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Annoying Dean

I have no clue where this came from. Thanks to a medical diagnosis, steroids and a badly timed coffee, I was bouncing off the walls today and with that energy this came out…

Warnings: energy out the wazoo, unbeta’d, smut talk I think, fluff, if you have siblings or friends who can’t appreciate a sleep in - sorry!
Word Count: 1329

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“Deany, bo-beany, Ma-meany, Deany, sashimi, key-me, so-steamy, Deany!” I sung, jumping up and down on his bed, narrowly avoiding his calves as I landed and bounced up again.
“Piss off.” Dean groaned, ripping the pillow out from under his head and smothering his face with it, pulling it tight around his ears.
“Get up, Deany!” I huffed, how did kids keep this up for so long? It was tiring jumping up and down on a hard, motel mattress.
“Stop!” He growled, throwing the pillow at me, adding another annoyance to his morning. I caught it and integrated it into my athletic routine, smacking it against his chest as I jumped.

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Miscellaneous Clark Kent headcanons as relate to my little fic universe, that may or may not ever come up because who knows:

  • Little Clark was really susceptible to childhood superstitions for some reason. He didn’t go under ladders, he did the salt over the shoulder thing, he did not fuck with that Bloody Mary shit like NOPE I’M OUT THIS SLUMBER PARTY IS CANCELED, LANA GET OUT OF MY HOUSE AND TAKE YOUR MURDER GHOSTS WITH YOU. He believes that he is over this as an adult but whenever his foot is about to fall on a crack in the sidewalk it actually stops like a half inch above the ground and hovers there. He does not notice he is doing this. No one notices, ever, because it is the weirdest subtle unconscious thing in the world. At least Martha’s back is safe?
  • I covered the picky eater thing in Christmas in Kansas but to be more specific his tastebuds are just really sensitive to certain chemical compounds? Not just in terms of things he won’t eat but also in terms of things that he expects to be there and he doesn’t really like foods that lack those things. Your two options to make him eat anything are to cover it in sugar, or cover it in garlic.
  • He goes through a lot of breathmints. Can you imagine if Superman saved someone and they were like “man i appreciate being alive but he had some really bad garlic breath”? He would be so horrified.
  • He has a ratty, fucked-up old shirt that he wears whenever he is making pasta with red sauce. Even Superman cannot stand against the ability of red sauce to end up on whatever you happen to be wearing. HE WAS SO CAREFUL THIS TIME, HOW DID A STAIN END UP ON HIS BACK THAT JUST MAKES NO SENSE. Clark Kent’s weaknesses: kryptonite, tomato stains.
  • His ability to perfectly imitate anyone’s voice was one of the first things to manifest themselves, but this wasn’t the kind of thing anyone noticed was weird. It definitely didn’t seem like a power. He was just a small child who could do a really good Kermit the Frog. He sang Rainbow Connection at a middle school talent show and all the moms cried.
  • He definitely has a playlist to cheer himself up and get pumped and it has Eye of the Tiger and You’re the Best on it. Probably also half the Top Gun soundtrack.
  • Clark Kent’s twitter is pretty standard snarky newsman except with more farming memes. No one can tell how ironic the farming memes are. They might not be ironic at all. Clark Kent might be really sincere, or he might just be so ironic that he has circled back around into sincerity. No one knows. He’s also really good at that thing where you retweet two things from a person that side-by-side reveal they are a dingus. I don’t know if there’s a word for that.
  • His Snapchat is all dogspotting, with occasional rare dance breaks. He’s a pretty good dancer since he found those YouTube tutorials. He does this thing with his hips that Lois finds deeply upsetting for reasons she cannot articulate.
  • Jimmy asked Clark how he got so fit once and Clark was like “uh, farming. farm. eyup.” But he kept pressing for deets and Clark ended up just telling him that he’d pulled a Milo of Croton??? He lifted a newborn calf over his head and then just did that every single day until he was lifting a cow over his head. Jimmy knows nothing about farming or cows or physical fitness and this seemed plausible enough to him.
  • He has a blog where he posts rejected articles and it is the wonkiest thing in the entire world because that is why they got rejected. Perry takes one look at these articles and is like “it will take more words than I want to pay you for just to explain the setup for this article and also there are five people total who care, in the world, including you”
  • He has to be really careful when he buys clothes because he needs to make sure that they aren’t too tight and he has full range of motion. He does not want to relive The Skinny Jeans Incident. Shirts that say ‘I flexed and the sleeves fell off’ are only funny until it happens to you, then they are just horrible reminders. Popped seams everywhere. There is no way to explain that without looking like a huge tool.
  • Even when Superman has a really shitty day he keeps it together until he gets home, but then he shuts the balcony door and peels off his costume and Clark does the Tina Belcher groan for like ten minutes while he takes a shower because he got covered in sewer mutant or space crab or god knows and UUUUUUUUUUGH. Fortunately the nice older lady in the apartment next door always seems to know when he has had a shitty day and she brings him pie.
  • She can hear his melodramatic bullshit from over at her place, that’s how she knows. They share a bathroom wall and it practically echoes. If she times it right he will answer the door before he has put a shirt on because he doesn’t want to leave her waiting in the hall. She does not know what his day job is and it definitely does not occur to her that he is Superman because her primary interaction with him is that he acts like a whiny bitch and she brings him pie so she can ogle him. She is a simple woman who enjoys life’s simple pleasures.
  • The Kryptonian language is really complicated in terms of tonality, context, word order, musicality, etc, and the written language reflects that. Things like the order things are in, how things overlap, colors, etc, are all important. So basically I really like the idea of his symbol being one that represents his family name and says that he is of the House of El. It’s really just basically his last name.
  • If Starfleet gets to have replicators then Krypton gets to have replicators and Jor-El definitely stuck one in the ship so his son would have, you know, food and clothing. But only Kryptonians can use their tech because they’re who the neural interface is designed for so whoops they got real lucky that Kryptonian babies love milk from Earth goats. Clark only started using the replicator later but it only knows how to make Kryptonian things and only some of those are useful to him.
  • Okay so here is where I tie those last two bullet points into something fucking dumb that you will take out of my cold dead hands: Clark got the costume out of the replicator. It didn’t necessarily understand what he wanted though? Like, the concept of a costume didn’t really translate, but it got the idea that he wanted an active uniform, so that is what it made. It’s brightly colored and has his last name on the front. Clark is wearing a Kryptonian football jersey is what I’m getting at. Later Kara will be VERY confused by this. Imagine ending up on an alien planet and meeting your cousin and he’s been fighting crime dressed like a quarterback.
  • Most telepathy does not work because different neural patterns. Diana can only manage it if she uses her lariat and even then it’s like trying to lasso a freight train that does not stop. It’s extremely disorienting. J'onn has just accepted that Superman can hear him but he’s not going to get anything back. It’s like the psychic equivalent of a dial tone for him. He’s trying to call his bro but their family has dialup. He tries not to fuck with it because he doesn’t want to poke around in Superman’s head blind and break something.
  • Clark can’t type with super speed because he’ll break the keyboard and the computer can’t keep up. Instead he uses shorthand along with a custom set of AutoHotKey macros and it is honestly infuriating how fast he can get things written with this setup. But also if he doesn’t have AutoHotKey on whatever he’s typing with then sometimes Lois will get an email like: ll] dyk f pw mde a dec wrt t $l stry? ]ck
  • A woman was told by her therapist to try talking to at least one person once a week but she decided to cheat by just talking to her empty apartment under the guise of telling Superman about her day because lol he can hear everything allegedly so this definitely counts and is what the doctor was going for with this. When she has to go to the hospital for a medical emergency she comes home and there is a note on her counter wherein Superman explains that he was worried because he hadn’t heard from her in a while, so he swung by to check on her. When he found out what happened he watered her plants and fed her goldfish and also that cat that he thought might be hers (she does not have a cat). She is completely mortified because she was just being full of shit she did not actually believe he could hear her oh god what all did she even say and whose cat is this???
  • Look if you are in Metropolis and you loudly say HEY SUPERMAN there is a very good chance he will hear it even if he doesn’t mean to. He is not trying to eavesdrop, that’s just what happens when you yell someone’s name in earshot.
  • He doesn’t wear the costume under his clothes because you may have noticed a running theme here where the universe is conspiring to ruin his clothes and leave him running around shirtless all the time. I mean thank god for the rest of us but he would rather not risk someone spilling their drink all over him somehow and suddenly his shirt is transparent and you can see the big S. It’s bad enough when it happens under ordinary circumstances. How often can one man get drinks spilled all over him? You would be shocked. Shocked. His eyes are up here, Lois.
“Caught Up” (Yugyeom Smut)

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Title: Caught Up

Featuring: Yugyeom (GOT7) X Noona Reader

POV: 2nd

Rating: NC-17

Summary: After giving Yugyeom an eyeful of your slinky undergarments, you use the incident as fodder to tease him, but the tease might have gone too far this time.

Requested by anon! I don’t know why it took me so long to finish this, but here we go!


That sing-songy voice rang out across the room and sent a cringe through your body. You absolutely hated when Yugyeom called you that, even though it was accurate. You were older than him, sure, but he had a way of teasing you about it that dug at you. You wanted to wipe that stupid smirk off his face when he said it.

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Pepero Kiss [m]

smut // everyone knows the peppero game right? too bad your boyfriend acts as though he doesn’t know how to.

The aluminium wrapper crinkled in between your fingers as you took the stick of pepero out.

“You bite, then I bite. Got it?” You said. “But not all of it, we need to leave the smallest piece we can get. Then we compare.”

“I know how to play it, but why do you want us to do this?” His eyes blinked open as rose up from the bed and rested himself on his elbows. “I thought we were watching tv?”

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So mark and ty were just arguing on the livestream over who had better calf muscles and Ty just said “let’s just pull up that picture of us rock climbing and that’ll end the discussion”


(But real talk they’re both perfect beautiful rays of sunshine)


It was one of the very rare days where Harry didn’t have to do anything. The man was always so busy, you’re convinced that he doesn’t know how to do nothing. When he rolled over that morning and asked you what you had to do that day, his bright early morning smile soon dropped when you ran down the endless list of tasks you had to complete today for work. But you couldn’t bring yourself to say no to him when he asked if it was possible for you to work from home. At the time, looking at a sleepy, glowing smiling Harry, working from home sounded like a great idea. But you should have known that when Harry said “work from home” he really meant “blow off work and let me ravish you all day long”. He wouldn’t leave you alone. Asking you questions, kissing your neck, gently tugging on your hair, playing with your bra strap, and anything else that would make you acknowledge his presence. And if he wasn’t shirtless, and if his sweatpants weren’t hung so deliciously low on his hips, you would’ve moved upstairs a long time ago. But you knew it was only a matter of time before Harry followed you up the stairs, to the bedroom, and parked himself right between your bare legs. Your laptop was sitting on your thighs before Harry moved it and you looked down at him, fighting the smile that wanted to stretch across your lips. 

“What do you want, Harry?” 

His warm lips made their way up your ankle, over your calf past your knee and to your thigh, pressing hot, wet open-mouth kisses to the skin.

“For you to pay your poor boyfriend some much needed attention. Whats it going to take?” he said. 

You found yourself relaxing into the pillows you were propped up on, and relaxing into the feeling of his lips on your thighs. He spread your legs even more, licking you over your lace panties, adding pressure to your clit.  

“Haarrryyyyy…” you moaned and let you fingers tangle in his soft hair.

He slid off your panties and let them fall to the ground, placing himself back between your legs after throwing one of them over his broad shoulder. 

“God, finally.” 

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9 karlenaaaaa

karlena, playing footsie

Kara doesn’t think she’s ever been arm candy before.

She says as much to Lena who laughs and leans across the back seat of the car, laying her hand lightly on Kara’s thigh.

“You aren’t arm candy, Kara,” she says. “I invited you because I need your intrepid reporting skills and quick wit to get me through this dinner.”

She flits her eyes from Kara’s face to her high-heeled feet, gaze lingering at the slope of her cleavage, at the lean flex of her calves, before smiling, coy and red-lipped. “It doesn’t hurt that you are an absolutely gorgeous date.”

Kara grins, tilting sideways in her seat, ducking her head to reach Lena across the suddenly vast distance of vinyl upholstery between them. She nuzzles into Lena’s neck, finding the floral perfume dabbed lightly at her jaw, mouths kisses along the hard line of Lena’s throat.

Lena eyes the partition that separates them from the driver before sighing softly, a light exhale falling from her parted lips. She tilts her head back, fingers tangling loosely in the hairs at the nape of Kara’s neck, careful not to muss the intricate braids that curl along the crown of Kara’s head.  

Kara, emboldened, nudges in harder, nipping teeth at Lena’s neck, one hand curling at her waist. Lena makes a small noise of surprise low in her throat, pulling back, fingers moving to splay at Kara’s jaw.

“No marks,” Lena says, tone controlled, even. But her eyes, dark-lashed and half-lidded, fix at Kara’s mouth. The quick tempo of her heartbeats, dampened by cloth and the distracting rush of city traffic, promise later, later, later.

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Shapes and Plains

I’ve mostly written sensual lovemaking scenes so far, but I don’t know guys, was feeling a wee bit raunchier. SMUT. NSFW. Cullen and non descriptive Inky :P almost 2,000 words.

A giggle escapes her lips as Cullen’s bearded face presses a kiss along the arch of her foot. Gaze of molten amber and honey, pupils wide with lust and longing, she watches him in a trance as his lips press warmly against her ankle. His mouth is wet and hot as he nips there, and as she wraps her other leg around his waist he grips her calf, kneading the flesh and muscle that has been carved from endless running and riding.  

She’s sprawled on the bed, Cullen on his knees in front of her as he continues this reverent worship of her legs. He’s quite enthralled with her legs, she’s noted that many times during the long nights they have spent together. When he explores her body as they make love he always presses kisses along her calves, and makes love marks along the soft flesh of her inner thighs, teasing her before he encircles that little bundle of nerves at her center that makes her writhe. The armor that she wears on the field obscures her legs, so these marks that he makes are their secret. Of course it’s not as though Skyhold doesn’t know what goes on in the Inquisitor’s quarters when she and Cullen slip inside, but certain things, like his adoration of her limbs, is information she would prefer be kept secret inside their bedroom, the ancient walls their only witness.

She giggles again as he dips down and begins to slide his palm over the slope of her calf, kissing the supple flesh that’s both lean and strong. He massages one and the other as she stretches, the movements of her body imploring him to blanket her body and possess her. When he doesn’t do as she wants she rises, throwing her arms around him and crashing her lips to his, sensually moving her hips this way and that way against his growing arousal, still clothed with his breeches. As he rasps she leads him on top of her. There is the slippery blue satin nightdress between their bodies as she wraps her arms against his bare chest, and she moans as he kisses her, completely content to lose himself in her body, her sounds, the way she holds him.

She gasps when he kisses her neck, nipping the flesh only just, so not to leave any marks. He kisses her collarbones and femininely sloped shoulders, but only lavishes the barest hint of attention to her covered breasts before continuing his path downward, back to her legs. Stubble against sensitive thighs she hums at his touch.

“Always the legs,” she manages to tease in her euphoric bliss, aching for his mouth. Her shimmy is hiked up almost past the coarse hair between her thighs, but Cullen’s only concern now is making sure his mouth has touched every part of her thigh.

He gives a sound of affirmation as he nuzzles her, his beard a delicious prickly friction against soft flesh. “Would you rather I touch you somewhere…else…?” he asks, his hand reaching underneath and squeezing the soft flesh there, smirking all the while. 

She chuckles again. “It’s only…” she doesn’t quite know how to phrase this. “In the past, no one has really given a thought to them before.

”In truth, no one has ever touched her the way Cullen touches her. The first time they made love on his desk, true, they were caught up in the sensation of the moment, his body against her body. The sounds of their flesh and feel of their slick bodies flush against each other’s. It was all fire and heat the first time. Then however, later on in his loft, Cullen explored her body with wonder and adoration, finding and kissing every scar, and learning new ways to pleasure her. Charming and loving she found it when he bestowed kisses to places she never imagined a person could kiss. Under her arms, her stomach, which is taut, but not exactly the tautest. And her legs, which even now, he can’t keep his hands off of.

He peers at her, and takes her hand. Kisses each finger. “You deserve to be loved everywhere,” he mutters, and to prove it he pushes the silk of her nightdress away, gently spreads her thighs, and finds her clit with his tongue.

His ministrations have made her body crave for him already but now she is practically squirming with sensation, Cullen hooking his legs over his shoulders as the balls of her feet keep him locked where he is. One of his hand holds onto her shin while the other is placed on her stomach, holding her where she is. His tongue makes patterns of circles around her clit, and when her hand slips through his waves and presses him down harder, so does his tongue press down harder on her, his digits finding that soft flesh inside her in the process. Fingers slip in and out as he laves at her, pausing momentarily to suck at the flesh of her inner thigh while his fingers continue. Her arousal is everywhere, the sheet underneath her, her thighs and his jaw and chin, and the sight is so erotic that when he once again laps at her clit she comes for him, crying out his name.

She still rides the waves of her orgasm but she implores him to hurry as he takes off his breeches, as she too she rises and throws off her nightdress. In his hurry to discard the breeches she chuckles when they get caught in his ankles, and he has to rise from the bed to completely remove him. Standing now he grips her hips and pulls her downward, a sensual thrill rushing within her at this hint of a rough side that he has kept secluded in the times they have been together thus far. She watches in wonder as this new side to Cullen reveals itself, the Cullen that slams into her folds, lost in the joy of her body as he rasps and mewls, grabbing and squeezing and leaving red marks on her flesh. This thrill lasts as he continues, the slapping sounds their bodies make as they join echoing through the room, mingling with her cries of delight. She’s well aware both balcony doors are wide open, and she’s well aware that they might just be loud enough for all of Skyhold to hear. It makes not a whit of difference.

“Maker,” he pants, and she throws her legs over his shoulders, allowing him to grip the flesh of her limbs, and allowing him deeper inside her. He is large and thick that this sensation of fullness is almost painful, but they are dancing through fire, flames sensually engulfing them and the pleasure mixed with the mild pain is what she hasn’t known she has been craving during the times they’ve been together. Maker’s breath she wishes her mirror were angled closer to the bed, so she could see how they bodies join, and how Cullen loses himself in his raw and primal need. But seeing Cullen in this position she’s in, with his eyes glazed with euphoria as her legs are over his shoulders is utterly divine. Next time, she thinks, she’s moving the mirror.

He cries out, close to spilling inside of her, but not wanting to come yet he withdraws himself. She barely has any time to whimper over the loss of his cock before he is pressing it over her clit. She writhes when he replaces it with his fingers, and she is so caught up in the rough, primal nature of the way he was fucking her that she comes in a near instant. During this her hands have traveled to her breasts, her fingers pinching her nipples and gathering her breasts together. He is so enthralled by this, his eyes dilated and mouth slightly parted that she beckons him to come near her, an idea forming.

He does what she wants and crawls on top of her. She is so wet that his cock is coated in her arousal, wet and hot against her skin. She bites her lips as she guides him to her breasts, making promises of what will soon come. His cock pressed between the valley, she once again gathers her breasts and holds them together. Understanding the intention he moves, warm and pulsing against her skin, and when she peers upward the sight of him fucking her breasts is so erotic that she thinks she might just come again like this. He is radiant, eyes shut as he moans, mouth half open and skin flushed to rosy pink. She’s chanting things, filthy things about how good he feels, how she wants him to spill on her skin, how she wants to feel him on her, and when he comes they both cry out, his seed warm on her flesh.

As he allows the last few waves of his orgasm to ride out she brings her hands to the traces of his lust. Their eyes are locked as she spreads the traces of him over her, her body covered in his seed and sweat. Maker, this is perfect. He is perfect, and this feeling remains as he moves to the dresser, wets a cloth and wipes away the traces of their lovemaking. She’s raw, sated,blissful, and in the best way, filthy.

When he is done he curls up next to her, and her body is pulled flush against him as she kisses him. She’s in such a cloud she can’t find the right words.

He pulls away though, concern making his brows furrow. “Are you alright?” He asks. I wasn’t sure…”

“Perfect,” she replies. “I’m perfect. That was…sinful.”

“I didn’t hurt you did I?”

“A little,” she admits, but before he can apologize she lets him know how much she enjoyed it. More than she should, she knows she relished the rough feel of his hands, the demand of him, and the way he frantically slammed himself into her, so different from other times they have made love. 

“I didn’t want to hurt you,” he says. “You don’t deserve that.”

“I’m not a delicate flower,” she points out, making patterns on his chest with her forefinger. “I won’t break.”

“I know but…”

But he turns pink and says no more. “But what Cullen?” she prods.

“Was that too rough?” he asks. “I love you, I don’t want—”

“Cullen,” she whispers, delicately tracing his jawline. “I know you love me. And I love the way we have made love before. But I also loved it just now too, rough like that.” 


She nods. “I would have asked you to stop if I didn’t.”

He is eased now, and he kisses her tenderly, cradling her head in his hand. “Sometimes,” she murmurs between kisses, “we can make love. Other times we can… fuck,” she grins as she puts it bluntly.

“When you say it like that, it seems so crass.”

“So says the man that took me on his desk,” she teases, “and the man that marks my thighs.”

He grins at that, and she tells him he’s much kinkier than he may think.

I am, aren’t I?” He flushes with masculine pride, before gripping her hips once more.

“You know,” he draws. “I’ve thought about you and me in other situations…”

Her interest is piqued. “What sorts of situations?”

Low and sensually, he whispers, “You, me…in the war room…having a quick and dirty little rut after Josephine and Leliana leave.”

“Well Commander,” she begins, pulling his body over her. “You need to show me what you have in mind…next time.”

He smirks, and written in the way holds her, possesses her and claims her, he makes those promises.

I’ve never actually used the word “cock” in writing before. First time for everything! If you enjoyed please like and reblog :)

TimDrakeWeek 2017 Day 2: Childhood/Adulthood DamiTim

Excited to try this with @iphoenixrising, @the-all-seer and @rahndom if they still want to jump and do a day. :D So far it’s been really fun.

Damian outgrew Tim in his fifteenth year.

In that summer to be precise. Though the sun baked the concrete to the point that everyone stayed inside to not fry to death...it had been a very dark summer for Tim.

Damian hadn’t been subtle at all. Anytime Tim stopped by the manor for a chemical analysis, a briefing from B or retrieve a casefile the current robin would stand side by side next to Tim. Look, compare and smirk. In June the brat was about to the bridge of his nose, by August…he was a hair taller.

“A centimeter is more than a hair I believe, Drake.”

“It’s the width of your pinky, now stop gloating.” With a hand, he pushes Damian back slightly. The teen’s been bad with personal space lately. Crowding him against walls before a mission just to prove heights is rude, dude. It’s almost as if the assassin is relishing the fact that now he can look down on Tim physically as well as emotionally.

“I’m just admiring my new perspective. This angle is surprisingly pleasing to me.” See. Tim doesn’t even know why he’s pissed. He should have been resigned the moment the tiny hell child announced Bruce was his father.

Still the fact itches. “Look, I know oxygen is thinner up there, but could you try not to lose too many brain cells?”

“I’ll try, though the weather up here is quite lovely.” Oh Alfred’s Apple Pie, Damians learned puns. Now Tim has to murder Dick. Especially when the smile Damian gives has a touch of fang. “Now come along, father needs us.”

The boy, ‘cause height difference or not that’s what he is, turns away dramatically after beckoning Tim to follow him.

“Worst. Summer. Ever.”

Dick of course makes it worse, “Who’s my shortest adorable brother?” He coos obnoxiously. Like one of those fat women making baby noises at their pet dog. His palms squish either side of Tim’s face and Tim swears to all higher powers that if Dick tries to rub their noses together he’s gonna bite him. “You are! You’re officially the shortest ruthless vigilante in the family now. I should twitter about this…to everyone.”

“If you don’t get your hands off me right now, I’m going to string you in your underwear somewhere for Bab’s viewing pleasure again.”

Dick’s fingers fly off his face as if it’s scalding. “Awwwwww, you don’t have to get that vicious Timmy.”

“I’m always this vicious, you dick. One day my pain will be yours and on that day I’ll will  remember this moment and you will be sorry.” Tim promises with spite.

Dick coyly presses a hand over his heart, “Oh Timmy, my darling petite–omph,” Dick could dodge the first strike to his thorax, but not the second. But still he wheezes out, “That would never happen!”

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Early Morning Sparring

Astrid smirked a hands width away from Hiccups face as he blocked a closed swing with Inferno. They leapt back in sync and brought weapons to bear once more. Sparring with Astrid had become a weekly, if not nearly daily activity. And neither of them gave where the other was concerned. Astrid would not be happy with him if he held back, not that he could, as she was still far more skilled of a warrior than he was and would probably ever be.

Bright blue eyes flashed and she struck again. He ducked quickly as her axe whistled over his head. The blade brushed his russet spiked hair and he gave her an incredulous look. That was a little too close for comfort. She gave a shrug and he retaliated. His missing foot planted into the ground with a thud as he feigned right, swung left and his blade met air where he struck.

Astrid danced around him and smacked his backside with the flat of her axe playfully. He gave her a look, eyes narrowed, as if a warning and all she did was arch an eyebrow at him and take up another stance.

Blow after blow, parried, missed. Every time they struck weapon to weapon the vibration eased up their arms and the scrape of the grass under their feet made a sort of battle hymn. It was a song Astrid knew well and Hiccup knew of, but neither of them were masters yet.

Hiccup scored a point by tapping her metal shoulder guard. She gave a small snarl and renewed her assault with vigor.

The sun was just rising over the ocean and Hiccup had his back to it, obscuring her sight so that he could strike. But Astrid knew he would use every advantage he had to try to win and she ducked, dropping her axe and lunged for his midsection.

Hiccup was knocked to the ground, dropping his blade into the grass of the field and he felt the air whoosh out of his lungs in a rush. “Ah!” He grunted and his vision was filled with blue eyes and golden hair, rushing at him as he tried to breathe in.

Astrid cocked her head and she pinned his arms down above his head while her frame hovered over his prone form. “I win.”

“Not… fair.” He wheezed out as he continued to try to fill his lungs with air.

“All’s fair. You should have been ready for that.”

“You cheated.”

“I won.” She grinned and bent down to give him a quick kiss.

“Cheated.” He panted and tried to lift up to give her a kiss as well.

“Well, seeing as how you can’t really move, it doesn’t matter.”

“You really think I can’t move?” He challenged and she tightened her grip, putting her weight into holding him down.

That move, however, left her lower half vulnerable and Hiccup, ever the thinker took advantage of it. With a jerk and twist he wrapped his leg over hers and used the forward momentum to lift her knees off of the grass and flip her lower half over and her upper half followed suit.

And now Hiccup looked down at Astrid, who was glaring at him. “So, I win.”

“Cheater.” Astrid fired back.

Hiccup chuckled and bent down to kiss her again, one peck, two, then a longer kiss. It was early morning and they had such little time to just enjoy one another that he kept going and she gave as good as he was giving, only separating to breathe.

The fire of battle was easily changed to that of passion and he pressed her into the soft grass with his body. One forearm resting under her upper arm where he put a good portion of his weight and the other hand was cupping her neck and cheek.

Heat spread through their bodies as a slowly flickering fire that they had to coax to life. Astrids hands, at first attached to his neck and back, moved in a slow journey from his upper back down to lower.

Hiccup pulled back and looked down at her. Pink flushed and panting prettily with lips slightly swollen from kissing. And he needed to kiss her again.

Astrid arched below him, not one for passivity and wrapped a calf over his thigh. Hiccup choked into the kiss as she brushed against his growing erection. Astrid pulled out from the kiss and watched as green eyes widened when she lifted her hips up again to press the aching part of her to the firm bulge in his pants. A wicked look to her eye was the only warning he got when she continued her assault on him. Lightning danced along his body and heat pulse through hers.

Her lower belly tightened and she couldn’t describe the need she felt adequately. More friction, faster, that is what she needed and she chased the sensation.

Finally, Hiccup tried to pull back, dizzy and uncomfortably hard. They hadn’t ever gone this far before. Nothing past a few kisses at a time, some stroking of her back or brushing her hair with his fingers. Too much. Too fast. But Astrid felt him pull back and Thor be damned if he was going to stop now. Her fingers twirled in his mane and she yanked him back down for a kiss and her hips kept rocking.

Hiccup knew that this was a losing battle for him, both physically and mentally. She felt so soft, so good and so he braced his knees and pressed his hips down as she was coming up. Astrid broke the kiss and threw her head back with a small cry as the sensation burst through her. Fire and lighting…maybe… she made soft noises of pleasure as he pressed his hips into hers, snapping them with soft moans of his own pleasure.

“Hiccup.” She panted out, twisting beneath him as each movement brought her higher and higher, like she was riding on Stormfly about to dive down from the sky.

“Astrid.” He returned with a low moan as he got closer and closer to his own peak.

A sound from his right distracted him and he focused on it, realizing that it was Toothless and it sounded as if he was running for them. Hiccup wrenched his body from hers because he couldn’t think with her moving like that, making noises that made him want her even more.

Astrid made a plaintive, almost pained whine and reached for him to drag him back down and finish the job he started.

Toothless galloped up to them, sniffing the air, looking quizzically from his rider to Astrid and snorted. “What is it, bud?” His voice sounded odd in his ears. Rougher.

“Yes. Someone better be dying.” Astrid growled out, feeling achy, wet, unfulfilled and it irritated her.

Toothless looked up toward the sky towards Dragon’s Edge and Hiccup squinted, noticing two dragons coming toward them. The metallic sheen on one and Hiccup knew that Heather had come, perhaps to visit. The other rider he still couldn’t make out. “Astrid. You should get up. Heather’s here.”

“Of course she is. Why wouldn’t she be?” Astrid sat up, eyes narrowed with a decidedly venomous visage.

“What would they think if they found us like we were?”

“Heather would have stayed away. She knows.”

“I know. But I don’t want anyone thinking less of you or me…”

“I don’t care what they think.”

“I know. But hey, at least you have someone to talk to.”

“How can you be so…calm? We were just–.”

“Yes. Yes we were and it was so very good but…”

“Yeah yeah. I know. Duty calls.” Her tone was still grumpy but less hostile now.

Hiccup leaned in and put his lips to her ear. “Maybe we can finish up later. Maybe meet me in my hut after everyone goes to bed.” And nipped at the shell of her ear.

“You better finish what you started.” Astrid leaned into his embrace.

“Me? I wasn’t the one who started this.”

“Fine. You better finish what I started.”

“That’s better.” He kissed her a final time before he stood and discreetly adjusted his erection for comfort and mounted up.

“Stormfly!” Astrid called out and Hiccup lifted off the ground with Toothless, who gave him a side eye.


Toothless only snorted as the climbed into the sky.


To celebrate living together for three months, Jughead and Betty go out for dinner to celebrate when tragedy strikes and only one of them make it home.

“If you must die, sweetheart
Die knowing your life was my life’s best part”
 ~ You by Keaton Henson.

… …. … ….

Jughead curled around Betty’s form, her soft whimpers shaking her tiny body. He couldn’t help but smirk.

“Don’t laugh at me!” Betty moaned.

“Baby, it’s a cartoon.” He smoothed a hand over her calf.

“It’s a sad cartoon,” she protested, her bottom lip wobbling as a fresh round of tears threatening to spill over.

“I-it’s not Bambi. It’s Tangled, you know Flynn Rider comes back to -”

“She was his new dream, Jughead.” She whimpered.

“Shh, it’s okay. I’ve got you.” Jughead sat up and pulled Betty into his lap. “I won’t let anything bad happen, Bets.”

They watched the rest of the movie intertwined, a smile now plastered on Betty’s face.

“Do you know what today is?” Jughead murmured as the credits rolled on the small TV screen in front of them.

“Of course I do,” Betty turned to face Jughead, a soft hand palming his cheek. “Three months today you moved in with me. Best three months of my life.” She smiled and leaned in for a kiss.

“Shouldn’t we go out to celebrate?”

“Okay, yeah,” Betty smiled again. “I’d like that. Just let me change.”

Betty scooted off the bed and stood in front of the closet, weighing her options. She knew how much Jughead liked the silk blush minidress that hung before her, but he’d seen it so many times.

“You know what I was thinking earlier?” Jughead stripped off his worn S t-shirt and tossed it on the bed, pulling a dark grey Henley over his head.

“Mm?” Betty decided on the blush dress and pulled it out of the closet.

“I think Hot Dog needs a friend.”

Betty burst out laughing as she stripped. “Jug we can barely handle him. We can’t handle a puppy, too.”

Jughead padded over, hunger in his eyes as he took in her naked form. “You start walking around like that and maybe we’ll make it a tiny human friend instead,” He murmured, his hand splaying over her abdomen.

“In due time, Juggie, in due time.” Betty smiled and kissed him slowly. She broke away and slipped the delicate fabric over her head. “Zip me up?”

“You know, I think I changed my mind about dinner. We could stay in and I could eat -”

“Down, boy.” Betty smirked. “We’ll have plenty of time for that later.”

Jughead smiled and zipped the back of Betty’s dress to the top.

“Thank you,” She placed a kiss on his cheek and padded out of the room.

Betty studied herself in the mirror, smoothing the light pink dress over her stomach. She leaned in closer, dragging the kohl liner across her eyelids gently before adding a coat of mascara.

“Ready to go?”

Betty smiled and took Jughead’s hand, patted Hot Dog on the head, then grabbed her keys and headed out of the apartment.

They were seated in the restaurant thirty minutes later, a glass of wine  in front of each of them.

“Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?” Jughead murmured, leaning in to hold Betty’s hand.

Betty smiled and nodded. “You tell me that every day, Jug.”

“I don’t want  you to ever forget.” Jughead smiled and cleared his throat.

“I love you,” Betty smiled and reached for her wine glass, holding it up across from her. “To the start of the rest of our lives.” She waited for Jughead to raise his glass, but a look of terror flooded his face instead.

Betty’s eyebrows knit in confusion. “Jug?” She murmured.

Jughead coughed suddenly, his eyes welling with tears. He stood, clutching at his throat, knocking his chair over behind him.

“Jug?” Panic rose in Betty’s voice.

He coughed violently, blood and saliva spilling over onto his bottom lip, spraying the white tablecloth as he fell to the ground, his face stricken with fear.

“Somebody help!” Betty screamed as she pushed back her chair, kneeling down to where Jughead lay, blood and spit sticking to his lips.

He tried to speak, but it came out garbled, his lungs filling with fluid, blood, anything but air. Tears were spilling over, streaking his skin, sticking heavily to his lashes. Betty brushed the hair back from his face as she placed a delicate kiss on his temple, hands shaking as she wiped a tear off his cheek.

“Jughead, please stay with me.” She sobbed, pulling his head onto her lap. “Jug?”

He choked again, coughing, spraying blood from his lips as he struggled to breathe. He looked terrified.

Short, rasping breaths filled her ears as Jughead’s lips pressed together in a  'B’, over and over they pressed together until finally, through gasps he choked “B-Betty.” His hand found hers and he squeezed.

“Baby?” The word clung to her lips as people clad in white rushed to their sides, pulling Jughead delicately onto a gurney, separating them momentarily.

Someone had called an ambulance. How long had they been on the ground?

Betty followed closely, stepping into the back of the ambulance, finding Jughead’s hand. She gripped with all her might as they hooked him up to a machine.

She felt his grip loosen as he coughed again loudly, sputtering, choking.

“Jughead?” Betty screamed as she stared at his closed eyelids. “No…” She breathed.

She unlocked her apartment door with shaking hands. The sun was coming up now. How long had she been gone? They kept telling her, the doctors and nurses, to go home and get some rest. How was she supposed to get some rest? When she closed her eyes, all she saw was Jughead. Blood. Gasping for air. The terrible noise of his last gasping breath.

She dropped the keys on the counter top numbly and took a deep breath. Hot Dog came bounding out of the bedroom, paws slapping the laminate as he charged at Betty. He panted, waiting for the treat that was always handed to him when they came home.

Betty patted his head and stumbled into the living room, catching sight of herself in the mirror. There was blood on her dress - his favorite dress - and blood in her tangled hair. She felt the bile rise in her throat, her body reacting to the sight of blood - Jughead’s blood - staining her dress, her hair, her skin. She ran to the bathroom and got sick in the toilet.

She stripped the dress off her clammy skin and stepped into the shower, thankful for the built-in seat she could rest on. She didn’t trust her legs would hold her up much longer.

She wept as the water poured over her skin, light pink water swirling down the drain, erasing any trace of Jughead on her body.

As Betty faltered out of the bathroom, Jughead’s silver laptop glinted in the daylight sun, catching her eye. She picked it up and pressed it to her nude body, bringing it to the bedroom with her.

Jughead’s disheveled S t-shirt was still on the bed where he had changed out of it hours earlier. She pulled it on over her head and curled up on the bed beside Hot Dog, opening Jughead’s laptop.

She opened a search engine, then typed in ‘Pulmonary Embolism’.

She felt the tears stream down her face, reading the symptoms, then exited out of the page. She looked through his files, through his finished novel - his half finished novel, his second work. Then, she found a folder named HER.

 'Like a summer storm - bold and enthralling and magical. Awe-inspiring. Beautiful. Powerful and like nothing else in the world.' 

 'The very definition of ethereal.' 

 'If not for her, I wouldn’t know of love. Wouldn’t believe it exists. But she taught me, not only does it exist, but it is the most powerful thing on earth.' 

Betty didn’t realize she was shaking until Hot Dog stuck his cold nose under her arm and whimpered. He cocked his head to the side, questioning.

Betty slowly closed the laptop and placed it beside her, then wrapped her arm around the dog, tears dropping onto his fur.

Eventually, after her eyes started to burn but still sleep would not come, she flicked on the TV - the menu for Tangled was still up, the PLAY prompt in bold.

While Flynn was singing about his dream, Betty drifted off into a fitful, dreamless sleep.

Headcanon: Todoroki has the softest legs in all of Class 1-A

(This is what I get for reading too many crack fics)

Okay,  Headcanon,

Todoroki Shouto, his hair is different colors straight down the middle, different colored eyes.

He could play off his hair to most kids who didn’t question it, thinking he was born with it or dyed half of it in order to seem cool or edgy. 

His leg hair, however, was really awkward to explain when he wore shorts to middle school one day. Left leg had red hair, the right leg had white hair.

It was a weird day when everyone suddenly realized that the different colored hair didn’t end with what was on top of his head. Todoroki decided he was never wearing shorts again. 

He brought it up to Fuyumi once asking if it was really that big of a deal? Do people really pay attention to that stuff?

Fuyumi suggests he shaves his leg hair if it bothers him so much. Whatever made him feel most comfortable, it was entirely up to him.

So beloved Shouto gives it a shot. It wasn’t too bad, kind of tedious the first time around as he shaved it all and let it go down the drain but he liked how it felt. He didn’t have sweat sticking between his pants and leg hair, didn't have to deal with awkward questions about red vs white hair.

And damn, he liked how soft his legs felt afterward when Fuyumi lent him some lotion and he used his right hand to soothe the skin afterward. It reminded him of his mom and how soft her legs were when he would sit or lay in her lap, napping away when he was small.

So he just stuck with it? The entirety of middle school he would shave his legs periodically whenever he felt like it. Particularly in the summer so he could walk around in his boxers and feel the cool breeze on his skin. Feel how nice his bedsheets were against his skin. He sometimes grew it out in the winter, but ultimately shaving his legs was just part of his routine. 

Wake up, shower, shave, get dressed, eat breakfast, go to school. 

He continued it throughout his first year of Yuuei until they moved into the dorms. Kaminari was the first to notice one Saturday morning when Todoroki was going about his routine. Legs lathered up in cream, carefully shaving so he doesn’t nick himself, tapping out the hair filling the razor, rinsing it and then going back at it.

“Hey, dude?”

“Hm?” Todoroki continues focusing on shaving.

“Not to be rude or anything but like, are you shaving your legs?”


“Oh… Okay cool..” Kaminari is just confused, baffled, but didn’t really know how to go about asking why the hell his bro was shaving his legs.

“So why do you shave your legs?”

“Why don’t you?”

Kaminari opens his mouth, shuts it, opens it again. Then he decides it’s ultimately best to just leave him at peace. 

It spreads like wildfire the rest of the morning, Mina heard from Kaminari, and Mina told Asui, Uraraka and Momo, by the end of the day all of Class 1-A felt like they were in on the great big secret of Todoroki Shouto.

Todoroki didn’t get it.

Todoroki wore shorts that day, it was hot as hell and he was planning on heading over to the library to study. He immediately becomes the attention of everyone as he walks through the common area to head out the front door.

“Todoroki!” Uraraka calls after him and runs over Mina following behind.

“Is it true you shave your legs?”

Todoroki just sticks out one leg, admires how he thinks he didn’t miss a spot today and then looks at Uraraka.


“Are your legs really soft? Can I feel?” Mina jumps at the opportunity, deciding that she has Todoroki’s consent anyway so she feels his calf.

Todoroki is 90% positive that goes against the student handbook but he tolerates it just barely as he stares down at Mina.

“Ochako, They’re so soft!!!!, they’re softer than mine!”

Later that day when they sit in the common room watching some action movie that Todoroki is barely paying attention to, everyone wants to feel his legs.

So he tolerates and lets them run a hand over his calf and shin and admire his handiwork. He’s never been touched this much in a non combat situation in a long time. This time all praises compared to the responses he received in middle school for the way his leg hair was different colors. They remark how soft his legs are and Midoriya even gives it a shot, bringing up the tactical advantages that it can have in battle, but also that they remind him of his mom. Uraraka questions how he gets them so soft and what he does to deal with ingrown hairs and Todoroki says he just picks at them but he doesn’t get many cause his leg hair is straight. Mina expresses her jealousy and asks what brand of razor and what kind of lotion he uses. Tsuyu compliments him saying that it might make him fast at swimming, professional athletes do it all the time. Kaminari wonders how the hell do you have time for that, but Shouto just shrugs saying its part of his routine. Kirishima thinks it’s pretty manly of him to do it and not make a big deal out of it, (“Real men don’t conform to gender standards” He says. ) 

Mineta is the only one who gives him problems. And that’s because he feels Todoroki is doing it to sabotage him and take away the girls. 

Eventually, it leads to a contest to see who has the softest legs in all of Class 1-A. Bakugou tells them to fuck off, Mineta is outright banned and Deku, Ojiro, Jirou, and Kouda are dragged into being the judges. 

Todoroki outright wins. 

Revenge Most Ripped

Thought it was about time I shared some of my fiction on here - feedback welcome! #rippedpants #male #embarrassed #gayfiction

Jason was in his mid-thirties with the world at his feet. He had recently gained a fantastic promotion in his job at the Ad Agency and had been given a massive raise to go with it. Years of regular trips to the gym, combined with some exceptional genetics meant that he had an amazing body that was toned without being overly muscular. His dark hair, blue eyes and stunning smile were the attributes that scored him so much success in his job. When he pitched an ad campaign to a client, they instantly melted and gave him the contract. However, Jason’s good luck in his job was something that was felt incredibly bitterly by some of his colleagues. One in particular had begun to hate Jason and his designer clothes and his new sports car. In fact, he wanted Jason to feel his miserable as he did. Danny had been working for the same agency for 11 years and despite his best efforts, he was never anything better than average. He’d seen Jason join the company and outrank him in a matter of months. It was bad enough that Jason looked that good, but the success as well? It was a cruel knife to the heart for Danny. A month after Jason’s promotion, Danny decided enough was enough. When Jason came into the office boasting about his new apartment, Danny just couldn’t take it any longer and he began to put his methodical plan into action. The annual awards dinner for the ad agency was coming up and Danny knew that Jason had won the award for “Most Contracts Secured”. It was a black tie affair and he had planned everything down to the finest detail. On the day before the event, Jason was back to back with client meetings and catching him between meetings, Danny helpfully offered to pop to the dry cleaners to pick up Jason’s tux when he retrieved his own. ‘That’d be fantastic. Thank you so much. But I need to pick mine up from the tailors. It’s a brand new tux.’ Danny grinned. ‘That’s not a problem as I need to get a new bowtie. More than happy to pick it up for you. I can take it to the hotel with mine if you like?’ ‘You are a life saver,’ Jason said as he slapped Danny on the shoulder. Danny walked away with a satisfied smirk and immediately called the tailors to make the necessary arrangements. The annual awards dinner was going to be one of the best evenings of his life. Jason arrived at the hotel with only half an hour to spare. He’d been so busy at work that he’d completely lost track of time. He quickly checked in and was assured that his things had already been put in the room. Jason dashed into the elevator and up to the 11th floor where he threw open the door to his room and dived straight into the shower. Emerging with a cotton towel wrapped around his waist, he couldn’t help but smile at his reflection in the mirror. He really did have an amazing body, from the tanned skin to the broad shoulders, from his slim waist to his muscular thighs. After checking the time and seeing that he only had ten minutes before the welcome drinks would be finished and people would start taking their seats, Jason threw off the towel and yanked open the garment bag that was laying on the king size bed. He pulled out the socks, black patent leather dress shoes, bow tie and finally, the black silk briefs that he’d had specially made. ‘I’m going to look damn hot tonight,’ he said to himself as he pulled on the briefs. But as he pulled them to his thighs, he noticed that there was something seriously wrong. They were far too small. Jason struggled with the slinky silk material before eventually managing to get them up and over his bubble butt. He readjusted them until his package stayed inside them before sitting down and pulling on the socks. ‘Oh no,’ he gasped with frustration. The socks were supposed to be elasticated so he could wear them without garters, but instead they were sheer over the calf socks that, although snug, were starting to slip down slightly. With no time to spare, Jason decided to soldier on as no one would see them anyway. He pulled on his crisp white shirt and was disheartened when he struggled to get all of the buttons done up. The trousers were even worse and looked like a second skin on his muscular thighs as he fought to do them up. The cummerbund barely allowed him to breathe, but mercifully the bowtie fit to perfection. As he pulled on his dress shoes, he noticed that the laces wouldn’t tie properly and no matter how much he pulled them, they remained loose. Cursing, Jason stood up and pulled on the jacket, unsurprised that it was as snug as the rest of his outfit. Looking in the mirror, Jason was tempted to stay in his room, but he couldn’t miss the awards dinner without getting in serious trouble. Aside from that, he’d worked hard for his award, despite popular opinion. Jason pocketed his room key and headed to the elevators, but as he walked along the corridor, he could feel the sheer socks starting to roll down his calves and by the time he pressed the button to call the elevator, he could see them resting on his shoes. Jason shuffled into the elevator and pressed the button for the ground floor. He bent down to pull his socks up but immediately shot up when he heard a rip coming from somewhere. He ran his hands along the seams of his trousers, but everything seemed to be in order. What he didn’t realise was the seam that had popped along the back of his jacket. ‘There you are,’ his boss said as the elevator doors opened. ‘We’re all waiting for you. Here.’ Jason’s boss handed him a drink after frowning at the tight tuxedo that he wore. Jason held his head up high and followed his boss into the packed function room. With so many people crammed into the room, it was like a sauna and sweat was soon starting to trickle down Jason’s back as he followed his boss to their table and gingerly took a seat. Danny couldn’t hide his grin at the sight of Jason in his skin tight tux. The bulge in the trousers of his tux was obscene and the seams were practically stretched to bursting point. Everything was going to plan. Jason tried not to eat a great deal during the meal as the cummerbund was digging into his stomach so much that he felt too uncomfortable and the trousers were so tight on his thighs that he wanted to tear them off. Worst of all, the tiny briefs were crushing his manhood, but the trousers were too tight to be able to discreetly readjust himself. That combined with the heat and the sweat dripping down his back and over his pecs was driving him insane. As soon as the meal finished, Jason took a deep breath, knowing that his award would be being announced soon. Deciding to freshen up before the meal, he excused himself and headed towards the restroom, shuddering slightly as he felt the sweat from his back descending into his briefs. Jason stepped into the rest room and unzipped his tux pants, but the silk briefs were too tight for him to be able to release his cock and relieve himself. Cursing, he zipped up and headed into one of the stalls before undoing the cummerbund, and undoing his trousers. With a bit of a struggle he managed to relieve himself before wrestling himself back into his briefs and tux, unaware that when doing up his trousers, his cock had slipped out under the edge of the silk briefs. ‘Danny just brought you over a congratulatory glass of champagne,’ the boss said when Jason returned to the table, his cheeks flushed and his forehead shiny with perspiration. Grateful for the drink, Jason raised his glass at Danny before downing the champagne, which had a slight sour taste to it. The awards started and Jason shifted uncomfortably in his seat, constantly patting his brow with a discarded napkin. There were only 5 awards to be announced and Jason’s was to be the last one. During the first two awards, he applauded with everyone else and was relieved when he felt a slight draft from the air con that someone had thankfully turned on. However, during the 3rd award, Jason felt a twinge that was more than a little unwelcome. He ignored it at first, but by the time one of the girls from marketing was taking her seat after collecting her award, Jason started to panic. For some inexplicable reason, he had started to get aroused during the 3rd award and by the time it had been given, he had a full blown throbbing erection that was perfectly visible through the thin silk briefs and skin tight trousers. As the 4th award was announced, Jason shifted in his seat, but as he did so, he only succeeded in his allowing his hard cock to slide even further out of the silk briefs, so that it was even less covered than before. He started desperately trying to will away his erection. The room had dim lighting, but the stage was ridiculously bright and everyone would be able to see his rock hard seven and a half inches. ‘Are you all ready?’ the boss asked Jason as the fourth winner took their seat. Jason was now sweating profusely and barely heard the announcer call his name. The applause was deafening and he slowly stood up and moved towards the stage, desperately trying to force his hand into his pocket to try and disguise the bulge. By the time he approached the small set of steps up to the stage, he rammed his hand into his pocket and heard the rip, even over the applause. He snuck a glance down and saw that he’d torn his trousers at the waistband, down the right hand side seam to the pocket. The only thing keeping his trousers from falling open was his hand that was now gripping his throbbing erection and the material of his trousers. Praying that no one would see, Jason stepped on to the stage just as he felt the sheer material of his socks roll to his ankles. Ignoring this, he shook hands with the announcer, awkwardly using his left hand, before taking the award and standing at the podium. As he made his thank you speech, which he shortened by a good ten minutes, he was completely unaware of Danny’s friend who was sat inside the podium. As he thanked his boss and his colleagues, Jason didn’t notice as his shoe laces were untied and then retied together. ‘Thank you again,’ Jason said as he finished his speech. With a sigh of relief, he went to walk back to his seat, but with his laces tied together, he couldn’t separate his feet and fell on to his side. As he dropped to the floor, his cummerbund burst off of him and flew off of the stage. Jason tried to ignore the laughs as he grabbed his award in one hand and his shoes in the other, after he kicked them off. Jason jumped to his feet, but as he did so, the material of his trousers fell open on the right hand side and the entire audience erupted into laughter at the sight of his throbbing hard on inside his skimpy black silk briefs. Jason looked down and wanted to crawl into a pit and die when he realised that the small shred of black silk material wasn’t even fully covering his cock, which was hanging out of the side. Embarrassed beyond belief, Jason made a quick dash to get off the stage, but his sheer socks which were now coming off, made him slide across the stage slightly. He managed to retain his balance, but in the process one of his socks came off completely. Cursing Jason turned his back to the audience to bend over and pick it up. RRRRRRIIIIIIPPPPPPP!!! As Jason bent down to grab his sock, his trousers burst open at the rear, the seams splitting from the crotch, up to and through the waistband, revealing his bubble butt that was barely being contained by the black silk briefs. No longer caring, Jason just gripped his trousers in the hand that held the trophy and his sock and shuffled down the steps. He managed to get through the crowd and out of the door into the hallway without anyone stopping him and he used his elbow to press the call button for the elevator. ‘Jason, are you okay?’ Jason turned to face Danny, who was barely managing to suppress his smile. ‘Do I look okay?’ Danny shook his head. ‘Look, you don’t want to get the lift. It’s bound to stop on every floor. My friend works here. I know my way around. Let’s use the staff stairwell. I’ll help you get that jacket off and we can cover you up enough to get you up to your room.’ Jason sagged with relief at the kindness from the guy at work that he barely knew. ‘Thanks Danny. I really appreciate it.’ ‘It’s no problem,’ Danny said as he ushered Jason towards the door to the staff stairwell and through the door. ‘That was so embarrassing for you. I thought you could use some help.’ Jason couldn’t help but agree. He just wanted to get up to his room, take off his awful tuxedo and deal with his erection that was now almost painful from being throbbing hard for so long. As the stairwell door closed behind them, Danny took the shoes, sock and trophy from Jason and placed them on the stairs, before telling Jason to remove the other sock, which added to the pile. The stairs were a narrow flight with a metal bannister that led down to the small square hallway. The end of the bannister ended in a rusty metal pole. ‘Hold still and I’ll help you off with your jacket.’ Jason stood facing the door with his back to the metal pole at the bottom of the stairs as Danny walked behind him and started to tug the jacket from his shoulders. He got the jacket down to midway over Jason’s biceps, by which point his hands were inside the sleeves. With another tug, Jason was abruptly pulled backwards. ‘Watch it dude,’ Jason said with a chuckle. ‘You nearly pulled me over. Is it stuck?’ Danny finished tying the ends of the sleeves together and around the metal pole. It was a small tight knot with the limited material he had, but with the jacket down over Jason’s biceps, there was no way he was moving anywhere. With his hands in use, Jason’s trousers had fallen open and were hanging around his thighs, his sweaty silk briefs on display. ‘That’s much better,’ Danny said as he walked in front of Jason. ‘What are you doing?’ Jason said, suddenly realising that this might not have been the kindness he thought it was as he struggled to free himself from his jacket prison. ‘This has been the best evening I’ve had in a long time,’ Danny said, finally allowing himself to burst out laughing at Jason’s predicament. ‘The golden boy has finally gotten what he deserves.’ Jason suddenly had the realisation that the whole evening maybe hadn’t been as accidental as he first thought. ‘You engineered this?’ he asked in disbelief. ‘Oh yeah. I called your tailor and made some changes before I picked the tux up, I slipped Viagra into your champagne and now I’ve got you tied up in a stairwell.’ ‘What the hell did I ever do to you?’ Jason asked in complete shock that someone could be so vindictive. ‘You came into this company and took everything. I worked for that promotion and you just swanned in with your good looks and took it. You deserve to be brought down and now I’m going to finish what I’ve started.’ ‘What are you talking about?’ Jason said with a quiver in his voice. Danny ran his fingers over Jason’s silk clad cock and felt it pulse through the thin material. ‘I’m going to destroy the rest of your outfit, then I’m going to make you blow your load all over yourself, before throwing you back into that hallway and I have about ten minutes before people start to make their way home.’ ‘Danny, please, I’ll do anything. I don’t deserve this. I …’ Danny picked up the sheer socks from the stairs and after balling them up, he rammed them into Jason’s mouth. ‘Now, where was I?’ Danny grabbed Jason’s bowtie and forcibly tore it from his neck and tossed it to the floor. He then moved his hands to Jason’s shirt and laughed. ‘Looks like someone has popped a couple of buttons,’ he said as he poked his fingers through the holes and touched Jason’s stomach. The contact to his skin made Jason’s cock lurch and he could already feel himself wanting to cum. The Viagra was a particularly nasty prank, especially as he hadn’t masturbated in over a week. His body was desperate for release. Danny gripped the front of Jason’s shirt and with an easy tug, he ripped it open, which sent buttons pattering to the floor around them. With the jacket binding his arms, Danny couldn’t do anything further to Jason’s shirt and jacket without freeing him, so he moved down. After tweaking Jason’s nipples and making him groan through his sock gag, Danny ran his hands down Jason’s stomach before sliding them around his waist to his butt. ‘These briefs are way too skimpy on you,’ Danny growled as he ran his fingers over the soft silk briefs. ‘I think we should get rid.’ Gripping the briefs at the waist, he yanked them sharply forwards and they tore off easily, the seams already stretched to the limit. Jason’s cock slapped against his stomach as it was freed from its silk prison. Not wanting to waste time, Danny tossed the briefs to the floor and gripped the remnants of Jason’s trousers in his hands. With a lot of tugging, they shredded right off of him, leaving him naked from the waist down. ‘Now, for my next trick …’ Danny looked Jason in the eye as he gripped his cock in his hand and started to slowly jack Jason off. Jason moaned through his gag whist shaking his head. He desperately wanted to cum, but at the same time, he was straight. He didn’t want a guy to jack him off and he certainly didn’t want it happening in a stairwell. Danny started to suck on Jason’s nipples as he increased the speed of his hand on Jason’s cock. Jason was now thrusting his hips into Danny’s hand, unable to stop himself from enjoying the sweet motion. Danny slid his free hand around to Jason’s butt and started to massage his butt, before running a finger down the crease between his cheeks. Jason stopped groaning and looked visibly terrified as Danny started to tease his hole with his finger. Danny tightened his grip on Jason’s cock as he inserted a finger into his butt, the sound of voices getting louder in the hallway. Within seconds, Jason’s whole body tensed up and as Danny pushed his finger further in to Jason’s hole, Jason screamed through his gag and his cock was soon pumping a heavy load of thick white cum all over his stomach and thighs. Taking the opportunity to finish things whilst Jason was in a post orgasm haze, Danny tore the jacket and shirt from Jason’s back before throwing open the door and shoving him into the hallway. Danny gathered up the remnants of Jason’s things and his trophy as the sound of laughter reverberated around him. Danny opened the door to see Jason with his back against the wall and his hands covering his manhood. His stomach and thighs were covered in cum, his face was beet red and the many people in the crowd that was emerging from the function room were laughing hysterically as some took photos of Jason in his humiliated state. Danny watched as Jason was eventually escorted away by the boss. No matter what happened after tonight, it was by far the best party he’d ever attended. Revenge had never been so good. Jason eventually arrived back at his room, dressed in a hotel robe. He had handed his notice in and was going to move. There was no way he could face anyone from the Ad Agency again, even if he did manage to get Danny sacked. It was just too embarrassing to think about and what was worse was the fact that when he did think of his pants ripping and the entire embarrassing situation, he would instantly get hard. And that was something that would continue for many years to come …

Let Me Compare

This is a branch off of the Break the Zone challenge that @atc74 put together. I felt like mine could run a little bit. There could potentially be more, this could turn into a string of little fun pieces. My goal was to continue on with the Break the Zone rules, this is 1k right on the nose, that is my challenge to myself with this. Let me know what ya think!

Pairing: Dean x Reader 

Warning: none really. just a little making out, some grinding. 


You heard a quiet whisper from the doorway.

“You’re going to get your ass whooped,” you taunted, smiling as you heard the door open further.

“That’s only if I get caught.” Dean quipped slipping through the door, quietly shutting it behind him.

The two of you had been in deep shit since getting caught after stealing your dad’s car 2 days ago. To make everything worse John, Bobby and your dad had all threatened to beat Dean bloody if he put another hand on you.

It took a lot of explaining to convince them nothing had happened. You told them that you were climbing over him so he could drive the car home, since he legally had a license. They finally took it. You were still grounded though.

“True, what are you doing?” You inquired rolling over. The alarm clock read 2:30 am giving just enough light that you could see him standing in the middle of the room wearing just flannel pajama pants.

“I wanted to talk, can I?” He nodded toward the bed rubbing the back of his neck.

“I don’t care,” you chuckled pulling the blanket back as an invitation. He grinned climbing in, situating himself so he was face to face with you.

The two of you used to lay like this for hours and talk about hunts and the things you were going to do.

“I wanted to talk about what happened.” He said quietly, his breath fanning across your face.

“There’s nothing to talk about Dean. It’s fine.” You responded. This was the closest you had been to him since you had been drug home in your dad’s car. Having to talk so quietly he was almost pressed against the front of you. You could feel the heat radiating off of him, he always ran hot.

“No, Y/N/N, you said that was your first kiss.” He rubbed his bare feet against yours like he always did. You smiled at the warmth of them, you moved to hook your foot over his calf.

“Your point?” You arched an eyebrow at him even though he couldn’t see you in the dark.

“Well, I was thinking… I want to be your second too,” he whispered. His fingers were suddenly sliding along your cheek.

“Dean, don’t play,” you whispered taking your lip between your teeth. You had always liked him, that night just made it worse.

“I’m not. Y/N/N tell me no and I’ll go back to my room.” He cupped your face in his calloused hand.

“Dean, I couldn’t tell you no if I wanted to,” you breathed.

You felt him smile before he pressed his lips to yours. He kissed you softly, his thumb stroking your cheek. You slid your hand between the two of you to rest on his bare chest above his heart. It was beating almost as erratically as yours.

Dean slid his tongue along the seam of your lips asking for entrance, you opened to him, wanting to taste him again. All you had been able to think about since that night was the way he tasted. You hesitantly slipped your tongue into his mouth, his tongue dancing with yours. You quietly moaned, slipping your hand over his ribs to his back, pulling your body flush with the front of his. You were surprised to find that he was hard against your hip.

Dean slipped his hand down your neck and over your shoulder to hold you against him. He pulled back for a breath, rubbing his nose against yours.

“Was the second as good as the first?” He asked a little breathlessly.

“I’m not sure,” you mumbled leaning back towards him. “Let’s try for a third and I’ll compare.” You kissed him with a little more confidence.

“Y/N,” he moaned so quietly you barely heard him. He pushed gently against you, rolling you to your back. He followed, coming to rest between your thighs, bracing his weight on his arms.

“I think the third was better.” You knew you were blushing in the dark.

“I agree. Is this to much?” He asked leaning back slightly to look down at you.

“No, you’re, you’re fine.” You could feel his erection pressed against your core, it was exciting.

“Okay,” he smiled down at you before pressing his lips back to yours.

He held  himself above you, not pushing you for anything. You slowly slid your hands up his sides and over his back, you loved how his skin felt. You knew right then he was going to become even more dangerous for you. All you wanted to do was touch and taste him.

“You should go back to your room before we get caught, they’ll tan your hide.” You whispered as he kissed along your jaw.

“You would be worth it,” he whispered in your ear.

“I want you to come back, and that will be even harder if you get caught Dean.” You told him rolling your head to the side allowing him access to your neck.

“I know.” He pulled the strap to your tank top off your shoulder as he kissed down your neck, he stopped where your strap had been, sucking a dark spot there. Your first hickey. He rotated his hips against you causing electricity to skitter across your body.

“Dean,” you moaned. You slid your legs up to wrap them around his waist to keep him flush against the heat gathering at your core.

“Keep that up sweetheart and we will get caught.” He moaned.

“Then you better go.” You replied unconvincingly as you slid your hand up into his hair.

“I don’t want to.” He told you before kissing you again.

“Come back tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow.” He kissed you again before forcing himself to untangle your limbs from him.

He pulled the blankets to your chin, tucking you in before he kissed the tip of your nose and slipped from your room.

This was going to be interesting.

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Special ops in space part 3

I’m on a run man. My boredom is pushing me to keep writing cause even reading is boring right now. If y'all have any ideas on what to put in this thing that’d be awesome, or even if you just wanna bounce ideas. Who knew that I’d actually look forward to school… I’m so bored..

The problem with sharing stories with those who have only known war is that they will share things casually that would make others sick. The Quirn’s visible leathery skin had gone a soft grey at what the human warriors were describing. Mainly at what Human Victor and Human Anzelm would say.

“When things were becoming very bad, I was drafted in the GROM. We are an anti-terrorism taskforce, and we’ll do anything to protect our country. I, along with my comrades, were sent behind Russian lines in order to covertly sabotage their equipment. We were caught and I and one other of my team survived. Her arm was removed though, so she barely survived. We both managed to carry the other three to the extraction point, though Gerald was easy as the acid they used against him had eaten half of his body.”

“Ah, I know what you’re talking about. I had seen Agent Red used against a few squadrons. Nasty thing that was” Martin hummed. Lyne snorted.

“Who hasn’t? That was a personal favorite of theirs. If it weren’t for the corrective surgery, my lungs would still be suffering from the effects.” The others nodded.

“Anyway, it was only when I was made to have a checkup did I realized that half of my leg had been hit by the acid. Thankfully by boot had stopped it from getting to any tendons, so I was able to recover quickly.” Anzelm lifted his pant leg and showed off a variety of scars, the worst being the angry red skin stretched tight over the back of his calf that wrapped around to his shin.

“Bah, at least you kept the leg. Damn Brazilians were a beast at IEDs. Had my left leg blown off by being a dumbass in my younger years, thinking I was invincible. Later lost my arm when a bomb was dropped on it in Egypt. Thank god it was a dud or I’d be a goner.” Victor laughed.

“Ooh, they gave you one of those fancy micro-biotic synthesized limbs didn’t they.” Oliver said, staring at the mentioned arm.

Anthony laughed when Victor pulled his long sleeved shirt off, exposing horrendous scars that ran all over his body. The Quirn knew from where some lead that the man had many more where they could not see. The only part that did not have even a mark was his right arm and his face.

“You just love showing your chest off to the ladies don’t you?” Victor’s chuckle was his only response.

“If you do not take offense to my asking, how are you able laugh amidst such distressing stories?”

“If we did not laugh we would cry.” Martin answered.

“Many of our fellow soldiers have succumbed to the crippling sorrow, something we call depression, and are either unable to function, or have killed themselves as a way to escape. We laugh because we were the few who survived. We laugh because we have looked into the face of death and have returned.”

The Quirn could only stare at the little Humans from the mudball planet in a small solar system with new respect and fear. They were true warriors who survived their battles. What terrified them was that they warred with their own race to such an extent.

“I remember when I first joined the military. We had this mascot, a cute little rabbit we named Hobs. We taught him to carry this little knife in his mouth and chase the new recruits.” Lyne laughed as she shared the story, moving the topic away from such depressing matters.

“We should do that here! I’ve seen a few roomba-like things moving around here!” Anthony yelled excitedly. Anzelm grinned and produced a knife from seemingly nowhere. Azxceta was beginning to regret offering to share stories, and knew he was going to regret asking the question he was about to ask.

“Why do you desire to weaponize a cleaning implement?”  It was Victor who answered with a shrug.

“We get bored rather easily. This is a way to keep us mildly entertained, keeps us on our toes.”

The pieces of the puzzle began to fit together for Azxceta. The boredom they easily face, but the stories they told of relentlessly chasing their foes. They were predators through and through.

“You must be the most feared predator on your home planet.” All 6 special ops looked at each other and burst out laughing. The Quirn were more confused than other.

“You see Azxceta, humans are not really close to the top. We’re not the strongest, fastest, or the best at overall survival. We’re pretty smart though, which is why we are the dominant species. We can still be killed by true apex predators. We’re just stubborn sons-o-bitches honestly, and refuse to go down without taking others with us.”

“Well… Thank you for sharing your experience with us.” The Quirn vacated the immediate area faster than they would like to admit.

“Weird. Well, Imma go find that roomba thing. Let’s go Anzelm!” Anthony yelled, pulling the shorter man away to search. Victor headed back to his assigned quarters to report his observations on the aliens on the ship to hs superiors.

Silky Smooth (Drarry)

Harry was half asleep when Draco crawled into bed. He made a humming sound, as Draco snuggled close, twining their legs together and sighing a long, drawn out sigh.

“I’m quitting my job.”

Still half asleep, Harry tried to pat his back, but missed and hit the mattress. “You always say that,” he mumbled, tugging Draco closer and trying to go back to sleep.

“I mean it this time,” Draco huffed. “I’m sick of stuck up purebloods coming in and being pains in my arse. Late appointments! I was supposed to finish hours ago!”

“You’re a stuck up pureblood, love.”

“Shove off.”

Harry chuckled sleepily. Draco shifted around a bit, and Harry was just dozing off again, when he felt Draco’s foot sliding over his calf, once, twice, then again. Wincing, he was suddenly wide awake.

Draco’s foot rubbed his leg a bit more, and then Draco was wriggling out of his arms, which Harry tightened in a failed attempted to stop him, and diving under the blankets. Harry groaned, turning and burying his face in the pillow as he felt Draco’s hands stroking his calves. A few moments later, and Draco resurfaced, charming on the lights.

“What the bloody hell happened to your legs?”

“Piss off, trying to sleep,” Harry muttered, closing his eyes tighter against the light.

“There’s no hair on your legs. Your legs are hairless. You have lady legs, Potter.”

Harry snorted. “You’re stating the obvious. Go to sleep.”

He muttered the spell to turn off the lights, and tried to tug Draco back into his arms. Draco resisted, and then Harry felt the blankets being yanked off him. Draco turned the lights back on. Growling in annoyance, Harry opened his eyes to find Draco shuffling back and picking up one of his legs. Feeling petty, he tried to kick him.

“Why in Merlin’s name would you do this to yourself?” Draco asked, dodging the kick and running his fingers up and down Harry’s calves.

It tickled, and Harry tried to kick him again. “It’s late, and you’ve had a shitty day, remember?” he tried. “How about we sleep now?”

Draco snorted. “My shitty day just got better,” he said gleefully. “You look ridiculous!”

Harry scowled. “Then pull the blankets back over and stop touching!”

Draco shrugged, now trailing his fingertips up Harry’s currently hairless thighs. “Feels nice though. You’re normally like a bloody ape. I don’t think you have a hairless patch anywhere. Why would you do this? Did you lose a bet? Was this Ron’s idea? I must remember to buy him a drink, this is priceless. Did you get your pubes too?”

Harry slapped away his hands when they reached for his pants. “Don’t get used to it!” he snapped. “And no, it was Teddy.”

Draco straightened, kneeling over him. “Teddy? An eight-year old boy did this to you?”

There was no attempt made to hide the amusement on Draco’s face, and Harry tried to kick him again.

Read more on AO3 or FFnet (2.8k, Rated T)

All My Idols Ch 11: Avoiding EXO

“Got7?” Bobby yells out as he stands with his back to us, facing the white board.

“Of course!” Bambam responds for the whole group.

“Is this really necessary?” I whine from my spot on the couch, unable to put up much of a protest with three guys basically wrapped around me. Suga is taking up most of the couch with his feet hanging off the edge and his head in my lap, basically sleeping thanks to me running my hands through his hair. JB is sitting on the floor with my legs over his shoulders watching Bobby be stupid with the rest of his audience. B.I has his arm wrapped around my shoulders, his hand playing with my curls absentmindedly.

“Yes, we need to keep track of who knows about you and since they always end up basically falling in love with you they become knights like the rest of us, now shush so we can figure this out,” Bobby looks away from me without another word to continue this tally. “BTS? Seventeen?”

“Yes,” Both Namjoon and Seungcheol respond with a smile in my direction.

“Monsta X?”

“Of course look how cute she is!” I roll my eyes but smile at Shownu’s cute grin.

“Who else is there that isn’t here?” Bobby glances around at the group of boys, with all of Ikon, BTS, and Got7 the small room is pretty packed. Only Seungcheol and Shownu were able to fit in, while the rest have to stay in their own dressing rooms.

“B.A.P, Day6, Infinite, Madtown, Vixx, Winner, UNIQ, Beast, Epik High and Topp Dogg. Twice want to join and so do 2pm,” Mark diligently numbers off on his fingers.

“How do 2pm know about me?” I glare at Got7, knowing it had to be them.

With my glare being too much Yugyeom caves quickly, “Sorry Noona, we were just talking about you and they over heard and saw the pictures that we have with you and yea…”

“You guys need to stop talking about me,” I tease, smiling at them to let them know I’m only joking.

“We can’t help it, you have some kind of magic spell on us!” JB says as he affectionately rubs my calf.

“Over 100 if you add in the others like Zico, Jay, Loco, Jooyoung, and CL and a few others here and there. Wow Princess, you collected a whole army.” Bobby teases as he ruffles my hair, earning a swat from his leader.

“How in the world did this happen?” I mumble to myself but the three hanging on me can easily hear. Over the last month I go from working constantly with only Big bang as my friends to becoming strangely close with this massive group of rowdy boys. Manager Unni had insisted that I continue coming to award countdowns and other shows because of all the boys, big bang included, kept begging and annoying her. I happily agreed though, these boys are amazing. But now my schedule is fully packed, I barely go home anymore; only for a few hours at most for a power nap or to pick up clothes. Sleeping has become more of a hobby, after working all night one of my oppas from big bang usually want me to come to their new apartments, since their beds are so much nicer, while they work from home.

I’m pulled out of my thoughts by a knock on the door before it cracks open and a pink head pops in with a cute smile when our eyes meet. Without a thought I’m shaking the three boys off me to jump the mini Suga that just appeared, something no one but him appreciated.

“Jihoonie!” I coo as I rest my head on his shoulder and pull him into a tight hug.

“Hello Noona!” He smiles down at me sweetly and even kisses the top of my forehead making the others groan in annoyance and disgust.

“Noona!” Kookie whines from his place on the floor. “Why don’t you ever do that when you see me?”

“Because you’re a little perv,” I stick my tongue out at him.

“So we probably shouldn’t complain either?” Jackson wiggles an eyebrow at me.

“Don’t you guys have to perform?”

Woozi snaps out of his cute mode to a more mature version of himself and looks to his leader, “That’s what I’m here for, we’re going on after this next group.”

His leader nods and stands up to come next to us, “We should get going than, Charlie, you should come watch us.”

“Of course, let’s go,” I pull the two boys out of the door, ignoring the loud protests coming from the large group of boys we are leaving behind. In the hall the rest of Seventeen greets me, I give them a big smile in return.

“I feel like I should bow like a knight every time you smile like that!” Jun coos as he places his hands on my face and squeezes my cheeks.

“Are you coming to watch us perform?” Little Channie pops up next to me and asks.

“Yea, lets go quick, you guys are going up soon!” I continue to drag Seungcheol and Woozi behind me as I do my best to navigate the halls that I’ve recently become familiar with. With some help from the trail of boys behind me we manage to make it to the stage. Glancing out to see who is still performing I want to scream as Girl generation starts Party. Though I have seen them perform this and Lion heart a few times already it’s such an amazing experience every time I watch anyone perform. I find myself following along with their moves, after watching their video so many times it’s impossible for me not to know.

“Noona,” Jeonghan yell whispers in my ear so I can hear him over the music. “If you love them so much, why do you hide whenever they walk by?”

I don’t know how to tell him that I’m avoiding everyone at SM because of Xiumin. They all know that I hide from EXO because of my bias but they still don’t know who it is thankfully, except for big bang of course. Avoiding the whole company sometimes feels a bit extreme, especially when I think about all the other great people I’m avoiding like Girls Generation, F(x) and Shinee and a bunch of other groups. But the idea of running into EXO gives me too much anxiety, not to mention I don’t know how I’m going to explain it if anyone from the company asked.

Yea, that would go great, don’t mind me just hiding under a table to avoid the man I’ve never met but am completely in love with. Why am I hiding? Well because I’m afraid that I will fan girl and scream in his face or something else really stupid. Won’t be weird at all.

Avoidance seems to be working just fine until Girls Generation starts walking off stage in our direction and I lock eyes with Taeyeon, who also happens to be my favorite. She blinks at me a few times before continuing on her way giving me one last glance before going into the maze of halls.

“I think you’re magic potion is kicking in already,” He teases as he follows the rest of the members on stage, giving me a hot smirk.

Without me noticing Taeyeon has made her way back into the back stage area alone and snuck up to stand next to me silently. Being only a few centimeters taller than me, I didn’t think I would have to look up at her but her heels give her a few extra inches that my flats don’t provide.

“Hi!” She says with a small yet nonetheless beautiful smile.

“Hi Taeyeon-ssi,” I give her a small bow.

Her smile widens at her name and she turns to face me fully, “Omo, you know who I am? That is so cool!”

I’m so taken back by her sudden happiness I don’t respond.

“I’ve heard so much about you and everyone has been talking about how you are so nice and friendly and how you are friends with almost everyone. I was worried that you didn’t like me, I mean us, because you wouldn’t talk to us. Omo, I’m so sorry I’m rambling about things you probably don’t care about. In fact you haven’t even said anything about not hating us so you still could and I’m so sorry for bothering you.” She tries to bow and walk away but I catch her by her wrists.

“Taeyeon-ssi I don’t hate you or anyone in Girls Generation, I’m actually a big fan!” I smile at her.


“Of course! How else would I know your dances?”

She beams at me, “I thought I saw you dancing along but I thought it was just my imagination. You have no idea how happy the girls are going to be that the princess knows our dances!”

My heart stops at the sound of my nickname, “Princess? You know about that?”

She nods, “Everyone here does, lots of people talk about how cute and nice you are. Though I wasn’t sure it was you at first, because no one really says what you look like.”

“Than how did you know it was me?”

She smiles widely, “Because I saw the way they looked at you and I can feel your warm personality. It can draw a person in.” I can’t help but feel a bit embarrassed by her compliments, a blush crosses my face and I have to look away. “You should let me borrow you for a second. I want you to meet the girls, they are going to freak out.” She pulls me gently away from the stage as I lock eyes with Jeonghan who just smiles and winks at me before waving me away. With a sigh I take his signal and let Taeyeon lead me threw the halls. Taeyeon rambles on cutely about what she has heard of me and that the girls have been wondering if I’m as nice and as cute as they say.

“You guys!” She yells as we reach their dressing room that is located in a hall I’m not familiar with. “Guess who I found!” As we enter the room all the girls turn away from their makeup mirrors and stare at me with small polite smiles on their faces.

“Who is your cute friend?” Sunny pops up out of her chair to come check me out.

“The one and only princess!” She releases my hand to do jazz hands to present me.

“Taeyeon-ssi please, you don’t have to call me that, you can call me Charlie,” I tell her again.

She shakes her head, “It’s like an unspoken rule that we must call you princess unless we are close. Once we are really close I will, but you can call me Unni!”

“Omo me too!” Sunny beams her cute smile at me.

“How in the world did Tae unni find you?” Yoona, freaking Yoona, asks with her sweet voice as she comes to stand with us, grabbing hold of my hand.

“I was watching Seventeen perform and she just came up and snatched me,” I tease Taeyeon.

“Unni! You stole her? We are going to be in so much trouble!” Sooyung joins our little group by the door as well.

“I didn’t steal her!” Taeyeon stomps her heel and pouts like a very cute child.

“Did anyone see you walk away?” Yoona asks.

I think for a second, “Jeonghan did, but knowing him, he’s probably not going to say anything to anyone.”

“So the rest are going to think you are missing?”

I nod.

“What will they do?”

I shrug, “They might be a little worried.”

“A little? You’re the princess; those boys are going to panic! I heard that last time you ended up in some boy groups room when they were changing.”

“How do you guys even know about that?”

Yuri laughs, “It’s all over. You are one of the most talked about people back here. We are the only second group from SM that have met you.”


“Yea, Lay said he talked to you when you first started showing up.” Seohyun explains.

“Even EXO know about me?” I can’t even try to hide my blush.

“Of course! When ever anyone mentions the princess Lay pops up and scans the crowd for you, the rest of them try to join in but it’s pretty pointless since he hasn’t told them what you really look like.” Sooyoung giggles.

“Such a good oppa,” I say mostly to myself. I can’t believe he is still hiding me from his members even if he doesn’t know why.

“Unni,” Seohyun pipes in, “You should probably bring her back before someone sets off an alarm.”

“But she just got here!” Yoona and Sunny both whine cutely.

“But what if one of those boys storms in here looking for her? We are going to be in big trouble!”

I nibble on my lip as I think back to what happen last time when I disappeared and Big bang were obviously worried. I grimace at the thought of any of my dongseangs having to explain to them that they lost me again. “I’m going to agree with Seohyun unni this time, we can play around next time when I give my oppas fair warning that I’m going to be with you. Otherwise they worry I might wander into a bad situation like last time.”

The rest pout but nod, though Seohyun is beaming at me, “You just called me unni! I’m the princess’s unni!”

“Come on Princess,” Taeyeon locks her arm with mine to lead me out of the room, “If you say anything else cute I don’t think they will let you leave.” We giggle at each other as we go down the hall, another unfamiliar way. After two turns we run into Lay and the cute unicorn beams a beautiful dimpled smile at me.

“Charlie!” The boy nearly yells as he runs to me and gives me a surprising hug.

“Ya! Lay, put our princess down!” Taeyeon protests as she slaps the younger man arm for him to release me from his grip.

“But Noona,” The unicorn boy pouts but doesn’t loosen his grip.

“I’m in the process of returning her to her knights!”

“I’m a knight!”

“Since when?”

“Since I saved her from falling! Right Charlie?” He looks down at me.

“You were the reason I was falling but I accept you as one of my knights,” I tease back.

He smirks back at his noona, “See, now I can take her the rest of the way.”

“Don’t you have to go on stage soon?” Taeyeon retorts with a pout.

“Oh yea!” He looks genially surprised by the news. “I got distracted when I saw her,” He looks over his shoulder, “I wonder where the others went.” I stiffen at the mention of the rest of  EXO, something that doesn’t go unnoticed by Lay as he eyes shift to me.

“Hyung!” Chen calls from down the hall, out of my vision with Lay in the way, “What happened to you? We turned around and you were gone!” Lay is about to turn around when out’s my turn to latch on. My fingers grip his shirt like my life depended on it as I nuzzle myself closer to him, trying my best to hide under his leather jacket without much luck. Lay lets me do whatever I’m trying to do without question, just stares down at me with concern, and wraps his arms tighter around me, as if he is also trying to hide me.

“Princess?” Taeyeon asks gently, also confused and concerned. I feel her small hand on my back near Lay’s, “Princess, is something wrong?”

“She hid last time the rest of the members showed up, I don’t know why but could you go see if you can find one of her knights?” Lay requests her sweetly, I hear Taeyeon’s shoes click away. His hand begins moving in circles soothingly on my back, doing his best to get me over whatever could be wrong. I feel like an idiot doing stuff like this as if I’m a helpless baby but the idea of meeting the idol that I loved more than my oppas isn’t something I can take lightly. What if he doesn’t like me? What if he isn’t what I thought he was? What if I’m not what he thought the princess would be like? Too many questions with answers I really don’t want to find out.

“What are you doing?” Chen’s voice is closer and my grip on Lay tightens. His foots steps stop when they get to right beside me, “Who is this?”

“The princess,” Lay whispers as he continues to rock us both, but does little to calm my anxious heart.

“Really?” Chen nearly yells.

“Ya! You’re scaring her!” Lay snaps.

“Sorry,” He says in a whisper like Lay. “Is she okay?”

“I think she’s fine, it’s just when someone for EXO shows up.” Lay explains and I just feel guilty.

“Oh no, the rest are coming right behind me.” As if on cue a chorus of howls for their hyung fill the empty hall along with a yell of Chen, “Stop right there!” The howls stop and are replaced with just as loud mumbles. “Be quiet! Something is wrong with the princess.”

“The princess?” The word is repeated a dozen times before a stampeded of footsteps is coming toward us as the voices get louder. A low bear like voice catches my attention.

“She’s so little! I wanna see her, I wanna see her,” Chanyeol’s voice echoes.

“No, me first!” Baekhyun must have swatted the younger away because Chanyeol whines.

“No one will be touching her!” Lay says firmly. “Hyung.” I noticeably tense at that one word, something Lay notices.

“Should I get someone?” Suho’s warm voice responds, making me relax.

“Can you just get everyone to back up?”

“Okay guys to the end of the hall!” Suho claps his hands together like before.

“But hyung! We haven’t even gotten to see her!” Sehun whines.

“She isn’t in the mood to see that face of yours anyway!” Baekhyun teases.

“Kyungsoo can I get some help?” Suho sighs.

There is the sound of a struggle as they go down the hall but shortly followed by the sound of an amazingly familiar voice, “Charlie-ah!” Seungri’s voice calls from the same direction as EXO’s.

“Oppa!” I call out from Lay’s chest.

“Charlie-ah,” His voice is right next to me as Lay hands me over, he happily accepts. “How in the world did you end up here?” He whispers as he scoops me up and tucks my face into his chest.

“I’m sorry, I borrowed her and I was bringing her back when all of the sudden this happened, I’m so sorry princess!” Taeyeon mumbles out.

“Thank you for finding me,” Seungri bows to her and to Lay, “Thank you for taking care of her till I got here.”

“No problem, can I tell her something?” Lay asks.

“Yea, go ahead.”

I feel Lay’s hand on my back and hear him whisper, “I’ll keep your secret little Princess.” I forget about my anxiety for a minute and snap my head to look at him. He’s smirking softly as he gestures to the big cheeked man at the end of the hall standing along with the rest of his members. My eyes lock with the cute man making me squeal and tuck myself back into Seungri’s chest. I’m surprised they can’t hear my heart pounding loudly in my chest.

“Thank you again, we’ll be going,” With that Seungri speed walks down the hall past EXO back to Big bang’s dressing room. Even when we’re back safetly in the room I don’t unlatch myself from Seungri, not that he complains. I feel so stupid for acting like a big baby in front of EXO. Even Seungri’s sweet words and warm embrace can’t making me feel better.

I hope one day I’ll be able to talk to the rest of EXO like how I talk to Lay, but I have a strong feeling that won’t be happening for awhile.

Just wondering if any of you lovelies are coming to my wonderful city to see BTS next week? If yes we might run into each other!