over this works

It’s 6am and I am drinking my coffee, being way too calm. Today is my first day at this new company and I should be feeling nervous, I should be scared…but this is more like the calm before the storm -_- hopefully it all goes well! 

May all of you have a beautiful day! :)

wwow there are artists out there making lengthy zootopia comics that are good to read (well..some?)

and here i am

still burying myself

in dem aus

  • Me: (sees some competition thing on German Eldarya )
  • Me: (starts reading the rules )
  • Me: Sounds fun, I will join!
  • Rule X: Have at least 50 posts on the site
  • Me: ...Not today
  • Inner me: Time to find a reason other than extra work
  • Conclusion: The titles ain't that great >.>
  • Real reason: Am too lazy

Can’t we be seventeen

Heathers!Klance with Keith as your 7-Eleven emo boy and Lance as your society changing fave. I based their sketch/doodle page on Seventeen and how life would be for them if they were normal 


there are two types of dogs


modern disney aesthetic
↳ aladdin

im not so much mad at neurotypicals who use spinners and other fidget toys; it makes me feel less self conscious about using mine in public- people will think im getting in on the fad. 

if they cause a disturbance when playing with them, then yeah, thats bad, but that goes for anyone, NT or otherwise.

i am mad at those who respond to this trend by banning them or ridiculung them just bc theyre popular. theyre harmless, and if someone is fucking around with them, thats on them. dont make it harder for ND kids to stim by using the toys in an obnoxious way, or by taking it away from everyone because of some kids using it obnoxiously