over the shot

  • me: *wants a new nightie + toy from the disney store*
  • disney store: *is literally not even a mile away*
  • me: *too lazy*


There’s finally a trailer here for the My Little Pony movie! I’m so excited to finally get to show peoples a little sample of the work we all did! Some of the shots I boarded are in the trailer, so please check it out! 



Here’s a new angle shot of happy smiley Betty & Jughead walking together on the set of Riverdale S1 finale with Mama Cooper hugging Betty from behind~ from the batch of shots from a deleted bughead scene


Sansa Stark + Taking Control of People and Situations

It was clever. The tourney, the prizes, the winged knights, it had all been her own notion. Lord Robert’s mother had filled him full of fears, but he always took courage from the tales she read him of Ser Artys Arryn, the Winged Knight of legend. And no sooner did she tell Petyr her idea than he went out and made it happen.

Without a doubt the most self indulgent collaborative vent art ever made feat. our Animator AU career counterparts. Happy Birthday Cheers to my buddy @spinetrick

Here’s to us both starting yet another year of our lives on this planet this week.

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Love and hate, they’re so close it’s easy to mistake one for the other.