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New DuckTales!

Hey internet, here’s a color script I did for the first two episodes of DuckTales that aired this weekend. The crew on this show is over the top talented, so be on the lookout for their work to pop up online!

I’ve done a bunch more of these, I’ll post them as the episodes air.

dracarys--stormborn  asked:

I know I'm kinda late but how do you feel about the TVD finale and what they did to Stefan? Especially when they said that Damon's better than him? Also, Stef had more chemistry with Elena while she was unconscious than any Delena scene lol.

So, as you all know by now I didn’t actually watch the finale, but I read about what happened on Tumblr and I saw a couple of gif sets, so I do have a couple of thoughts about the finale.

- About what they did to Stefan: I’m not going to lie, I would’ve preferred it if Stefan and Elena would’ve been allowed to ride off into the sunset together because they’re the only couple that made sense as endgame all along, literally the only couple. But since it was made abundantly clear that wasn’t going to happen, I’m actually quite happy with how it turned out. Because not only did Stefan do what he always does, which is stepping up and keeping those he loves safe, he also found peace, and not just peace, oh no, he was reunited with his very best friend and I kind of found that heartwarming. It wasn’t the happy ending I hoped for when I started watching, but under the given circumstances, I really think it was the best ending possible for us Stefan stans.

- About what he said about Damon: I’m not even mad, the show has been using other characters to prop up Damon through dialogue for years now. Stefan always excused Damon’s behavior, he always made it seem like something Damon was not, he always gave Damon credit even though he never deserves it, he has been pushing Elena back to Stefan since season five, so what Stefan said in the finale didn’t get to me because, well, it was big fat bullshit but it was nothing new.

- About the DE scenes: first of all, let me just say how happy I am they didn’t even get a conversation. Like, they hugged, they kissed, they held hands, and that’s it. I was prepared for something much, much, much worse. And then there’s the painful, hilarious lack of chemistry between them. Because not only did Ian choose to kiss Nina’s chin instead of her lips (no amount of slowmotion and over the top lighting and fancy camera angles can hide that, dear TVD crew), he also couldn’t even be bothered to not look constipated when he held her hand. Like, those scenes were so bad it still makes me laugh and it’s been weeks. xD 

- About Katherine’s “comeback”: I only have one thing to say: what were the writers thinking??????

- About endgames: when it comes to endgames, I have to say I found SE to come out looking best. Not only because of the fact that DE didn’t even spend the afterlife together (we’re supposed to believe they’re ‘epic soulmates’ but it was like Elena just lived her life as best as she could because she owed Stefan that and then she bailed as soon as she died xD) but also because of that final SE scene, the physicality, the chemistry. Yes, sure, the dialogue was about Caroline and Damon, but just look at that scene. Mute the scene and look at it, and it’s our beautiful SE endgame. Nina and Paul brought their A game one last time and it is something to be grateful for. Over the course of eight seasons, SE got the best lines, the best scenes, the best chemistry, SE actually had it all and the series finale reconfirmed that. They’re endgame, guys. Maybe not ‘technically’, but they looked and felt like the real endgame couple. Plus, that scene of Elena writing in her diary near his grave… Like, the diaries were something that connected them and when they got together, they didn’t need them anymore because they had each other to talk to instead, and as soon as they were apart, they started writing in those diaries again. Stefan was always the one Elena could truly be herself with, and now that he died, she dug up her diary and wrote in it while looking at the crypt where he was buried and there’s something morbidly poetic about it. It’s SE, it has always been SE. (I also have to add I loved that Elena left her necklace on his grave or whatever, because if Kevin did one thing right in that final episode, it was making sure everyone knew that necklace was always meant to be an SE symbol, he righted JP’s wrong with that and it’s awesome because now DE is actually literally left with nothing. Think about it.)

- And last but not least, about me being petty: and this is me being really petty, but can I just say how hilarious it is that Stefan chose to die rather than spending a single day married to Caroline? xD

The New World - Part 3

A shorter chapter, but hopefully will answer some questions, but not the BIG question… not yet. Stay tuned, my lovelies!

Part 1 | Part 2

Daryl x Reader, Daryl x Maggie, Maggie X Reader, Daryl x Glenn, Negan x All

Warnings: Implied smut, language, Canon-Violence, Canon-divergence, some fluffy moments with Daddy Daryl

Word Count: 3401

The only light trickling into the cell through the one small window cast a dark shadow across his face. His hair no longer neatly slicked back, hanging long in his face. A grin crawled across his lips as the voices from outside became louder. The iron gate opened into the exterior of the cell, and he waited patiently for them to make their entrance.

The moment they were all in his line of sight, Negan pushed himself away from the wall, his hands shoved deep into his pockets. Chuckling darkly, he smirked as his eyes locked onto the sheriff.

“Been wonderin’ when you fuckers were gonna come down here and see me.”

“What? No ‘happy-to-fucking-see-you-Negan’ smiles? C’mon, I thought we were all friends now?!” Negan’s voice bellowed and bounced off the walls of his cell, making him sound larger than life, a sardonic grin plastered across his face as his eyes flicked from each one of their glares.

“Now, I imagine there is a problem of some kind, because normally, it’s just my buddy Rick here stoppin’ on by for a chat,” Negan’s eyes narrowed, a playful defiance burning in them as he met Rick’s gaze. “But, lucky me! I get the whole damn crew!”

He ran his tongue over his top lip and bit down as Rick took a step closer to the bars of the cell door.

“What did you do?” Rick growled, trying to fight the urge to shoot the man through the door.

“Do? Me? Awe, Rick,” Negan feigned disappointment and clutched his chest with one hand, “I’m hurt. What is it that you think I’ve done?”

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Out of the Frying Pan (4/?)

“What about pleading for you to get on set? Is that allowed?”

Emma made a noise in the back of her throat, tugging on her dress again self-consciously. “Look who doesn’t want to do this whole thing now,” she said, letting Ruby push her bodily towards the prep kitchen.

“Look who was spotted away from the group, flirting with Killian Jones. Again.”

“You promised you weren’t going to say a single word.”

“I’m a great, big, giant liar.”

AN: This is like 8.5K words of talking and quasi-flirting and I will never have any concept of word count ever. I am perpetually screaming from the rooftops over how fantastic @laurnorder is for her beta skillz and for general delightful-ness. 

As always, also up on Ao3 and tagg’ed up on Tumblr.

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Hey who are the two girls on board? (Crosses fingers for space lesbians)

They aren’t together, but they are definitely platonic life-partners!

If you want to know more about Isla and Morlug, click HERE to head on over to the Meet The Crew page (also linked at the top of this tumblr)! Or click HERE to read that novel-length Kragdu fic of mine… Be aware though, their characters are continuously developing in my head!

solo and pair

Yuuri!!! On Ice || Victor Nikiforov/Yuuri Katsuki || Hasetsu, Part III
notes: many thanks to @hollyskjeletter, @peekabooitsmiko, @faorism, and @noitratoxin for their love and support.
warnings: none


part ii


Yuuri’s mark takes a week to bloom.

It starts innocuously. Yuuri has just stepped out of the shower and is brushing his teeth when he catches an oddity in his reflection. Confused, he grabs the hand towel and wipes the lingering condensation off the mirror, the water droplets clumping and streaking beneath the swipe of rough cotton.

Then Yuuri squints.

And squints.

And squints some more.

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The pirate who got his wooden leg stuck in a freezer

It was totally hot out today and the sun was blazing like snoop dog on a Tuesday on this pirate ship. The fires of hell was preferable to this blasted sun. I looked over the railing to the top deck to see the entire crew laying in every shady part of the deck. I was about to join them when I heard a scream. 

                “That sounded like Cameron!” an unimportant member of the crew said.

                “It came from down in the ship!”

                “Well lets go see whats wrong!”

And so the crew and I went on an adventure together, and we found that Cameron had gotten his arm stuck in a -

Wait. The title says his leg’s in the freezer. Nvr mind. 

His wooden leg, that’ll probably be important later

                “I’m sorry I cant help it I had access to ice cream and cool air at the same time!” Cameron moaned

                “Are we ignoring the obvious?” Zoe asked, “Why in Jon Travolta is there a freezer…. On a pirate ship? Where would it even get electricity?”

                “I just got… you know my foot… in a freezer…” Cameron said
                That’s when it hit me.

                “My god… I understand now” I paced,  “This is bigger than all of us, I understand why we all exist…Cameron, you got your WOODEN leg stuck in that freezer, so you could say….”

“Shiver me timbers….”

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Vacation with Justin and the crew blurb

A/N: I’m so sorry I haven’t been updating for the past few days, I’ve had exams and final deadlines for my coursework so I was extremely busy :/

Omg that would honestly be the best time. At first you’d all relax though to get rid of the stress of work so you’d all head down to the beach and just lay out in the sun. Justin would pull you into his side and start tracing his fingers through your hair and over your skin to sooth you as you worked on your tan. But after that you’d all go out and do something crazy and the crews definition of crazy was a little over the top. They’d probably rent out the biggest yacht and sail it out into the sea, blasting music as they all took turns jumping off into the water from the top deck. You’d be scared shitless at first and Justin would know that so after much convincing, he’d take your hand in his and hold it tight “I promise I won’t let go, baby. Trust me, it’ll be fun!” He’d say before counting to 5 and then jumping off with you screaming by his side and yeah I know this is kinda rushed and crappy but give me a break I’m so stressed out from school :’(