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clique six dynamics (as ranked by my followers): #5 - maya hart & riley matthews 

you are my extraordinary relationship, maya. // i’d rather be a fool with you than be anything without you. 

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Okay but: "I'm not gay," fourteen year old me says as they read Buffy/Willow/Tara fanfiction in the middle of year 9 art class.

True story:

“My English teacher is one of those lesbians,” 11-year-old me said in a hushed and disapproving tone to my friends, eyeing said lesbian from the corner of the room. “Cathy told me.”

Later, at 21 when I, too am ‘one of those lesbians’, I am at a queer festival with my tongue down some women’s throat and my hand up her top. Over the woman’s shoulder I catch sight of someone watching me with a smirk.

It’s my lesbian English teacher. 


Sterek AU: After the death of Claudia magic becomes a taboo in the Stilinski house hold. Everytime Stiles wants to show his dad his magic, to help his dad with his magic John lashes out. Not knowing what to do with the gift that he got from his mother, Stiles represses his magic - doing nearly unrepairable damage to himself.

Years later Derek returns to Beacon Hills to find that the Alpha that killed his sister is far from the most dangerous thing in town.

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{PART 19} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; Not knowing whether to stay and fight, or run and protect you; Jungkook gets thrown into a world of fear and panic. Meanwhile, Yoongi and Serrena battle for victory in the silent game of war they play;

“How dreadful…to be caught up in a game and have no idea of the rules.”

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time) 

{Part 1} // {Part 18} {Part 19} {Part 20}

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anonymous asked:

Can i request for a bad boy serpent jughead jones and the sweet girl next door betty cooper fiction and maybe with a steamy make out session scene? Thank you!

So the story is slightly AU. Jughead never attended school in Riverdale, never was friends with Betty and Archie, as a matter of fact they didn’t even know each other. No murder ever happened, Betty was never pinning over Archie. I also made some other small changes that you’ll notice upon reading. Plus, I made Reggie a Serpent too, for no reason really, I just wanted him to be Jughead’s childhood best friend in this universe. :p Last but not least, Betty turned out to be extremely feisty while I was writing this; she is still a sweetheart in pastel colors but her character is a tad more Betty Cooper in episodes 12 &13. I hope that’s ok! Thank you for requesting, dear anon! Enjoy, lovelies! ❤️
(Okay, this is 34 pages long. I don’t even know why, I don’t even know what I have written in so many pages. I apologize in advance for that mammoth length. Warning: turns mildly smutty but definately hot and heavy at the end.)

P.S. Because this is too long, I have put it under a “read more” so if you are on mobile the story gets cut halfway through. Here’s an AO3 link if the tumblr app doesn’t work for you. :)

Fruit Punch Lips & Leather Jacket Dreams

  • Part 1/3: But Mama, I Want a Bad Boy

Southside Elementary School was a rare example of fine architecture in the small town of Riverdale. Rebuilt at the outskirts of town, after a disastrous fire caused by a minor during a prank gone wrong a couple of years ago, and squeezed between Southside Kindergarten and Southside High, it looked nothing like the two crumbling, cement colored buildings on its sides that lacked any learning motivation. It was modern, pure white with splashes of green and purple and it brought a fresh air of change, a promise that maybe the next generation of Southside kids would not have the ominous fate of their ancestors.

The Serpents had outdone themselves with the construction of the of the building, hiring Fred Andrews and his crew – one of the few people that wasn’t driven by discrimination and always agreed in doing business at the south side of town – and wasting a large amount of money from their infamous Serpent vault to create a place appropriate for shaping young minds. Maybe that’s why sweet and always optimistic Betty Cooper smiled every day at three o’clock sharp when her sneakers would hop up the marble stairs of the buzzing with life building. Because it was proving her right; Serpents would do anything for their children, just like any other parent on a prestigious office job. Serpents weren’t the monsters everyone thought they were.

Her excuse for walking all the way from their quaint north paradise to the disreputable south district five days per week was something that Betty always found fascinating; volunteering. Nurturing and caring by nature, she was constantly filling her free time with activities that offered assistance to those needed; taking care of stray cats and dogs down at the animal center, gathering food supplies and clothing for the homeless at their local church, being an annual blood donor, being proud cofounder along with her best friend, Veronica Lodge, of the two years now successful female empowerment club, Girls Speak Louder, at Riverdale High. And when senior year came and she needed a bigger challenge, something to bring her out of her good girl comfort zone, a tiny announcement had caught her eye, stuck on the bulletin board at the center of her high school corridor; Volunteers needed at Southside Elementary School.

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Headcanon: Yuri likes to wear provocative clothes to tease Otabek when he is alone with him.

Not even just when he is alone with him, I suspect. 

Sometimes he leaves the house in these little outfits that are barely decent. Gauzy little shirts or over sized ones that keep slipping off his shoulder, tops that are way too cropped and so tight you can see his nipple piercings through. Jean shorts in summer that look about two sizes to small as he casually sticks his ass out, leaning on the counter of the local ice cream parlour, sucking on a Popsicle. Pleather pants, so low his hipbones stick out. Leggings so tights they look spray-painted. Thigh highs that don’t even cover up the marks Otabek left the previous night.

Seeing Stars

Prompt: Pre-Guardians of the Galaxy fun with Peter; Letting loose for the night the reader goes out for a fun night and finds herself back in the Milano for an intimate night with loosened morality.

Pairing: Peter Quill X Fem!Reader

Warnings: Cursing, explicit sexual content, and drug use (A fictional marijuana-like space drug called Lunar Shrub)

Originally posted by cute-guysxx

Tonight was going to be a night of escaping your inhibitions and indulging on impulsive desires. Full of physical pleasures and lack of responsibility. Nothing was going to come in the way of you having a good time.. But most importantly, nothing was going to get in the way of you getting laid. 

That’s what had brought you to this current situation, walking alongside the charming Peter Quill as he led you back to his ship. The handsome Terran had approached you at the bar and after a few laughs you had decided he would be the perfect escape. A nice night full of sexy fun and laughs, nothing more nothing less.

He had landed his ship in a public parking area not far from the bar and the two of you were almost there. He guided you happily with one strong arm wrapped snugly around your hips, his hand sinking closer and closer to your ass with each step.

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versace on the floor - peter parker x reader

fandom: the avengers/spider-man

word count: 1026

character pairings: tom holland’s peter parker x reader

warnings: gets kinda …. hm …. but nothing happens LOL 

request: Could you write prompt #29 for peter parker? (“Come over here and make me.”) please and thank you!! Also i love your writing! (taken from this prompt bank)    

notes: i was high on gravol when i wrote this so i mean …………. ENJOY hahhhahahdihfa but forreal i liked how this turned out lol. here u go, @jacelghtwoods hope u find it satisfactory ! (also sorry it’s lowkey late lol i’ve kind of been driving around everywhere most of the time & sleeping the rest) 

“Come over here and make me.”


You felt as though it was a universally known fact that the words “make me” were a definite invitation to quite literally shut you up with a kiss.

Of course, Peter Parker would be the one exception to the universally known, despite his high intelligence. It was after school on a Friday, and you were over at Peter’s, laying down on his bed and trying to amuse yourself while he worked on homework. Aunt May was out for the evening; at dinner with a co-worker she had told you, sending you a wink as she left money on the counter for pizza, leaving for the night.

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A love that never dies

Request: Can you do an Elijah Mikaelson imagine? Where the reader and Elijah were together and married before he was turned and when he was turned she was turned too. And when Elijah and the reader go to help Elena with Klaus, Elena walks in on Elijah and the reader having a cute moment and when the reader is leaving she over hears Elena asking Elijah about their love and he gets all glossy eyes and tell her about their story and how their love will never die. Fluff fluff fluff! Please and thank you! 

Disclaimer: There’s is slight mention of rape and also i changed it a little. I switched Elena out with Hope and made Hope around 15-16 years old in this. 


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Going back a thousand and a hundred and something years I didn’t expect my life to turn out like this. Ending up with the best guy. Ending up with the best family. Ending up with the best story.

“Honey, you’re missing a button,” Elijah said referring to the back of my long wine red dress I was wearing for the Mikaelson ball tonight. After having stopped Klaus from trying to kill Elena we, mostly just Elijah and i, decided having a classic Mikaelson ball would lighten up the mood.

“Really. I didn’t notice,” I said trying to bend my arms to button the top. I had one arm reached over my shoulder and the other one was pushing up the back of the dress so that I could reach the low cut back. I let out a huff as I for the third time failed in buttoning the stupid dress.

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Viktor and Yuuri do an engagement photoshoot after the season ends and after they get officially engaged. I say ‘officially engaged’ because Viktor thinks they’ve been engaged this whole time, but Yuuri Katsuki probably won’t accept anything other than Viktor getting down on one knee in front of God and everybody and carefully announcing the words, “Yuuri Katsuki. Yes, you. Love of my life. Light of my world. Will you marry me? As in be my husband? As in be bonded to me by the rite of holy matrimony for as long as we both shall live?”

So they do an engagement photo shoot once all of this happens, mostly because their fans cry ugly tears at them over multiple social media platforms until they do it, but also because Phichit has this Shiny New Photography Degree that he’s aching to do something with, and because they both agree that they want something to remember the whole thing by.

And of course, the whole world is going wild imagining what Viktor “Extra” Nikiforov’s engagement pictures will look like. There will be skates. There will be gold medals. There will be costumes with either sequins or feathers or maybe both. The eye make-up will be able to kill a man and it will look like a Cirque du Soleil publicity release. There might be doves? Probably artificial snow. Will Katsuki even be IN them or will it just be Nikiforov, standing there and looking profoundly and intensely Russian.

When the photos are finally released, they are posted very quietly to Instagram at one o’clock in the afternoon on a Wednesday. Phichit posts the whole roll on an account he has exclusively for his more professional photography; they are all captioned, “Celebrating the engagement of my two good friends and two good people, Yuuri Katsuki and Viktor Nikiforov.”

They aren’t what anyone was expecting.

The pictures are taken in the Saint Petersburg flat. Yuuri and Viktor are both barefoot in most of the pictures. They are wearing matching sweaters, both in subtle and calm shades of blue. Black jeans. In one picture, Yuuri is kissing Viktor’s cheek and Viktor is looking at the camera with soft eyes and soft mouth and imperfect hair. In another, Yuuri is sitting on the couch with Makkachin draped over his lap; Viktor is standing behind with his arms braced on the back, almost like he’s presenting them; this is them, my little family, the two beings in the world who mean the most to me. 

The picture that gets the most likes–the only one that Yuuri reposts; the only one that Viktor cross posts to all of his social media; the one that ends up being printed out and hung in apartments and houses around the world, from Hasetsu to Saint Petersburg to Bangkok–is taken on the little balcony off their bedroom. The sun is setting, and Viktor has Yuuri between himself and the railing. They are facing away from the camera. Phichit told them to hold their rings up to the sun, and they did. The shot is done over Viktor’s shoulder–silver hair, the top of a raven-haired head, and two hands stretching out towards the sky, rings glinting gold.

Not Just A Jock

Originally posted by archic-andrews

Requested by anonymous:

“Hey babe!!!! I am so glad you are back I have missed you. As a senior I understand the pressure! I was wondering if you could write an Archie Andrews imagine? Where maybe she is new and he is intrigued by her but she thinks he is like a mean jock…..? Is that lame? I really do 😘 lysm”

Warnings: Swearing, fluff

Notes: First riverdale imagine yay!!! also this is not lame!!!! 

*this is set after Ms Grundy (ew) leaves

“What we all really need is a good night out, so who wants to volunteer to host a party?”

“You’re the one with a penthouse apartment and a totally chill mum, you should be the one to have it.” 

“Ok first off Kev, my mum is the opposite of chill and are you forgetting that we’re basically broke? As if we can afford the damage that will undoubtedly occur after the football team’s paid a visit.”

“Oh please as if- woah.” 

Archie looked up from his guitar and messy song writing notebook at the loud sound of Kevin’s loud gasp. It wasn’t long for Archie to find out what caused Kevin to get distracted from his heated discussion with Veronica. His eyes widened and his grip on his guitar loosened as he stared at possibly the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. 

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Darry get’s called down to the office…. (Sister fic)

You knew he was going to be pissed something awful, and by God, you dreaded to see the glare you knew he was sure to be giving you the moment he walked through those doors. 

“I know your parent’s have just died, Y/N.” The principle said with a soft, patronizing tone. “But that is not an excuse to hit somebody, especially a man, you are just lucky he was raised in a good home and doesn’t hit women.” 

“You’re fucking kidding me, right?” You had risen from your seat, your hands on your hips as you stared down dangerously at him… but that was also the moment Darry decided to waltz through the room. 

“Y/N, you sit your ass down, you’re in enough goddamn trouble as it is.” You looked at your brother and you saw the venomous look in his eyes, and that was enough to get you to shut up. You knew you were in for a spanking, Darry had threatened you with it before. He still saw you as a child even though you were 17 years old. 

He sat down in the chair beside, all the while giving you his best glare. You knew he was pissed, he worked almost every day to provide for this family, and one day of work could make or break you.

“Thanks for coming, Mr Curtis. I was just saying to your sister that I know that she is under a lot stress because of the passing of your parents and I understand that, but it is not an excuse to hit another person, especially a man. She is lucky that the guy she hit was a fine fellow from a great family.” 

“A great family?” You sneered as you got up from your seat. “He is a piece of shit and you’re his uncle, what does that say about you?” 

“Y/N Curtis!” Darry snapped, not moving an inch from his seat, but his eyes met yours and you knew you urged yourself not to cringe, he meant business. You knew your ass was on the line- quite literally, but you didn’t care any more. 

“You’re lucky he isn’t pressing charges, young lady.” The principle spat. “Now take your seat so we can discuss your punishment like adults.” 

“Are you serious right now? He is lucky that I am not pressing charges for sexual harassment!” 

“Sexual harassment?” Darry asked, looking up at you with wide eyes and then at the snake of a man. “What exactly happened here, Mr Thomas? Because your receptionist told me it was all my sisters fault.” 

“He was snapping my bra straps down, hard might I add. I asked him to stop multiple times, and when he didn’t I hit him. He left bruises.” Mr Thomas’ face had gone bright red and he sank lower into his seat. 

“Can I see them?” Darry asked softly, apologetically almost. When you nodded, he got up from his seat and gently pulled your hair back over your shoulder. 

You felt him unzip your the top of your dress the slightest bit so he could see your back, and you could feel him tense up, a small gasp escaped his lips. 

“Have you seen her fucking back?” Darry spat at the cowering Mr Thomas. Your brother never swore, but this time he was beyond pissed. “There’s not just bruises, there are welt marks.” 

“Boys will be boys.” Mr Thomas muttered softly. “It doesn’t excuse her for hitting him-” 

“Is that the excuse we’re using now? “Boys will be boys?” Does that excuse another man raping a woman? Does that excuse another man beating on a woman? Does that excuse your nephew from sexually harassing my sister?”

“He didn’t sexually harass her-”

“That is exactly what he did. She didn’t want him to do it, she asked repeatedly for him to stop it, and she is the one getting sent to the office and suspended because “boys will be boys?” you’re the most repugnant person I have ever met.”

“I’m not going to suspend her this time-” 

“You’re right, you’re not. We are going down to the police station to press charges and I am going to the school board to have you fired, did you know the head is a woman? How do you think she is going to feel knowing that one of her staff members is allowing sexual assault?” 

“I- I’m sorry- I” 

“Let’s go, Y/N” Darry grabbed your hand gently and began to guide you out of the room, but you were staring at Mr Thomas, the usually proud man was unfolding before your eyes. His wide eyes were furiously tapping at the telephone to make a call, and small, short breaths were escaping his lips.

Darry walked you to the car and opened your door… but then he shut it and looked down at you. 

“Baby I’m so sorry.” He sighed, all signs of anger were gone. “When she called me in, I was so pissed off, I had every intention of spanking you when we got home. I didn’t think for a second that maybe something serious had happened or that it wasn’t your fault. I’m sorry that I was so short-”

“You don’t have to apologize, I understand.” 

“I love you kid, they’re not going to get away with it, you dig?” He wrapped his arms around you, being careful not to touch your back. 

“I love you too.”

More than you can handle

Originally posted by mona-stay

A/N: The reader is legal age (18/19).


You and FP always had this love/hate relationship but when he saw you walking in with Archie Andrews, the sheriff’s kid, Moose Mason and Joaquin he was feeling more hate than love.

You all walked over to the pool table as Joaquin lined up the balls. Some Southside Serpents were looking you up and down but you paid them no mind. All that was on your mind was a certain leader named FP Jones.

“Hey, (Y/N),” Archie said tearing you away from your thoughts.

“Huh? Yeah?” I questioned as I turned back to Archie.

“It’s your turn,” I glanced over my shoulder to see FP standing on the top of stairs with his eyes on me. I smirked to myself as I put on Archie’s shoulder.

“Would you mind showing me what to do?” I questioned with an innocent look as Archie began to blush uncontrollably as he nodded his head and positioned himself behind me. I intentionally pressed my backside against Archie as he began to stutter. As Arch explained how to shoot, Moose tapped on his shoulder as Archie and I stood.

“I think that’s one of them,” Moose explained as he pointed at on of the Southside Serpents. Archie nodded his head along to what Moose said as he began to walk over.

“Oh shit,” I heard Kevin call as Archie pulled on the older man’s shoulder.

“Hey,” The man turned around looking as shocked as we did at Archie’s sudden bravery as he quickly changed it to anger and annoyance.

“What? You got a death wish?” The older biker said as Joaquin told Archie to back off. Archie ignored Joaquin as he began interrogating the man.

“You like beating up teenagers?” Archie questioned as the biker’s face filled with rage. The man pushed Archie as Archie pushed back as the biker threw Archie on the pool table as I stared in shock.

“Archie!” I yelled as the man raised his fist but before he could throw any punches a familiar voice boomed from the top of the stairs.

“Hey!” The man instantly stopped what he was doing to look up and see FP looking furious. “That’s enough Mustang. Let em’ go,” FP said as Mustang released his grip on Archie as I walked over to him and helped him up.

“Are you okay?” I whispered to him as Archie nodded his head in response as FP spoke again.

“I’ll take care of them,” He said as he stood in front of Archie and I. I stared FP down as he did the same. “Alright, let’s go,” FP said as he pointed behind us. I took a hold of Archie’s arm as I noticed a flash of jealousy come across FP’s face as we headed out. We reached the door as Moose and Kevin went on ahead as FP called out to Archie and I. “Not you Red,” FP said as Archie and I sighed.

“What?” Archie questioned annoyed as we turned back to face him.

“I called your dad. I’m not having you start fights and snoop on the wrong side.” Archie sighed as his dad’s truck pulled up behind us.

“Come on, Archie.” Archie sighed as he turned back to face his dad.

“Come on, (Y/N). We’ll give you a ride home.” I smiled as I went to answer as FP spoke for me.

“No, that’s fine. I’ll get her home safely,” FP said as Archie gave him an annoyed look before looking back at me.

“Thanks for the offer Archie. I’ll see you tomorrow at school,” I said as I wrapped my arms around Archie’s neck as he did with my waist as he pulled me into a hug. “See you later, Mr. Andrews,” I said as I waved at Archie’s dad.

“Here,” Archie said as he handed me his letterman jacket.

“Arch, I can’t,” I said as Archie smiled.

“It’s okay, I can get it tomorrow. I don’t want you to freeze.” Archie said as I smiled and thanked him. Archie began to head over to his dad’s truck.  I watched as Archie and his dad drove off down the road as I turned back to FP to only find him staring back at me.

“What?” I said annoyed.

“What was that?” FP questioned as he narrowed his eyes down at me.

“What was what?”

“That hug with the Andrews kid,” FP said as the hint of jealousy laced his tone.

“What? We’re just friends. It’s not like I have a boyfriend or anything. I can hug who I want when I want,” I scoffed as I turned and began to walk away.

“Where the hell do you think you’re going?” FP questioned as he followed me down the road as I continued walking.

“As far away from you as I can get,” I said as I heard FP growl and his hand take a hold of my wrist as he flipped me around and pinned me up against the brick wall.

“The hell you are!” FP said as I felt his hot breath on my face.

“Let go of me,” I said as FP smirked.”

“If you want me to stop then just say so and I will,” I stayed quiet as FP smirked again as he chuckled. “That’s what I thought,” FP said as he pressed his lips against mine as I kissed him back. I smiled into the kiss as FP’s hands moved from my wrists to my waist. We broke away from the kiss as FP began kissing my neck.

“Mmm, FP,” I moaned as he smirked into my neck as he began to suck my sweet spot. FP pulled away from my neck as I whimpered.

“Let’s go back to my place,” FP said as I nodded my head. FP began to head back over to his truck as I followed closely behind. FP opened the door for me as I climbed in. He closed the door behind me as he walked to the other side and climbed in as he started the truck with a smirk before pulling off and heading in.

Soon enough, we arrived in the trailer park as FP pulled in front of his trailer as we climbed out. I smiled as I felt FP’s lips reconnect to my neck as his hands roamed my body. I decided to tease him as I walked away from his embrace.

“Thanks for the ride but I think I can make it back to my place from here,” I said as I began to walk down the sidewalk as I heard FP sigh as he began to walk behind me.

“Do you think I’m just going to let you go that easily?” I smirked as I nodded my head.

“I do actually, what are you going to do about it?” I questioned as I could see lust begin to cloud over his eyes.

“This,” FP said as he lifted me up and walked me to the back of his trailer where we wouldn’t be seen. FP slammed my back against the trailer as he pressed his lips roughly back to mine. I moaned into the kiss as he took this as an advantage to slide his tongue into my mouth. Our tongues fought for dominance, he won. We broke the kiss as he moved his lips to my neck as he laid me back onto the ground. I pushed at his jacket as he slid it off and laid it on the ground. He slid his hands under my top as he began to massage my boob.

“Fuck FP,” I moaned as he chuckled against my neck. “Fuck the foreplay,” I said as FP pulled away from sucking my sweet spot on my neck as I smiled.

“Fine but first,” FP began as he pushed Archie’s jacket off my shoulders before throwing it behind him. “Get rid of this shit,” He said as I rolled my eyes.

“You always were a jealous dick,” I said as FP undid his belt before doing the same with his pants and pushing them down.

“And don’t you forget it,” I smiled as he leaned down a bit and tapped on the back of my thighs. “Jump,” I did as he said as he stopped from going any further.

“You’re on the pill, right?” I nodded my head as he slid my skirt up to my waist before moving my underwear to the side as he moved the head of his cock in between my folds, instantly wetting the tip of his cock before sliding into me. I gripped his shoulders as he let me adjust to him.

“Mmm, FP… Move,” I whispered into his ear as he began to thrust slowly at first before beginning to pick up his pace. “Fuck FP, harder!” I moaned aloud as he slammed my hips against the trailer as he began to pound into me. I clung to his shoulders as FP reconnected our lips into a rough sloppy kiss. I felt my orgasm begin to near as I broke our kiss.

“FP, I’m close,” I moaned as I felt FP reach between us and began to massage my clit.

“Ohhh… YES! FP, I-I’M… C-COMING!” I screamed out as FP slammed into me one more time as my walls tightened around his cock.

“F-fuck,” FP groaned into my ear. FP leaned his head onto my shoulder as he began to remove himself out of me as he slid my skirt back down.

“Ahh, you were alright,” I said with a smile as FP shot me a look. I giggled as FP began to fix himself back up as I spoke again. “I’m kidding,” FP smiled at me as I walked over to where he had thrown Archie’s jacket before sliding it back on. “Well, I guess I should be going,” I said as I began walking past FP.

“Hey, wait,” FP said as I stopped and turned around. “Why don’t you stay here tonight? I can drive you home in the morning to get changed and then to school,” I smiled at FP.

“That sounds great,” I said as FP looked down and smiled.

“But only on one condition,” I looked at FP confused as he continued. “You exchange that,” He began pointing at Archie’s jacket. “For this,” He said as he held up his Southside Serpent jacket. I smiled at him before nodding my head and sliding off Archie’s jacket and putting FP’s on. FP smiled as he grabbed my hand and spoke up. “Come on, let’s go home,” He said as we headed into his trailer.

Poker Face?

Reggie x Reader 

Warnings: SMUTTY like no joke, if you don’t like sexy time, don’t read!!!

Requested: Can you write a Reggie x reader where they’re dating and they  play strip poker (smut)

A/N: I’ve never played poker before, so I don’t really know how the game works I’ve read about it online to get the jist of it so I’m pretty much just guessing. 

Originally posted by zachdempsey

Friday Nights alone with Reggie Mantle were often the highlights of my week. It was always after the game that he would take me back to my place for a movie night, or something along those lines. My parents work night shifts so they don’t mind Reggie coming over to keep me company. 

Tonight was no different, we were celebrating a big win for the end of season game. I ran onto the pitch along side other students, and into the arms of Reggie. Other players ran past smacking him on the shoulders congratulating him on the game. He picks me up by the waist as I jump towards him and I nuzzle my face into his neck. Still holding his helmet in one hand he tightens his arms around me and lifts me further into the air with excitement. “Congrats,now how do we celebrate?” I enchant towards the caramel skinned boy in front of me. I reach up and place a kiss on his lips softly. I hear the other team mates whistling and cheering some chanting about Reggie being ‘whipped’. I just laugh and pull away. 

“There’s a party at Thorn-Hill tonight, everyone who’s anyone is going to be there, so your presence would be highly appreciated” Cheryl Bombshell added into the mix, turning towards me, giving me that sickly sweet smile of hers. “Actually y/n and I have plans tonight, right?” Reggie says looking towards me with wide eyes. I nod my head towards Cheryl directing my eyeline towards her “Right” and just like that I was whisked away, by the boy still wearing his football uniform. 

We get back to my place, and I realise this was going to be no different from our other Friday nights. “Why didn’t you want to go to the party,Reg?” I ask politely getting my keys out to unlock the door. The streets were dark and silent. It seemed as though the entire town had escaped to Thorn-Hill for the night and we were the only two people left gallivanting the streets. “I had something in my mind that I wanted to try out, and I didn’t think you would wanna play in front of bunch of people at Cheryl Blossom’s Mansion”Reggie replies with a sly grin contouring his face. His fingers fiddle with the end of my shirt as I unlock the door, pushing it open, I turn around to face him with a confused yet amused look on my face. “play?” I mutter and stumble slightly into the doorway of my own home. 

I walk into the living room and Reggie heads towards the bathroom,carrying his bag, presumably to change. He returns a few moments later wearing a pair of sweats, a t-shirt and a baseball cap, holding a deck of cards in his hands. He brings it up and waves it a little a smug smile plastered on his face. I look between him and the cards and tilt my head in confusion. “Strip poker” he states abruptly. I go wide eyed and stand up from my place on the sofa and walk towards him with a sultry  stare. “so this is what you meant  by play?” I ask lightly biting my lip, it didn’t go un-noticed.  

“Okay then” I nod and move the coffee table into the middle of the room, grabbing a couple of cushions for us each to sit on, either side of the table. He throws his jersey at me and I look at him blankly. “Just in-case you need the extra layer” he teases. “and what makes you think I’m gonna be the one needing the extra layer?” I whisper gently in his ear removing my shirt in front of his eyes and replacing it with his football jersey. He takes in a noticeable gulp before sitting down at the table,shuffling the cards. 

Many Items of clothes removed later, I was left in the Jersey and my underwear and Reggie was sat there in his boxers (Oh and his socks, we can’t forget his socks) “Your poker face really is awful Reggie Mantle” I state calling him out only to antagonise him more. To be truthful, Reggie hating losing, and he hating losing to me even more. He knew it would be something I would hold against him for weeks. I look at the cards in my hand and realise my shirt is probably coming next “turn” Reggie mumbles in concentration. He places his cards down to show, three queens and two tens, an otherwise perfect set. I shamefully place down my cards consisting of a jack, ten,four, six, and and an ace, he royally kicked my butt in this round. He looks at me with a smug expression. His tongue sticking out of his mouth. I clap my hands at his deal and stand up ready to take off the jersey but am stopped by a pair of hands reaching for mine.He pulls me round to his side of the table and tugs me down so I’m sitting in his lap. 

“Don’t take the Jersey off just yet, It looks good on you” He whispers brushing the hair out of my face. bringing his lips to meet mine. I lean forwards and instantly tangle my hands into his black hair.Tugging at the roots towards the back of his head. His hot plump lips meshed with mine,in sync moving in and out of rhythm.     

His hands reached down to my legs where he lifted me up and placed me down so I was straddling his waist. His rough calloused fingers ran up my legs and placed themselves on my hips where he held me still. He leaned back so he was leaning against the couch more comfortably and brought his lips back to mine deeply. The kisses were hard and fast and at times sloppy, but that was just the way I liked it. I gasped suddenly as I was picked up,Reggie standing to sit himself down on the couch rather than the floor, bringing me to sit straddling him once more. His lips move to my neck leaving hot open mouthed kisses on the skin. Leaving a trail down where he meets my jawline sucking on the delicate skin, making me gasp for air. 

His hands lift up the Jersey at either side of my hips where he holds the curves and pushes them forwards,encouraging me to rock my hips gently. I do so earning a satisfied groan fall from Reggie’s lips. I place my hands on his naked shoulders and lean in for another kiss, my mouth already thirsty for more attention. As our lips join again, I roll my hips once again a little harder to meet his and continue the action gaining more gasps and breathy reactions from the pair of us. 

The sloppy kisses and building friction between us was more of a celebration than any after party could ever master. Reggie swiftly flipped us so I was laying on my back on the couch, him above me,breathing heavily, a thin layer of sweat had built up from our actions. Not to mention he was already sweaty from the game. 

He raises the shirt up so it’s just above my belly button and kisses his way from under my chest to my pantie line. His eyes look up through his thick dark eyelashes to meet mine as his cold fingers loop themselves into my panties, I nod slowly and he places another kiss on each hip bone before pulling my panties down my legs and onto the floor beside us. He settles in between my legs again and wraps each leg over his shoulder, his strong hands holding onto the tops of my legs. “You okay beautiful?” he asks quietly and i sigh contently nodding my head,he doesn’t even have to do anything and I’m putty in his hands. “So much better than Thorn-Hill” he mutters more to himself as his face disappears in between my legs. 

His tongue swirls over the budding bundle of nerves,and he presses light kisses on it just to be a tease, before taking it in his mouth and sucking on it, I let out a gasp and my hands go straight for his hair, his locks damp from the sweat raised from both the game and our activities. One of his hands moves itself from its place on my hip and and follows his mouth down to where I needed him the most right now, His finger lightly teased my entrance before sliding all the way in and stilling. I let out a short gasp of his name when he began sliding his middle finger in and out, occasionally swirling it around. His mouth still proceeded too press kisses to my clit, adding to the knot tightening in my stomach. My grip in his hair becoming tighter as he moves his hand faster. 

“Reggie” I gasp getting his attention, his face comes up and I gesture for him to bring his face up to meet mine. His fingers still working inside of me, Reggie comes closer to me, pressing his lips hard against mine, I wrap my arms around the back of his shoulders holding him in hug. My back arches and I moan the knot tightening to the point of release. I pull his arm away from me and he looks at me with both confusion and concern. Only to be replaced by a smirk  when my dainty fingers reached for his boxers. I pulled them down as far I could get them being underneath him. His shaft hit his stomach, I took it in my hands gently and slid my hands down it a couple of times before directing towards my entrance. 

He took matters into his own hands, pulling my legs towards himself, I let out a shriek of excitement, he leaned down and kissed me softly, I felt him sliding in, stretching myself out I gasped for air once he had fully pushed all the way in. Many of the boys always made jokes about mine and Reggie’s sex life, saying things like how ‘he’s an animal’ and ‘he must tear you apart in the bedroom’ and when occasionally that can be true, for the most part. Reggie preferred  to make love, he liked taking it slow making it raw and passionate, that was just one of the things I loved about him. 

One of my hands wrapped around his bicep while the other went straight for his hair. Reggie placed both hands on my hips and gently rocked his hips back and forth setting a rhythm that was pleasing for the both of us. He groans out my name into the crook of my neck and scatters a few kisses in the area. I feel the knot tightening again and becoming loose as my release is coming on. I can tell Reggie is getting close due to the breathy-ness and his tired limbs. with a few more hard fast thrusts Reggie moans into my ear, his movements becoming slopping, my stomach tightens and I feel the knot untie a sense of relief washes over my body. 

Reggie collapses on top of me, pushing my fowards so he can slide in lay behind me on the couch. He presses a kiss under my ear and pulls the jersey down so its covering me up. 

“Well that’s one way to celebrate a football” Reggie smiles and I shake my head laughing and lean up to kiss him  again. 


boyfriend | baekhyun

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how he’d treat you:

  • has so many nicknames for you
  • makes faces at you all the time
  • will do literally anything to make u laugh cos he loves it
  • pokes ur waist a lot
  • and tickles you
  • winks at you a lot …or at least tries to
  • makes a lot of loud noises just cos it means u look at him
  • softly sings love songs when ur both chilling out maxin relaxin all cool shootin some b-ball outside of school
  • loves you so much he can’t go 5 minutes without u
  • thinks about u all the time


  • vEry touchy!!! all the time!!! everywhere!!!! 
  • squishes your cheeks a lot cos ur really cute to him
  • then he’ll kiss ur pout
  • kisses ur ears and neck but innocently
  • enjoys sitting on the floor with your legs over his shoulders
  • likes laying on top of u and nuzzling you 
  • this isn’t touchy affection but he’d look at you as if youre the most precious blessing ever
  • hangs off you a lot, like will wrap his arms around your arm and just….dangle

the naughty naughty:

  • all you sucka mc’s aint got nothing on me edward cullen lovin hoes this is for u
  • would honestly bite and suck and lick everything
  • leaves a lot of marks
  • rubs u all over
  • in ur mouth 
  • in ur puh
  • in HIS mouth 
  • deep sighs and hitching of breath not to ruin the mood but u know the “oh ah” he does before saying kkaebsong
  • kisses u while hes in you
  • prefers u on top cos he can grab ur butt and see all of u
  • spanking? probs 
  • also face in the pillow ass where the window blows jus saying

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holier things

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine…

The voice that drifts soothingly down the hall is hoarse, but steady. Adam rubs his eyes as he rolls over to check on the clock. It’s two in the morning. The other side of the bed is empty, though it’s not cold yet. Adam yawns and sits up as Justin’s voice comes floating through the open doorway again.

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I hope I'm not burdening you with a request since you've been so busy with college but when you have the chance could you write an NCT 127 version "favorite places to be kissed" Thank you so much! ~

Taeyong comes off as being a bit reserved when it comes to public displays of affection, therefore his favorite kiss is something he’d want to share only between the two of you. He’d find kisses on the nape of his neck really special because they stand for an action of attachment, that when you kiss him there you’re letting him now you’re here for him. He only ever lets you do it when it’s dark in the room and it’s just the two of you. 

Taeil is straightforward, his favorite kind of kiss is on his lips because it’s the easiest way for you to show him how much you love him. And no matter how many times you do it, he can never get enough of how you feel pressed close to him with your arms around his neck. It’s a feeling he wouldn’t trade for the world. 

Johnny loves giving you kisses, first and foremost he’d say his favorite place to be kissed is anywhere but he’d have a sweet spot right on his throat and jaw. Leaving kisses there would make him really excited and he’d want to start giving you passionate kisses of his own. Also, Johnny’s neck is so long and slender it’s practically asking to be left marked up - which Johnny is not opposed to at all. 

Yuta is totally weak for tummy kisses. No one can argue with me on this, Yuta loves loves loves it when you pull up his shirt and leave a trail of kisses up his skin and maybe, if you’re feeling more adventurous, leave some near his hipbone. It makes him chuckle, but it’s also a really pleasing feeling and will make him melt under your fingertips. 

Doyoung is up for any kind of kisses, but he’d really like kisses on his back like at the top of his spine over the cascade of his shoulder and between his wing bones. It’s a really sensually kind of kiss, but it doesn’t have to lead to anything if you guys don’t want it. Sometimes just having you hug him from behind and nuzzle your face into his back, just that warmth is enough for him. 

Jaehyun will never openly admit that this is his favorite kind of kiss, but when you hold his face and lean him down so you can press an encouraging kiss to his forehead, that just makes everything so much more better to him. A kiss on the forehead is something that can be really caring and comforting, but it can also mean “Go out there and do your best!”. He’d love it no matter what context it’s in, from you lazily kissing his forehead first thing in the morning to you kissing his forehead and telling him to crush Doyoung at monopoly. 

Winwin likes to get kisses behind the ear, because it’s playful and cute and he’d always be doing it to you so he’d like it if you did it back to him. It’s a kiss perfect for any situation, when you hang your arms around his neck from the back and give little pecks to the crown of his head down to the skin behind his ear or when you come running into his arms and whisper “I missed you!” and kiss right beside his temple. 

Mark is such a cutie, kisses get him so easily flustered and it’d take time for him to stop getting all red whenever you peck him on the lips so in all honesty he’s a cheek kiss person. It’s just the right amount of affection for public areas and just the right amount to keep his ears from burning up. Plus, cheek kisses are sweet just like him~

Haechan is a bit mature for his age, and he’d probably think forehead or cheek kisses are childish. I could see him really like it when you kiss his wrist or play with his fingers and press your lips to his palm. It’s something you’d do mindlessly, kind of just because you two are talking and it might be a slow day so you just do it because you think it’s cute and Haechan will sort of stutter over a word because it’s ticklish, but also a really nice feeling. 

A Lazy Day Off With Harry (NSFW)

Or when Harry gets bored while watching tv and finds a way to keep busy…       

“(Y/N),” you feel another piece of trail mix hit your cheek and you sigh, making a point to ignore him. “(Y/N)”

        It’s your one day off from work this week and you want to make it count by truly relaxing and reading that book that’s been sitting on your bedside table for a month. You’re on page three. A peanut hits your forehead. “Yes, Harold?”

        “I’m bored,” he whines, crawling across the massive plush sofa and letting his head fall back into your lap, effectively knocking the book out of your hands, you slide a finger between the pages to hold your place.

        “What about the film you were watching?” your hand instinctively fall into his hair, combing through his curls as he adjusts into a more comfortable position in your lap.

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