over weight lovers in the house

the right things to say || changkyun

when your roommates are irritating you more than usual, changkyun is there to cheer you up.

genre ; fluff

A/N: this was posted by a new admin of this blog ^^ my name is lux, and i’ll probably be posting an about me page if you’re curious lol


“they’re seriously starting to piss me off,” you murmured, but your words were bitter. “they keep bringing random boys over the house. and i would be okay with it, if i didn’t find them fucking in my bed!”

changkyun laughed, but pressed his lips together tightly when you glared at him. still, he couldn’t help but smile just a little. “sorry, i can’t help it. that’s just funny.”

you sighed loudly, falling back into the small bed of his room. both of you were in college, you had been friends since middle school and lovers since high school. you were his weight, you kept him steady when everything in the world seemed to turn against him and he did the same for you. yes, he was sometimes very annoying, but you only adored him more for that.

“it’s not!” you whined, hands over your eyes. you lived with two other girls in an apartment just a little way down from the college. the rent wasn’t too much, despite how nice the apartment truly was and it cost less than a crummy dorm at the college anyways. so, your friends hooked up with their friends and at first, they seemed nice, kind, sweet. that was until night time struck, and alcohol bottles were all over their rooms while they were all over some guy’s laps.

it sucked, it really did. but how else were you going to live?

so, you dealt with it. for months it became normal, with you sometimes having to tell the boys to leave and throw trash away from the night’s before. and over time, it became normal. until last night, when you caught one of the girls pinned down under another guy on your fucking bedsheets.

after you kicked them out, then locked up your bedroom and shoved the key deep in your pocket, you headed over to changkyun’s dorm. you had never been over and you didn’t intend to stay long, just for a breather. for you to cool down.

so here he was, holding your body to his chest with his chin on the top of your head. “it’ll be okay.” he told you soothingly, his own hands reaching down to grab yours, entangling your fingers together. actions like these always made your heart flutter, but if you admitted that to him, you wouldn’t hear the end of it.

“will it really?” you pressed back. “what if they bring the wrong guy over? what if he steals or stuff? or worse, what if something bad happens to them? i wouldn’t be able to live with myself, changkyun. i wouldn’t be able to live at all.”

“hey, hey, look at me.” he moved his hand and grasped your chin, gently raising your head so your eyes met his. he pressed a kiss to your nose, “it. will. be. okay. trust me. just talk to them. if that doesn’t work, i’ll help you find a place to stay. you can even stay with me… if you’d want to, of course.” you could see his cheeks starting to turn pink and again, your heart was fluttering.

“thank you.” you said softly, leaning up to peck his lips, smiling wide. he smiled back, cupping your face sweetly as you finished, “you always know the right things to say.”


Jenny was fed up with her husband Tom. When they first met he was kind and compassionate, they were best friends and lovers. After three kids and a couple big promotions for Tom he was a different person. Jenny gave up her career to stay with the kids and Tom came to believe this made her the maid, she did try cleaning , cooking and everything else around the house. The only time Tom even commented on it was to point out things she had missed.

After three pregnancies and no time to take care of herself Jenny had put on a lot of weight. Her deteriorating relationship with her husband also let to lots of stress eating. Over the last year she dieted and worked out daily, dropping most of the extra pounds. Still Tom seemed to look at her with disgust and so one day when she was in the backyard with the kids and overheard Tom on the phone with a friend refer to her as a cow she had enough.

Jenny was raised a witch but gave up practicing when she met Tom. She used an old form of Celtic magic to cast a body swap spell to show Tom what it was like to walk a mile in her shoes. Tom was livid “If you think I’m going to put up with being a fat bitch you have another think coming! Switch us back now, I want to divorce!”

“No to the first question but yes to the a second” Jenny replied with a smirk. “I’m out of here”. She was about to storm out but paused looking at her old body and an idea came to her.

“ You know, I lost that weight for me not you” and with a flick of her wrist her old body started to swell, things and ass rounding as her old belly inflated. She had always hated how much fat she carried in her stomach but was greatly amused by the terrified look on Tom’s face as his new body packed on the 70 pounds she had lost. “Come to think of it, if I’m going to be single I think your old body needs to thin out some too, here you go” she flicked her now masculine wrist and her new body started slimming while Tom in her old body gained another 50 pounds, a lot of it in the belly.

“Now let’s make sure you behave as you think a woman should, this spell will make you obedient to any men. You won’t be able to resist any request from a man” smiling to herself Jenny turned to leave and in her now masculine voice said “…and keep this house clean.”