frowns* Why is it fine?
  • Sherlock:*smirks* I'm sleeping with the boss.
  • Pathologist:...
  • Pathologist:*confused* You're sleeping with Stamford?
  • Sherlock:*looks up; annoyed* The other boss.
  • Molly:*enters the morgue, carrying coffees; irritated* Here's your bloody coffee, you git. Have you finished now so I can do my job?
  • Sherlock:*steps aside; takes the coffee, grinning* Yes, boss.
  • Pathologist:...

TG: youre supposed to keep up the act smh

TG: how else are people going to think were head over ass for each other

TG: completely devoted and in love

EB: …um..no.

my entire blog is promos and i regret none of it because you all deserve the appreciation and recognition honestly.

Boueibu 30 days challenge

Day 5: Favorite alien character

Ok, this is a difficult one. I never got too invested in the aliens and I’m very tempted to say Zundar only because it turns out he is the one we ended up knowing more about.

But, if I really have to choose, I’ll go with Dadacha.

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Not only is he the most adorable, but I think there was a moment in which we were all feeling for him until the last ep’s revelations. Then… I honestly don’t know if he cared, if he used them, if that was simply the way he is…

I’d have liked to have closure with him, but not knowing adds to my ever overanalysing mind. And I apparently have a thing for nuanced characters, which Dadacha is until proven otherwise.

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asking myself if there are these moment sometimes, only sometimes, when C is coming home after a long day at the studio or after a late night workout session and falls onto his couch closing his eyes and thinking. Thinking about what it was like when she came downstairs, one cat always ahead, and asking him how his day was. Or the smell of freshly baked cookies. Or her big laugh filling his house when she was on the phone or her small hand landing on his chest, right over his heart, before sleep

i’m gonna go with yes. i’m sure that they both have moments like that. especially right after the break up. if you’ve fallen into that pattern it must be hard to break it you know?

To the Extreme

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: Young!James Potter x Reader

Words: 1229

Prompt from: http://writers-are-writers.tumblr.com/post/150142709446/prompt-589

“I don’t feel good…”

“That’s probably the guilt, you’ll be fine.”

Why? Why did you have to agree to this? You knew it was going to be bad! Why did you do it? Oh yeah, ‘cause you have a crush on James Freaking Potter, that’s why!

James came up with the brilliant idea of starting a prank war with Sirius whilst you two were working on your potions essay. He asked you if you wanted to help him out and for some reason, that reason being his dreamy eyes and mischievous smirk, you agreed.

You two were currently looming over Sirius’ sleeping form in the boys’ dormitory. James had the idea of using a spell to turn Sirius’ hair into different colors depending on his mood. At first, you thought it was going to be fun, but now that you were standing over Sirius, you weren’t feeling right.

“I don’t feel good, James.” You whispered to him as he readied himself for the spell.

“That’s probably the guilt, you’ll be fine.” He whispered back. You held your breath as he muttered the spell. Your eyes widened as a rainbow mist flowed from the tip of his wand and landed onto Sirius’ hair. You watched as his hair changed from black to yellow. You chuckled at the sight.

“See,” James nudged you, “Nothing bad. He just looks bloody ridiculous.”

“Okay, but why did I have to help you in the first place?” You looked at him curiously.

“So I’m not the only one taking the blame.” He smiled and winked at you making your heart flutter.

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Fynn: “He knew what to say to really get to me, that’s true. But I still knew what he was doing, and I should have walked away. He’s said worse to me.”

Alina: “He did? Well…..I……I hope you know those things he said earlier weren’t true. And I don’t know what else he said, but I’m sure I can guess. And he’s wrong. He was just trying to hurt you and be cruel.”

Fynn: *nods* “Good to know. I hoped you were at least happy sometimes with me, Alina.”

Alina: “I was happy most times.”

Fynn: “I’m glad. I was, too, for the record. I’m sure you have been wondering.”

Alina: *laughs* “Yes. I’ve been losing sleep over it.”

Fynn: “I thought you might be.”

Fire Emblem: Fates Request

Requester: @bubblybikerides (I love your icon I just–)

Prompt: I know this was sent on a day u aren’t open but I just need to get this out to you before I forget: fluff family headcanons for little/baby Eponine with zero and Asugi with saizo?

Notes: Oh no, I was open! You can send requests in any day of the week, so long as my description says requests are open. I just only most Sun-Wed. If my ask really wasn’t open I couldn’t accept the request, as a note to anyone reading. ^^


○ Niles marvels over Nina while she sleeps a lot because he’s still amazed that he not only has a family, but managed to help create something so pure and innocent

○ Niles probably teases Nina with her toys. Like ‘oh do you want… you want this?’ while she’s reaching for it. He just thinks she looks cute reaching out for it but his wife has scolded him more than once for being mean to the baby

○ Niles loves to hold Nina. Just feeling her close to him warms his heart

○ She often falls asleep cuddled up in his arms, or against his shoulder

○ Niles used to brain Nina’s hair all the time when she was young. She insisted and he couldn’t say no - so he tried. Really hard. Eventually he got pretty good (sort of…)


○ Saizo was too afraid to touch Asugi at first, fearing that he’d hurt him someone. Asugi was just so small. It took a lot of coaxing to get him to touch Asugi so much as hold him

○ He would play with the hanging toys over Asugi’s cradle though - he couldn’t help but smile at how amazed the tiny thing would be over such a simple thing

○ Asugi loved to hold Saizo’s fingers, and Saizo thought it was super cute; that was, until he realized that babies have iron grips and there was no escape ever he couldn’t go to work

○ Asugi once grabbed Saizo’s nose and didn’t let him go for over an hour

○ Once he was old enough Asugi would put random things over his face and explain that he was his father with the most proud smile. Saizo was so touched he almost died

Late Night Conception, Closed RP with sometimesshattered

Wolf tossed and turned in the bed he shared with his wife, suffering from a nightmare. Waking up with a gasp, he sat up, and held his head for a moment. He contemplated what had happened in the dream: he watched as his previous girlfriend, Marie, had been shot and killed, and then it had switched to Blake being shot and killed. Looking over at the sleeping figure beside him with tears in his eyes, he moved over, and kissed her neck to try and wake her up.

“Blake… Blake…” He whispered in her ear, “Blake, wake up…”

He was a bit panicked that she wouldn’t wake up. It was one of his worst fears at this point. He didn’t want to lose her, or their two lovely girls, Jade and Iris.


“I Just Want to Make You Smile.” (Ten)

It was a restless night for her; she was tossing and turning in the queen sized bed which was evidently empty. When he did arrive it had to be past midnight; the glistening twinkle of the stars, shimmering through the gaps in the curtains, playing proof. By then she had reached a light slumber, but was still awake enough to feel the dip in the bed, and a warm arm drape around her waist. The arm that felt like home.

When the sun woke from its slumber, and the brightness of its light peeked through the curtains, her body stirred. She turned to face the sleeping figure beside her, his breaths even, and his face as angelic as ever. A smile formed on her chapped lips, happiness seeping into every vein in her body. He always made her happy without trying, his being just enough to make her life seemingly better. Acting on a sudden impulse, she peppered kisses all over his sleeping face, never missing a single spot. A smile wound its way on to the boy, now awake. 

“What’s this for?”

He questioned, but he was far from complaining.

“I wanted to make you smile, just as much as you make me smile.”

At her words, the already large smile grew bigger, covering his entire face. He plunged on top of her figure, tickling her frantically in all the right spots. Their laughter resounded throughout the small bedroom - his morning just got ten times better. 

All better

Well there is a wee bit of yuck that I’m coughing up but otherwise I am better! Oh man, I was knocked down for like two straight days and then Monday I was just exhausted from not sleeping over the weekend that I slept most of the day.

Back on the bike this morning to work and tomorrow I’ll head to the gym. Iv got a bunch of vitamins and immune support on their way tomorrow. I just can’t get sick as much as I did last year year. The hubby is a teacher and is a walking germ factory. He rarely gets sick, just brings it home to share with me.

Oh and my new boss and my old boss are drinking wine together right now. They texted me a picture.

this poor fucking dog… so she finally gets fixed, but the antibiotics were making her super itcy and shes chewing her fur off and starting on skin(her butts pretty much bald) so we took her off those
she had a lump so we asked for a biopsy and they REMOVED the whole tit, now shes only got 7 lol
and shes swollen as hell, which we figured was just from the surgeries cause shes so tiny

but no

apparently when an older dog gets fixed, its really really common for their bodes to think they have birth

so shes LACTATING all over everything she sleeps on, the house smells like sour milk and dog farts

and i dont know how to clean milk stink out of leather…

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on my computer so idk how to do the little envelope so one for Vit plz :3

Somehow finding a deck of cards and winding up in a game of strip poker together with a few other people, including Pinoke

Day swimming on the beach together, somewhere  

The two making a pyramid of dead bodies when Humphy loses it and Vita’s beast comes out to play  

Humphrey convincing Vitalani to sleep over in his little shelter on the outskirts of the haven and being super cute and cuddly  

For no reason at all the two decide to streak buck naked through the camp  

✉Humphrey decides she’s not eating enough and feeds Vitalani by hand before kissing her