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How does Matsu react when his s/o loves watching Disney movies and wants Matsu to watch it with them?

Osomatsu would probably think its a bit childish, but goes with it anyways. He would try his best to watch all of them with you, but most likely fall asleep in the middle of them. And if he sees you cry in a scene, he would laugh and say “Aww, babe, don’t cry over a silly movie!” and cuddle you

Karamatsu would think its really adorable having a cute hobby, and would love to join you to watch your favorites. He would definitely cry over sappy scenes much more than you do if you ever cry with him. So be prepared for some crying cuddles!

Choromatsu wouldn’t mind at all, he would join you anytime! I could see him being a fan of some classic animated Disney movies from waaay back then. He would only like to see those, but doesn’t mind seeing modern ones if it makes you happy!

Ichimatsu wouldn’t really mind, but be warned: the only movie he likes is The Aristocats so it will be kinda hard for him to like any others (other than Alice in Wonderland, since he really likes the cheshire cat). The whole time we would just cuddle up next to you not really saying anything the whole movie

Jyushimatsu would love to see Disney movies with you! I could see him definitely watching more movies than his brothers, modern and classics. One of his favorites could be Million Dollar Arm only because its baseball related. While watching a movie, he would be laughing a lot during the cheesy jokes!

Todomatsu has probably barely ever seen Disney movies, maybe only ones like Cinderella and Show White but never more than those. He wouldn’t mind seeing some with you, but if they don’t have princesses in them then he would be pretty bored the whole time (he likes princess movies because those tend to be more beautiful in scenery and music).

-Mod Lynn