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On the radio: Today is Interntional men’s day

My mum: What on earth for??

Me: Idk…I guess they can have their day?? 

 Mum: No thanks. They’ve had their thousands of years. 

 Me: Damn mum. 


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Just don’t let America know what are Rocky Mountain oysters.

CAN: Why would you bring this up?!??


I’m aware that the high ranks, the smart pants and our very own society mock us for being passionate, for devoting our time and energy to someone and something we find happiness in, but please, if you ever happen to stumble upon your favourite artist, be polite, be respectful, be your loving self, but tell them how much they mean to you. Tell them how their job affected your life through your best and worst times, how much inspiration you drew from them, how they make you feel like you want to be a better person. Like you’re a part of something bigger and powerful, like you’re never truly alone. Please, please share your love with them and whatever positive feeling was sparked in you by being a part of their community.

And to all of you wonderful women out there, daily finding yourselves in difficult, delicate positions in particularly male-chauvinistic professional fields, don’t let anyone bring you down. Don’t ever allow anyone to debase you and your efforts just because some wisely picked insult can easily throw a woman out of the game. Be powerful, be brave and remind everyone, every day, through your results and your dignity why you are the best they can ever get. Love what you do, count on yourself, but team up with the people you work with and protect that at all costs. Be proud of what you accomplish, because it’s the sum of a struggle and an effort and a dedication most men out there will hardly ever come to imagine. And if bitch is all they have to drag you down, well 🙃

vets: “Due to increased knowledge among dog owners and proper vaccination, we hardly ever see puppies with Parvo anymore! This truly shows why it’s important to vaccinate your dogs!”

ppl: “so we can stop vaccinating now yeah??”

You know, come to think of it - The Stan Twins really are dressed into color schemes that… I’d almost say don’t quite match their personalities?

Here, look at them with me here for a sec. This is not just an excuse to look at them either. Which, I know nothing about color theory, so that’s not really what I’m talking about. 

-Stan’s outfit: Practically all black, with very little points of white, red and brown.
-Ford’s outfit: Mostly beige and red, and about half dark colors.

Black can generally be off-putting and well - think about Robbie, another character who wears all black. Goth aesthetic aside, I’d say it fits with his aloof and closed off nature. Then that beige is definitely lighter and… I’d almost say more ‘pleasant’ a color. 

This is veering into personal opinion, but it’s like the lighter color scheme is more welcoming and ‘open’ as opposed to the all black. 

Which, although both characters are multi-faceted and everything - please don’t ever get me wrong on that - I’d say Stan has the more welcoming personality where Ford is in general more closed off, at least upon first impressions.

We have also briefly seen both of them in their opposite color schemes though.

-Ford in all black.

-Then Stan in a beige/red color scheme.

BUT okay like you see what I mean? These colors… I’d dare say fit their personality types more. The tan/beige and red of Stan’s outfit aligns with his more open personality whereas the black of Ford fresh out of the portal is fittingly ominous with the dramatic situation he arrived in. Although, as a whole, does also fit the aloof loner he was initially presented as.

This set of brief moments isn’t the only time we see them in these sort of color schemes though!

May I present, the good young boys:

In my opinion, the color schemes (and outfits) they have as kids perfectly fit their personalities of that moment. 

Fun and adventurous with the vivid colors of Stan’s shirt, and Ford’s partially dark covering himself while mostly still having lighter colors - not entirely closed off, but still almost protective in a way.

It just- It’s hard to explain, but it fits them.

I think this can be attributed in part to how each twin presents, or maybe even the unintentional nature within themselves.

For example, despite Stan being a conman dealing with customers he still has since develop a lot of closed off traits such as his gruff demeanor. Where Ford still has this very innate openness to people and interacting with them despite the serious mission constantly in mind and his behavior which he often goes against with his own actions.

There’s also something that could be said for the Sea Grunks outfit which has them wearing a pretty even balance of colors or Stan’s outfit change to the pink sweater when they’re saying goodbye to Mabel and Dipper. I could make a whole post about Stan wearing that sweater from Mabel actually, there’s a ton to say about that.

Recently, I met this dude who was a big Jonerys supporter

He was like “Yeah, they’re related but who cares. They work better than most couples. I think I’ve only met 3 people who didn’t like them together." 

Then some other guy was like "Whining, waaah, petty baby noises! I hate it! It’s too predictable." 

To which we both replied with some variation of "THAT IS BECAUSE THEY MAKE SENSE TOGETHER!” 

I regret not marrying that man.

I don’t want FP and Alice to ever happen

ducks tomatoes

Hear me out. I often get thrown in with the Falice shippers and while I’m not complaining, I don’t know if I can say I actually ship them.

Let me note before I start rambling… I don’t dislike the ship. I’ve written the ship. I have headcanons about the ship. I’ve eaten up every piece of fanfiction on the ship and loved it. It’s probably the most popular ship in Parentdale so there’s a decent amount of it. I’m just so conflicted.

Let’s start from the beginning. Everyone just flat out says they had a relationship in their past. I’d say… it’s still debatable. My biggest reason being does Alice strike anyone as the type who would let her daughter date the son of her high school boyfriend? Me thinks not. But I can get behind them having a history in their past. It doesn’t bother me in terms of plot… It bothers me because it’s lazy writing.

The show already has one couple (Varchie) with parents that dated in high school (Fred and Hermione). Redoing this same plot with Bughead and Falice just feels like the writers saw that Skeet and Madchen had good chemistry and rolled with it.

But like I said. I can forgive this as long as they don’t get back together as adults.

Go ahead. Look me in the eye and tell me you’d be okay with your mom dating your boyfriend’s dad. Do it. It’s not incest, but you’d better bet it’d be weird. Would it break up Bughead? Probably not but it would still be weird.

And call this point silly, but I don’t want Betty and Jughead to have their families broken up. We know crap about Gladys, so I’m not ready to jump on the hate bandwagon for her yet. Let me meet her first. And call her a bad parent for leaving Jughead (I still feel Jughead chose not to go with her, not that she left without him), but she was escaping an alcoholic husband. As much as I love FP as a character, things were not good before the show started. Jug chose to be homeless rather than live with him for a time. But we see FP does seem to want his family back. His snap about “talk to your mother” and his pipe dreams of moving to Toledo.

We know how much Alice’s family means to her. She’s falling apart the second half of season 1 because of it. Once Polly comes home, she doesn’t need to let Hal back, but she does. The town already knows they were separated for a time, reputation tainted. But she let’s him back. I can’t see her doing that unless (and everyone finds this so hard to believe) they’re actually in love and want to make their marriage work.

But now we have Skeet and Madchen with great chemistry. And Gladys will never be mentioned ever again. And Hal will somehow disappear with zero explanation because no one appreciates Lochlyn like I do. (Okay that’s not true. He said on Twitter something interesting happens with his character this season so lemme cross my fingers.) And FP and Alice will get together causing 10 minutes of discomfort for Bughead before they’re totally over it.

I just don’t want it to happen. Fine, give us their dirty past. It was probably pretty hot. But I don’t want it happening now. These two are cut from the same thread. They’d be a disaster together. Let’s meet Chic, and have Polly come home and have Alice and Hal work through their problems so the Coopers can be happy. Let Gladys and Jellybean move back to Riverdale and throw FP in AA so poor Jug can stop suffering.

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Update in life:

So I went to a fancy party at the Gherkin last night, suits n shit, and everybody was trying to hook up with someone and I was just trying to steal prosecco, but ended up dancing with the most beautiful girl and then I did got 2 bottles and ran away with my really drunk friends whom I walked home and then took me like 3 hours to get to bed at which point it was sunrise and it was all beautiful.