over the top crew

The pirate who got his wooden leg stuck in a freezer

It was totally hot out today and the sun was blazing like snoop dog on a Tuesday on this pirate ship. The fires of hell was preferable to this blasted sun. I looked over the railing to the top deck to see the entire crew laying in every shady part of the deck. I was about to join them when I heard a scream. 

                “That sounded like Cameron!” an unimportant member of the crew said.

                “It came from down in the ship!”

                “Well lets go see whats wrong!”

And so the crew and I went on an adventure together, and we found that Cameron had gotten his arm stuck in a -

Wait. The title says his leg’s in the freezer. Nvr mind. 

His wooden leg, that’ll probably be important later

                “I’m sorry I cant help it I had access to ice cream and cool air at the same time!” Cameron moaned

                “Are we ignoring the obvious?” Zoe asked, “Why in Jon Travolta is there a freezer…. On a pirate ship? Where would it even get electricity?”

                “I just got… you know my foot… in a freezer…” Cameron said
                That’s when it hit me.

                “My god… I understand now” I paced,  “This is bigger than all of us, I understand why we all exist…Cameron, you got your WOODEN leg stuck in that freezer, so you could say….”

“Shiver me timbers….”