over ten

So many years.

Over a decade of years is over ten worlds, ten lights of creation, ten new opportunities to continue consuming and growing. While small in the long run, the Hunger never relented on the idea that one ‘didn’t matter’ as much. Ten lights was enormous power. Those years were important.

And he spends all this time starving instead.

One light was enough to rule an entire world, to have all the power one could imagine, and yet wasn’t enough. The more one accumulates, the more they need, and John has been dragging himself through planes searching for something, anything to satiate himself.

John thinks he might die like this.

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I swear, this day is trying to see how many times I can cry at my desk

My mom just forwarded me an email chain of everyone on her side of the family speaking up to support me after 45’s news today. The same family I was blackballed from for over ten years when I first came out as trans.

This, just a while after a friend sent me a hand-drawn pic of the Music Meister and I clutched it to my heart like a candle-flame and bawled at what gems my friends are

I… I don’t even have *words* right now.

No matter what’s handed down next, I love you, I love you, I love you ALL.

DATE: July 28th, 2017; 9:32pm 

Tropical Storm has grown to a category four storm; the first Atlanta has seen in over ten years. Citizens are required to stay indoors and should not leave under any circumstances. 

Due to the storm, several different locations around the city of Atlanta opened their doors to serve as a safe zone for its citizens. While staying in the confinements of one’s own home is completely optional, these safe zones are designed to keep residents of Atlanta safe—at least, that’s the plan. Now, everyone who was able to get there has made it to the safe zones closest to them at the time the storm began and has been there for a few short hours. Unfortunately for those on their way to the high school things fell apart and everyone was evacuated and sent to Gidney’s Pud. Now, with several safe zones all around the city about almost fifty people in each place, Atlanta’s team of authority will do everything they can to make sure everyone remains safe. It’s now the job of the citizens to help ensure safety is kept. Remain in your locations and listen to those around you — this is no time to act out. Stay united and we’ll all make it out of this okay. 

And with that, the event may begin. Remeber, when posting starters you must tag with ATL.CHAT, ATL.STORM and the LOCATION in which your character is at. Please be sure to go to people and PLOT and we hope you enjoy this! If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to message the main!

anonymous asked:

Yeah idk if you're accepting Zone Words or Danger Days stuff but if you are I have a Zone Word. GROUPIE - A meet up usually of over ten people. EXAMPLE ONE - "There was a Killjoy groupie right next to Batt City last night, they must be suicidal." EXAMPLE TWO - "Theres a Drac Groupie in Two, wanna send some rays their way?"

Ooh interesting! Funny enough, I actually already have a definition for the word groupie; that it’s a word for zone sex workers (it stems from one of my own oc’s actually😅). It’s cool to hear other’s take on the word cause I think different zones would have different slangs

Lee: You ready Laurens, better say bye to your boyfriend.

Laurens: He’s not my boyfriend. We’re officially engaged in the fall, I’m thinking about a spring wedding.