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moments in season 2 that haven’t been fully appreciated by the fandom
  • hunk: “uh oh, i think keith just blew his own mind!” [everyone laughs goodnaturedly, keith looks sheepish but is smiling]
  • pidge geeking out over turing
  • “coran, coran, the gorgeous man!”
  • lance being absolutely adorable multiple times (nicknaming the blade of marmora “marmorites”, yelling “stay away from my friend!” when protecting the yupper that he just met, “i don’t need pants, i’m a mermaid”, “is this a game? i like games!” [ten seconds later] “is this a game? i hate games!”)
  • keith’s “back-lion driving” (and the fact that hunk listens to him lol)
  • allura playing charades with the castle mice
  • the look on shiro’s face when he realizes that keith has a galra knife
  • blade of marmora: “can you corroborate your friend’s story? does this knife belong to him?” shiro, sounding incredibly torn: “….i don’t know”
  • [lance panicking when they’re holding the scaultrite disks] pidge: “hold on tight, lance!”
French 101 ♡ Grayson

This is my first Imagine for this blog, hope y’all like! 

“-And that’s it for today. Don’t forget the homework is due tomorrow” Mrs. Wilson yelled over all the kids packing up their things, waiting for the bell to ring. You put the Homework in your backpack, telling yourself you’d do it later. “I’m starving, Y/N. How much more longer until lunch” Angela, your best friend, complained, throwing her backpack over her shoulder, turing to face you. “Angela, we have lunch next” You laughed, putting your bag on your back, then walking t0wards the door. “Oh, right” She laughed, you rolling her eyes. Once the bell rang, you were halfway to the cafeteria, before you realized you forgot your notebook back in the class.

“Fuck” You mumbled, going to turn around, Angela instantly noticing. “What” She questioned, not knowing what you were mad about. “I left my notebook in Mrs Wilson room, I’ll meet you at the table” You smiled, walking back to the class to grab your notebook.

Once you finally got your notebook back, you started walking back to the cafeteria, hoping Angela got you some food. “Umph” You were suddenly on the floor, your phone thrown halfway across the hallway. “What the-” You glanced up, seeing a guy, apologizing for his actions. “I-I’m so sorry” He laughed, extending his hand to help you up. “It’s fine, I’m fine, my butt just hurts a little” You laughed, grabbing your notebook, and phone off the floor. As you two walked towards the stairs to walk to the cafeteria, you got this feeling that you knew the stranger from somewhere.

“Wait. I recognize you from somewhere” You suddenly said, looking at the stranger. “From your dreams” He teased, winking at you. “No..” You trailed off, trying to figure out were you knew him from. “Oh! You’re that kid that sits beside me and always cheats off me in French 101” You laughed, finally figuring out were you knew him from. “Yep, that’s me. I’m Grayson” He smiled, turing towards you. “Y/N” You smiled.


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This my first time writing a Wanda imagine? Fanfiction? I don’t know the writey thingy you’re about to read. So if it sucks sorry my bad. Either way enjoy and have a great day my fellow Tumblr enthusiast.

Prompt submitted by anon: Wanda and the reader get heated in Wanda’s room and during the sexy time Vision phases into the room and ruin the moment.

The water trickled over your sore muscles easing the ache that had increased in the past week. It was a constant back and forth between training and missions and it pushed you to your breaking point. But at least you finally had some time to relax before starting the process all over again.

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