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uh-oh, dont get in the way of these crystal gem girlfriends they’ll kick ur ASS

@thunderflan totally drew jasper with a giant pink axe and i really felt like i also needed to *m*

Just staying afloat over here. One more day of work before my coworker gets back and relieves me from some of this chaos. 

I think I’m coming down with a cold but I’m trying to catch it early. Took an Advil Cold & Sinus and feeling a bit better, and just chugging water.

Working on that job application. Wishing I wasn’t so exhausted so I was more excited to get it done before the due date.

I would love to have a third day in the weekend to complete tasks. Ready to share a living space so I don’t have to choose between getting things done around the apartment or seeing my boyfriend when it’s my turn to travel there.

Thankful for the rain today - did some belated meal prep, updating my resume, and going to work on Halloween costume stuff. 

On the bright side - I’ve finally gotten into the Great British Baking Show and I find it super calming and relaxing. We watched a ton this weekend. 

I have a ton of posts from Colorado I want to do so I can have thorough hike recaps/photos, but I haven’t had the time yet. Hopefully soon!

Recently my life is swinging back and forth from wild, uncontrollable stress, severe existential apathy and depression, and glimpses of sunny delight at the life I’m working my ass off towards even if it feels impossibly far away.

Basically my emotions are Panic, Crying, and Gay, and pretty much every possible combination of those three. That’s all I am anymore.

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Honestly, I feel like they’re two best friends that persuade each other that their in love because they either have no one else or they’re trying to hide their true love interest from themselves. I’m looking at you Bruce.

I really don’t get the ‘batcat aren’t really in love’ thing like…they are? They have been for literally decades? Their interactions in the comics are what they are because of their mutual attraction, like they wouldn’t be friends if they hadn’t hung around long enough to get into each others pants but hey, they become friends and they fall in love following from that. They literally did the enemies to enemies/lovers to friends to lovers thing. 

Like if you don’t like the ship or you prefer them with other people that’s all good but pretending that batcat isn’t a very real thing is just fooling yourself tbh


henry mills’ complete (sort of) family tree

one year with the charmings  »  Day 287

regularghostly  asked:

Okay I know the popular scenario is "embarrassed mutual pining" (and trust me I love that) but what about this: soon after lance realizes his feelings for Keith he just fully embraces them and starts flirting with Keith almost 24/7 the way he does with random alien chick only more specific/flattering? And Keith's like "what did my gay ass do to deserve this" not knowing Lance is actually fully serious. Then Lance finally stops playing games and just asks him out and Keith's like U WERE SERIOUS?


The time Lance realized that he was undeniably attracted to boys was directly correlated to Keith. It was weird because he could have sworn that he didn’t like Keith - that dense, unwillingly condescending and hotheaded idiot - until. Well. Until they were out after a mission mingling with the locals and Keith was just standing there, a drink in his hand, smiling softly while he talked to a young alien girl. 

It was a huge thing. Lance’s breath caught, his heart skipped a beat and all the blood in his body rushed to his cheeks. Keith hadn’t even done anything special, he really just stood there, a soft and attentive look on his stupidly perfect face while the sun drew patterns on his mullet. It should have been an everyday thing except it wasn’t because Lance really could count on one hand all the incidences where he wouldn’t have changed a thing about Keith (including his awful hairstyle).

So back then Lance did the most sensible thing he could have done: down his drink, cough like mad because wrong pipe and hightail the quiznak out of this situation before it could go completely wrong.

Also, a private freakout that lasted for like five minutes. And maybe some stress eating and extra face care but honestly, that wasn’t a bad thing. He was a paladin of Voltron, they were fighting pretty much 24/7, he was allowed to eat more of Hunk’s cookies if he wanted to. And his face certainly wouldn’t complain about testing out new products to help it stay smooth and soft.

Honestly, Lance thought he had handled it pretty well. No excessive drama and no insults hurled Keith’s way. He’d like to think that he matured through his time as a defender of the universe and could now totally deal with being attracted to boys and Keith. No problemo for Loverboy Lance. 

Except, of course, it was Keith. How did one woo Keith? He was pretty sure that Keith was gay, that wasn’t the problem, the problem was that Keith was dense as quiznak. 

Luckily, the response had been right in front of his eyes: Keith might have been dense but Keith has also spent nearly 2 years with him in space and knew what Lance’s flirting looked like. It was ideal, he just had to act like he always did, not even Keith could be stupid enough to misunderstand that. 

So when the opportunity arose, Lance didn’t hesitate to take it.

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“You don’t find love, it finds you. It’s got a little bit to do with destiny, fate, and what’s written in the stars.” - Anaïs Nin