over thinking

Overly Analytical Problem #29

When test questions don’t contain enough information…

Seriously. How am I supposed to answer when there are 29 ways the question could be taken, 35 variables that aren’t specified, and 7 different ways of writing any of the possible answers!!!

That’s… 7,105 potentially correct answers and nothing indicating which one to choose!!!

Don’t date an overthinker.
She’ll spend days analyzing your facial expressions when you speak, and nights deciphering what the period placement in your text message meant. She’ll agonize for hours over why you didn’t say hello to her at breakfast, and start to create unrealistic scenarios in her head that you decided you no longer liked her. Don’t date her, because otherwise she’ll suffocate you with her care. She’ll always ask you if you’re okay, and constantly say that she loves you just to hear you say it back to her. And she’ll cry, oh lord will she cry. She’ll cry over the way you looked at that girl, or the way your eyes stopped lighting up at her name. She’ll cry when you start kissing her like it’s your job, and touching her like it’s a habit. She’ll even overthink the fact that maybe she’s just overthinking. That you do still love her, that all these worries might actually just be in her head. And so when you do leave, she’ll still wake up nights six months from now replaying the memories over in her head like a jukebox thinking “Where did I go wrong?” or “What did I do this time?”.
Do not date an overthinker unless you plan on marrying her.
—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write #59
Overly Analytical Problem #37
  • Person: Hey, could you do me a quick favour?
  • Analyst: Sure.
  • Person: Actually never mind, I've got it.
  • Analyst: Okay
  • Analyst Mind: *Are you performing some sort of psychological test on me to determine the strength of our relationship based off of how much I push to do the job for you or are you just being nice? No, they're just being nice... Actually, that's a really good idea.*
  • Analyst: Hey, could you do me a favour...

Jealousy is the worst emotion. 

The most bitter.

It eats you up,

Consumes you.

You over think, and over think, until you can’t think any more. 

So you just have to sit alone while your insides rip themselves apart.

All because you can’t stand the thought of him being with her.

That is who I am: I overthink and I ruminate. I’m obsessive. But what I really want is relief. Most people are the same. We’re all carrying some shit. When you hear the things that people have gone through and realize you’ve gone through the same, it provides an amount of relief. It gives us hope. And I think that’s what we’re supposed to get from each other. The hope that, maybe, just maybe, we’re going to be okay. Maybe.
—  Marc Maron (Attempting Normal)