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do you think garp and sengoku ever have a drinking game of "take a shot everytime luffy does something extremely problematic for us" while going through reports and end up completely wasted within like an hour


once garp realized who sabo was and it was revealed to the public that he and luffy are brothers they were gonna add sabo to the drinking game (since technically the game was “take a shot every time garp’s grandson fucks something up” and sabo is his grandson too) but they realized if they did they’d literally just;; die of alcohol poisoning 

It’s kind of funny how Rose/Kanaya is one of the biggest ships in the Homestuck fandom with a majority of the big name artists in the fandom shipping it and regularly producing content of it yet people still claim erasure when people produce Grimdorks content like




Nobody is going to forget that Rosemary is canon overnight because someone had the audacity to ship something else. It’s always gonna be there. Constantly and consistently. Always.

This amalgamation of lines right here?

Does not un-do Rose Lalonde’s entire canonical marriage and is not part of some conspiracy to Heteronormify™ Rose Lalonde. It’s two fictional characters holding hands. Don’t like these two particular fictional characters holding hands? Block all tags relative to these two fictional characters holding hands instead of going on long winded rants about characters you don’t want to hold hands.

This has been my long winded rant about people ranting about characters they don’t want to hold hands.

my favorite ship dynamic is Mutual Appreciation Society

  • enthusiasm for each other’s interests, hobbies and pursuits
  • smiles get bigger when they look at each other (giant!! nerds!!!)
  • each other’s number 1 fan
  • supportive and honest
  • do that nerdy shit where they want to be the best version of themselves for the person they’re in love with
  • laugh together A Lot
  • talk their partner up to their friends, and everything they say is totally sincere
  • Happy, whether they’re in love or aaallllmost there

people who characterise Antonio as brainless and stupid and Lovino to be only a mean-spirited tsundere with no depth make me cry

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:0c YOUR WIRT COSPLAY!!!! can you give us a walk through on how you made it? i've been trying to make one but it turns out pretty weird, i'd appreciate it!!

I found the shirt and pants at Goodwill, and simply replaced the buttons on the shirt with black ones I got at Joann. I also sewed buttons onto the pants for the suspenders, which I got here.

The buttons I used that worked perfectly were LaMode brand, style 02086 for the front loops and 200002002 for the back.

I got the hat and cape from this etsy store, which sells them both as a set and separately. There are instructions in the descriptions of the items on how to get your measurements right, although the hat was too big for my head and when I got a replacement it was the same so I ended up just hemming it to a comfortable size myself. 

It’s probably a fluke that I got two incorrectly sized hats but I would be cautious just in case, maybe the way they make it is intentionally big or something. That being said I now have an extra hat, which I may or may not sell in the future, but don’t hold me to that.

The shoes are men’s dress shoes, I got them both brown and dyed the right one black. If you want specifics I got them at Payless and the brand is Dexter, I think the style is called Burt? Yeah, these are them!

If you get different shoes be sure to get faux leather because it can be easily dyed using diluted acrylic paint.

That’s about it, I’m sorry if you were wanting an in-depth tutorial. Hopefully this helps some, though! <:)

I have this weird sensation when I see old mcu content and get actually physically queasy remembering how much I loved this franchise and how nearly everything I loved about it is gone and I just really hope that no matter what happens doesn’t ever happen with the dceu.

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i tag: @audreil @mavencalore @shirewalker @jesperfaehey @bellaemyblakes@patchfacing​  @thaleias@sapphicblue-sargent@umberonica@maryamorvena

list your top 10 favorite characters not in order (one per series/fandom) and tag 10 people (NOW WATCH ME WHIP WHIP WATCH ME SUFFER bc this is going to be so hard ngl)

  1. alina starkov
  2. inej ghafa
  3. renee walker
  4. adam parrish
  5. sydney sage
  6. karou
  7. lissa dragomir
  8. mara dyer
  9. luna lovegood
  10. juliette ferrars

I can never decide if Carver was SQUISHING on Fenris or CRUSHING. Tbh I’m not sure if even Carver knew??? Like, I am 100% certain that Carver had a crush on Merrill which developed into more than a crush and which stuck with him through all of DAII (which is what? like 7 years? boy had  f e e l i n g s  for her alright). But, like if you look at his banter with Fenris, it’s similar to his banter with Merrill ––– which is different from his banter with every other character. I just can’t figure out if that’s because he really wanted to be friends with Fenris and looked up to him somehow (i.e. thinks that he’s really cool, admires his prowess in battle) or if he at one point had a crush on him (which didn’t develop beyond a crush). Carver probably didn’t even know honestly. It was probably a bit of a confused mess ––– could be romantic, could be platonic, but he wants to impress this person and have their approval and get them to like him!!!

Woah Woah Woah....hold on a second...

When the hell did I get 110 followers?! Like, my blog is total trash omg. A GREAT BIG thank you is well overdue for you all that have just recently hit that follow button or have been a stalker for a long time now. Old friends or new, welcome aboard the crazy train. You’re in for a ride!

Seriously though it means a lot to me that this blog has done so well. I know 110 followers might seem like a small number but I honestly never expected I’d get 10 followers never mind bloody 110! Hell, I was going to delete this blog a few months ago! I didn’t think anyone would be interested in writing or interacting with me. Thank you all so much! I’ve had a blast so far and hope to continue to do so. The other site I use to write has been dead for me for a while. So this has literally become the only place for me, and its great to see people more and more interested in approaching me and plotting.

I just want you all to know as well to feel free to message me any time. No matter what its about, whether you’ve had a shitty day and just need someone to rant to, whether you’re just bored and fancy a chat, or want to plot something, honestly feel free to send me a message. I love that! Honestly, logging in and seeing IM’s and asks makes my day and brings a smile to my face. Take this post as a personal invitation to interact with me and Harls. You will NEVER bother me or be seen as annoying. 

Anyways, I feel its only fair to mention a few people that have made my time here enjoyable. Spread the love and all that!

@one-bad-day-one-bad-clown - My lil’ Clown. You’ve stuck with me for a long while now. I love all our silly and whacky threads. If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t still have this blog. So thank you, Puddin! <3

@loganhowlettx - We haven’t talked or interacted that long but I’m LOVING our threads. I feel we’re gonna be good friends and I hope we continue to talk/write. You’re awesome. 

@ofblood-and-fxngs - Another new contact but again, I’m loving our threads and you’ve been so nice and approachable. Thank you for that! I hope we also continue to keep in touch and write. Harls totally adores Belle lol!

@oldmxnlogan - It was awesome getting to chat to you yesterday and get to know you better. You’re an awesome writer and I’m enjoying our thread. Apologies for any “ask spam” I may send in the future lol!

@damagcdjokes​ / @cheerysociopath​ - You’re another sweetheart that’s been super nice to me during our threads. I’d be honored to continue to write with you. 

@shewolverine - Laura is such a sweetheart and our thread has been real fun so far. I’m looking forward to writing with you more in the future!

I also figured I’d mention people that I’d like to write with more!


I feel this post has gone on enough, so I’ll end it here by saying yet again thank you to you all for everything. You’ve made Harls and I feel very welcome. I hope to continue to be a good writing partner for you! Much love!

Mun x

hey guys :)

just fyi i’m not good about tagging things like shows and actors, so if my blog is about stuff you’re not into, you’re totally free to unfollow me.

i always always try to tag major triggers

but other than that i’ve never once been a blog that tagged all my posts 

Hello hello hello heeeeello!

Midnight here !!!! Okay no one cares for that i guess ! XD

Since i’m in a anxious mood, i want to go over and tag some people.

So one thing i would L-O-V-E to say!! Golly i haven’t interacted with people much….. But oh well ! ^ ^;!!

But! I would love to give people certain shoutouts so!!!!! Okay! >:D

To the art section ! I’d like to give some godly…goddesly… XD cool artists

Which is?
I really like your art cheatsy, it’s comical and happy ! The coloring is beautiful!!
Oh looord! Your style is so cute! I rarely see art that seems to be drawn traditionally ! I really enjoy your styles too, its AH-dorable.
A shocker huh! Okay i honestly love your styles. Friend, you can draw !! I love the style and your coloring.
Oh my gosh!!!! You have talent friend!!!!!
I love seeing your art friend !
I hope people notice more of your arts !

KAJAHU im a fAN of YOU friend!
But honestlyyyy??????! Your art is heart-attacking amazing.. Also your persona!
Hello you !!! I’m a fan of you too! Bad news ! XD means i annoyingly tag!
I love the very creative fact blog you made up especially drawings !! Wadda talented one whOA.
Follow for Ballora facts!
To find out news of your blue heeled lass~
I absolutely love this person(s) behind this because the drawings are so simple and adorable !!
Heck, shadow bonnie is my second favorite too.

I 100% recommend !!!!! You are amazing and your art and blog style is so ((WOW!?))
Keep it up friend !

Oooh okay anyway! Lets wrap it up !


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Hey I loved your Stucky gun kink fic. You should deff write some BDSM or dom/sub stuff. You seem to really understand the dynamic.

Hi! Thank you! It’s one of my favourite dynamics to write, for sure. There’s a bit more of it in my works which might hit the spot:

in ten breaths (it’s a miracle if we’re still alive) (Steve/Bucky, breathplay)

sharp teeth, soft heart (Sam/Bucky, werewolf AU feat bondage and some D/s dynamics)

you can hear it in the silence (you can feel it on the way home) (Sam/Steve/Bucky, D/s undertones and Bucky getting wrecked)

and if you’re amenable to RPF there’s a reasonable amount of Seb getting wrecked in various ways over in my RPF tag, including the ever-reliable “seb gets smacked in the face” content

Harrie Thing

rules: you must answer the questions till the end and then tag another 10 harrie blogs to do the same! you can use videos/links/gifs/photos to answer the questions.

I was tagged by @harryplease, @hazthelove and @nialilouarry Thank you very much!! I know I’m gonna be an emotional mess while doing this so LET’S GO.

I tag: @harrysart, @harrysenthusiast, @harrystattoos, @lirryloved, @cupcakelirry, @ifheartscouldfly, @dimpledharry, @moonlightharrys, @softharru, @babeharrie, @harrysfashioncampaign, @idekstyles, @ennasonastyles, @harryiey, @harryxinfinity and anyone that I didn’t tag or anyone that would love to do it but didn’t get tagged,, I tag you!! 💖 plus I tagged over 10 peeps woops hehe.

Favourite look: YO this is so hard but I have some that makes me feel things,, so those are the ones that made me cry the most

I scream ***** when I see this picture omg




and obviously,,

oh wow. 

Favourite tweet: yes,,, my supportive lgbtq+ ally 😸

Favorite Interview (Why?) : THIS™ one


Favorite Stage Moment: This one, my show :)


and all the ones where he runs around with the LGBTQ+ flag.

Favorite Hair Style: late 2014, around 2013, late 2015 and his hair now,,
lmao I basically said almost all of them. 😹 hm. then late 2014 yes.

Favorite Family Member: Gemma Anne Styles, because she’s a queen.

Favorite 1D Bromance:  lirry, zarry and sometimes narry

Favorite Celebrity + Harry: hm. I know they aren’t really friends but I wish they were,, Ariana Grande. He wrote a damn song for my sugar plum oh wow,, I still have to recover from it. 😹

Favorite Tattoo: hehe. another hard question gr. probably the rose or the ship. or maybe the anchor. I CANT PICK IM THE WORST. okay okay fine I’ll go for the rose. 😸

Favorite Quote:
“If everyone was a little bit nicer to people, the world would be a much better place. You have a choice where you can either be all right to someone or you can be a little bit nicer, and that can make someone’s day.” 


“that’s the amazing thing about music: there’s a song for every emotion. can you imagine a world with no music? it would suck.”

Favorite Instagram Post: the rainbow one and the gay/lgbtq+ flag.

Favorite Music Video: night changes. so soft omfg

Favorite Another Man pic: HA!!! the softest of them all,,

Your name: Marie-Laurence/ML/M-L

Your Age: 19

Where you live: Antwerp/Belgium

Have you ever saw Harry live in concerts or met him? Any special moment? I’ve been to two concerts,, to the wwa and otra tour. I HATE that I couldn’t have been to the TMH tour,, even if I woke up two hours before the tickets sale. I made an account a couple of days before the day the tickets would be on sale and I still didn’t get them. All sold out in less than 9 minutes. I wasn’t fast enough rip me.

What’s your favorite thing on Harry? y’all…. everything. every little thing about him makes me feel good about myself or makes me happy. If I really had to pick it would be his soul/heart/mind.

What is your favorite line/lyric of Harry’s on 1D album?
I love through the dark so much and I won’t tolerate the hate on the song. this song makes me feel better when I feel really really bad or when I feel ********.

“Oh I will carry you over
Fire and water for your love
And I will hold you closer
Hope your heart is strong enough
When the night is coming down on you
We will find a way through the dark” 

What is the song that reminds you the most of Harry? ok wow let me think. this is hard. I would say Kill Em Wit Kindness by Selena Gomez but then again … or You Don’t Know Me by Ariana Grande. Or maybe Daydreamin’ by Ariana Grande too. hahah lmao. there are so many songs that remind me of him or my love for him so lol.

What is the movie that reminds you the most of Harry? Love Actually lmao and we all know why. 😜

For how long you’ve been a Harrie? uhm… oh damn I think the summer of 2012 that’s where I fell in love with him. I’ve been a 1d stan since 2011 but it’s only in 2012 that I became a Harrie. 

Where you were when Dunkirk first trailer came out? I think I was at college  in class and I kinda had to contain myself not to squeal. lmao. also I remember I wanted to gif it but I couldn’t because for obvious reasons.

What do you expect for HS1? oh wow,, I think beautiful and amazing lyrics and music. I know for a fact that I will cry so much the day it comes out.

What are your tags for Harry on tumblr? LMAO,, anything that comes to my mind tbh, the most important tags for him are bedhead (because I gave him that nickname when I saw him so sleepy in TIU) and l’amour de ma vie. 💗

Who is your favorite Harry blog?: omfgggg I can’t pick omg I adore all my harrie mutuals and the ones I follow too. omg all of them rip!!! 

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Rules: Answer the questions and tag 9 people you want to get to know better.

Current Job?: None.
What are you talented at?: being a little shit. uuuhhh idk. character analysis is my serious answer. 
What is a big goal you are working towards (or have already achieved)?: I’m trying to finish my fic! Because I have never finished one before. (Which. if y’all haven’t and you want to. you can check it out here. It’s like a viktuuri slow burn but in the afterlife. I’d love it if you did).
What’s your aesthetic?: color palettes. symmetry. I actually have an aesthetic blog at @memoriesallalone​ which better showcases it than I could explain. For someone who writes I am complete shit at explaining things.
Do you collect anything?: Does the 3.5k+ YOI pictures saved to my phone count? 
A topic you always talk about?: Viktuuri, and everything Yuri!!! on Ice. Memes. Fanfiction surprisingly.
Pet peeve?: A loooot of noise and visual related ones inherently piss me off, like people fidgeting constantly, or slurping, or chewing out loud, it’s a very long list. I also don’t like when someone abruptly stops a song I’m really into.
Good advice?: If they demand all your attention, run. The sooner you admit things to yourself, the better. Uhh… idk my ability to give advice directly relates to me talking to someone about their problems.

Recommend 3 songs:

  • Taishou A by anNina
  • Yuri on Ice by Umebayashi Tarou
  • Dream Catcher by Set it Off

I’ll tag: @saphren @hisoka-the-unicorn-wizard @i-demand-a-hug @arctic-urpo @travelerofstars @stammi-vicino @houodo @sushinfood @rirururu

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Athena, Hera, Orpheus??

Athena: What are your favourite classic novels?
Ah, this one again! Okay then, this time I’ll say… War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy, which I’m slowly making my way through, and I’m gonna cheat again and say Ovid’s Metamorphoses tales. Oh those Romans…

Hera: Who makes up your tumblr family?
Well, apparently, @wormdelivre and I have adopted @hyperrasperry, so those two, and I’ve been following @a-salty-parabola and @salteverywhere for what feels like donkey’s years! Shoutouts also go to @princejackbenjamin, @mo-digence, @whoresrarelysink, @frodofeels and you, Sky - if any of you stopped appearing on my dash, it would not be the same place!

*ahem* Mushiness over, apologies for excess tagging X)

Orpheus: What’s your favourite song or type of music?
I think anyone who’s followed me for any length of time knows my absolute favourite song is ‘The Burren’ by Corsaire, but as for favourite type of music, I don’t think I have a type? Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of singer/songwriter stuff - Jack Savoretti, Cloves - and I like a bit of alternative/indie - Ruelle, Florence + The Machine - but I’m also a long-time fan of EDM genres like Drum n Bass, Dubstep, and House, so… all the music! All the music is good.

Thanks Sky! ^_^