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Since I’m too lazy to properly scan the snk artbooks for now I’m resorting to taking pictures and…after going through all five of them many many times I’m convinced Mikasa is without a doubt Kyoji Asano’s favorite character.

I mean seriously she’s already a beauty queen in the anime but the original sketches of her are…astonishing. Seriously, there isn’t a single shot in all five books where she doesn’t look amazing…and most times she looks better than the anime counterpart too^^ 

She smacked her palm against the door as she bit her bottom lip.  She knew she shouldn’t.  She knew that nothing good was going to come from it, but there was something about him that she had never been able to resist. She wanted to blame the alcohol for her weakness, but even in her bewildered state, she knew it wasn’t that.  It was him.  He was her weakness.

She finally pushed the door open.  “Coming?”

—  Partition: A Crash Course Prequel

Kennedy was in the mood for a drink, any drink. One that made her less confused about Bryce and more into the bottle that she was holding in her hand and the next body that she could get next to - or under. God. She needed a distraction but then again she didn’t want one. She wanted to hear him say those things. By now, she was nice and buzzed and feeling good, so why not act on more fun? Shaking her head, she ran her tongue over her lips before grabbing the bottle and holding it up over her head with shot glasses in her hands. 

“Body shots on me? C’mon, I’m not shy and you shouldn’t be either.”

people are so dumb and gross

so here’s a really quick thing if you feel like you want to send me rude messages, dick pics (and they are all unwanted trust me your dick is probably gross and if it wasn’t you wouldn’t have to send it to random girls online), sexual messages, insults, threats or anything else that isn’t messaging me and treating me like an actual human being then close my tumblr and go away. I’m not your baby or your submissive or interested in you at all. anyone who has actually talked to me because they arent a gross idiot and treat me like a real person would probably tell you that I’m friendly so if all you have to say is “suck my dick baby” with a weird poorly lit over exposed aerial shot of your hairy chode you can just

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So last night was a mess, I danced and sang in front of the camera until I puked but otherwise it was fine and dandy and fun, so thank you my friends for hanging out with me while i was drinking alone! <3

I loved you despite the warning signs.

Despite everything that screamed back at me not to fall any further, and not to invest what I had left of me into you.

What little fragments are left in the air to float, to hover motionless for just a moment, are there to build you back up.

Particles race through the cosmos, a bare knuckle fight at breakneck speed, those bandaged hands hold me, they hold me tighter than I ever could scratch into my own skin.

I am more in contact with the dust inbetween the fingerprints you left on me than every cut into my collarbones and every bite through my skin, you remain there.

This is what it’s like to fall in love; to eradicate your mind of everything you once knew of normality and have it replaced with everything about her.

Abnormal, abstract, however she may be defined, words themselves do not come to mind, lest they are to be invented for her creation alone.

I create these firing lines for you, girl of recoil and buckshot, and I want you to take up a stance towards me.

Scream, aim and fire at me all in one, send your shells through me instantly so that I may be destroyed from the off.

Only then will I know for definite how much left I have to give you, how much there is left of me that isn’t laying dead in the sweeping arcs of brown and white that I saw myself get lost in.

All that we are buried in, the rush of rubble we dislodged the first time we met, is building us higher; you are closing in on home with every stone you chip away.

An apocalypse love, we felt the city come down around us, the lights in windows of all those who never knew us, or saw us only by the shadows that stalked us.

Candle lights caught in catastrophe, flickering and flailing around each other, yet never too near to reach each other properly, the only way that pure heat is handled.

You were burnt so beautifully, I felt you three degrees deeper in my veins, profuse and pulsating.

I wanted to deconstruct me, to be surgical in my suicide and leave no part of me unturned; find the fault lines in my fingers and love them shut for me, one last time.

All these palaces we built on temporary places, a marble crown to fit your golden heart; a white love to shroud your amethyst soul.

Me, the slate and slack to you; gemstone girl, I could color you in from the ground up, you are pouring into the world itself.

But this world flows back to you.

If I could press this solid state of mass that houses who I am into something much less here than there, I would do it in a heartbeat.

Let my body become streams, red and blue would correlate and tessellate so softly, as if they intended to be together from the start.

If love is 70% of who I am, then I only hope I can give more than I am worth; copper coined chances building up to devalue me.

Devalued and delinquent, the feeling my brain is chasing is running faster than I can, it’s an infatuated dash to the softness of her hands and skin.

I want that daft and passionate love, I want attraction at any opportunity, I want a clumsy love and I want to get drunk on her existence, and not worry about the hangover.

I’ve seen so many like myself before, those who have dreamt of diamonds yet only ever handled coal.

I’ve seen everyone pass by me, I look to their eyes to find what spirit remains in them and to lay eyes upon who it is the truly are.

But these eyes cannot see you, they cannot repair these hand stitched heartaches that forces their eyelids to sleep.

To catch sight of you would be a revelation but it may also bring on my unravelling.

What’s one more loose end to tie up?


A tale of two lovers, bonded together from youth.

You all wanted it, you all requested it, and so you shall receive.


some people are confused about what happened in One Shot, so i made this to clarify ur welcome