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While I don't see Sansa and Arya suddently becoming best friends and I think they will have moments of tension I don't see them having the distant relationship that we saw on the first season, they have gone through a lot, they have grown. Sansa wasn't a big fan of Jon and now he's family, I feel the same will happen with Arya. I never thought about it in the past but I really wanna see them together, it's one of the things I really wanna see this season.

Their dynamic is going to be interesting. In the show, they’ve evolved in surprisingly similar ways, yet they have very different experiences behind them. If Sansa could get to a place where she said “you’re a Stark to me” to Jon Snow, and Arya couldn’t bring herself to see some soldiers sworn to the Lannisters as enemies, I don’t see why they shouldn’t warm up to each other eventually. They both have an infinite capacity for compassion and they’re starved for love.

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Jon an Sansa r brother and sister why would you like jon/sa?

Well they are actually cousins : according to the theories, Jon is Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark’s son (this theory is very likely to become canon, there has been several hints going this way). You may also tell me that it’s still incest, but marriages between cousins are quite a common thing in the show.

Anyway if you’re interested there are a lot of posts that already explain the thing better than I would.

Not sure if the ship will be canon tho, but I think they have a great chemistry!

What really annoys me though is this:

S6 Sansa tells Jon that there is no saving Rickon because if he’s with Ramsay then he’s already dead. We, the audience, literally have seen evidence to back this up.

Anti’s: Sansa is so heartless! That’s her brother! How dare she! What a cold-hearted bitch! 

S6 conclusion: Sansa was right. Ramsay never had any intention of freeing Rickon.

Anti’s: ……. Whatever. At least Jon tried to do something. 

S7 Sansa tells Jon that he needs to punish the houses that have betrayed House Stark, the houses that were literally complicit in capturing Rickon and abetting in his consequent murder. They didn’t just fight with Ramsay and did nothing while Sansa was being tortured and abused; Smalljon Umber captured Rickon and handed him to Ramsay. And Sansa wants to punish them, not by murdering Alys Karstark and Ned Umber, but by stripping them of titles and land. They would probably then become wards of another house as Theon was once a ward of Ned Stark’s as punishment for the Greyjoy’s rebellion against the Iron Throne. 

Anti’s: Wow, Sansa is such a conniving bitch! She just wants the throne for herself! Look at her, she wants to punish these kids. She’s so heartless! She’s going to betray Jon! 

In comparison:

S7 Arya literally murders all of the Freys as punishment for being complicit in the killing of Robb, Talisa and Catelyn. 

Same Sansa Anti’s: Oh my god, go Arya! She’s so badass! She was totally in the right! Woohoo! Vengeance! 

The hypocrisy is strong in the Anti-Sansa fandom. 

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I feel like Rowan would be an amazing dad. What should their daughter’s name be though? Any suggestions?


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everything - everything was for dorian, for his friend.

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The signs as a disappointed fandom:
  • Apathetic as fuck; slowly but surely weaning themselves off the show due to the fuckery season after season: aries, taurus, gemini
  • The squad that fuck shit up on social media, wondering what the fuck is going on and borderline about to quit the show: cancer, leo, virgo
  • Legit glutton for punishment, for whatever reason is still holding onto hope that the show is gonna get better despite the fact that TPTB have let them down time and time again: libra, scorpio, sagittarius
  • The 'fuck this I'm out' squad, ain't loyal to shit but they the real winners cuz they sleeping easy at night after dropping the show: capricorn, aquarius, pisces
What is love?

Love makes us selfish

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And love makes us selfless. 

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Love makes us weak

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and love makes us strong.

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Love makes us sad 

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and love makes us happy. 

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Love builds us up

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And love breaks us down.

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Love hurts 

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And love heals. 

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Loving is flying

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 And loving is falling.

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Loving is enduring 

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And loving is leaving.

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To protect 

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To neglect.

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It all comes from love.

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And if there’s one thing you must know about love 

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It’s that, 

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Love makes us fools.