SO! I will be doing a thing. Mostly due to I do need to bring in a little more of an income. More so due to my other just got in to a car accident. The car is a lose. We have little coming in to cover what we have. So I will be doing card readings for $5 over Skype. It dose not have to be a call, we can just talk over the IM of it. If you would like to have a set up, let me know and I will give out the paypal info and so on. Whatever I make off of this will be going to the bills and the lost time at work due to not having a car yet. I will just be doing the 3 card set for $5. I can do a set up of 9 for $10. I can do other kinds of reading too. Just ask and I will set you up with how much. (runes and pendulum) Whatever to help.

i love that idea that striders know JACK SHIT abt sports in general so during that scene with Dirk and Jake playing soccer Dirks like winging it like frolicking having fun w/ his guypal whatever but internally he’s like “What that fuck. ????what thefuCK????????” 


This reminded me so much of 515 and this gifset I made, where Ezra gets so freaking excited for Aria’s success and hypes her up because he finds her so incredible. He loves this girl so much I can just see him talking about her to everybody about how talented, amazing and perfect she is. Like he genuinely gets excited to talk about Aria (look at his face in the 2nd gif lmao) and wants everybody to adore her the way he does.