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“He focused his power like he did in the fitness test, and used the throw from combat training. It’s not just that he’s learning from his experiences. He’s using every trick he’s picked up to improve his odds.

Tutorial: How to remove watermarks / logos from GIFs

Hello everyone! This is my first Photoshop tutorial. I am showing you how to remove watermarks in a few different types of captured GIF scenes. These are the methods that I have used in my gifsets.

Important: DO NOT use this to remove watermarks on other people’s works

1) Simple background; minimal camera motion

2) Moderate camera motion; relatively isolated foreground

3) Busy / Cluttered captured scenes

You’ll need:

Difficulty: Easy (Examples 1 & 3) / Medium (Example 2)

Tutorial under the cut. Please Like / Reblog if you find it useful.

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Important - Please read

Hi everyone! I hope you’re having a good day!

So, as many of us know very well, anything you post on internet could be taken, in other words….STOLEN - for people who wants to get a piece of the cake by the easy way. This is not new for me since I’ve been dealing with stolen content since my Youtube Channel became “popular” in the Undertale community.

I always have to check channels  that are stealing my videos and claiming them as theirs, without credit, cropping my watermark or even placing another watermark over mine…I’ve been claiming the copyrights of my videos around 100 times since the first animation of Underverse I made there. And still counting.

Now, I’m not talking about this as the big deal. The BIG, DISGUSTING and of course UNFAIR thing I’m really talking about, is that I found a video of mine uploaded three days ago (of course stolen) but asking for help with A PATREON WITH THE SAME NAME OF MY PATREON, with the difference that this person added another word to “Jakeinimation” to obtain that account, to have money behind my back with MY WORK and maybe with other artists’ content.

So, I checked the link of that Patreon but It seems it was deleted. Anyway, I’ll make sure to the channel of this person will be deleted for using my videos and pretending to be me.

That’s a pretty upsetting situation because I can’t believe what some people are able to. And I don’t want people that really want to support the original artists could be fooled by them. So, if you see someone is using a patreon or paypal or any other platform for paying artists with a similar name of the original ones, be careful and check what kind of works are they promoting, as well if you notice someone is trying to make money with other’s work without permission or trying to obtain more followers.

Please respect creators

One of my followers messaged me today, saying that someone stole my fanart of Mark, Amy and Chica and it was shown on @markiplier‘s Charity livestream yesterday.

I watched the footage of the livestream on twitch and indeed, it was my fanart with a different watermark/signature on it. My watermark was removed. Removing it was easy because I added it in a corner. I did not want to put it right in the middle. I thought that wasn’t necessary.

Seeing this on the stream was hurtful. I saw that someone actively removed my name on my work and added another signature on top of it. I have to admit, this got to me in that moment. I teared up. This was on my mind all day.

This is the original drawing:

Do I really have to add a big watermark all over my drawings to make it harder for people to remove it? I hope not.

Come on. This is not needed. Is it?

What is needed is awareness that taking someones drawings/fanart and editing it. Changing how the creator wanted it to look like or reposting it without proper credit is not okay. It never will be. I still can’t understand why this happens so often. I want it to stop.

I am not making this post to put the blame on someone. I want to ask you all to look out for each other. Let’s calmly explain to the ones that take artworks without persmission of the artist and educate them. Sourcing and giving credit where credit is due, is very important for creators. Please be respectful.

Dear @markiplier,

I know this takes time and you are very busy, but could you please consider to address this issue? I would love for someone to step up for creators and teach others to treat their work with respect and kindness. I don’t want anyone to think that this behaviour is okay. Taking somones work and saying it is yours when it is not, is horrible. We all make mistakes, but everyone can learn.

I for myself will try to calmly explain people who repost others creations without permission, that this is not the right thing to do. I will never get tired of explaining this matter. It is important to me. I value this a lot. Hard work should always be treasured and valued.

Thank you for your time.

I am sorry if this post isn’t in the best english and all over the place, but I had a long day of studying to do (and this situation did not make it easier for me today). Thank you again. Have a great day everyone. Be kind.

Kaddy Heart Star


I could get a hold of the person who reposted my fanart (they told me a friend of them said it was their art and must have removed the watermark) and the repost is now down. We calmly talked and I am certain that we understood each other. And it makes me really happy that we could solve this. :D YAY!

Since this is something of an issue lately, I would like to remind everyone to make sure you ask permission before reposting somebody’s art anywhere.
If you can’t find the source, ask around, I’m sure somebody in the fandom knows who made it! It might help to try a reverse image search on Google!

After you get permission to repost the art, you need to add proper credit, too! It’s not just a nice thing to do, it’s required! Reposting others art without permission/credit is considered art theft, even if you aren’t claiming you drew it yourself - and legal action can be taken against you. Just because the theft is taking place over the internet doesn’t make the theft any less real! Keep this in mind when you’re reposting other people’s content!

It’s much easier to ask permission before you post the thing you like, with credit, knowing you won’t make anyone upset, than posting it without credit or permission and risking getting into trouble. 

Imagine somebody seeing art you reposted on instagram, or facebook, or twitter, or tumblr, and you didn’t post credit- either because you didn’t know who drew it, or you just don’t care who drew it. How are they supposed to find their way back to that artist to see more art? How could you find more of that content that you liked enough to repost? Why should these artists who are being stolen from keep drawing the things you like if you’re just going to treat them so poorly?

The artists of the LazyTown fandom, and every other fandom, would really appreciate it if you could take these things into consideration. Remember - art is how artists make a living! If you really like the art that these people are creating, show them some respect. Don’t steal from them!