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otakuchxn asked:

I love your art! Im learning to draw so I have to ask, Howd you get so good?

Practice, lots and lots of it XD

Rule of thumb: if you think you’ve drawn enough, you’re wrong. 

Try drawing stuff from daily life. Be creepy like me and use the people around you as anatomy references when they’re not paying attention. See a pretty flower? Try drawing it! Have an artist you admire? Learn from their style. There’s always plenty of stuff to do if you’re really committed to improving your own art.

Waking Up Early For Cartoons Like:
  • Me at age 8
  • 101 Dalmatians Series:On at 8am PST.
  • Me:*Up at 7:50am*
  • Me:Totally worth loosing sleep over this.
  • ----
  • Me at age 20
  • My Little Pony Friendship is Magic:On at 9am EST.
  • Me:*Up before 6am due to time zones*
  • Me:Totally worth loosing sleep over this.
  • ----
  • Me at age 25
  • Miraculous Ladybug:Airs in France about 9:30am.
  • Me:*Stays up until 1:30am due to time zone to watch on stream*
  • Me:Totally worth loosing sleep over this.

Our queue is running low and the tag hasn’t been very active over the last months. :( Since I’ve started these a summary in 6 gifs edits (and I’m planning on continuing this for every new chapter from now on), I was thinking of doing these kind of chapter summaries for some older chapters as well and put them in our queue.

Do you have any suggestions? Which chapters would you like to see as a summary in 6 gifs?


I just finished making my necklace! I finally figured out I was using the wrong beads for crimping. Oops.
@unstableruination no one else actually talks to me so you have to review all my jewelry.

Dear PJ,

Can I beg for a directior’s cut of The Hobbit?

I keep looking forward to the sequel, although I know it won’t be…

I’m just wondering about that millions of bits and miles of film what’s left of the box after the final cut.

I’m patient but eternity seems a bit long…