over the shot


lmao my tree bros one shot is at 25 000 words,, stay tuned.

i kinda want it to be my gift to my followers when im at 100 (im currently at 88 in the last three weeks of being on tumblr!!) but ill probably be a little late on that…. who knows. 

In honor of Crowley...

…I will be writing CROWLEY requests ONLY and he will be here also to answer some questions and offer support as we bid him farewell. Now, for the requests, I may mix them up some. Some might be imagines and some might be one shots and some may end up being drabbles because I am struggling with my writing lately. Go ahead and start sending stuff in, and make sure not to forget that our king is here with us to talk!! Our king will never ever be forgotten…

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Love and hate, they’re so close it’s easy to mistake one for the other.


[shadowhunters lookbook]: hair + clary


 Stefan Salvatore seeing his wife for the first time on their wedding day.

   [We’ve all made terrible mistakes in our lives. Done things that no apology can heal. But you just have to keep going. Try to find some new happiness. No matter how much you’ve lost.]