Pirelli Calendar 2017 : The full “Making of” Film (x)

Helen Mirren, 71
Nicole Kidman, 49 
Jessica Chastain, 39
Penelope Cruz, 42
Robin Wright, 50
Kate Winslet, 41
Charlotte Rampling, 70
Uma Thurman, 46
Julianne Moore, 55

Even more reasons Hau is my favorite rival:

What a pal!!

With such precious reactions, too!!

(lmao, my face when Lusamine says she’s over 40, like first off, GOD DAMN, Lysandre would probably like you for looking ageless. Second, holy SHIT I was not expecting an in-game age confirmation in this game. The last time I got one was like…Platinum, with Cyrus being 27.)

Also, looks like we’re 11 again in this game (LG/FR, player characters are also 11 while BW had the player characters visualized as 16 and according to bulbapedia, ORAS has you and the rival at 12…just so you know).




Unsolved Cases of Serial Murder: A Series by mean-old-mr-gein

Part 2 of 5: The Highway of Tears, 1969-2011

From 1969 to 2011, between 14 and 40+ Canadian women, mostly of First Nations descent, were kidnapped and murdered while hitchhiking on the 720-kilometer strip of Highway 16 that connects the cities of Prince George and Prince Rupert in British Columbia. This highway borders well over 20 First Nations communities and municipalities, which are subject to extreme poverty, forcing its members to resort to hitchhiking to get far from their communities. Canadian police have given the total number of victims of this highway as 16; First Nations organizations have given it as well over 40. Ten out of the 19 confirmed victims were aboriginal women, and 13 of the 19 were teenagers.

In September 2012, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police connected the deceased Oregonian serial murderer, kidnapper, and rapist, Bobby Jack Fowler, as his DNA was found on one of the alleged victims of the Highway of Tears in 1973. He is also suspected to have murdered two others in 1974. It is believed that he killed up to 20 of the victims, though several of the murders occurred after his 1995 arrest and imprisonment in Oregon State Penitentiary.

One murder on the Highway of Tears was solved in 2014. The murder of 15-year-old Loren Donn Leslie in 2010 was linked to Cody Legebokoff, a convicted Canadian serial killer who, between 2009 and 2010, murdered Leslie and three other women. Despite identifying Fowler and Legebokoff as suspects in this case, the RCMP’s investigators are doubtful that they will ever solve every murder that occurred on the Highway of Tears. Thankfully, by the end of 2016, this strip between Prince George and Prince Rupert, British Columbia will be receiving functioning bus service in an attempt to stop the disappearances and homicides.


Nova Status Update #21

Let’s finish 2016 off with the final status update of the year! It’s been a great year of work on Nova, and we’d like to thank everyone for following our progress~

This month, check out some fun gender-bender sketches and a drawing style meme of Merona done by one of our artists, CatharsisGaze!

Click here for info on how to play the demo for Nova!

Here’s this month’s current status:

-Chapter 8.9 of ? for 1/3 paths written

-8 of 16 characters done.
-30%-finished 27 of 47 sketched/flat-colored ones.
-finished 57 of 61 sketched/flat-colored ones.

|Voice Overs:|
-Partly up to chapter 5.2 of ?
-10%-Partly up to chapter A2.0 of ?

Game (total)
-More planning of images and music
-A Path positioned up to 8.6.
Game (demo version)

Happy Holidays!

Sixty-three years after first standing outside the White House on their parents’ behalf, Michael and Robby Meeropol returned to the White House today, this time to ask President Obama to exonerate their mother, Ethel Rosenberg. Very poignant. In 1953 the U.S. was in the grips of the hateful and fear-filled McCarthy era. In 2016, we are living in Trump’s America – with growing levels of hate and fear. In 1953, Roy Cohn joined McCarthy in his Communist witch hunt – and Cohn was instrumental in framing Ethel Rosenberg. In a sad parallel, Trump calls Roy Cohn one of his most influential mentors.

Robert and Michael Meeropol will be outside the White House today - just as they were in this photo from 1953, 5 days before their parents were executed - to make a public plea to President Obama to exonerate their mother, Ethel Rosenberg.

Over 40,000 people have supported their exoneration petition so far, including Congressman Jim McGovern (MA 2nd District), filmmaker Michael Moore, Angela Davis, and Noam Chomsky. And The Boston Globe ran a stunning, full-page editorial on Thanksgiving Day, calling on President Obama to act.

Will you help right now, by calling the White House at (202) 456-1111 and asking the President to exonerate Ethel Rosenberg?

Here’s some suggested language: “A huge body of evidence shows Ethel Rosenberg was not a spy and our government knew that but executed her anyway. I’m one of more than 40,000, people including Congressman Jim McGovern of Massachusetts, who want President Obama to act on the request from Ethel Rosenbergs’ sons Michael and Robert Meeropol, and exonerate her.”

Small rant

There is something that I don`t quite get… 

I often see this and it annoys me mostly to be completely honest. What annoys me is when a reaction with few sentences or three lines gets more notes that a reaction with more writing. I can understand that it sometimes is hard too read but, the job that is put into writing (in my case) 7 different reactions to each member or put them together is hard work. At least I feel kind of not appreciated, I mean it can be that the reaction or scenario is not that good, of course, don`t get me wrong. But still, it`s very weird. I`m just like WHAT?!

Originally posted by reactionswithgifs

I see writers who write so good reactions with details and extremely good story`s or ideas and it just feel so good to read it. Then as you scroll down you can see the notes and this is where I see this amazing writing maybe gotten 13 notes, while another one with like 2 lines each persons has over 40 or more. I must admit that I do like these short reactions but, I still feel that many writers are not getting the credit they deserve for writing in such detail. I know i`m not the best at writing super long reactions or scenarios, but the writers who do DESERVE more.

Of course not everyone cares about notes, but the notes are a way to tell the writer that the job their doing is being appreciated. I just had to get this out of my chest, as a writer myself, I do appreciate seeing the reblog and likes, it makes me feel that what I have written is something people like and appreciate the time I took for writing it. Disagree all you want, this is simply my opinion.

(Gif not mine!!!)

This 40-Year-Old Gymnast Just Qualified For The Olympics
Oksana Chusovitina might not be the teenage olympic gymnast we often see, but you better believe she can — and will — compete with the best of them. Last Sunday, the 40-year-old from Uzbekistan qualified for the 2016 Summer Olympic games. This will be Chusovitina's seventh time at the Olympics

“Am I old? I don’t feel old… Gymnastics keeps me young.”