I feel like it’s ridiculous that women over 40 aren’t working. So I just am doing a show about that now, ‘Feud’. I’ve got eight women in that show over 40 [including Catherine Zeta-Jones, Sarah Paulson]. They’re all amazing and they’re always just so stunned that somebody cares about them, which is the thing that I find the most moving. They’re like, ‘Really? You’re interested in me?’ And they always say that to me. Kathy Bates, Jessica, on and on and on. And I am, I’m interested in them.
—  Ryan Murphy on ageism in Hollywood
Yahoo Finance to Host Exclusive Live Stream of Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders Meeting for Second Year

By Andy Serwer, Editor in Chief of Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance and Berkshire Hathaway are once again opening the doors to the world for the second annual  exclusive live stream of Berkshire Hathaway’s Shareholders meeting. We’re offering viewers a firsthand experience of the highly anticipated event attended by over 40,000 shareholders. This past year, Yahoo Finance live streamed the event for the first time ever, drawing in more than one million viewers, with an additional 17 million views to date. We expect 2017 to be no different.

People who tune in will get to hear first-hand from Warren Buffett, Vice Chairman Charlie Munger as well as watch interviews with a wide range of notable guests. But interviews and speeches are just the beginning. There’s a lot more to this event in Omaha, Nebraska. The live stream will take guests inside all the goings-on that weekend, the top local hotspots, and the carnival-like atmosphere of the exhibition hall where many of Berkshire’s subsidiaries showcase their products and services.

This is event is a great example of what sets Yahoo Finance apart – bringing exclusive content to our audience via our premium live streaming capabilities, at an unprecedented scale. We’re making it easy for you to watch, streaming the event across all devices in both English and Mandarin. An exclusive VOD replay will also be available on Yahoo Finance for 30 days following the meeting.  Yahoo will offer video and display advertising, as well as sponsorship opportunities alongside the live stream.

Don’t miss out! Stay tuned to Yahoo Finance:  http://finance.yahoo.com/

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post a picture with your boyfried! you guys seem really cute together

i would but only if he was okay with it! he knows about this blog and everything and he has no issue with it at all but i guess i wouldn’t want to display his face to over 40,000 people without him saying yes hahahaha i may do at some point! xx


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Okay because i’m feeling like it and i have some time, let’s do a little addition.  These are, of course, Oklahoma prices so feel free to sub whatever you’ve got.  I’m using this website, which is for one particular store that I enjoy visiting.  And let’s use the 40/40/20 menu cuz that one pisses me off the most.

This is gonna be a long trip, kiddos.  Sorry for you folks on mobile.

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and 800-ball free throw? that’s a 2400 point basketball shot right there.