over the water bungalow

Unguja - Tanzania

Unguja is the largest island in Zanzibar. Inland, the island is quite hilly, while on the coast, its famous beaches are characterised by white sandy beaches and clear blue water. The historic city, Stone Town, sits on the islands western coast. 

The beaches offer a wide range of activities, including snorkeling, beach volley ball, beach soccer, kite surfing, kayaking, or just relaxing in a hammock, drinking cocktails. 

Styles & Co - Part 7

Authors Note: I am not too impressed with this chapter, I just can’t put my ideas into words and it is taking longer than expected to fill in the interesting parts. I promise they are coming, hopefully. Feel free to leave feedback and I hope you guys are enjoying Styles & Co. Xx
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My eyes open and my head feels hazy and confused, I sit up in an unfamiliar bed, lost and dazed. The last I remember is the whist airport, Harry’s long arm tugging me along as our fingers lace together. I was right behind him, tremendously bleary-eyed and doing my best to keep up with his accelerated pace. Over twenty-four hours worth of travelling doesn’t go down well wit me. I pet my hands on the bed, trying to locate Harry, my heart racing as my frantic hands struggle to find him close to me. “Harry?” I push the covers off me, exposing the empty side of the bed, beginning to feel a little panicky. “Elle, what’s the matter?” I hear his voice request, my eyes unable to see where he is. The light flickers on and Harry is standing at the doorway of a bathroom, 
“Harry, where are we?” I breathe, still baffled and unsettled,
“The resort, relax.” He discloses, crawling on the bed and pressing a caress to my forehead. 

I take the moment to take in a deep breath and take in my surroundings. “What time is it?” I doubt, a little mistaken for time right now. Harry snickers, finding it interesting how I’m a little out of it.
“Seven in the morning, baby.” He acknowledges while getting off the bed and pushing back the neutral curtains, permitting natural light to shine into the bedroom. Harry turns the lights off and gestures for me to get out of bed while wandering out of the bedroom area. I accompany him, entering a small room before he opens a door, my eyes become attracted to the rich bluish water. I step out, gaping over the enchanting outlook of glistening cerulean water.
 A romantic retreat in an over-water bungalow, thatched-huts on stilts line flawlessly overlooking a clear lagoon with striking green mountains behind them. Pure paradise. “Oh, my.” I gasp, my eyes transfixed by the delightful scenes. I did not expect Harry to book us a getaway at an over water-bungalow resort, perched over the crystal-clear waters on stilts; fanning out from a lush private island. Breathtaking is the only word suitable to describe such beauty.
“This is beautiful,” I gasp, completely hypnotised. My eyes shine toward Harry and he responds, “not as beautiful as you, go back in and get some sleep. We have a long night ahead of us.” He grins, smoothly charming me and awakening small butterflies in my stomach,
“A long night?” I challenge, his eyes shimmering, his lips forming a straight line as he yet again nods.
“In more way than one.” He flirts cheekily and I playfully hit arm,
“Don’t be cheeky,” I urge, considerably relishing his cheekiness, there’s something about the way he smirks and the way his eyes narrow down on me that attract me.
“I’ve got a few things to do, my love. But, I’ll be done in a few hours so we can then start celebrating New Year’s, Eve.” Harry informs me, reminding me that it is indeed New Year’s Eve.
I lean up and kiss him, tenderly pulling away, promptly investigating “What are you doing?” being inquisitive.
What could he possibly have to do while on a vacation with me?
“Just gotta double check things with the resort. Get some more sleep, you’ll need it.” He again gleams, causing me to chuckle yet again. Cheeky, I like it. 


Harry’s eyes gaze at my body, my dress hugging me in all the right places, his tongue licking his lips as he straightens his tie. “You, my dear, are so divine.” He gawks, his words soft and gradual, almost as if he didn’t know which words to use. I give him a bashful smirk, my eyes gawking at his attire.
The man could wear a paper bag and still be the hottest man around. “It’s going to be a long night.” He murmurs against my lips, not being able to resist my temptation, “in more ways than one.” He continues, ruining my lipstick as he pulls me in for a deeper kiss, enthralling me like always.

I pull away, his thumb pressing to my lips and fixing the mess he produced, “it’ll be long.” I agree, my eyes radiating into his, “especially for you.” I smile, taking a step away from him, confusion taking over the expression on his face.
“How?” He clears his throat, using his own thumb to wipe away the lipstick smeared across his lips.
There’s something about a romantic bungalow over the water that brings out the extra romantic and teasing side of me. Making love is great in our own bed, but even better when romance is heightened over a gorgeous turquoise lagoon. 

With a devious grin, my eyes flicker up at Harry, “I’m not wearing underwear,” I answer, stepping outside the door, entering out onto the extensive boardwalk where he has to behave himself. He closes the door behind him, his eyes burning into me, his mind perhaps thinking of devious ways to get me back to our room before midnight. “Elise, you’re very, very naughty.” He murmurs, his hand intertwining with mine, guiding me away from our perfect bungalow. My heels echo against the wooden boardwalk, the noise of the salty ocean echoing a delightful, relaxing sound that is like music to my ears. 

We walk hand in hand making our way around the retreat, finding the lovely restaurant Harry chose for us to dine at tonight, a luxury he emphasised on for our New Years celebrations. We are welcomed politely and immediately escorted towards a table outside in a secluded area where only a few other couples unobtrusively dine. I admire the glass bottom flooring, attracted by the unique dining experience offered. Harry graciously pulls my chair out of me, a gesture he doesn’t get a chance to do very often.
I give him a smile to show my appreciation, taking the seat and looking down at my feet, watching as fish swim below. I smile at our waitress, my eyes peering at Harry as he studies the menu, paying not attention as I gawk over him while I am completely captivated by his appearance tonight. He sits charmingly in front of me, an attractive navy blue button down covering his flawless skin, so effortless, yet so charming. He finally looks up and he smiles, “sweetheart, what do you want to order?” He inquires, a sigh escaping my lip as I think of inappropriate thoughts regarding him.
I highly doubt ordering him with a side of wine is suitable to say while perched at a dinner table. I lick my lips subtly, diverting my attention to my menu, “wine, please.” I clear my throat, my eyes promptly scanning the list of delicious wines the restaurant has to offer. “White wine of your choice,” I inform him, turning the page and reading the main course menu that is full of many delicious plates.
It’s almost too hard to choose. 

Harry’s eyes sparkle, a small smirk becoming noticeable; wine can sometimes make me a little frisky, and cheekier than usual.
“Elise, what did you do while I was out?” Harry begins a conversation while overlooking the menu himself. I shrug, remembering how I did absolutely nothing. Jet lag is a bitch to me.
“I slept. What did you get up to, Mister?” I challenge, unsure of what exactly he did while I was relaxing. He never did elaborate on what he had to do.
“I had to take care of a few things.” He unconcernedly counters, gesturing for our waitress to collect our order. The waitress politely orders our wine before starting us off with an appetiser of Harry’s choice. I raise a brow, fixated on Harrys eyes as they try to avoid contact with mine. “Elle, figure out what you would like to eat.” He motions down at my menu as I continue to stare into his emerald eyes.
“What did you have to do, Harry?” I adamantly; however, I respectfully challenge Harry, not wanting to start anything while at dinner, although the fact that my boyfriend went missing while on a beautiful island is considerably sly. Surely there isn’t too much he could have possibly done that’s entertaining without me.
Perhaps he went to check out the bar?
I wouldn’t mind, he knows that. But my curiosity is intrigued with finding out what he got himself into. “I had to make some calls back home to Anastasia, she has things to do for me.” He briefly elucidates my question, giving me quite the monotonous answer.
Surely Anastasia would much prefer a little time off while it is New Year’s, Eve. “Harry, give her time to her family.” I graciously command before he changes the conversation entirely, deciding he wants to discuss things other than business for a change.
That’s quite the surprise. 

“Elise,” Harry distracts my attention away from the delightful wine that was just re-poured for me. I look up and smile at him, watching as he leans back in his chair, his hand digging into his pants pocket. “Darling, how much do you love me?” The question rolls off his tongue effortlessly and cheekily, his eyes shining as I cock my head slightly to the side. I love this man quite a lot, no other man has caught my fancy ever since I met him. There’s not a man on earth that could possibly take my attention away from the man sitting right in front of me. To say my love for him is infinite would be far too cliché and mushy for my liking so I will settle with loving him on occasions. “I only love you, sometimes.” I gracefully beam in a joking manner, “what did you do, Styles?” I immediately raise a brow, unsure of what he’s managed to do that he needs to be reassured I love him.
Usually, Harry asks me this question when he wants something, or he’s done something that could perhaps bother me, or it has to do with business. “I haven’t done anything. So you love me, sometimes?” He informs me, he confirms my own words, with a grin, I agree.
“On some occasions, yes,”   unsure of what it is that he’s going to spring on me.
I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s about to tell me that he has to fly back to London for some bloody business thing that’s gone wrong.
“Your Christmas gift arrived.” Harry lowers his eyes to his lap, a weird comment to roll off his tongue.
I was expecting something along the lines of “baby, I have to fly back to London.” Or “baby, I have a business deal and you won’t like it.” Generally, he doesn’t challenge my love for him when he abruptly wants to hand me some sort of belated Christmas present. “Harry, you said you were my gift.” I remind him of the exact words he told me on Christmas morning. 

*** flashback***

 I find myself tangled within the sheets, my boyfriend’s legs over mine, his arm wrapped tightly around my torso. It’s around nine in the morning and he’s yet to leave the bed, his perfect body has been nestled beside me the whole night, not moving once for anything, not even for the buzzing sound of his phone. “Harry, Harry wake up.” I tenderly nudge him, pulling him from his peaceful slumber, groans escape his dry lips before his eyes immediately open,
“Elise, what’s wrong?” He murmurs tiredly, pulling me even closer within his secure grasp. I considerately wiggle from him, pulling him further from his sleepy state as he props himself up on his forearms, “baby, what’s the matter?” His hoarse voice inquires, uncertain as to why I’m waking him and pulling myself from his secure grip. “You’re late for work,” I murmur, not wanting him to rush away too suddenly. I’m selfish, I want his body against mine, but I know he has things to do. He looks at me for a moment, that cheeky grin waking along with the rest of him. “My love, it’s Christmas. You asked me to take the full day off, remember?” He presses, leaning over and placing a soft kiss on my cheek.
“You took the day off?” I request, finding my body moving closer to his, nestling into him perfectly,
“Yes, you said all you wanted for Christmas was me. So, here I am, sweetheart.” He cutely announces, moving to wrap his arms around me as he lowers himself back into the bed. “I’m all yours for twenty-four hours. Do as you please.” He relaxes, his voice getting deeper as he becomes sleepier.
“Do as I please?” I cheekily whisper with a teasing tone. He hums against my skin as he places sloppy kisses on my neck. I chuckle cheekily, a few ideas coming to mind, ideas that I don’t need to express vocally. “But, wait until I’m not so sleepy, I really need sleep, baby.” He adds, causing me to chuckle further on this attractive morning. “What’s my present? You know yours.” Harry sleepily murmurs, beginning to get comfortable with his arm wrapped around me, his legs tangled with mine again.
“You’ll find out tonight,” I inform him, leaving it to his imagination to figure out the rest. 

*** end of flashback*** 

Harry shakes his head, again looking down at whatever lays in his lap, “Elise, did you really think I wouldn’t get you anything?” He softly questions, leaning closer to the table, I give him a shrug.
I wasn’t concerned about a materialistic item he may have gotten me, I told him what I wanted, and he gave me twenty-four hours of no work, no phone calls, no texts, no emails, nothing.
He was all mine, of course, once we escaped the family Christmas- he was all mine. 

He brings his hand into view, a small red Cartier box in his hand, “If you don’t like it, I’m sorry. But, I saw you on the website.” He informs me, flicking the box open to reveal a rather impressive bracelet.
“Oh, my.” I gasp and he carefully takes it out of its position in the box, gently taking my hand and placing the bracelet on my wrist, clipping it into place. A perfect fit. “Thank you, it’s so lovely.” I gawk, exceedingly appreciative to be able to wear such a beautiful rose gold bracelet that glistens in the lighting of the restaurant.
Harry tries to refrain from buying me jewellery, many times he has voiced his opinion on preferring for me to pick it out myself and him just swiping his card. He’s not a fan of purchasing jewellery, he only does it on rare occasions or when there’s a business event approaching and he desires to have me show off a lovely set of diamonds— something I don’t do often unless it’s specifically asked. 

We find ourselves sitting on the sand, hearkening the noise of the waves crashing as my own giggles get lost within the crashing waves, “shhh,” Harry laughs, quietening me with a delicate kiss on my lips, “What? You don’t like my giggle?” I humorously challenge, my feet burying themselves in the delicate sand,
“I do, very much. But it’s just for my ears.” He murmurs, lightly brushing his lips against mine, a teasing motion that is beginning to take its toll on me. “Sweetheart, are you a bit cold?” His voice distracts me from my eyes gazing into his, the cold shivers running through my body reminding me of the sea breeze that whistles around us late at night. I give him nod, debating whether to graze my hands over his body and to press my lips to his or not. “Here you go,” he slides his jacket down his lengthy arms and carefully drapes it over my shoulders. 

At times he can be a complete sweetheart when he wants to be.
I appreciate seeing the difference between boyfriend Harry and CEO Harry, he seems to get his ties crossed between the two. “I love you,” I grin, pressing a kiss to his delicious lips before he can even respond back to me. He gently pulls away, a smirk prominently pressed to his lips, Harry presses his hand mildly to my cheek, cupping my face as his eyes radiate into mine, “I love you, too.” The words roll off his tongue melodiously, bringing to life the butterflies in my stomach. 

Being able to be carefree with him is absolutely wondrous, to be able to lie on a beach right before midnight, listening to nothing but the waves against the shore, the distant sound of music and restaurants still bustling, and feeling the cold sand between my toes as Harry presses sweet kisses to my lips is one of the most relaxing and darling things to experience. There are no business calls interrupting us, no texts or a grouchy Harry pissed off with his employers, it’s strictly just the two of us and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

“It is close to midnight,” Harry reminds me of the New Year that is close to embracing us within the next few minutes while we lie under the stars, with the waves echoing along the shore. I give him a nod, my hand mildly pressing to his chest grasping his shirt carefully, “kiss me,” I command persistently, narrowing my eyes on his. His grin widens while his emerald green eyes glisten in the moonlight, radiating charmingly as he leans down and brushes his lips against mine, leaving me wanting more. “I know you can do better than that,” I chuckle, my fingers smoothly pull at his shirt. He hums an mhm, knowing he can do much better than a simplistic tickling brush of his lips with mine. “Savin’ the good kiss for midnight,” he notifies me, immediately glimpses down at his phone, “there’s a minute left, love.” He enlightens me, my eyes concentrating on his lips, my body yearning the taste that he allows. 

The countdown begins and the sound of early party poppers mimic from the restaurants, a few cheers echoing as well. Harry glances at me with a prominent grin. He gently pins me on my back, his body hovering over mine while I press my brazen hands to his broad shoulders. We both hear the ten-second count down begin and he takes it as a signal to lean down and take bold possession of my lips, his tongue intertwining with mine as our bodies inch closer, my heart beating faster as my arms wrap around his neck, leaving no space between our bodies.
The cheers of the New Year ringing in echoes resoundingly, fireworks beginning to explode as we continue to stay intertwined with our lips. He tenderly pulls away, leaving me wanting more as usual. “Happy new year,” he hums, letting out a small breath as I beam up at him.
One year down and many more to go with him.
“Happy new year.” I smile, “now c'mere.” I tug at his shirt, pulling him in for a romantically intense kiss, my hands unable to stop themselves from travelling up and down his body.

It’s four in the morning when the sound of Harry’s phone continues to echo, pulling me from my slumber. I mildly push him, wanting him to turn it off and allow me to sleep. We’ve only been asleep for about an hour and I’m very eager to continue dreaming. I feel Harry move within the bed, pulling the covers as he leans over for his phone, “this better be important,” he unkindly answers the phone, his voice deep and full of sleep. “What do you mean? Is there anything you don’t fuck up?” He grumbles, sitting up in the bed, distracting me from falling back asleep. “I am not even in the bloody country! How the hell did you manage to compromise my business’ integrity?” Harry snaps, raising his voice even further.
Something tells me the start of this New Years is not going to go as planned.
His business at times can definitely be a damn moment ruiner, particularly at four in the morning… Four hours into a New Year that is meant to bring us pleasure and God knows what else.
“Elise, we need to go,” Harry commands as he pushes himself off the bed, turning the light on,
“What?” I dispute, shielding my eyes from the fluorescent light, considerably grouchy that I’m being roughly awoken. Again! 

I rub my eyes and sit up on the bed, taking note of Harry reaching for the suitcase. You’ve got to be kidding me right now. We literally just got here and we have to leave because of business.
“Elise, I need to go back and fix things, we will be back in a few days.” He explains, forcing his clothes into the bag while I stare at him. “Are you getting up or not?” He questions, irritated and extremely ill-tempered as he tries to grab clothes and do something on his phone. “No. I don’t want to leave.” I shake my head, having no desire to go back to London just to fly back in a few days. I doubt he will even want to make the flight back here once he reaches London. He will end up too consumed with his work that he will disregard the trip. “I don’t want you here on your own.” He shakes his head, throwing his phone on the bed out of frustration, letting out a heavy huff. 

Harry takes a deep breath, his hand running through his hair before pressing to the suitcase. “I’ll stay,” I notify him, going against his wishes and not moving from the luxury of the bed.
“I don’t have the time to argue you, fine. Book me a flight, please.” He gestures towards his phone as he paces the bedroom up and down. I grab his phone and aid him with making things easier for him. “If you need me, call me. I don’t want you here by your fucking self…. Just come with me.” He shakes his head at the thought of me not leaving with him.
“No, you brought me here for a vacation and now your work is getting in the middle of it.” I shake my head much preferring to stay in a tropical place- after all, the vacation is paid for so I might as well relish in it on my time off, it is not like I have anything else better to do on my time off. Well, that of course, is beside contemplating Logan’s proposal, but for right now I much prefer to pretend that he, along with his proposition does not exist. “Things don’t go to plan. I have work here to do, too!” Harry raises his voice, “I have a client to meet and now I fucking can’t because one of my employees fucked up while I was gone.” Harry continues with an ill-tempered tone, thoroughly annoyed and frustrated.
“So this was a business trip?” I dispute, taking note of his comment of having work to do here, too. 

Now things make sense, he had absolutely no reason to abruptly fly us to a tropical island, he did this for business and it just happened to be a gesture to satisfy me wanting him for the New Year.
“Damn it, Elise, are we going to argue about this?” He grunts,
“No.” I sigh, deciding not to make him any more irritated than he already is. “I’ll meet your client,” I suggest, surely it can’t be too hard to meet a client and tell them whatever it is Harry needs to tell them.
“And what will you do? I don’t need any other problems right now.” He mutters, not seeming too fond of the idea of my suggestion. If he was to give me the right briefing I doubt I would fuck it up for him.
“Have faith in me, damn Harry I’m not entirely useless. You have taught me a little bit of the business world.” I cross my arms, my eyes narrowing down on him while he zips up the suitcase. 

With a heavy sigh, he responds to my idea, “Okay, I’m sorry. I’m just tired and irritated.” his voice sounds lower and collected, a clear indication he is doing his best to stay composed and not take his frustration out on me; something I admire about him, he always does his best to stay composed and not get too riled up at me. “Look, I’ll meet your client and tell them you’re ill or something, you tell me everything and I’ll do it,” I reassure him, 
“I don’t know, Elise,” Harry sighs, thinking about my proposal, “You’d be meeting a businessman, a strong, intimidating man, who probably won’t take you seriously,” Harry informs, only causing me to roll my eyes.
“Oh, really?” I raise a brow, already not being too fond of Harry’s choice of client, if he won’t take me seriously then he isn’t worth the time of day. “So, basically because I am a woman  doing what he clearly thinks is purely a ‘mans’ job, he will not take me entirely seriously?” I grumble, looking at Harry as he thinks of the suitable words to muster up in a response, “Remember I am your girlfriend and you currently are not talking to me as a CEO, but as my boyfriend.” I calmly remind him, just to make it clear that what he says perhaps might piss me off if he uses his 'CEO’ choice of words. 
“I will leave this all up to you, if you think you can handle it, I will trust your judgement. I will prompt you from the airport and email you things. Oh and by the way, I exclusively disagree that it is solely a 'mans’ job as you declared,” Harry responds as he throws on a t-shirt over his tanned body, 
“Good answer,” I nod with a smile, pleased that he did not state something irrational out of frustration and irritation. 
“mhm, okay, I will call you when I land and all that shit I am obliged to do, so you don’t think the worst.” He walks around the bed and comes over to me, pressing a delicate kiss to my lips, “Now, don’t get carried away and get whisked off your feet by some hot guy on the beach that buy ou drinks.” He jokes with a small chuckle, plausibly trying to convince himself that he is perfectly okay with me staying here and defying his wishes of travelling with him to London. 
“I will try, but I can’t promise anything.” I playfully tease, hushing him with a kiss so he doesn’t respond. With a heavy sigh, he pulls away from me, my lips curling into a pout as he leaves my lips bare. 
“Have a safe flight, I love you, sometimes.” I wink, finally noticing his lips curve into a small smirk, irritation no longer being prominently known. 
“I love you too, on some occasions, behave yourself.” He clears his throat, shuffling towards his suitcase and pulling it behind him as he paces closer to the door, he turns on his foot, for a moment he wordlessly stares over at me with a tortuous grin. I put aside the unsettling feeling amongst me and give him a small smile including a nod, gesturing that I have not changed my mind and that he needs to hurry to catch his flight. 

Without further ado he takes a breath and steps out, leaving me unattended in our bungalow. 

We're Pregnant?

“Babe, are you done?”, Jared asked me as he was entering our bedroom.

He stepped inside and saw me kneeling on my suitcase trying to zip it up. Packing was the least favorite thing in the world. It was a nightmare for me; by far the worst part of every travel. Plus, I didn’t feel so well for the past couple of days, which only added to my misery. I was so looking forward to this vacation, but I wasn’t going to let a bit of nausea ruin it. 

“Almost… I just can’t seem to zip this damn suitcase.”, I said and jumped a bit on top of it to squeeze it more.

“How much stuff does a girl need anyway? I couldn’t imagine how big a luggage you’d bring if we went skiing.”, Jared said and laughed at me. I just looked at him desperately, hoping he’ll see it as a call for help.

“Here, let me help you”, Jared stepped towards me, pushed as hard as he could and I finally managed to zip the suitcase.

“Yes! That’s my strong man”, I jumped from happiness and kissed Jared quickly. But suddenly I felt dizzy. The room started to spin around and I thought I was gonna faint, so I put my hand on my forehead and tried to grab Jared with the other. Fortunately he was attentive and managed to grab my arm so I didn’t fall. 

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Sepang Goldcoast Resort is a hotel in Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia. It features over-water bungalows that extend out in a palm-shaped formation into the waters of the Malacca Straits.

2.598436°, 101.683152°


Find intimacy, romance and natural beauty in a Sofitel unlike any other. 

Enjoy 360- degree views of endless ocean, the island of Bora Bora and Mt Otemanu - and all in complete Sofitel luxury. Sofitel Bora Pora Private Island is calling. Magnifique! 


First Look: Disney’s Polynesian Resort Villas & Bungalows

Twenty Tahitian-style, ‘over-water’ bungalows have just opened at Walt Disney World. They’re part of a massive renovation of the iconic Polynesian Village Resort, and the newest addition to the Disney Vacation Club. As the current bungalow rate is over $2000 per night, I thought I’d share some pics I found on the net. This way, we can at least IMAGINE we’re staying there!  :)

Like a Virgin

Originally posted by sweetpea9873

Pairing: husband!Samxwife!reader, deanxsoulmate!reader, crowleyxdaughter!reader
Word count: 12,589
Warnings: Smut, swearing
She’s Leaving, Dean masterlist

You were standing in your chambers in hell, staring at the mirror. Charlie was playing with your hair, and had been for the last hour. It was the night before your wedding to Dean, and she had yet to decide on a hairstyle. “Charlie?” You started, making her look up. “Don’t you think it would be easier to google something?” You asked.

She narrowed her eyes at you. “And take away my fun? Never. I need the practice if I’m ever going to be that awesome aunt.” You laughed. “Oh!” She stood in front of you and started working. She gave you a braid headband, and put the rest in a loose bun. “Fit for a princess.” She smiled.

Looking at it, you nodded. “I like it. Can you take it out so I’m not sleeping on bobby pins?”

She narrowed her eyes at you, but smiled and took it out. “Just hope I can get it that nice again tomorrow.”

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Bora Bora - Polynesia 

Bora Bora is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, almost directly between Australia and the USA. It is famous for its pristine beaches, bright blue lagoons, and dramatic volcanic peaks. It is often considered the ultimate tropical destination. 

The island has become iconic for its beach front and over water bungalows, and provide a great setting for visitors wishing to relax on the beach, with cocktails in hand. 

my drabble: Island Resort AU (Olicity, unrated)

So when I asked earlier today what y’all thought I should work on, I was VERY surprised at the responses.  Both the number (wow!) and the content.  The Island Resort AU was one of the mostly highly requested.  It’s something I started kicking around a long time ago… I wanna say it was last summer!  I’ve never quite let go of it because I love the concept but I think I got off to the wrong start with it.  Here, have a read at what I wrote so far (and then, if you feel so compelled, you can let me know what you think I could do to fix it/re-energize it). 

Summary: Oliver and Felicity meet on plane/at an island resort… she’s on a much needed vacation, he just got dumped at the altar.


“I deserve this. I deserve this,” Felicity Smoak muttered to herself as she removed her heels and placed them in the tray.  There was something so wrong about standing in ones stocking feet in the middle of a dirty airport.  The only thing that made it slightly better was everyone had to do it.  She exchanged a sympathetic grimace with the man in the security line next to her, who was doing the same with his shoes and looking equally aggravated.  

It wasn’t the demoralizing trek through airport security that she deserved.  Rather it was what lay at the end of the of this 15 hour ordeal that Felicity knew she was owed.  Ahead of her she had two weeks of sun, sand and relaxation.  At first, she’d been reluctant to indulge on this tropical vacation but her boss had insisted she take some time off and her friends had all urged her to splurge. 

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After You’re Married Part 9

Part 8 

  You walked into the bungalow looking around. There was a kitchen and living area that you could see immediately when you walked in. There was an amazing view of the ocean from the windows that faced out that way. There was also a back door that led out to a deck, that was over water, and then you could walk down a small hallway and get to a master bedroom, that was also over water, and a master bathroom. You knew this bungalow was only meant for one couple and you knew Luke knew that too. You turned around before looking in the master bedroom and walked back to the front door. “What is that?” You asked smiling.

 “This is our anniversary get away,” Luke said putting the bags down. “We’re going to be here for a week. We have the beach to ourselves and this part of the water.”

 “This is amazing,” You said walking to the back. You slid the door open and stepped out onto the deck. There was a rope railing and then stairs that led into the water. You looked out at the water a smiled, seeing how blue it was. “I love it,” You said turning back around.

 “And I love you,” Luke said walking up to you. He cupped your face and pressed his lips to yours.

 “So it’s just going to be us for a whole week?” You asked wrapping your arms around Luke.

 “Yes,” Luke said smiling. “Just the two of us. No one calling or bothering us. No work or school. Just the two of us.”

 “I wonder what kind of trouble we could get into,” You said biting your bottom lip.

 “I like the way you think, Mrs. Hemmings,” Luke said smiling. You pressed his lips to yours and then looked back at the water. “Do you want to go swimming?” Luke asked smiling.

 “Yes I do,” You said smiling. Luke laughed and then pulled you into the bungalow. You changed quickly, Luke finishing first. Your mum had packed you a bikini that had a see through bikini top, with one thick, black stripe going through the middle. The bottoms were a solid back. You rolled your eyes and grabbed two towels from the basket that was in the bathroom before walking out onto the deck. You draped the towels over the rope railing, looking out at Luke who’s back was facing you.

 You stepped down onto the first step, looking at the water before walking straight into the water. Luke heard the movement of the water and turned to see you. You could tell he was starring at you. His sunglasses were on so you couldn’t see his eyes, but his lack of movement told you. “Stop it,” You said smiling.

 “Sorry, I just love it,” Luke said smiling.

 “Then maybe you should kiss it,” You laughed.

 “You don’t have to tell me twice,” Luke said.

 “How about if I told you my mom packed this for me?” You asked raising an eyebrow.

 “I’m trying not to think about that,” Luke said smiling. You laughed and kissed Luke before looking sown at your feet in the water. Luke moved his big toe over yours, making you smile.

 “Hey, are you alright?” Luke asked. You looked up at him and smiled, lightly nodding your head. Luke looked at you not believing you.

 “Why can’t you guys get that I’m fine?” You asked stepping away.

 “No, no, no. Don’t go away,” Luke said grabbing your hand and pulling you to him. “I’m just making sure because I love you, and I just want to make sure that you’re alright because I assume, that when you find out you can’t do a normal function that you’re supposed to do that it takes a toll on you.”

 “Luke, the only thing that I’m upset about is that I tried to give you what you want and I can’t,” You said, finally getting it off of your chest.

 Luke chuckled and shook his head. “I told you that all I need in life is you. You’re the only thing that makes me happy,” He said making you look at him by pushing your chin up. “You’re the only thing that I need to live.”

 “Besides air, water, and nutrients,” You said laughing as a tear fell down your cheek. Luke laughed and wiped the tear away with his thumb, making you smile.

 “Besides air, water, and nutrients,” Luke repeated. “Now we’re supposed to be having fun.”

 “Alright, we’ll have a bit of fun,” You said smiling. You jumped on Luke, taking him by surprise, and pulling him under the water. You stood up, filling the air with laughter. Luke stood up and combed his hair back with his fingers.

 “I hate when you do that,” Luke said starting to laugh. He grabbed his sunglasses off of the ocean floor and then put them back on his face.

 “I thought you said we were supposed to be having fun,” You laughed wrapping your arms around his neck.

 “Then if pushing my under the water is your definition of fun you can push me under the water as many times as you need to,” Luke said grabbing your waist. You laughed and stood on Luke’s feet bringing his lips to yours. Luke smiled and picked you up, bridal style, and threw you in the water. You stood up, laughing, and splashed Luke. You ran back to the bungalow, Luke hot on your tail. You ran up the stairs and into the house, not caring about the water, and right to the back where the bedroom was.

You froze when you saw lit candles, rose petals, and champagne. Everything you loved on a romantic getaway. “You ruined the surprise,” Luke said running up from behind you.

 “I ruined the surprise? There’s more?” You asked turning around.

 “Babe, I’m full of surprises,” Luke said with a smirk. He grabbed your waist, crashing his lips to yours and pushing you back. He closed the door with his foot as he made his way to the edge of the bed, throwing you onto the petals and then following you close behind.

hope you liked it. this was kind of just a filler for the bigger stuff that’s going to happen.