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Spirits and the danger of spirit work, FAQ

Whenever the topic of spirit work comes up, the two messages I receive more than any other are, “how dangerous is this?” and, “I want to do spirit work, but I’m scared to.”

I can offer nothing but my own experiences. I am going to make this FAQ style to address a lot of the questions I have received over time.

My first and best advice is, if you are afraid of spirits, don’t do spirit work.

Certain spirits can sense fear, and some spirits want you to be afraid so they can feed off of you. When we are afraid, it is difficult to think straight. Some spirits will take advantage of this in order to confuse us and make us susceptible to attack or manipulation.

When you approach spirit work from a place of fear, you present yourself as prey.

If you feel called to do spirit work, yet you are afraid of it, try a lot of introspective journaling and meditation. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What are spirits?
  • Where do spirits live?
  • Why am I afraid of spirits?
  • What do I think will happen if I communicate with spirits?
  • Why do I want to contact spirits?
  • Where did my fear come from?
  • Do I believe all spirits are more powerful than I am? Why or why not?
  • Am I called or destined to work with spirits?

At some point, you were a soul waiting to be reborn in to human form. When you looked upon the world you saw evil and danger, yet you chose to take the risk. Why? Because the rewards of living this life far outweigh the negatives. Because you were called to be human again. Because you knew it was your destiny.

Spirit work is much the same. We can view the world of spirits and recognize there is danger there, and we can also accept this danger and step in to their world anyway. Just because there is danger does not mean it will destroy you if you encounter it, no more than a fender bender will destroy your life in the human world. Just because there is evil does not mean you are guaranteed to encounter it.

Q: Why should I try spirit work?

A: I find people are often eager to try spirit work, perhaps for a number of reasons. I think maybe the main reason is that they want proof or validation that magic and spirits are real. Maybe the second reason is that they want to get something out of it. Well, I have excellent news: both of these things are yours for the taking.

If you want to work with spirits, you have to face both sides of the coin. You must recognize that danger exists in the spirit world, just as it exists in our human world. You must recognize that if you go to the wrong places and interact with the wrong people, you could get hurt. You must take responsibility for your own actions and carefully think about what you do before you do it. But in exchange, you can get a lot. You can get help with magic, or even spirits who will perform magic for you. You can even be taught important magical techniques that you will not find online. You can receive visions of what it is like to live in other worlds, fly as a bird in the sky, or live as a sea urchin deep in the ocean. You can experience what the life of a flame is like, or how it feels to be a cloud. You can find spirits who will spy on others for you and return to you with information. You can contact spirits of wealth and beauty to work out contracts with them. You can evolve yourself mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. You can do much.

I am not here to convince anyone that they should try spirit work. In fact I am of the mind that many people should not. But I am not about to encourage abstinence-only education.

Q: What is my chance of getting hurt?

A: If you lack common sense and are obsessed with the “getting stuff” side of the coin, I’d say your chances are pretty high. If you crave validation and spirit contact and will do anything to get it, your chances are high. If you have zero experience with magic and could not banish a fly, your chances are high.

If you are very mindful of dangers, if you are willing to send spirits away, if you have experience banishing and cleansing, your chances are reduced. If you put safety as your top priority, above validation, above getting stuff, above proving how badass you are, your chances of being hurt go way down.

Q: How should I prepare for spirit work?

A: You must be confident and comfortable with your ability to handle whatever you are about to experience. It could be the spirit of a moth, and you still must be confident that A) you can handle interacting with it, and B) you can send it away when it is time.

Interacting with it means, if it takes on a scary form, will you be afraid? Or will you recognize that the form a creature takes cannot harm you? A moth is still a moth no matter if it looks like a moth or a scary demon. If it takes a beautiful and kind form, are you going to believe everything it says?

Sending it away, 98% of the time, means simply asking. “I am ready for you to leave now. Please go as you came, freely. Thank you for your time.” 2% of the time, it means banishing. I have interacted with a LOT of spirits and I can count on one hand the number of times I have had to perform a real banishing.

In pragmatic terms, you will simply want to feel confident about what you are about to do. Be calm and patient. Have with you a notebook or laptop to record everything that happens (it is totally fine to use technology during rituals; I regularly bring my laptop in to my circle). If you feel it is necessary, wear a protective amulet. Have with you various offerings and your tools of banishment. Go to a safe space where you feel confident. If you feel nervous about working in your home, go outside. If you prefer the safety of your home, go inside.

Clearly write your calls and exactly what you say and do. Keep meticulous records.

Q: What are offerings? Why do I use them? What do I do after I am done with them?

A: Offerings = gifts. They are a sign of appreciation. When you invite someone important to your house, you probably want to make them feel comfortable. “What can I get you? Do you want a snack or maybe a glass of water?” When we invite spirits in to our space, we do the same thing. Instead of leaving the question open ended, simply offer them what you have. “Thank you for coming. May I offer you some incense or this glass of water?”

Offerings that spirits tend to like are the same kinds of things that humans tend to like. Tobacco, any alcohol, any food (unprocessed is best), beverages like tea or coffee with real sugar, fresh water, or incense will work great.

If you know what kind of spirit you are going to contact (which, you definitely should) then gather offerings specific to what they like. A dog spirit would like meat or bones; a cat spirit may enjoy catnip. Bird spirits may enjoy seed or fish. If you don’t know what to offer, simply follow the generic list above.

When I give offerings, I wait until the time is right. For certain friends I will give offerings immediately. For others I will wait until the end of the interaction. I can see when spirits are enjoying offerings, so I wait until I see that they are done. If you cannot see when spirits are enjoying offerings, wait five to ten minutes before disposal. Before disposal, say, “thank you for appreciating my gift to you. It is time for you to go, thank you for coming.” Then simply throw the offerings away.

Pour beverages on to the ground if you can, otherwise pour them down the drain. Bury foods if you can, otherwise toss them in the trash. Throw away ashes from incense.

Q: What are tools of banishment? How do I use them?

A: These tools are anything you can use to banish spirits. I use salt (for protection) and flying devil oil (as a weapon). I may post some stuff on banishment later, but right now actual banishment rituals are outside the scope of this FAQ.

Other banishment tools could include any type of banishment powder or oil, a wand, protective or aggressive stones, and a variety of plants such as mullein, rosemary, bay leaf, or basil which can be burned or scattered.

If possible, you would want to burn a purifying and protective plant before and during your spirit work. This will keep malicious spirits at bay and make your working space more comfortable to benevolent spirits. If this is not possible, make a hot tea out of these plants and sprinkle the tea around your space, then let the tea sit and fill the room with steam.

Make a protective grid out of stones and sit in the middle of the grid. Bless a candle and let it’s radiating light keep away malicious spirits. Sprinkle a circle of salt around you (it really does work).

If a spirit is refusing to leave, ask the plant or stone spirits to help you send away this intruder. Mentally force the spirit away while you are in your protected space. Say stuff like, “by the power of rosemary I send you away.” If you are mean like me, corner the spirit and attack it until it is willing to leave of it’s own accord.

Q: What is proper spirit work etiquette?

A: Be polite. Avoid being aggressive. Ask yourself what the spirit is getting out of its interaction with you. Make your time with spirits a two-way street; ensure they get something out of it as well. Often, this will be offerings. When it is time for a spirit to leave, there is no need to shout at it or threaten it. “Thank you for coming. Please leave my home.” If a spirit does not leave, offer it a fair warning. “I am prepared to defend my home and send you away by force.” Most spirits do not respond when I threaten them. They respond when I pick up a weapon. At this point they will often try to flee. I recommend letting them go instead of being sadistic and torturing them. If a spirit seems prepared to fight, well, it’s time to fight.

Offer your gifts once to each spirit, either as they arrive or before you ask them to leave. Give them five to ten minutes to enjoy the offerings. It makes more sense to me to wait until the spirit leaves to share the offerings, otherwise they may feed then leave before you have a chance to talk! Always be humble and thankful.

Remember to never ask the spirit for it’s name, and never share your name. Rather, say, “what may I call you?” and say, “you may call me [magical name]. It is alright if a spirit does not want to give you anything to call it by.

Never force a spirit to stay in your life if it is angry, causes you fear, or wishes to move on. Once I received a series of messages from a young spirit worker who found a spirit’s home and brought it to her house. The spirit was clearly enraged and sent her visions to return him to his resting place, yet she refused – because this was the first spirit she encountered, and she wanted that “real” experience. Do not be like this person. Leave spirits alone if they want to be left alone.

Q: How do I know a spirit is gone if I do banish it?

A: The spirit will no longer appear in your mind’s eye. You will not feel as if there is a presence in your home. You should feel alone and unwatched.

Q: How do I craft protections for spirit work?

A: Simply research any magical protections. Any solid spell will do.

Q: How do I fight a spirit if I need to?

A: I’m not going to post this one publicly. If you already have a spirit that won’t leave without a fight, send me a private message.

Q: What are some red flags?

A: Again, this is all from my experience. Here are all the common spirit “scams” that I am familiar with.

The spirit will begin asking for things over and above what you are prepared to give. Any polite spirit will stick with what you have to offer and appreciate the gesture. Be very, very wary if a spirit starts requesting other things in exchange for its time. Wait until you have more experience before you agree to share things beyond simple offerings.

If a spirit tries to trick you in to sharing personal information, especially your real name, send it away immediately. Spirits can use this information to manipulate you. I would not even tell a spirit the name of my dog before getting to know it very, very well.

The spirit presents itself as being ancient or powerful. Such beings have better things to do then mess with ouija boards or entertain young spirit-workers.

The spirit presents itself as having been with you your entire life, possibly over the course of many lifetimes. It is your special, powerful soul mate and all you have to do to receive your true powers is accept this spirit in to your mind and body. Don’t believe it for one second – send this spirit very, very far away.

The spirit beings to tell you that you are the chosen one, that you are very special and powerful, and that it is ready to serve you. You are being manipulated.

The spirit, for any reason, tries to be granted access to your mind and body. It may offer you great gifts if you agree to it, or assure you that the only way you will find what you seek is to let yourself be open to a powerful creature such as him. This spirit is ready to possess you! All it needs is permission to enter your mind and it will take over. As someone who has battled personal possession before, I do not recommend letting it get to this stage. Send the spirit far, far away.

Q: I got involved in spirit work and things went really, really wrong. What do I do?

A: Send me a message.

Hide and Seek

Eek okay, first Avatar story, first story told with almost an entirely one person cast, first story that deals with some nasty child treatment that made me feel a bit ick writing it. But the thought came to me and it just exploded out over a few days. So here it is, please let me know what you think and how I can improve!

Warnings: Child torture/abuse, mild blood and gore, Zuko is very, very unhappy

“You will learn to firebend, Prince Zuko,” Ozai said with a smile. “Your life depends on it.”

Zuko knew today was going to be a good day.

It started with Father asking them if they would play a game with him. Father never spent time with them, never showed any desire to see them unless necessary. Azula saw him more than he did since Father was currently supervising her firebending training while they looked for another teacher. She’d run off the last one and the one before that. Zuko thinks she’s doing it on purpose, because she enjoys hurting people, because it makes their father proud, maybe both. Since Zuko wasn’t firebending yet, Father never wants to see him. It seems every time he does, Father spends all his time glaring at him, as if that would make him any less worthless. Seven was a little late for someone to start bending but it wasn’t impossible because he had to be a bender, Father and Grandfather said so.

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this burden you bear

I tried to post this last night but the internet was being dumb.

I got a little burnt out from Welcome Heat (ha) so I’m using this to get myself back into the swing of things. Hope you like it.



Hakoda squints in the firelight; Kanna’s hand pauses mid-stir over the pot of five-flavor soup, and on their father’s other side, Sokka looks up, surprised out of his concentration on the blubber jerky he’s been devouring.

“The…the whole city? They want to throw a week-long festival for Katara?” Hakoda’s voice carries the disbelief of everyone in the room, save for two.

Iroh nods. “They wish to honor her for her service and loyalty to the Fire Lord, immediately after his Agni Kai with Azula.”

Katara stares at her plate. The flush is sweeping up her cheeks as she can feel everyone’s eyes on her, but even worse are the tears clawing their way up her throat until her own eyes sting.

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More water bending us sans and ht sans. US sans is a normal waterbender HT sans is a blood bender (magic bender)

slight story under the keep reading link :) if you’re curious.

Horrortale Sans @ sour-apple-studios 

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Professor X - Part 4 (Final chapter)
  • +18 Content. Part 4 of 4. Reader´s perspective.
  • Author: me, so-easy-to-love-me
  • Character: Professor Charles Xavier / James McAvoy, Erik Lehnsherr / Michael Fassbender
  • Genre: Oh, the FEELS. But it was the only way. And yes, SMUT. Yay!
  • Summary: Just after being reunited with her beloved Charles, an enemy much closer than expected compels the young mutant woman to act against her will and forsake all she has ever believed in…

Read Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3

Days of voluntary avoiding and an overall concerning silence followed the events that had shaken all the three of us, Charles, Erik and me. Each of us was in a different wing of the mansion, occupying ourselves with anything that would take our minds off things, still trying to process what had happened and how naïve we had been to let it come thus far. Seeking solitude and remaining in it for a while seemed like a suitable way of dealing; and I felt, or better read, that both men preferred to keep to themselves for some time. I myself however had the urge to clear things, to discuss how we would proceed, if we would proceed with whatever we had at all that was. On top of that, I missed Charles. Too long did I have to do without him that the felt split second we had spent together was not enough, by far not. If I was so generously given this second chance and was here, in this very place with him, I wanted to be closest possible. Just to spend time around him, only being in the same room, feeling his presence would be enough. However, pushing either of the two men with confrontation or forcing statements or half-hearted promises from them wasn´t my nature and not my intention either. After what had happened, I needed to be patient and give them time until they were ready to face all of it and its consequences. Incessantly, my mind whirred with ideas and fantasies of how our situation would affect our future relationship and collaboration. Both Charles and Erik were talking about another war coming and having to work together while I still was ignorant about any details. As before, many years back, I had been left unknowing to be safe. But this wasn´t a choice anymore. I was more than involved already and the love for Charles would forbid me to stay away and not fight by his side.

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Futuristic Love

Originally posted by magnetosmind

Futuristic Love

Peter Maximoff X Reader

Written by: Hannah

Prompt(s): One where the reader has the ability of time travel to her own decided variation of the future and she has a crush on Peter than accidentally brings him to a future where they are together and have children and she’s super embarrassed thinking that he’ll think she’s a creep and the rest is up to you :)

Notes: This is a little long for some reason, so I’m sorry haha. It’s a cute read though, fluffy! Enjoy c:

Warning(s): Fluff.

To be honest, it was an accident. (y/n) had never meant to accidentally time travel, but then again that’s hard not to when the teenager barely had any control over their power in the few seconds that Peter managed to jump scare them. These few seconds were enough for Peter to hang onto them, laughing, as they spiraled into the future.


The first thing that Peter registered was, ‘Ow, everything hurts. Shit, what’d I do this time?’ It was an easy enough question. Carefully, the speedster went back through the events of the day. He had scared the pants off of (y/n), but they weren’t the type to brutally bruise every bone and cell in his body.

Speaking of (y/n), Peter couldn’t think of a moment after their ear piercing scream. And where the hell was (y/n)? The speedster sat up from his sprawled position of the ground and looked around. It was the backyard of the school, but it was oddly empty. Peter could only think that perhaps classes were in session.

Getting up, Peter stretched his tired limbs and brushed off his leather jacket. He could care less if his pants got dirty; they normally got dirty anyways one way or another. Well, without further ado, Mr. Speedy rushed off into the mansion but tripped over his tired limbs at the sight of an old ass Erik Lehnsherr teaching in the foyer, explaining something about the metal chandelier in there. Everyone had to stop once Peter made a burn almost the width of the hallway.

“What the fUCK??” Peter screeched. And no, his voice definitely did not go up an octave, nope nope. Erik looked him over once or twice before frowning, “Well first off, what the fuck to you as well, Peter. You look like you took a trip back into the 80’s. Don’t you have a class to be teaching?”

“No??? I don’t? It’s my day off, I’ll have you know, and I really can’t remember anything past scaring the shit out of (y/n), so if you could point me to wherever the hell they are I’d appreciate that. I’m pretty sure this is not my timeline, so.” Peter grinned his shit-eating grin and stood promptly, waiting for Erik’s answer. The metal bender scoffed and shook his head.

“I wouldn’t put it past you to scare them so much you both time traveled. Well, I’m not sure where young (y/n) is, but they teach a class up on the third floor, 312. Perhaps you’ll find something there.” Peter grinned his thanks and sped off.


(y/n) woke up with a start. Oddly enough, a very old Charles Xavier loomed over them with a few scared but concerned students. It took (y/n) a second not to scream and punch almost all of them. Charles chuckled at that thought and send a wave of calm their way.

“This is a surprise.” (y/n) mumbled. Charles laughed at this and nodded his head, “A surprise for us too. I hope you don’t mind, but I read your thoughts as you were coming to. I’ll get you to Peter and you both can go home soon, don’t worry (y/n).” Charles assured.

“(y/n)? Peter? That’s weird, my mommy and daddy’s names are (y/n) and Peter..” A little boy said. Charles turned his head and blushed a little bit before nodding in response. “Jace, this is (y/n), your mother. You know how she can go back and forth into the future? This is young them. Your father scared them and they accidentally time skipped.”

The little boy, Jace, that (y/n) instantly recognized from Charles explanation was their child. With Peter. PETER. The Peter that (y/n) had a major crush on?? Devilish, snarky, sarcastic, yet loving Peter Maximoff??…..Holy shit.

Jace giggled and waddled forward. He plopped himself down beside (y/n) and gave them a hug. With his powers revealing themselves at an early state, the six year old was an empath. He recognized the feeling of confusion and immediately decided a hug was in order. He nuzzled himself into (y/n)’s arms, who awkwardly nuzzled back.

“J-Jace, huh?”

“Mhmmm. I’m six, and my sister is ten. Her name is Sophie, and she’s with Mommy. I’m spending an afternoon with Uncle Charles in his classes.” Jace said. (y/n) had to laugh a little bit. Holy shit, they had a six year old and a ten year old together…

Charles’s head perked up and he gently tapped (y/n) on their shoulder. He smiled, “I found Peter. He’s heading towards your classroom- older (y/n)’s classroom. He just had an awkward encounter with Erik.” Nodding with a quiet ‘Ahhhh..’ (y/n) stood up and followed Charles towards Peter’s newest location. Jace followed too, waddling along with his hand in (y/n)’s.


Before Peter had even taken his first breath after stopping his run he heard, “Hey, Dad.” Confused, Peter’s head whipped in the direction of a student, younger than most of the teenagers seated in the class. He saw older (y/n), staring in confusion and then realization. He shifted and waved awkwardly. The girl who said hi squinted then poked him, “You aren’t dad, are you?”

“N-No?? Um, sorry, but who are you? Look, I’m just looking for (y/n). We came here by mistake. Uh…I was wondering if you knew were younger (y/n) was, by chance?” Peter asked to the older version of his slight crush. They laughed softly and shook their head.

“No, sorry Peter. I don’t know- but Professor Xavier just told me that he’s on his way. He has (y/n). They’ll be here in five minutes.” Peter nodded and clucked his tongue. He leaned against the doorway and rolled his wrist for Older (y/n) to continue teaching.

“I’m Sophie, you’re daughter in the future, I guess.” Sophie said, scootching closer to him and smiling. Peter smiled back and nodded before frowning, “Wait, with who? Who’s your mom?”

Sophie pointed to the front of the classroom. Peter’s jaw dropped as he realized that he had married then had children with (y/n). Holy shit, cute little (y/n) who was slowly stealing his heart since the moment he had met them married him, a total ass, then decided to have kids with him, again, the total ass. Sophie just laughed at his reaction.

“So….do you like them? Back from your time?” Peter blushed a deep red and looked away. “I don’t know, maybe. I mean, this is only one future out of many. I doubt they like me back.”

“Well, mom’s power is to choose from a variety of their futures. Maybe they do like you.” Peter paled considerably then before blushing another deep red.

“Okay yeah I like them, ok? But I have no idea how I would even tell them that I love them, like no way. It’s not like I’ll just go back up to them once we get back and say ‘Oh (y/n), I’m utterly in love with you-”


“What- OH SHIT (Y/N)-” Peter screeched. The class turned their heads at this point and older (y/n) winked at Charles, then at Peter. Once smirked and the other wanted to die. (y/n) caught his attention again with, “You love me, Peter?”

“S-so what if I do? I mean-”

“You idiot! Jesus everyone probably knows except for you, how are you so oblivious?!” (y/n) said. Peter registered this and they stared at each other. They burst into laughter and Jace giggled, hugging (y/n)’s leg. Sophie pried him off and (y/n) silently admitted that they would miss the little scamp.

“See? She does like you.” Sophie grinned, her multi-colored braces showing. Older (y/n) walked over and gave Peter a hug, then their younger self.

“Sorry I couldn’t talk with you, Peter, but I do have a class to teach. Be careful when scaring me next time, alright?” They joked. Peter laughed too and looked away with the slightest wish to curl up in a hole and die. Charles pushed him towards (y/n) and they said their goodbyes as they returned home.


Charles was practically having a heart attack because his gym teacher and health teacher had both mysteriously vanished. One moment he was going to ask them to come and help prepare lunch and BAM they’re gone. Erik was having a hard time calming him down, since a nervous Charles is worse than a calm Charles.

Erik, despite being nervous, was also anxious about the disappearence of his son. Charles was uncharactaristically scared about them being whisked away.

“I’m sure (y/n) took them to the future Charles, why are you freaking out? They’re probably fine.”

“Well yes Erik, I know, but they never got to tell each other!”

“Tell each other what?”
“That they loved each other!! God, (y/n) was going to confess to him this Friday-”

“Oh my god Charles you drama queen.” Erik groaned. Charles whined an apology. He wasn’t sorry, though.

A bright flash of white caught everyone’s attention. Standing together was Peter and (y/n) and Charles practically cried in relief. Erik rolled his eyes and wheeled Charles out of the room, who began screaming bloody murder at Erik telepathically once he realized that the two were definitely about to kiss.

They did. Peter took (y/n)’s chin and pressed a chaste yet passionate kiss to their lovable lips. (y/n) kissed back, leaning into Peter’s arms. Scott wolf-whistled, Jean hit him upside the head, and Jubilee and Kurt clapped and cheered happily. Ororo gave Peter a thumbs up as Peter grinned into (y/n)’s lips. He couldn’t wait to start their future together. Charles couldn’t wait to murder Erik for making him miss the adorably cute scene.

Nothing Is Ever Lost

It was a clear day in Republic City; Sokka had decided to take a trip out to Air Temple Island to see Aang, Katara and the kids. As soon as he headed up the front steps he saw Bumi running out to greet him.

  “Uncle Sokka! Uncle Sokka!” he rushed toward the other non bender in the family.

  “Hey Boom,” Sokka caught him in his arms and the two began to walk inside. “How are things?”

 “Dad’s all excited because Tenzin showed his first signs of airbending today,” Bumi told his uncle.

  “That’s wonderful,” Sokka told him knowing how much Aang had hoped for an airbender.

   “I guess,” Bumi shrugged. “I was just hoping that maybe Kya would be the only bender so I would have some company.”

  Sokka looked down at the eight year old. “You’ll always have me Bumi, but now the world has more hope for saving Airbenders.”

 The young boy nodded and jumped down from his Uncle’s arms the two of them walking inside the house. They found Katara and Aang eating lunch with Kya and Tenzin. Kya was about four and was playing with her water instead of drinking it and Tenzin at only one year old, was being fed by his father.

  “Sokka,” Katara’s face lit up a little when she saw her brother, getting to her feet to give him a hug.

  “How is my baby sister?” he asked kissing her on the cheek before greeting Aang and Kya.

  “Busy,” she laughed a little. “These two keep us on our toes.”

  “Thankfully Tenzin is much more low maintenance than his brother and sister,” Aang laughed, handing his youngest to his brother-in-law to hold.

  “I heard that you are going to be an airbender,” Sokka cooed to his youngest nephew. “There is almost one of each of us now. Your mommy has her waterbender, your daddy has you, Zuko has his daughter, and I have Bumi. All we need is an earthbender and we can have Team Avatar: The Second Generation.”

  Katara cleared her throat. “Sokka, when was the last time you spoke to Toph?”

  The whole room seemed to go silent before Aang got to his feet. “Kya, Bumi, why don’t we go take Tenzin for a nice walk outside.”

  Aang gave Katara a gentle kiss before he and the kids left the two siblings alone.

  “I haven’t talked to her for awhile,” Sokka finally answered her. “Not since Suki and I broke up, why?”

   “It’s been almost a year since you and Suki broke up, why haven’t you talked to her?” Katara asked.

   “We’re both busy, I don’t know,” Sokka gave a frustrated sigh.  “Besides the last thing I heard was she was going with you and Aang out on a double date.”

  Katara looked at her brother. “That was back when you and Suki broke up as well. What is keeping you from-”

  “Katara can we just drop the subject please?” he asked cutting her off. “I realized how I felt about Toph too late and I’ve lost my chance. I spent all those years trying to make my relationship with Suki work and while I did I lost my chance to be with the one person who understands me, who appreciates me.”

  “My family doesn’t?” Katara asked him teasingly.

  He sighed again. “You know that’s not what I meant Katara.”

  She walked over to him and pulled him into a hug.  “I know Sokka, and I also know that there is always hope. We lived through a war, and lost people we loved, but we’re here and starting to have families of our own. Nothing is ever lost….go see Toph.”

  Sokka just nodded and hugged his sister one last time before leaving air temple island and heading back into Republic City. On his way home, if only to tell his sister he had tried, Sokka decided to swing by the police station. He stopped at the front desk, everyone around the station looked busier than usual, Sokka went up to Toph’s office and stopped at her secretary’s desk.

  “Can I see Chief Bei Fong for a moment?” he asked.

  “I’m sorry Councilmen,” she looked at him sadly. “The Chief isn’t here; we don’t expect her back in the office for another week or so.”

  “Why?” Sokka was worried all of a sudden. “Is something wrong?”

  “No one knows,” she told him sadly. “She has been acting very odd and secretive lately and no one knows why.”

  Sokka was surprised to hear that, the Toph he knew was always very open and up front.

“Thank you,” Sokka said before turning and leaving.

  He was going to get to the bottom of this and if he couldn’t find Toph at her office then he would just have to go to her house. He tried to prepare himself as he got closer but Sokka had never been this nervous in his life, he had no idea how Toph would react to him coming to see her, or if she would even want to see him.  He took a deep breath in and raised his hand to knock but before he could the door opened and Toph was standing there in front of him.

  “It’s good to see you Snoozels,” she said smiling up at him. “It’s been a long time.”

  “Too long,” Sokka replied.

  The two hesitated for a moment or two before Sokka pulled Toph in for a hug. Even now that they were grown up, both of them in their 30’s, Sokka still laughed at how much talker he was than Toph.

  “I stopped by the station to see you,” he told her as she ushered him inside. “They said you weren’t going to be back for at least a week. I was a little worried that you were ill or something bad might have happened.”

  Toph sat down. “It’s been a rough year.”

  “I know what you mean,” Sokka laughed a little as he sat as well.

  Silence passed between the two for another moment or two before Toph finally spoke again.

  “How’s Suki?” she asked.

   Sokka was surprised she didn’t know. “We broke up, almost a year ago.”

  “I’m sorry,” Toph added hurriedly. “I didn’t know, Aang and Katara stopped telling me things about you and Suki because they knew how much it-“

  Toph stopped.

  “How much it what?” Sokka pressed her.

  “They knew how much it hurt me,” she sighed. “I even started dating someone to try and get you out of my system.”

  This was what Sokka had been afraid of.

  “I know; Katara told me that she and Aang were going on a double date with you and him.” Sokka explained. “After Suki and I broke up I asked about you and I knew I was too late.”

  He could see tears in Toph’s eyes and almost wanted to go, he hadn’t come here to cause her more pain.

  “I want you to meet someone Sokka,” she said, wiping away the tears and getting to her feet. “Please?”

  “Of course Toph,” he answered.

   The earthbender got to her feet and walked back down a hallway to where Sokka assumed her bedroom was. He tried to steal himself for whoever came out of the room with Toph, he was ready to look the man she had fallen in love with in the eye, shake his hand and tell him he had better never hurt Toph or he would be sorry. Just the thought of that made his heart ache but Sokka knew that for Toph’s happiness he would do anything. When Toph came back into the room however there was no man with her, she was just cradling something in her arms. She walked back into the living room and Sokka got to his feet.

  “Sokka this is my daughter,” Toph whispered. “Her name is Lin.”

  Sokka leaned over and saw the small baby girl with a tuft of dark hair and her mother’s green eyes looking up at him.

  “She’s beautiful,” Sokka breathed.

  “I know,” Toph smiled a little, still looking with wonder at her child.

 “Who’s the father?” Sokka finally asked the question he was afraid to ask.

Toph didn’t speak for a moment or two. “He’s…not around.”

  “Oh Toph,” Sokka sighed pulling her gently into a hug, Lin still in her arms. “He’s an idiot.”

  Toph began to sob quietly into Sokka’s shoulder, she had been putting on a brave face for a long time and now she was going to be able to tell him everything. The only other people who knew were Aang and Katara, after all Toph wouldn’t trust anyone else to deliver her baby. Finally after a few moments she was able to stop her tears and broke away from Sokka a little.

  “Let me go put Lin back in her crib,” she turned and left again, leaving the usually fearless man to think about what he was actually going to say now.

  Toph came back and she and Sokka both sat down on her couch, more nervous now than they had been before.

  “So, how old is Lin?” Sokka finally asked.

  “Just a week old,” Toph told him. “Katara had been staying with me until a few days ago.”

  He smiled. “So that’s why my sister wanted me to come see you.”

  Toph blushed a little. “Everyone always knew how I felt about you; I didn’t try to hide it. At first I thought my feelings might change or go away but the older I got the stronger they got. I never told you because first of all I thought you already knew and just didn’t say anything to spare my feelings and second of all because of Suki. I only wanted you to be happy Sokka and when I thought you and Suki were happy so I tried to move on. My parents had been trying to arrange a match between me and an old friend of the Bei Fong family. He came to Republic City and the two of us started to date for a few months, I kept trying to make myself feel something for him but it never happened and when I found out I was pregnant he didn’t take it very well but he stayed for the sake of the baby. Then when Katara was able to tell me it was a girl, he left. He said he didn’t want the child if it wasn’t a son to pass on his name to and he didn’t want to have more than one child anyway. I was so ashamed that I tried to keep it a secret from everyone, for a long time only Katara and Aang knew I was pregnant then when I couldn’t hide it I took a sick leave from work and figured I wouldn’t go back until I had figured things out.”

  Toph had tears running in steady streams down both her cheeks now. Sokka reached forward and gripped her hand in his, letting her know he was still there.

  “I made a mistake using him to try and forget my feelings for you, but without him I wouldn’t have Lin. Lin is the most perfect thing in my life; I never thought I would love someone so much especially when I thought I couldn’t have you.”

  “I made a mistake too,” Sokka told her sadly. “My mistake was trying for too long to fix a broken relationship. Suki and I were so young when everything started and I think the older we got, the more we grew apart but I stayed trying to rekindle what we once had. I took her on trips to places that meant something to us but in so many of them all I ended up seeing were memories of you and at the end of the last trip we realized that we weren’t kids anymore and we weren’t in love. I wanted to go to you and tell you how I felt for you but that was the night you went on a double date with her and Aang.”

  Sokka took a deep breath. “I thought I had lost my chance that’s why I haven’t seen you in so long. I was afraid to see you with someone else when it was my own fault that I realized so late that I love you.”

  Those words only made Toph cry harder.

 “I don’t know why I didn’t figure it out sooner,” Sokka laughed sadly, tears in his own eyes. “I guess I couldn’t put the pieces together fast enough. You know I’m not the brightest.”

  “What pieces Meathead?” Toph asked.

  “You used to grip my arm when you couldn’t see,” Sokka began to explain. “If we were ever somewhere that didn’t have a lot of earth or metal you would hold onto me. Until a few years ago I never understood how much faith you were putting in me, how much trust, how much love you were putting in me letting me be your eyes. Then I thought about how the best earthbender the world has ever known, the inventor of metalbending, would lean on me, a non bender for support when she needed someone. You are one of the most powerful benders ever and yet for some reason you turn to me when you can’t see. That’s what love is, trusting someone else to take care of you, to watch out for you, to save you. You’ve saved me quite a few times over the years and I don’t know if I’ve ever thanked you for that.”

“You’re welcome,” she whispered.

  “But more than anything love is about wanting the other person to be happy,” Sokka explained. “I love you so much that if you had brought a boyfriend or a husband out here to meet me I would have been able to shake his hand and wish you both the best because I will never be happy unless you are happy too….that is love.”

  Toph moved closer to Sokka, taking his face between her hands and making him look at her. She knew that she couldn’t see him but she wanted him to see the feelings in her face.

  “Do you remember the air ship?” she asked, knowing that he did. “I dream about that moment all the time. When we both fell and you grabbed me all I could feel was your hand. I was dangling above the water and you were all I could feel; in that moment you were my whole world and when I started to slip you caught me again.”

  “I was so scared of losing my grip,” Sokka confessed. “If you had fallen I would have dove after you, I would never have stopped trying to save you.”

  “Then,” she kept going. “When we got off the airship, it was me you leaned on and not Suki and I guess I read too much into that moment.”

  “You didn’t,” he tried to assure her. “It just took me longer to get there. I told Katara earlier that you were the only one who ever understood me, ever appreciated me. You’ve never wanted to change me, but you aren’t afraid to tell me when I’m wrong, you make me laugh, you keep my on my toes, you give me everything I’ve ever wanted.”

  Toph was at a loss for words this time so Sokka leaned in and kissed Toph as he laced his fingers though hers. Toph melted into Sokka’s touch and as they kissed it was almost as if she could see a whole other world where the two of them would make their lives together. After a few moments they broke away from each other and Sokka touched his forehead to Toph’s, their hands still joined.

  “The spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly,” she told him. “I love you Sokka.”

  “I love you too Toph, I’m sorry it took me so long to figure that out.”

  “I’ll forgive you this time Meathead,” she laughed.

  The two leaned back on the couch wrapped in each other’s arms and just began to talk, to catch each other up on their lives. As the sun set Toph fell asleep in Sokka’s arms, clinging to him just like she always had. Sokka leaned down and kissed her forehead when he heard crying coming from the back. Without waking her Sokka got off the couch and went to Lin’s bedroom, he leaned over her crib and as careful as he could lifted her up into his arms. He sat down in the rocking chair that was next to her crib and began to rock back and forth. He looked down at the tiny little girl, his eyes filled with wonder and lovingly kissed her tiny nose.

  “I love your mother so much, I thought I had lost my chance to be with her but your Aunt Katara was right….nothing is ever lost. I might not be your father Lin,” he told her as the baby began to drift back to sleep. “But if you would like I will be more than happy to be your Dad.”

  Lin yawned and one of her tiny hands gripped Sokka’s finger.

He softly began to sing “Leaves from the vine, falling so slow, like fragile tiny shells, drifting in the foam

  What he didn’t notice was Toph standing in the doorway, tears once again in her eyes. She didn’t need sight to recognize that this was her family and it was perfect no matter how long it had taken to get there.

    So this is my first Tokka fic and my first AtLA fic so be gentle. I had to get my Tokka feels out in the open and how I think my OTP could become canon. I was also inspired by this picture http://www.deviantart.com/art/Tokka-Here-for-you-303869625. I also looked into ages and Tenzin during Legend of Korra is 51 and Lin is 50 which means Katara was 34 when she had Tenzin so that is where I got the ages. I guessed at Bumi’s age so don’t hurt me. If you liked this at all please give me a review or let me know what I can do to improve it. Thanks for taking the time to read.




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Hi! Happy Monday! Maybe some Percabeth with the whole the world is black and white until you meet your soulmate thing.

Happy Thursday! This is a terribly long drabble, but it is full of so much fluff, and I hope you like it :)


Annabeth doesn’t mind seeing the world in monochrome. It’s comforting, really. She has her job, and her goals, and her routine. Black and white. She wakes up early and goes to the gym, showers before work, sits at her desk with her precise lines and measurements and formulas; she eats a salad for lunch, take-out for dinner, and makes herself comfortable at the end of the day on her ridiculously expensive and comfortable couch with a bottle of ridiculously cheap wine.

She’s a woman of good taste with a small budget. What can she say? It takes her back to college.

And, speaking of college, Annabeth can just now see her old roommate and best friend jumping up and down at the front of the waiting crowd outside airport security. Piper, dressed in shorts and high tops and a loose tank, holds up a huge, glittering sign that reads ‘ANNABETH!’ It’s decorated with flowers and stickers and paint in differing shades of gray.

It’s most likely the most obnoxiously colorful sign in existence, which makes Annabeth more than grateful that she is only seeing it so muted.

“So that is terrible,” Annabeth says when she gets close enough, dropping her bag and purse to wrap her arms around Piper. “Please don’t tell me how much you wasted on that thing.”

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Unknown (part 3)

Paring: That will depend on the Reader and the Characters she’ll meet throughout the story.

Prompt: You knew the truth or a part of it, but none of that will mean a thing unless you help stop Raven

Warnings: Some cursing

Length: 3,451 words

Part 1 / Part 2 

Your name: submit What is this?


You spent the rest of the flight thinking over what Erik had said and Charles noticed your silence, because, well, you were silent. Charles didn’t know that Logan had told you, because he was in the cockpit with Hank when you found out about the Sentinels and what the government did to you.

You tucked your legs underneath you and leaned a shoulder on the wall beside the window. Not the exact position you should be as the plane was landing, but then again, you had more important things to worry about. For example, you really wanted a shower and a change of clothes.

As the plane touched down, you turned your head and took a moment to examine Charles. He was thinking about three people: Raven, Erik, and you. He was very apprehensive about the coming events and you decided to condole with him, until you happened upon something that made your blood boil.

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MIND TRICKS PART THREE:http://imaginingbucky.tumblr.com/post/147467659464/mind-tricks-part-three



You turned around hesitantly and saw that Bucky was now sitting up in his bed.

“What’s going on?” He asked. His voice was thick with sleep and a little hoarse because of his screaming from his nightmare.

“I heard you having a nightmare and I came to see if you were okay.”

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Chapter Two (newly added chapter)



One thing I could say I definitely missed about California was the beaming sun that always seemed to leave me looking a few shades darker. I had been back in LA for three weeks now and the entire time had been spent day and night with my girls.  It no longer felt like I was the outsider and instead feelings of how our lives use to be was now taking over my fears and shyness.

Mijo and Ty had also been present figures within the past few weeks and it felt beyond amazing to be around two male figures who I knew loved and would protect me from anything or anyone.

“I feel like death”, I heard someone groan as I lifted up my head from the pool lounge chair I had been lying on for the past few hours. Looking up my gaze fell onto Ally’s as she walked over and sat on the end of the lounge chair that Bella was currently occupying, “Well how else did you expect to feel after downing a whole bottle of Jack on your own?”, Bella mumbled what I had just been thinking.

Of course, my arrival back to town also meant weekend benders and as always Ally decided to go all out as soon as she saw a female all up on Ty. When Bella first told me about their little relationship, I thought shit was cute as hell but only after 3 weeks I realized why everyone gets so annoyed with their banter.

“Why didn’t you stop me?”, She groaned out as I winced at her matted hair that stuck to her skin while her make up ran down her face, “Because there is not stopping your aggressive ass once you’ve started”, I chuckled as I turned around in my seat and picked up my bikini top so I could put it back on.

“Oh come on girl I am not that bad” She laughed as Bella and I side eyed her at the same time. Laughing as I shook my head, I stood up from the lounge chair and stretched out my tight limbs as my gaze fell onto the view that was Hollywood. Though the apartment was beyond amazing, I think my absolute favorite thing about it would be the breath taking view.

“So Breezy was asking about you AGAIN”, Bella suddenly blurted out causing me to break out in a blush while I tried to hide my grin, “So?”, I managed to get out casually as I didn’t want them to know that the very mention name of his name gave me butterflies, “Bitch what you mean so? You blushing so hard right now that you are as red as a lobster”, She laughed which only seemed to make me blush harder.

“What he say?”, I muttered as I took a seat on the edge of her lounge chair that she was currently stretched out on, “Same thing he’s been asking for the past 3 weeks, your number”, She smirked as I playfully rolled my eyes although from the inside I was beaming that he was still even trying to get to know me, “So why don’t you just let me give it to him? Judging by the giddy face you got on, you like him”, Ally teased as I once again playfully rolled my eyes.

“I do not like him, I don’t even know him”, I shrugged as I stood up and grabbed my phone before making my inside so we didn’t have to have this conversation for the 10th time, “Oh no you don’t, bring you tiny ass back here”, I heard Bella yell from behind me, though I was already halfway to the kitchen and I was beyond starving.

Heading straight to the fridge, I started to gather all the ingredients to make myself a sandwich while letting out a sigh at the sound of the girls coming in. I knew the conversation was far from over; it was something they insisted we’d talk about every chance they got. It wasn’t that I didn’t think Chris was charming and absolutely handsome, it was more the fact that he was known as not only the biggest drug dealer down the west coast but he was also a notorious playboy.

“Can we please not?”, I signed before anyone of them could start, “Why not KiKi?”, Bella groaned as I mentally rolled my eyes, “Bells he has a different woman in his bed every night, he’s a drug lord and not to mention, he’s most likely a killer. Getting with him is just setting myself up with heartbreak and failure and right now I don’t need that”, I stressed in a pleading tone so they could just drop it.

“Okay fine, we wont bring it up anymore but let me say one more thing. Chris has never and I mean never showed interest in girls, other than fucking and dumping them. With you though, Ive never seen him chase after a girl the way his doing. He really, really likes you KiKi and of all the people in the world I thought you would be the least judgmental about a person and give them a chance”, Bella sighed before heading out the kitchen with Ally following behind her.

Instantly feeling bad, I leaned back against the counter and let out a frustrated sigh, was I being too harsh and judging him from what I had heard? What Bella didn’t understand though was that I had been through something that changed my view on not only the world but on people too. I couldn’t set myself up for any more disappointment or hurt, especially after I had finally found a little courage to start living again.

Eyeing out the half made sandwich, I pushed off the counter and proceeded to finish it off as my mind replayed the events of that night I met Chris. The chemistry was most definitely there and that was a huge deal for me because I was usually so quiet, shy and awkward.  So the very fact that he got me to open up and loosen up with a few minutes, spoke volumes.

Biting into my sandwich, I couldn’t help but let out a little grin at the memory of Chris being so kind to me. Maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to get to know him a little? I mean I did come back to LA to start fresh, right?


“Don’t you think your pushing whole Chris thing on her a little too hard?”, Ally mumbled as she followed me into my bedroom and proceeded to collapse back on my bed, “Maybe, but I really think they are perfect for each other. Ki needs someone to bring her out of her shell and protect her and who better than Chris? And Chris needs a good girl who will show him how to love and settle down in life and who better than KiKi?”, I explained as I grabbed my phone and texted back Mijo that I was coming over tonight.

“I just think she needs to chill, I mean she JUST got back to LA”, Ally argued causing me to roll my eyes as I headed for the bathroom, only for her to be hot on my trails, “What’s with you? You’ve been trying to make sure they don’t link up, why?”, I frowned as memories of the past week filled my head. Ally had literally been on a mission to separate Chris and Kiara from seeing each other and ole girl thought no one noticed but I sure as hell had.

“I just think she could do better?”, She shrugged as I slipped out of my bikini and proceeded to step into the shower, “What someone like Tyga?”, I blurted out before I could stop myself. Ally was literally the last person on this earth that should be giving out advice. I mean not only are her and Ty on and off every other week but she seriously had the worse track record of men, “Low blow bitch”, I heard her huff as I let out a chuckle while shampooing my hair, “And that’s the point, I date Ty who is just like Chris so if anything I know what she’s setting herself up for and in reality im just protecting her”,  Ally argued as I mentally shot myself for not locking her out of the bathroom with her stupid ass logic.

“Maybe you just don’t know how to handle a man”, I mumbled under my breathe and judging by the fact that she didn’t respond I knew she didn’t hear. Not even tryna argue about this anymore, I blocked out her continued rant and quickly finished up my shower so I could get out of there. Turning the water off, I grabbed two towels and wrapped one around my body and the other for my hair, “Where you off too anyways?”, Ally suddenly asked causing me to jump back as I had forgotten she was even still in here, “Going to Mijo’s for some quality time”, I quickly added the last part so she wouldn’t insist on tagging along.

“Is Tyga gonna be there”, She asked as I mouthed it in sinc, due to her being so damn predictable, “I don’t think so, call and ask?”, I shrugged as I headed for my wardrobe and pulled out some sweats and a midriff, “We aren’t talking right now, can you call and ask”, She pleaded as I bit down on my tongue so I wouldn’t say some foul shit.

“I’on how many times I gotta tell you Ally, Im not getting in between you guys”, I said as calmly as possible while increasing my speed to get dressed and out of there.”Bellllll come on, pleaseeeeeeeeeee”, She continued to plead in a baby tone as I ran some leave in treatment through my wet hair. Stuffing my feet in my jordans, I ignored her pleaded and grabbed my keys before rushing out of the room.

Jogging down the stairs, with her hot on my heels, I headed to the kitchen when Kiara was still stuffing her face with food. Kiara was a petite girl but boyyyy could that girl eat and what sucked was she could eat the greasiest of foods and never put on any weight, “You heading out?”, She mumbled with a mouth filled with food causing me to giggle at how adorable she looked, “Just gonna go spend a few hours with Mijo and Ill be back”, I informed her as I gave her side hug as she eyed out Ally who was still nagging behind me, “Whats up with her?”, She whispered as I let out a sigh, “Shes being annoying, enjoy the afternoon with her”, I chuckled as I rushed towards the door before either one of them could protest.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved Ally but she was the type of girl that you could only take small doses. Especially over this last year with Kiara gone and her hooking up with Tyga , she had been become someone I had to frequently refrain myself from strangling. Shaking my head at the thoughts, I headed towards the underground car back and jumped into my range rover which was a birthday present from my baby Mijo.

Pulling out, I headed straight to in and out and got the boys and me some greasy burgers, as I knew they would all be there. Yes, I know I told Ally I didn’t know if Tyga would be there but truth be told, Ty and the boys asked me not to tell her as they couldn’t be bothered for her loud mouth.

Once I had the food, it took me another 10 minutes before I pulled up to the house Mijo owned. Hundred thousand dollar cars sat parked in the driveway of the multi million-dollar house that Mijo had brought a year ago. I originally moved in with him when he brought it but after I heard the news of Kiara coming back and her wanting us to move in with her I made the decision to do so. Mijo being the understanding male he was, never questioned it and understood that I needed to make up for lost time with her.

Parking my car next to Chris’ black Lambo, I grabbed the box that contained all our food and drinks and headed to the front door. Pulling out my keys, I headed straight for the den where the boys usually hung out when they came here. The sound of their laughter and video games could be heard and as soon as I opened the door I was hit with a face full of smoke, “Ayeeee Bellaaaa”, I heard someone holler as I swatted the smoke from the front of my face and headed towards the table, “How have you guys not suffocated yet?”, I muttered as I placed the food down and headed straight to the windows so I could open them up and get some fresh air in here.

“You get us grub?”, Tygas rude ass asked as I headed back to the table and started handing everyone their food, “Here fatty”, I muttered as I handed Tyga his food and proceeded to give Wiz, Bow, Chris theirs. “Hey baby”, I mumbled as I pecked Mijo’s lips a few times before handing him his own burger, “Wassup baby”, He muttered as patted the side beside him and proceeded to munch into his food.

“Why you aint bring Kiara?”, I heard Chris mumble with a mouth full of food. The boys all looked over at each other before chuckling at the question Chris has been asking every time I see him, “She wanted to have a quiet night in, she officially starts college tomorrow”, I beamed with excitement at the thought of attending college with my best friend.

“Oh word? You gonna give me her number to wish her luck?”, He asked slyly causing me to laugh at how cute it was that he was trying so hard to get at her, “No to the number but I was thinking we could all hit the club this Friday, you know to celebrate her first week at college”, I shrugged as I came up with a lame excuse to get them together, “Word? Yea we down for that”, Chris said almost instantly as I grinned at his eagerness, “ Whose WE? Cause you aint even wait and see if niggas aint got other plans?”, Tyga’s smart ass had to add in causing Chris to mug him as the grin washed off his face.

“I’on care if it yo moms birthday, we going”, Chris grumbled sternly causing me and Mijo to laugh under our breathe, “Nigga whatever”, Ty chuckled as he waved him off and turned his attention back towards me, “Ally try to come through?”, He asked as I once again mentally rolled my eyes at these two, “Yea and that’s the last time I lie to my friend for y’all next time y’all on your own”, I warned as I used a napkin to wipe my lips.

“What she doing tonight?”, He asked, completely ignoring what I had just said, “She going out with some nigga”, I muttered under my breath although he seemed to have heard it as his head snapped up while clenching his jaw, “Calm down I was playing”, I quickly said as Mijo chuckled beside me and shook his head, “Hell naaa”, Ty muttered as he stood up and pulled his phone out of his pocket before storming out the room.

“Opps?”, I shrugged with a frown while the boys all let out a laugh they had been holding in, “You know you just started a fight right?”, Mijo chuckled as he tossed his rubbish on the table and sat back on the couch. Wrapping his arm around my shoulders, I leant my head on his chest, “They needa stop playing with each other and just make that shit official already”, I muttered with annoyance while the boys just nodded with agreement.

“This is why a nigga is single, no girl means no stress”, Bow hollered as he dapped Wiz and than Chris, “Nigga why you dapping him when yo ass is thirsty for Kiara”, Mijo laughed as he called Chris out. Sucking his teeth, he pulled out a cigarette as he waved him off, “Aint no one thirsty nigga”, He huffed before placing the smoke in his mouth and lighting it up.

“Keep telling yourself that. We’ll see on Friday night”, I smirked as he looked over and lowly grinned as he shook his head. I was determined to get Kiara and Chris together, I didn’t know what it was but I could feel it in my gut that they were meant for each other.

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Percy is the Avatar AUPercy was born into the Southern Water TribeJason is his Airbending Teacher from the Western Air TempleLeo is his Firebending TeacherHazel is his Earthbending (She is also a metal bender) Teacher The Hunters of Artemis are the Kyoshi WarriorsAnnabeth is the bright creative excellent fighter (Annabeth is also Grovers cousin and Percy’s childhood crush, which is reciprocated)Grover is his best friend from childhood.

  • Percy was practicing his water bending with his best friend, Grover. Well, it was more like Percy was practicing and Grover was helping. 
  • Percy was pretty mad, his whole life he thought he was normal. He thought he would find his place in the Water Tribe Navy and make some money for his mother. 
  • But no, he had to be the Avatar. His mother knew and didn’t even say anything to him. 
  • He threw the water he was practicing with down onto the ice. 
  • “Hey man!” Grover exclaimed. “Watch it.”
  • “I can’t believe everyone kept this secret from me. And now I got to learn three more elements!” 
  • “You can do it. And the Avatar is an important person.”
  • “But why does it have to be me?” He whined. “I just wanted to be in the Navy, provide for my mom, marry some girl-”
  • “Annabeth.” Grover supplied.
  • “And have a family.” Percy slightly glared at him.  “That’s all I want. I don’t want to protect and save the world.”
  • “Everyone knew it was going to be a water bender.” Grover told him. “It was either going to be someone from the Southern or Northern tribe.”
  • “But why me?” He sighed. “Why am I the unlucky one?!” 
  • “Percy, maybe it won’t be that bad. You got three more elements to learn. It might be fun. Hey, I’ll go with you on your journey!” Grover smiled. “It’ll be fun.”
  • Percy took a deep breath. “Alright. Might as well take this head on. We need to plan our journey before leaving.”
  • “You know who would help? Annabeth, she’s great at all of this stuff.” Grover told him. “And you can see her.”
  • “Shut up.” Percy blushed. “Let’s just go talk to her.”
  • The two of them went to Annabeth’s house. She was tending to the fire she was using to dry clothes. 
  • “Oh, hey Percy, Grover.” She smiled. “What brings you two here?” 
  • “I found out that I’m the Avatar.” Percy told her. “And I need to find teachers to help me learn the other four element. Can you help us figure out our path for our journey?” 
  • “Sure.” She smiled. “So we can try all the closest tribes first then go north.” She said as she went into the house. 
  • “We?” Percy asked.
  • “I want to come with you.” She told him. “And I’m the only one who can read these maps, unless the two of you can read coordinates.” 
  • Grover looked at Percy as if he was saying, “She has a point.” He went over to his cousin and looked at the maps she brought out. 
  • Annabeth made a plan for them and they agreed to leave tomorrow on Annabeth’s dad’s ship. 
  • They headed to Kyoshi Island first. Annabeth’s only request on this journey. She wanted to see the Warriors in action.
  • So when they got to Kyoshi Island, Percy felt a swell of energy when he saw Kyoshi’s statue. One of his past lives were standing right in front of him.
  • They were greeted by their leader, Thalia. She was ready to fight the intruders until Percy stated that he was the Avatar. Then he was greeted with open arms. 
  • “So the Warriors, they follow the fighting and beliefs of Kyoshi?” Percy asked.
  • “Yes. We honor her in everything we do.” Thalia replied.
  • “Do you think you can teach me how to Earth bend?” Percy asked, hopefully. 
  • “No, none of us are Earth benders. We are just warriors.” She replied. “But the Earth Kingdom will have a lot of people who will be willing to help you.”
  • “Thank you.” Percy smiled.
  • Annabeth was learning from the Kyoshi Warriors the couple of days they spent there. Percy was amazed how agile and swift she was. 
  • “Would you like to join us? We could use a great warrior like you.” Thalia offered on their last day there.
  • “Uh, I’ll think about it.” Annabeth replied. “Right now, I need help Percy on his journey.” 
  • Thalia smiled and nodded. 
  • They next headed to the Fire Nation. There they met Leo, the son of the blacksmith. They found him while he was working on a project and he lit up the metal he was working on.
  • “T-The Avatar?” Leo was shocked when he heard the trio’s story. “Yeah, I’ll help you. Nothing exciting ever happens to me.”
  • “Thanks Leo.” Percy smiled. 
  • “Fire bending might the hardest element for you.” Annabeth warned him. “It’s the opposite of water.” 
  • “I can do it.” Percy smiled. “I’ll work hard at it.”
  •  After a day, Percy was ready to give up. He couldn’t even get a spark out of him. 
  • “Fire is too hard.” Percy complained. “I thought this would be easy for the Avatar.”
  • “Percy, it took years for you past lives to master the four elements. You just started.” Annabeth told him. “You’re going to do fine once get started.” 
  • “It’s so hard though. Maybe I should have started with air or earth.” He sighed as he looked at the roof of Leo’s house. 
  • “Man, relax. I bet you’ll do fine.” Grover told him. “All the elements are hard to learn.”
  • Percy sighed and stared at the ceiling until he passed out.
  • Him and Leo worked on his fire bending for a week before a spark came out of Percy. After that, it became easier to bend fire. 
  • Leo was proud, he actually taught the Avatar how to fire bend. All his teaching came from his dad. 
  • As the trio was about to leave, Leo ran to catch them. 
  • “I want to come with you.” Leo smiled. “It would be great to see the rest of the world.” 
  • They agreed and headed to the Western Air Temple where they met a teen named Jason who was willing to teach Percy.
  • The two of them butted heads at first. Both of them had strong personalities that clashed.
  • “He’s so strong headed.” Percy complained to Annabeth.
  • “Sounds like someone I know.” She replied. “Percy, he’s your teacher and you should listen to him.”
  • “I’m trying.” He sighed. “But he’s just so difficult. I thought air nomads were suppose to be friendly.” 
  • “You need to be open minded like they are, maybe that’ll help.” She suggested.
  • He nodded and tried to do that the following day. Leo decided to join them so he could learn some new moves. 
  • Air bending seemed easier that day, once Percy learned how to control his breathing. He was able to get a little gust out of him. 
  • While Percy was learning how to control the four elements, Annabeth and Grover were walking around the temple to learn about the air nomads. 
  • They were there for three weeks so Percy could master the element. Him and Jason got closer since then. Percy didn’t want to leave him but Jason insisted on staying in the western air temple.  
  • “We’ll see each other again.” Jason promised. “I’m needed here right now and I wish to go on your journey.”
  • Percy nodded as the four of them said their goodbyes before heading off to the Earth Kingdom.
  • “So, you’re almost done mastering the four elements.” Annabeth smiled. “How do you feel about that?”
  • “I don’t know. That this whole Avatar thing is way too real.” He replied. “Just to think that my life was normal over two months ago.” 
  • “Why would you want to be normal? You were destined for great things. Always knew that.” She told him.
  • “You knew I was destined to be the avatar?” He asked.
  • “No, I knew you were going to do great things, whether it was following your dad’s footsteps in the navy or being the avatar.” She told him.
  • “But being normal sounds so great right now. Being back in the southern water tribe, making dinner with my mom and hunting for fish to eat. Grover trying to convince me to…uh…do something crazy.”
  • “Crazy?” She asked. “Like what?”
  • “Uh, pulling pranks and stuff.”
  • “Ah, I see.” She said. 
  • Percy looked at the ocean in front of him. He was trying to get the courage to as Annabeth out for years. Right before they started this journey, Grover was telling him that Annabeth liked him back. But it was still nerve wrecking to ask a girl out.
  • They arrived at a small town near the ocean. Percy was hoping to find a teacher there so they wouldn’t have to travel too far into the Earth Kingdom. And if they did, well they couldn’t go too far by boat and by foot would take too long.
  • The four of them walked around and asked multiple people if they knew anyone who could teach Percy how to Earth bend.
  • That night they heard some alarms go off at a jewelry store and Percy was ready to jump into action. He could capture a robber.
  • He saw someone run pass him and he used his air bending to wrap around them and pull them back to him. 
  • The person raised a wall of dirt to cut off the supply and started to run. Percy ran after them. They ran through the center of town, where a water fountain was and Percy used his water bending to wrap a vine of water around the person’s wrist and froze it. 
  • He ran to the person to realize it was a girl, a couple of years younger than him. 
  • Her eyes were begging him to let her go. “Please, let me go.” 
  • “Why would I let you go? You stole from a jewelry store.” He asked her. 
  • “Cause…cause…please don’t let me go to jail. My sister and brother are waiting for me and we needed some money.” Her gold eyes were tearing up. 
  • Percy took her arm and let the water unfreeze before pulling her into an abandon ally way. 
  • “Why do you need the money?” Percy asked. 
  • “Cause we’re orphans. We don’t want to go to the home, they aren’t nice people and we need food and clothes.” Tears were running down her face. “I was only trying to help my family. Please don’t send me to jail.”
  • Percy let out a breath. How could he send her to jail? She was just a kid who wanted to help her family.
  • “Alright. You’re going to leave the jewels in a bag and I’ll make sure the police finds it. Then you’re going to show me to your family.” He told her.
  • The girl handed over all the jewels she hand and Percy wrapped them up in a bag. He brought the girl to the edge of the ally way and blew the bag towards the police before hiding back in the shadows. 
  • The girl showed Percy to a huge boulder. She pushed the boulder away before walking inside with Percy. There was a small fire going with two other kids inside. 
  • The boulder door closed behind them.
  • “Hazel, where were you?” The boy demanded. 
  • “I was trying to find us food and better clothes.” She replied. “But I got caught.” 
  • Percy looked at her. “You were stealing jewels.”
  • “Hazel!” The older girl was in shock. “You can’t do that!” 
  • “But Bianca, my metal bending-”
  • “Metal bending? You can metal bend?” Percy asked.
  • “Yeah. Sometimes my metal bending gets me into trouble.” Hazel blushed. “I taught myself.”
  • “That’s so cool.” Percy smiled. “Think you can teach me?”
  • “Teach you? You’re a water bender.” She replied.
  • “Actually, I’m the avatar.” Percy told her. “I still need to learn Earth bending. I can help you out with food and clothes as payment.”
  • Hazel looked at his siblings and they didn’t know what to say. “Okay. I’ll do it.”
  • The next day, Percy started his lessons from Hazel. She was a pretty good teacher in his opinion. She was patient, kind, and always trying to help him improve. 
  • Leo watched him as he practiced with Hazel. Annabeth and Grover were talking to her siblings. 
  • He was there for two weeks before he mastered earth bending. Metal bending was something that he was still struggling with, but the four elements were mastered. 
  • “Alright, Avatar.” Annabeth said as they were looking at the ocean where their boat was docked. “Now what?” 
  • “I don’t know. Head home and lay low until the world needs me.” He told her. “But it’s our last day in the Earth kingdom and I saw a nice little cafe. Do you…uh…do you want to get dinner with me tonight? Just you and me?”
  • Annabeth smiled. “I thought you would never ask.”

anonymous asked:

I don't get the appeal of kuvira? I like the character and I think she's a great villian, but I don't understand why everyone seems to be madly in love with her and are all "OH KUVIRA THE BEST THING TO EVER HAPPEN" so as an uneducated soul in the ways of Kuvira can a Kuvira lover like yourself explain why you love her so much?

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh son take a seat

I love her for a lot of reasons. I have always been drawn to female villains, (Azula in Avatar before this, even) but Kuvira completely did me in. I will be the first to admit I am attracted to her, so that doesn’t help my case. Seeing her with her hair down did me in. 

But I think what a lot of others saw in her (myself included) is that up until the finale, she seemed unbreakable. She was constantly 5 steps ahead of anything the Krew planned, or anyone, really. She was incredibly strategic, always having a back up plan, and amazingly intelligent. Besides that, she was shown to be a master metal bender - especially in battle. Zhu Li betrayed her, and she knew she had information - so she attacked early. 

But we all knew she had her weakness. There was no way she as impenetrable as she appeared to be. Korra tried to use Baatar Jr as leverage against her, but clearly, that wasn’t enough. 

And it was her abandonment issues. 

Who would have ever thought, that, this master metal bender, who conquered an entire nation, was hurting so badly over something that happened to her so long ago? Her parents abandoned her when she was but 8 years old - and her relationship with Su is up for interpretation, but I personally don’t think it was the mother/daughter one that Su seemingly implied, because if it had been, Kuvira wouldn’t have been so obviously affected by this. That she did what she did because she wanted to help her people in the best way she knew how to, because she felt she had to do something, in the way that no one ever helped her? Even if it meant sacrificing her fiance? She did what she had to do, for what she felt best, for her nation. I’m not saying all of her choices were the correct ones, or that her actions are entirely forgivable, but in her mind, she was doing what was best. Being in control was incredibly important to her, because her life and decisions were the only thing she felt she had control over, she obviously couldn’t rely on others no matter how much trust she seemingly put in them - going all the way back to her parents when she was young. 

I think we all can relate to that bit, in wanting to help others in the way no one ever helped us. I, personally, can relate to her abandonment issues as well - not that my parents left me, but with friends when I was a kid, but I’m not going to make this about me. 

She only broke because she had no other options. She said herself, “I’ll never give up,” and I think that’s something so many admire about her character. She was obviously injured, and so close to being defeated, but she kept trying to fight for her cause. Korra was able to get through to her when she was at her lowest point, in Korra’s element (the Spirit World), and Kuvira thought they were dead for a moment. She knew she had nowhere to go, nowhere to run, and had to rely on Korra to have an understanding of anything.

Korra didn’t have to save her life, but she did - and Kuvira acknowledged that. It takes a strong person to admit their wrong doings and apologize, which she did. 

But, even with what what we saw of her in the finale, she was a strong, fearless leader. And not only that, she was a woman - I don’t want to get all SJW here but I think that’s equally as important. LoK had so many awesome strong female characters, Kuvira included. 

I feel like I am forgetting so many things, but that is why I love Kuvira. She seemed perfect at first, really - but she wasn’t, and she knows that.  She wanted everyone to think she was. She knows she has flaws, and there is some self loathing in there, but she protects it with her exterior that so many of us can relate to. 

I fucking love Kuvira. 

27. - You Think Your Happiness is Real.

This ain’t how it was supposed to be,
You and me supposed to be,
Remember when it be just you and me in your crib smoking trees
Like it’s in control of me,
You had a hold on me,
Had me so gone baby,
Yeah, you had me giving me all of me
Now it’s all over, it’s all done
Shouldn’t have told ya, you’re the one
I’ll be all right,
I will be just fine
I’ll be OK,
Once you get out my mind


In an effort to bring Malakai, Raheem and Dominic together, the crew agreed to a small outing for some bonding time. Being that it was snowing outside and we didnt have many options we decided to head over to the community centre.

The centre was mostly occupied by the neighbourhood locals and so pretty much everyone knew everyone and it was like a huge hang out. Being that the boys were well known and the biggest, not to mention oldest, we had first dibs on the indoor basketball court.

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Korra doesn't need to be humbled, she needs to love herself, and I hope that's the direction the show takes

So I’ve seen that people made some bullshit posts that Korra is “humbled” now or whatever, and jhenne-bean and others have also made good points about how there are really bad implications to having a woc constantly kicked around and “broken”. Obviously, I believe the idea Korra needs to be humbled is completely ridiculous.

What exactly did she do that was so arrogant this season? She was brash as usual, but that’s a character trait a lot of people can find charming. She was bit presumptious at times, but no more than say, Tenzin. Korra actually showed a lot of her character growth sticking this season, and came off as a far more mature girl than we’d previously seen. She calmly talked a panicking man down from the ledge. She was mature enough to realize she didn’t have to stay in Republic City if she wasn’t wanted. I was proud of her. I believe the idea of characters getting humbled through torture is toxic to begin with, especially women and characters of color (see my reaction to certain scenes in Samurai Flamenco) but even by that logic, Korra does not require humbling.

Obviously, fans who think she does should be blasted and certainly I think it’s perfectly valid to find toxic implications in what’s happened to Korra in the finale. 

But here is why I was excited about the possiblities here, and here is the reason I hope the show really took Korra to this place.

At the end of the first season, Korra lost her bending. She immediately went into intense despair and deemed herself worthless because she couldn’t be the Avatar. I honestly found it really sad that Korra had wrapped up so much of her self-worth in her bending abilities and being the Avatar. Korra clearly did not love herself as a person enough to see that she had worth without her bending. I, and many others, thought this was a really important thing for Korra to confront. Unlike Aang, Korra knew she was the Avatar from an incredibly young age, so that’s what she considers her identity and she clearly thinks people won’t value her if she can’t perform her duties, because she doesn’t value herself if she can’t. Korra is an awesome and valuable person whether she can bend elements or not, and I wanted her to realize this!

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Air Bender

A/N: Still sick and I am only half way through supernatural season ten and I don’t want to look at my dash because spoilers.

Warnings: Violence kind of, torture. Not major. Joking about Stony.

Word Count: 2603

Summery: Reader works for shield and then gets sent to work with the Avengers but becomes close with Pietro.

Your name: submit What is this?

“Nick, Nick, Nick, Nick, Nic-”

“What do you want woman?!” Fury shouted, stopping you from poking your arm. “Give me a mission, Nick, I’m so bored. I can’t stand it here.” Nick grumbled. “How about I make you a bet.”

“Talk old man.”

“You get Steve’s shield take a photo with it, without Steve knowing, I will give you a mission.” Nick smiled, that asshole.

“What’s the catch?”

“You got to stop whining and being annoying if you fail.”

“Dang Nick, that’s high stakes.” You said pretending to think about the deal. “You’re making this dang deal because I am stuck of never shutting up.” Nick groaned. “Fine, but aren’t you worried about my safety and my ‘top secret file’ with all that stupid jazz?” You asked, waving your hands in the air.

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5sos Michael Imagine: Supernatural AU

You should have known. You should have seen it. You should have been able to tell what he was or rather, what he could do. His hair gave it away. The colours that constantly changed from red to white to purple to blue. You  should have known. But he was careful. He hid his magic well. His ability was rare; the ability to control the elements was one of the most sought after gifts, not that you could take it but you could certainly use people with the ability for experimentation. He never let you see him use his power.

The first time he used his powers in front of you was when you were out with the boys. You were all hanging out on the beach, the waves just right and the sun high in the sky. It wasn’t crowded a few families and groups of friends spread out along the large expanse of sand. You had been in the water, mucking around with Luke, when a huge wave came out of nowhere knocking you both off your feet. Luke was able to regain his footing seeing as he was far taller than the water he stood in but you managed to get swept up in the current. Your lithe body submerged in water as the wave tossed you about. Your mouth and nose began to fill with the salty water. The force of the water mixing with the dizziness in your head rendered you incapable of fighting, trying to find the surface. And right as the darkness began to blur your eyes, right as the water became too much, right as you gave up, you were laying on the sand. The warm sun in your eyes and on your skin. Michael was leaning over you, dripping wet. His hair that had been a platinum blonde when you got there was now a dark blue as his chest heaved as he looked down at you.

“You’re alright. I’ve got you.” Came his muffled voice as he lifted you up, patting your back a few times as you began to cough up sea water. It was then that you noticed not only were you no longer in the ocean but you were all the way in the parking lot on the ground beside your car, the boys crouched down around you.

“Mike?” You coughed, leaning heavily against his chest in a heap. You felt weak. “You saved me?” You whispered, lips barely grazing his collarbone as you spoke.

“Of course. I wasn’t going to let anything happen to you.” He promised, holding you as close to him as possible.

“Michael. You can’t swim.“ You added as an afterthought. He tensed and everything fell into place for you. The way he had moved you out of the way right before the lightning struck that tree. The way he burnt himself on the stove on time but you never saw the burn nor the scars it most certainly should have left. He was a bender. And he’d just exposed himself to save you. You pushed yourself up as best as you could looking at all of them in shock.

“You can’t tell anyone.” It was Ashton that spoke up. “He’s been so careful. You can’t- You can’t tell.” Michael hushed him, smoothing back your hair as he looked at you lovingly.

“I won’t. I promise. I would never. I just- How? Why did you keep this from me?” You questioned, finding his eyes with your own.

“I was afraid. People fear benders because of what we can do. I didn’t even know if you knew benders existed. I didn’t want you to be afraid of me. I didn’t, I don’t, want you to leave.” He was worried. He was worried you wouldn’t accept something he couldn’t help.

“Mike, you need to get out of here.” You spoke, scrambling to your feet as they all followed. He had a hurt look of understanding on his face. “No, not like that. What if someone saw you?” The panicked look was gone replaced with one of fear as he looked at the boys. No sooner had the look been shared did you notice two men in black suits walking up to you. Had the looks on their faces not given them away, the fact that they were wearing suits on the beach would have. “Get in the car. All of you. Get in.” You shoved them as your adrenaline began to pump, any kind of tiredness or fatigue leaving your body for the few minutes of energy you needed. “Start the car.” You handed Ash the keys.

“Babe.” Michael started but you dragged him down, lips pressing to his before you shoved him back.

“I love you but you’re not the only one keeping secrets.” You practically shoved him in the car, whirling around in time to smile politely at the two men.

“Hello ma’am.” The greasier of the two greeted. “We would like to talk to your boyfriend for just a moment.” He stated, looking over your shoulder at Mike who was pressed between Calum and Luke. Ashton was drumming his fingers on the steering wheel as they all waited with bated breaths, completely unsure of what you were doing.

“What for?” Your voice was soft, sweet like summer rain.

“We noticed he had an unique talent and we’d just to ask him for a demonstration of how it works.” The second smiled and if the first one made you set your teeth on edge this one made you want to vomit. You knew by demonstration they were going to take him away and you knew that you would never see again nor would you ever find where they had decided to take him.

“I’m sorry. You must be mistaken. My boyfriend doesn’t have any unique talents as you put it. I mean he’s a great singer and can shred pretty hard on guitar but that’s all I know of.” You lied through your teeth hoping they would leave well enough alone.

“Well, why don’t we ask him.” He started to reach around you to grab open the car door. You sighed through your teeth.

“You might not want to do that.” You warned and he scoffed putting his hand on the handle. Your hand came up at the last second grabbing the skin revealed between his hand his glove. He let out a pained scream as you focused on his face, chanting the word ‘pain’ in your head. You turned to the other man, grabbing his arm as he came at you. He began to scream and the pain soon became too much as they slumped to the ground unconscious. You practically threw yourself into the front seat of the car shouting a ‘go’ to Ashton who didn’t hesitate to slam the car in reverse.

“What was that?” Michael exclaimed a few minutes later and you turned in your seat, you eyes glowing a light shade of violet as you gave him a sheepish smile.

“I’m a telepath of sorts. I have the power of pain manipulation.” You spoke, blinking away your colorful eyes.

“So we’re both rare supernatural beings that were hiding the fact that we were supernatural from the other?” He asked, a laugh bubbling on his lips. You however let yours spill over.

“You two actually are made for each other.” Calum muttered as Mike leaned forward, pressing a kiss against your lips as his hair went back to his platinum blonde colour.

“Well, we’re never going to be able to stop running now.” Luke spoke into the quiet a few minutes later.

“I know somewhere we can go. I know someone who can do some great things with invisibility.”


So I don’t know if this is very good but I decided to give it a go. I’m thinking about doing the other boys as well so I hope you guys enjoyed it!

Love you!

-TheHuntersHuntress xx

Bending the Elements

A/N: Disclaimer this story is based loosely on certain aspects of the TV Shows Avatar the last Air Bender and The Legend Of Korra. It is not a copy in any way and only has a similar concept of Finding ones self and being able to accept yourself flaws and all. With that being said I present to you all “Bending the Elements”

Book One: Traditions

Chapter: The Bender

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