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Listen. This is a terrible outlook on your work-life choices.

Your job and ultimately your career are important choices that should not be dictated by woo-woo bullshit like a “calling”. Should you have an affinity for what you do? Sure, yeah, whatever. At the end the day, though? Your job and career are about providing for yourself and your dependents. Your “personal values” are not lesser just because you took a job that gives you food security and lets you live in a nicer part of town. 

The system is designed to take advantage of people who buy into this having a “calling” bullshit. They’ll eat you alive if you think like that. They’ll pay you $36k/year to work 50 hours a week and still expect more from you. They won’t give you any professional development or training and then they’ll force you to retire early because you can’t keep up with the new, even cheaper hires. And at the end the day, they’ll make sure you’re still saying that old line, “Oh yeah, the pay is terrible, but it’s so rewarding.”

And don’t forget that it’s almost always women who are encouraged into these rewarding jobs for shit pay. Pink-collar jobs are full of professions that have been re-packaged to sell as “callings” instead of bona fide careers: teachers, librarians, nurses, etc. Highly educated women talked into taking bad jobs with worse pay because it’s their calling

I could go on. 

What I really want to do though is encourage you to always think of your career as your career. It is quite literally the thing that keeps you clothed, fed and housed. Career is not a dirty word!  👀 You career should not be dictated by what job gives you the moral high ground or the fuzziest feelings; it should be dictated by the what job gives you the best compensation* for your skills. (*Compensation here does not always equal pure salary, of course.)

when people fancast patroclus as white in tsoa edits 

A friendly reminder to keep an eye on your health during the summer, be it mental or physical! No matter how busy you may be, you have to make time to keep an eye on yourself and prevent any possible issues.

Klance head canons (because why not)

Thought I’d do more head canons for you guys before I study. (because I don’t want to study for my final exam)

- When Keith gets sick he tends to be really tired and super cuddly
- If someone next to him on the couch, he’s on them or always touching them in some way
- ironically lance is always next to him
- “no I don’t sit next to him because I like it Pidge, shut up”
- yes, lance will intentionally sit next to Keith for cuddles
- Keith is too sick to care what people think
- Keith often leans on lances shoulder but he’ll slowly slip down to rest his head on lances lap
- lance will run his hands through Keith’s hair when he does this
- Keith loves it, it helps him fall asleep
- lance is also over protective when Keith is sick
- “no Allura, your pushing Keith to hard he’s sick for heavens sake” “lance I’m fine, honestly” “no Keith your not, you need to rest”!
- tbh Keith really does need to rest because Allura is pushy and Keith doesnt like to admit defeat
- lance sometimes stays with Keith during the night when he really isn’t feeling well
- the first few times lance sleeps on the floor
- Keith invites him into bed every time
- lance tells him that he’s only saying that because he’s sick and isn’t in is right mind
- it only takes Keith two more days to convince lance to share a bed
- lance doesn’t know why he didn’t do this sooner
- Keith looks so soft™ when he’s sleeping
- lance just wants to hug him
- lance will initiate cuddling and say that Keith started it
- lance really, really, really wants to kiss those soft lips while Keith is asleep.
- he does one night when Keith and him are snuggled up close
- lance has a silent panic attack when Keith pulls him closer to his chest
- lance thinks Keith was sleeping
- Keith was definitely NOT sleeping
- Keith fucking died™, and pulled lance closer so he wouldn’t see his smile

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Falling down is the easiest thing in the world. After the first few times, it barely hurts at all. 

No, the hard part is always, always, always to start again.


So, ever since I started watching SKAM there have been a lot of things and thoughts I’ve wanted to share and I guess there won’t be a better time to do it than now.

Where do I even start?

I guess I’ll start by saying some of my favourite things about this show. One of the main things I’ve loved since the very 1st episode is how real it all felt. The fact that all of the actors were teenagers MY AGE, was one of the things that made me feel like SKAM was going to be different.  I adore how real every single character and situation felt. Starting from their pimples, the girls’ makeup which was never perfectly done, their hair that was so often natural, their phones, which they didn’t change every other episode and even had some problems with (Noora’s battery, season 2), the clothes that they kept wearing again and again, their grades that weren’t always excellent, the abundance of people with different body types, skin colour, religion, the fact that we saw them doing (or not doing) their homework… etc. All of those things and more, made everything feel SO real to me and made me connect with this show like I’ve never connected with any other before. Even the fact that there wasn’t that much parent presence or the fact that they went to parties most of the Fridays, felt quite real to me too.

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Stop 👏🏼 pressuring 👏🏼 fic 👏🏼 authors 👏🏼 to 👏🏼 write 👏🏼 things 👏🏼 they 👏🏼 don’t 👏🏼 want 👏🏼 to 👏🏼 write 👏🏼

*Watching random people’s vlogs from Vidcon because I couldn’t go and this makes me feel like I was kind of there, and also because I love seeing Matt and Steph interact with fans*

Person filming vlog: So guys, as you just saw I got to meet Matpat and his wife


(Gif credit to my friend GT_Streams on Twitter, ily B!)

anonymous asked:

so I guess I'm just a bit confused but can you just help clarify some stuff for me: the LGBT+ community is for everyone that's not 'straight,' or rather for everyone that doesn't identify as both heterosexual and heteromantic, for example, heteromantic but bisexual, and these people are welcome in the LGBT+ community. These people are heteromantic but not heterosexual. Asexuality can work the same way; heteromantic, not heterosexual. What exactly makes them not part of the LGBT+ community, then?

im not sure if the overall tone of this ask is mocking or serious but im going to answer it as politely as i can bc i actually have the patience this morning

the lgbt community isnt for “everyone that’s not ‘straight’“. the lgbt community is for those who are either same gender attracted (sga), trans, or both. sga ppl who are cisgender are lgbt, and straight ppl who are trans are also lgbt. so yes, some straight ppl are still lgbt, because they’re trans.

being asexual doesnt inherently make you lgbt; it just means you lack sexual attraction. being aromantic doesnt inherently make you lgbt; it just means you lack romantic attraction. a lack of attraction does not make you lgbt. like i said before, being sga and/or trans makes you lgbt.

there are ace ppl who are romantically sga, and aro ppl who are sexually sga, but ace/aro ppl who are neither are not lgbt unless theyre also trans.

i hope this cleared things up a bit