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It’s bad out there. Worse than I anticipated.


So, you did do a little something. I opened the door. So that people could come in here and put this together. Nice. Nice for them, not for me.


The 2 drawings that I’ve done for @the-reylo-void ‘s story which was an absolute joy to read and to illustrate!
I super enjoyed drawing Rey hence the closeups.

Do head over to the @reyloanthology blog and check out the other works and the pdfs!

The Hungry Pig

by mldrgrl
rated PG
summary: Mulder, for once, is forced to join one of the dreaded teambuilding workshops and the results are eye-opening.  Set during mid-season 6.

Mulder tried everything he could think of to get them out of the team-building seminar, but nothing worked.  Skinner even went so far as to tell him if he even thought about calling in sick, he better be calling in dead, because that was the only excuse he’d accept.  He couldn’t even accidentally miss a flight because the seminar was being held in DC.

He was running a little late the morning of the seminar, perhaps a little intentionally.  He stopped in the office first, but Scully wasn’t there.  When he tried her cell phone it went to voicemail.  He searched frantically through the pile of files on his desk for something that could potentially require immediate attention, but came up empty.  He had no choice but to bite the bullet and head over to the Marriott Hotel.

Fifteen minutes later, Mulder was checked in for the seminar and was handed a nametag, a pen bearing the logo of the company conducting the seminar, and a paper folder with the agenda.  He was destined to spend the next six hours in agony.  Maybe he could start a Hangman tournament with Scully to pass the time.

Mulder searched the crowd from the back of the room for Scully.  Mostly everyone was already seated and one of the seminar leaders had just started an introduction.  His partner was easy to spot among the sea of fellow agents.  Her red hair stood out like a beacon.  She was at a table near the front, of course, once a teacher’s pet, always a teacher’s pet.  There were no empty chairs anywhere near her.  The realization that she hadn’t saved him a seat was a bitter pill to swallow.

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rInktober day 27!

It’s 40 minutes late due to the fact that my computer decided to crash two times while I was finishing up the last few things I had to do. 

Like I said another fanart of an Undertale AU. This time it is ReaperTale!! I haven’t been super involved in this one until recently. I just really love all the designs of the characters and the story is so well done that it is amazing!! If you haven’t read any of ReaperTale head over to Renrink’s tumblr and check it out!!


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guys i just binge watched this new show on netflix called the OA and holy fuck that’s a good show. if you’re looking for some shows to binge watch over the break check this one out. just a heads up i finished it in about 7 hours so this is a show you could finish in a less than a day

The Old Fashioned Way

Pairing: Tony x Reader

Summary: Holiday parties and giving you surprises are Tony’s two favourite things.

Warnings: You might die of fluff, I hope. I mean that with all the love in the world :) Oh yeah there’s a bit of language too.

Word Count: ~1670

A/N: This is my secret santa gift to the lovely @marvel-ash​! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and that this is able to brighten your day a bit! PS thank you Ash and @oneshot-shit for hosting this! I had a lot of fun participating :)

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You opened your eyes, the cool winter sun filtering through your curtains and gently washing your comforter in dappled light. Stretching your arms over your head, you sighed contentedly before rolling on to your side to check your phone for the time. 9:35am. Not too early, not too late. Just enough time to take a shower and make pumpkin pancakes and a latte for breakfast before going about your typical Saturday routine - training, lunch with Wanda and Nat, errands, chill time… To top it all off, Christmas was in a week.

You picked out a pair of leggings and an oversized jumper before making your way to the ensuite bathroom.

“FRIDAY, can you play something festive please?”

“Certainly, Miss (Y/N).”

A smile broke across your face as Dean Martin’s rendition of Silver Bells came on over the speakers in the bathroom. Yep, today was going to be a great day.

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juvia is a stalker. you guys are creeps

Hi! Many people have already addressed this invalid statement here. If you really believe she is a stalker at this point in the manga, you simply cannot get passed Juvia’s first impression or comedic aspect. In other words, the positive message Mashima-sensei is conveying through Juvia and Gruvia has completely gone over your head. Please check out the link provided and perhaps re-read the series with an open mind. Gruvia has a very big fandom for a reason, and they are not creeps. Or if they are that’s okay, we all have a creepy side, ne? Most in a good way! ^^ Have a great night!

A New Court, Epilogue

Read the first sixteen chapters here!

AN: Well, you guys, this is the end! Some of you may have read this because it’s the fic that started it all. But this is the finale of A new Court! I am writing a new fic, though! It’s a Feysand Coffee Shop AU that deals with abuse in real life, and it’s called ‘Across the Stars.’ So feel free to head over to my fanfiction page and check it out <3 This has been a fun journey! Thank you all for sticking around! 

I wiped furiously at my eyes as I gazed down at him.


So innocent. So unaware. So blissfully, blissfully ignorant of all that went on around him.

“We have other options, Feyre,” Rhysand said hoarsely beside me.

I shook my head, clenching my jaw together to keep from bursting into tears outright. “No, we don’t.” My voice broke. “He’s not safe here.”

“What about the cabin?” Rhys leaned down into the crib and lifted the cooing baby from his back, placing him gently on the upper part of his chest. “We could ask Amren—“

“We need Amren to fight,” I argued. “In case Hybern’s army across the sea hears of us and tries to exact revenge…We can’t win this without her, Rhys, you know that. We need every weapon we can get. And as long as Dorian is in this realm—as long as he’s in Prythian—neither of us is going to be able to put our energy into this stupid war.”

The pain in Rhys’s eyes was almost too much to bear. “He isn’t going to know anything about himself. We don’t even know how his power is going to manifest, what’s he going to do when he wakes up one morning and his bed is on fire? Or his windows are cracking with ice? What’s he going to think when he stops aging and all his friends grow old?”

“We’ll find him,” I said hoarsely, regretfully. “We’ll…We’ll find him again one day.”

“Will he even want to see us?”

I would not cry. I would remain strong. I would not cry.

I took a shaky breath and wiped my sweaty palms on the slippery material of my dress. “Perhaps not. But…this is the right choice, Rhys, I feel it in my gut.”

I knew the wrath in Rhys’s eyes was not directed at me. I knew that the immense pain that made his bottom lip tremble so slightly was not my doing. And I knew that the sorrow that made his knuckles turn white as he gripped our infant son was not because of anything I did.

But it still hurt. It hurt because, as his wife, as his High Lady, as his best friend, it was my job to wipe the tears away. It was my job to comfort. To take the pain on as my own. To share the burden.

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Time and Again

When Bart Allen crash lands in the present, it’s strange, and he’s strange, but Danny has long been used to strange. He bobs his head when the YJ team relates to him what Bart had said about the future; his eyes closing when the knot in his chest releases at the telling of Impulse’s future. He’s not a monster.

Bart screams the first time that he sees Phantom.

Dan glances up at the natural portal over his head, double checking that it was indeed still open, the Infi-map thrumming in his belt. He turns his gaze back to the workers laboring away. 

Blue looks up at him, squinting into the empty space created by invisibility. Dan knows well enough now that the Reach suit can read the ecto-magnetic signature of his core. That had been established decades ago. The psionic cannon whirs, and Dan grins, flickering into view; red eyes dancing with mirth and revenge.

Dan’s howl neutralizes the blast; the air vibrates with the tension of conflicting sound waves. 

Small things here and there trip Bart up. A comment here, a sidelong glance, stiffening abruptly when Phantom phases through the wall, staring a little too long at Danny (both human and ghost) as if he’s trying to catalog the differences. Danny’s skin prickles and flashes of the desolated landscape from his future echo.

He relates these to Tucker and Sam; they vaguely remember the incident through a fog, but they nod and write down the instances that Danny lists. The journal confirms Danny’s suspicions that Bart is lying about his role in the future.

An electric blast from Black Beetle illuminates Dan’s frame, highlighting the glowing scar that sit across his chest, slipping across his collarbones and bisecting the insignia. Dan remembers dying; he remembers the pain and distress at watching GIW and Reach scientists alike poke and prod. He remembered his human side violently rejecting him, barring him control while it slipped out of the black hazmat and into civilian clothes to bleed out and find rest. Phantom, the halfa now dead, remembered their names and faces.

He didn’t kill them. He just worked to be a constant nuisance, a thorn in their side. He was angry, yes, but he refused to become that creature from his nightmares. It was a line he’d drawn. Helping out the workers made him feel better, overshadowing them to share his strength and let them rest for a moment.

That was how he’d found Vlad, actually. The older halfa had been doing much the same. Plasmius’s eyes had echoed the loneliness Phantom felt inside as they discussed how he’d come to be captured, how the Reach tech had learned to corrupt both Valerie and Jazz’s suits. The discussed the era of the fallen heroes. It was nice to reminisce even if those memories were tainted with anger and revulsion from how those heroes had been vanquished. Plasmius asks after the specifics, and Phantom state–as a distraught Vlad had told him in a future so many years ago–that some things are better left unsaid.

Time ticks on. Both are acutely aware of Clockwork’s radio silence.Vlad ceases to aide as Plasmuis now that the Reach follows him everywhere. Apparently, they finally deemed Luthor’s files worth a read. Vlad has not been a young man for years, and now Phantom helps as he does with the laborers, sometimes overshadowing Vlad through the worst of it. He works carefully to avoid expelling him as Point Dexter did so many, many adventures ago (was that even him? it couldn’t have been). 

Dan remembers dying then too, the feel and slide of Vlad’s body tiring, how it felt to lose that last vestige of humanness and how the collapse into a single  wavelength of their two separate ghostly cores rippled across their (his?) being. He remembered how the grief and loss resonated through and that spark of defiance and vengeance hollowly drove at him.

Dan Plasmius was a ghost that killed. He razed the testing labs, freeing as many of the Metas as possible, but ultimately, he wasn’t willing to sacrifice his existence. Dying twice (4 times technically including the accidents) does that to you. There was a speedster there; Dan swallowed down the nostalgia that came from that. 

Bart evades Danny like it’s his job.

Danny hunts him down like he’s freaking Skulker or something. Probably more like Walker honestly. He has to know though. He has too!

He can’t go into this fight not knowing if at any second he’s going to trigger his change into Dan Phantom. Danny can’t go through that again with this family.

Clockwork’s intervention isn’t what he’d expected. Be drastic. Be bold. Be enough of a ‘rival’ bad guy to create a scientific time travel back.

Blatant support to misuse the rule of the Ghost Zone? Granted. Dan doesn’t atriculate the unease in his core as he reestablishes himself as ruler of the ghost zone. His memories as Plasmius call this hollow, but Dan shrugs his discomfort off and works at it. The Phantom memories balk at being trusted with so much power and responsibility, and Dan soothes that away with a reminder that they’re not 14 anymore, that they have experience and know the risks and rewards.

Being a hero is hard. Knowing that this is the best way is even harder.

Under new management. That’s your threat. You challenge and harass the Beetles and the Reach. You talk up how much better the Ghost Zone is doing (which it is). You make sure that the laborers (slaves, Plasmius corrects) can always see your confrontations. You thrum in sympathy because you know that you’re making their lives harder. You know that you have the potential to start an apocalypse, but that’s not who you are.

You don’t care anymore how the people see you; you’re too focused on fighting the Reach. You overshadow Blue Beetle and Jaime’s psyche welcomes you with shock and relief and so many emotions that you can’t even comprehend them.

The scarab changes its electrical signal shortly after and Dan Plasmius is thrown away. There’s a speedster that watches this, and Dan aches in pity of his former teammate. He doesn’t leave the Ghost Zone again.

Getting Bart to talk legitimately takes a trip to Clockwork. Danny taps his fingers while Bart makes his feet thrum on the floor. Clockwork’s been ignoring them, flitting through his castle and choosing to do other things instead. Danny jumps when on one of the passes, the time ghost sets a dented (still sealed, thank god still sealed) thermos on a table just beside them. 

“We’ve been expecting you.”

Dan Plasmius glances around (between the younger half him and the speedster, between clockwork and the sealed thermos, and all around).

“I guess I owe you an explanation,” he directs to the ginger, “Surely, you’ve figured out now, that I’m just 90% talk with the power to back it up.”