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The Angels helping you after your first broken heart

Warnings : Angst

You used to think you were incapable of romantic feelings, that was, until you met him. He flipped your world around, made you feel things you didn’t even know were possible, and then, he dropped you as if you were nothing to him. It hurt more than any physical wound ever had.

You spent your nights in tears and your days trying to figure out what you did wrong. You were a mess, to say the least.

“(Y/n), you need to get outside.” Castiel held you in his lap, letting you rest your head on his chest. “The Winchesters are starting to pray to me in hopes that I’ll bring you back to them. I know you’re hurt-”

“Cas, please.” You almost sobbed. He noticed the tears in your voice and squeezed you a little tighter.

“Okay.” He whispered, resting his chin on your head. “I’ve got you..”


“There we go.” Gabriel hummed his contentment, turning you towards the mirror so you could admire his work. Your hair was curled, beautifully framing your face.

“Wow, Gabe.” You allowed yourself to smile at your reflection. You hadn’t done your hair or makeup since he left you, so the change took you off guard. “Thank you..”

“No, thank you for being my canvas.” The angel tugged on one of your curls and then let go, watching it bounce back in place. “You’re gorgeous, ya know that?” You shook your head, smiling a bit. It could have been mistaken for nervousness, but nothing ever got passed Gabriel. “I’m serious, (Y/n). Listen, I, um.. Well, I know that you’ve been questioning yourself lately. You don’t feel beautiful anymore and I hate that because when I look at you, I see absolute perfection. You truly are the finest thing my father ever created.” Your heart felt like a balloon by the end of Gabriel’s declaration. You didn’t know what to say, so you didn’t speak. You threw your arms around him and hugged him so tight that you felt him struggle for air. “C'mon, babe, women can only handle me in small doses. Don’t over do it.”


Balthazar had a different method of mending a broken heart and you couldn’t really say that you were disappointed.

“Alright, doll, drink up.” He handed you a small glass of amber liquid and you drank without hesitation. “Slowly.” Balthazar scolded with a grin.

“Shut up.” You waved him off, setting the empty glass on the table as the room began spinning. “Woah..” You swayed in your seat, falling over on the angel’s shoulder.

“Told you so.” He sighed, sipping on the liquor. “Nothing eases the human body like alcohol and sex.”

“One down.” You rolled over so that you could lay your head in his lap and look up at him. “How about the latter?” You winked.

“Oh, you would suggest that when you’re vulnerable and I have to say no, you little minx.” Balthazar groaned. “Another time.” He kissed your head and settled for running his fingers through your hair.


“I’ll kill him.” Lucifer promised. You shook your head, grinning at the fuming angel.

“Want to?” You joked, but you knew your jokes would fuel him. “Wanna be my accomplice?”

“Darling, I’ll do the job myself.” You knew he was serious. The devil would do anything for you as long as you said please.

“I don’t need him dead.” You sighed and watched his face fall with disappointment. “I want him to live a long life, knowing he lost the best thing that has ever happened to him. He’ll suffer.” You watched Lucifer’s mouth slowly turn into a sinister smirk.

“You really are malicious.” He purred, moving closer to you.

“I’ve learned from the best.”

Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Winners and Losers

“What a cute little boy!” 

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170320 x daily dose of day6 

If your fish acts odd or sick after a water change, and you can find no other cause or symptoms to explain it, dose some extra dechlorinator.

Sometimes water companies flush the line with extra chlorine/chloramine, and they usually don’t go out of the way to notify their customers (usually just gets posted on their webpage, that no one ever randomly checks in on).

So your water change could have introduced chlorine into your tank because you didn’t dose enough extra dechlorinator to make up for the extra chlorine coming in at the tap.

I’ve had a fish suddenly start a very alarming constant erratic spinning behavior with no explanation, that stopped after some generous dosing of Prime. It may or may not have been over chlorinated water, I did check the water company website and the updates listed there suggested that might have been the case. I’ll never know for sure, but I assume that was the cause.

It is very hard to overdose dechlorinator. The instructions on the bottle are usually a little lower and more conservative, to cover the company, but hobbyists have been known to dose up to 10x the recommended amount with no adverse effects.

So I would always at least double dose, and if something seems off, toss in an extra dose or more, just to be safe. (Especially if you use something like Prime, that binds ammonia because that is also beneficial to a potentially sick fish.)


Daily dose of Misha

Misha and shat wine tasting 10-06-2014

First we have Misha trying to look like a super villain with all that serious look and the Dom!Misha eyebrow, and then the sunshine.

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3 Easy Ways To Become Mindful

Here are thee easy ways to incorporate mindfulness into your life:

1. Pause several times a day to notice your breath.

Noticing your breath makes you present. Whenever you pause to notice your breath, breathe deeper than you had been. If you tend to carry around residual stress, your unconscious breathing will be faster and more shallow. When you notice your breath and breathe more slowly, you let out a bit of stress right where you are instead of waiting for life to become less stressful.

In those moments where you notice your breath, you also notice other things. You notice your thoughts. You notice how you feel. You notice your body posture. You notice if you are standing or sitting. You notice if you are plugged in or unplugged. As you notice these things and continue to breathe slowly, respond to whatever you notice with kindness. Being present, noticing things and responding with kindness is the essence of mindfulness. It is very easy to incorporate into your day. In fact, it is much harder not to practice it.

2. Unplug yourself.

Turn off your phone, stay off the computer, don’t watch television and be present where you are. You can do that for 5 minutes or 5 hours and as you notice what you notice in that time, respond to those thoughts and feelings with kindness.

3. Start a mediation habit.

Meditation is sitting and focusing your attention on your breath. You can do that for 10 minutes 2 or 3 times a day. You can do it in the middle of the night. A solid practice would be 20 minutes twice a day. Sit once in the morning and once in the afternoon or evening. Dedicating yourself to a sitting habit is the difficult part. Sitting and doing nothing is as easy as it gets. If it’s not easy, its needed.

Mindfulness, when practiced in small doses, spills over into your day. Practicing meditation is doing all three of these at once. If you develop a mediation practice you will find many moments throughout the day where you are unplugged, aware of your breathing, present, and responding with kindness to the world where you are.


Summary: A series of firsts; Betty and Jughead explore the steamy side of being a couple.

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(Warning: MUCH SIN AHEAD! This is a pure smutty fic, way explicit and utterly graphic. It follows Betty and Jughead down the road of testing the waters with each other until the inevitable happens ;) You asked, so I deliver :P I also tried to incorporate it into the plot of Rivedale in order for the story to have a much more realistic sense in a way! Anyway, thank you so much darlings for your compliments and your amazing feedback!! I hope you all enjoy!)

 La Petite Mort - 1. Innocence Lost

I’m a high school lover, and you’re my favorite flavor

Love is all, all my soul

You’re my playground love

A light breeze caresses the leaves of the oak tree next to Betty’s opened window and twirls inside her dimly lit room to the beat of some mellow tunes that echo lightly from her golden rose laptop. The ruffle curtains sway under the feathery force of the physical change that disrupted the otherwise calm evening, the shadow of the sheer material dancing over the profile of the two teens that are tangled up with each other on the princess-like double bed at the center of the room.  They are in their own world of first time loving and blissful adolescent ignorance, enjoying the momentary peace and quiet of their hectic small town, drama-filled lifestyle, getting lost in the feeling of drowning deeper and deeper in a sea of amour and lust.

Wet sounds of tongues lazily exploring the new-found territory of each other’s lips and steady beating of two Eros wounded hearts are suppressed by the singer’s voice that urges them to carry on in the background and Jughead is ashamed to admit that his mind fails to register what movie that song musically decorated, even though he swears it’s in the tip of his tongue. But then again the tip of his tongue is now being sucked by Betty Cooper’s voluptuous lips and he can hardly pinpoint anything anymore, not even his own name.

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Misery Needs Company

it sounded like @copperbadge was having One of Those Weekends, so i asked if he’d like some fic and he requested someone with a headache getting coddled

feel better!

“Tony!” Pepper calls and he flinches.

A headache going on day three is sitting like a pulsating rock in his frontal lobe and the pitch of her voice is enough to send a needle point of pain inward.

Pepper pauses, looks at him for five seconds, and then says, voice lowered, “When did it start?”

“On the way home from NBC?” Tony tries because he honestly isn’t sure.

Pepper stares at him. “That was two days ago.”

“Yeah,” Tony sighs.

Tony,” she says, sounding appalled.

“What?” he replies defensively. “I’ve gotten six hours of sleep the last four nights, I’ve eaten regularly, I’ve only had like four cups of coffee per day, and I haven’t gone over the recommended dose of over-the-counter painkillers even though I know you can go over that and be fine!”

“Tony, that wasn’t criticism,” Pepper says, her expression sympathetic and her hand light on his arm.

“Oh,” Tony says, and deflates. “I’m tired and I’ve been sleeping,” he whines. “How is that fair?”

“It’s not.” She nudges him forward gently and Tony moves as directed, reaching up to dig his knuckles into his forehead. If he presses hard enough, it briefly dulls the pain. “Come on. We’re done for today.”

Tony should protest. There’s still a lot to do. But it feels good to have someone take the reins and he doesn’t have it in him to fight when he wants to do what she says so badly.

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إزاي تعمل علاقة ناجحة مع شخص عنده Anxiety و Over thinking?

هتمتع بقدر من الشجاعة وأكتب البوست ده لسببين: أولا لإني تعبت وزهقت شخصيًا من إني أشرح الحوار ده لكل واحد لوحده.. الموضوع بقى حقيقي مرهق، ثانيًا عشان يمكن تكونوا تعرفوا حد كدة أو انتوا شخصيًا كدة فأفهمكم شوية تفاصيل جايز آخد ثواب.
فيه حاجة اسمها Anxiety و Anxiety disorder و دول ترجمتهم الحرفية القلق واضطراب القلق..عادة القلق ده بيكون مرتبط بمشكلة تانية هي الـ Overthinking أو الإفراط في التفكير..دول عرضين نفسيين بيجي معاهم أعراض تانية زي الأرق والصداع أحيانًا ومشاكل الجهاز الهضمي واضطرابات التغذية زي النهم الشديد أو إنعدام الشهية والبكاء بلا سبب وحاجات تانية من غيردخول في تفاصيل مملة.. حاجة شبه فكرة المتلازمة في الأمراض العضوية.

نرجع للقلق والإفراط في التفكير.. عايزة أتكلم أكتر عن تكوين العلاقت مع الشخص إللي عنده المشكلة دي، أيًا كان نوع العلاقة صداقة أو زواج أو حتى علاقة عاطفية هحاول أقرب ليكم الشخص ده بيحس بإيه عن طريق بعض الأمثلة..
مبدئيًا الشخص إللي عنده Overthinking دماغه مش بتقف عن التفكير حتى وهو نايم وبيتعذب جدًا بسبب ده طول اليوم..بيفكر في أمور جادة جدًا وعادةً سلبية في كل وقت حتى وهو بيتفرج على فيلم في السينما، حتى وهو بيستحمى وبياكل، حتى وهو بيصلي..لو ربنا إدالك نعمة إنك تدخل الـNothing box شوية وتسرح في اللاشيء، فهو فعلا ما يعرفش يعني إيه نوثينج بوكس..عمره ما جرب إنه مخه ما يبقاش بيلف زي الخلاط..ومن كتر تسارع الأفكار في مخه بيحس كأنه فيه حد ماسك شاكوش وبيدق مسامير في دماغه..بيدخل بعدها في حالة تشبه حالات الهوس، بيبقى عنده رغبة شديدة في الكلام وغنه يطلع كل مشاعره وأفكاره دي فورًا بعد Over dose التفكير إللي هيجيب أجله، علشان كدة هتلاقيه ساعات بيرغي بلا توقف وبيتكلم بسرعة جدًا وممكن يعيد نفس المواضيع إللي اتكلم فيها 100 مرة.. إنت فاكره ممل وما بيزهقش بس الحقيقة إنه مخه بيفضل يعيد ويزيد في نفس الفكرة بمحاور مختلفة كل يوم..
دايمًا مضطرب وقلقان في علاقاته وإفراط التفكير بيخليه يسأل نفسه طول الوقت.. هو أنا غلطان؟ هو أصحابي بيحبوني؟ هو حبيبي بيحبني؟ هو أنا المفروض أقول كدة؟ هو كان متعود يتصل بيا ليه بطل يتصل..أكيد أنا عملت حاجة غلط؟ لو شفت رسالته وما ردتش عليه بيصبر شوية وبيستحمل، بس بعد شوية الأفكار بتتمكن منه: أكيد هو عيان..أكيد فيه مشكلة..ممكن يوصل بيه التفكير لو اتأخرت عليه كام يوم أو اتغيرت معاه في المعاملة كام يوم إنه يفكر إنك خلاص مش عايز تعرفه تاني! تخيل مدى ألمه وهو بيترجم تصرفاتك إنك مش بتحبه ومش عايز تعرفه تاني؟! إنت بتبقى فاكره بيزن أو بيتدلع أو مقموص لما بيقعد يقولك مالك رد عليا، أو يتصل بيك كتير، لكن هو الحقيقي بيبقى محتاج جملة واحدة بس تريحه علشان يعرف ينام..لإنك بتبقى قاعد في بيتك بتتفرج على فيلم أو نايم (وده طبعًا مش ذنبك ومحدش يلومك وإنت مش مقصر في أي حاجة) بس هو بيبقى حرفيًا عايش ساعات سودة مستنيك تظهر وتطمنه إنه كل أفكاره المجنونة دي مالهاش أساس من الصحة فبيبقى لا على حامي ولا على بارد علشان نفسه يستريح علشان يعرف يعيش يومه عادي زي الناس الطبيعية.
اوعى في لحظة تكون فاكر إنه يقدر يتحكم في ده بسهولة..الموضوع صعب جدًا.. هو مش بيقدر يمنع نفسه إنه يفكر أو يتصرف كدة وبيلوم نفسه طول الليل والنهار وعلطول حاسس بالذنب وحاسس إنه عبأ على أصحابه وحبايبه.
مفيش غير سيناريوهين مع الشخص ده: يا مش هتعرف تتعامل معاه ومش هتفهمه وهيفضل يحس طول الوقت إنه تقيل وزنان ورخم ومع الوقت الإحساس ده هيوجعه فهيبعد عنك وعلى قدر ألمه وتحمله وحبه ليك على قد ما هيصمد معاك، يا إما هتعرف مفتاحه وهتكسبه خصوصًا وإن الشخص ده بيقدر جدًا الناس إللي بيفهموه وبيتعاملوا مع مشكلته لإنهم فعلا قليلين..
مفتاح الشخص ده هو كلمة واحدة “الأمان”..كل إللي الشخص ده محتاجه لو إنه يحس بالأمان كل ما تجيله فكره سلبية كبيرة وإنت مع الوقت خلاص بتعرف السيناريوهات إللي بتدخله في مود التفكير ده ده. لما بيقولك هو أنا وحشتك؟، لما بيزن كتير، لما بيقولك هو إنت زعلان، لما بيقولك فينك مختفي، لما بيقولك إنت متغير معايا، لما بيقولك فاكر زمان لما كنت بتعمل كذا..دي جمل معناها إنه متهدد وقلقان ومضطرب ومش محتاج أي حاجة أكتر من جملتين تلاتة بس حلوين و إيجابيين وهو هيبقى تمام..مش محتاج أكتر من مكالمة دقيقة..رسالة..أغنية لطيفة..ساعات بيبقى كل إللي محتاجه إنك حتى تعمله لايك..اللايك الهبلة دي ممكن تشيل من دماغه فكرة سلبيه مجنناه ويقول لنفسه: “ لا لا هو مش زعلان مني ولا حاجة ده حتى لسة عاملي لايك من شوية..أنا على باله أهو”.
لو عندك Overthinking و Anxiety ابعت الموضوع لأصحابك وحبايبك وقولهم ده أنا، وأنا بحبكم وعايزكم جنبي ومقدرش استغنى عنكم وبحاول أشتغل على نفسي علشان أتحسن وأكون مريح ليكم علشان انتوا تستاهلوا مني إني ما أتعبكوش..ولو تعرف حد كدة وفارق معاك اقرأ الكلام ده كويس وشوف هتستفيد منه إزاي علشان علاقتكم تبقى أحسن سوا.

#شيماء الجمال


the grisha trilogy meme: [1] moment that touched you more deeply than the rest

“But you did something to the King, something from which the court doctors said he’d never recover. What was it?”
“Surely it could have been traced.”
“Not this. I designed it myself. If given in small enough doses over a long enough time, the symptoms are mild.”
“A vegetable alkaloid?” asked David.
She nodded. “Once it builds up in the victim’s system, a threshold is reached, the organs begin to fail, and the degeneration is irreversible. It’s not a killer. It’s a thief. It steals years. And he will never get them back.”