Fun with Polish language

złoto → gold
zło to* → evil it [is]

droga → way / road
droga → beloved (feminine nouns)
droga → expensive (feminine nouns)

kochanie → my beloved
kocha nie* → loves not

uboga → poor (feminine nouns)
u boga → at god’s

bogaty → rich (masculine nouns)
boga ty → you’re of god

przywódca / przywódcy → leader / leaders
przy wódce → with vodka

*both sound a bit Yoda-ish

the fact that my last buffymeme set somehow has over 1k notes despite the fact that it has the obvious and glaring typo of “one lamp ass vamp” brings me so much joy

anonymous asked:

Hi!!! I'm a new starlight and I was wondering if you knew any nice vixx graphic blogs that I can follow? Thank you ^_^

first of all welcome ~ ♡♡ if you have questions, you can ask me ~

graphic blogs… uhhh… there is @v-i-x-x-gifs ! and there is also @1kvixx who reblogs gifsets that are over 1k notes… people who make gifs often that i see around these days are @ottokaji-vixx @jongtaekwoon @btsvixxtrash @hong-buns @hansanghyuked @kongsook @leo-is-life-but-im-ruined @wonsiks-hamster-taek @yuu-jin @wontaec @thevixxforest these are the blogs that i often see in the vixx tag lol ~ ♡

and of course you would see my gifs often in this blog or @vixx-otps or @kmwnsk ~ ♡♡♡

I spend two minutes popping a filter and some text onto a stock photo, and it gets over 1K notes in a week.

I spend a few hours doing a photo manip, and it gets 10 notes total. 

So I really want to @ at my favourite artists on here and ask for their advice on the first ever piece of digital art im making for myself (my la triviata poster doesn’t count cause it was for a competition for school)

Thing is most of them are REALLY out of my league to @ at. I mean there the kinda people that get 700-over 1k notes on an art piece on here and dont know me at all.