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( @rwby-embyrshadow ) Hey fox, so, I'm going out of town for a few days. Is miss Adel still mad at you? Want to come with me?

(pokes head out from over-turned-table fortress he’s created) Yes, and yes.

i’ve heard a lot about the Han Solo movie being a disaster, and i can fix it, i swear

our scene opens up with a young rogue walking into a dusty cantina on a planet no one in their right mind should be on, inside a collection of the galaxy’s worst have gathered and a band plays a familiar song

the young rogue walks over to a table in the corner where a hooded figure sits drinking something, the young rogue sits across from him, “i’ve been looking for you,” he says, “all over the galaxy,”

the scene cuts to the different stories of young Han as he traverses the galaxy, meets Chewie, and acquires the Millennium Falcon, periodically it cuts back to the young man in the bar and each time it returns to Han he’s played by a different actor

“i’ve heard a thousand stories, and they’ve described a thousand different men,” the young rogue says, “but i want to know, who is the real Solo?”

“’Solo?’” The hooded figure says, he chuckles, and finishes his drink, “Haven’t been ‘Solo’ in years,” he removes his hood to reveal Harrison Ford, “It’s Organa now,” He smiles and walks away from the wide-eyed young rogue, “My drinks on him,” He calls to the bartender, a loud Wookie noise is heard from across the bar, “Yeah, yeah, his too,”

Han exits the bar followed by Chewie, the young rogue is surrounded by bouncers

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fiddauthor 49 for writing prompt?

(Ao3 link)

Out of Coffee

(this got out of hand lmao) anyway, fiddauthor fluff and early morning gay

“I have to tell you something,” said Ford.

Fiddleford McGucket stopped in the doorway of their shared kitchen, still rubbing bleary eyes, having just gotten up and gotten dressed. It was fairly early in the morning- the sun streamed through the windows, gentle and warm. The gentle scent of spring flowers wafted in through the partially cracked window. A few birds (at least, he hoped they were birds- you could never be sure in Gravity Falls) sang outside, and his research partner was awake and at the kitchen counter, with two empty mugs. Stanford I Never Sleep And When I Do It’s For An Entire Week Pines was up before him, which usually meant that he had been up all night and didn’t sleep at all. Great.

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Prompt: Lestrade deals with social anxiety and the reader is here to help.

A/N: I’ve never done a request like this but I hope it’s what you wanted and I hope you like it! 😊


You looked up to Greg through your eyelashes. He’d been pacing about for almost an hour now. Your eyes scanned over the dining table and you noticed he had left his breakfast, it was untouched.

“Greg…?” You called out loud enough for him to hear but all he could hear was static. His nerves were shattering and his hands were trembling ever so slightly. He knew when he arrived at work it would get worse. “Greg?” You said his name again and stood up from your chair, walking over to the packing man.

Greg felt a weight on his shoulders and turned around, instantly being greeted by your breathtaking eyes “You’re tense…” You whispered and gently massaged his shoulders. He let out a low groan feeling his nerves being soothed by you. “It’s this meeting isn’t it? You’re worried about being in a room with all those people aren’t you?”

Greg didn’t say a word and your assumptions were correct.

Greg hated feeling like this, the feeling of worry, the lack of oxygen reaching his lungs making it feel like he was going to suffocate, the pounding heart…and not the kind of pounding he felt when he saw you. You sent him a sympathetic smile and gently cupped his face before reaching up in your tiptoes to press a kiss to his forehead “You have almost two hours before you go in,” you said “Let’s go and grab a coffee together hmm?” He nodded and you moved to grab your coat but Greg grabbed onto your waist, stopping you from moving.

“Thank you,” he whispered a little shakily.

You let out a small sigh “Sweetheart, you don’t have to thank me. I’d do anything for you, I know how worried and nervous you get and I’ll do anything I can to help you through it.” You smiled and Greg let you go.

You both made your way down to a coffee shop near Scotland Yard and you got coffees for the both of you and sat down across from him in a booth at the back.

“I don’t want to do this…” He trailed off and played with the handle of the cup nervously.

You sloppy reached your hands across the table and placed your hands on top of his, gently brushing it with your fingers. How’s eyes moved from your hands to your eyes and he felt at ease, Greg wished he could have spent the day with you instead of going into the office and taking a presentation in front of a group of people, he knew his anxiety would get the better of him but you always managed to calm him.

“I know you don’t,” you softly spoke to him and an idea came into your head “Tell you what. Why don’t I come with you?”

Greg’s brows furrowed “What do you mean?”

You sat back a little in your chair “I’ll come with you to your work and stay somewhere out the road of your presentation but I’ll be somewhere where you can see me. If you have a panic attack or something you just come straight out to me. I’ll be there for you.”

Greg could help but smile at your kindness “What did I ever do to deserve you?” He asked with a smile and leaned across to peck your lips “Thank you Y/N.”


Related to this incident a few days ago where I was f-r-e-a-k-i-n-g o-u-t that I couldn’t sign in for two hours #dramallamas

I’m sorry, Seven, but imma still go for Juju so just wait. Your. TURN. B O I .

Mark: You can expect a lot more from the characters that you saw in that video, because we put them in the same room for a reason. And I think you guys are discovering it very soon and you will see it in the future.

In some kind of AU… 🍃

500 Galleons
  • Ron: You spent 500 Galleons on a kitchen table?
  • Harry: Well, Draco picked it out.
  • Ron: What happened to your old one?
  • Harry: It kind of... broke.
  • Ron: How do you break a kitchen table?
  • Harry: I err... kept bumping into it.
  • Draco: *limping away* Worth it every Sickle.
  • Me: Thank you guys for 500 followers!! I cannot believe this! You guys are the best!!!

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Can you improve my outlook on life and write a very drunk draco clinging to Harry please?

(LOL, I love the way you phrased that and also, I love drunk Draco.)

Potter sat there, leaning back in the booth with his arm slung across the back of the faux-leather seat, his shoulders shaking as he threw his head back and laughed at something the Weasel said. Granger shook her head with a smile of fond exasperation and leaned up to kiss her husband’s cheek. The weird blonde (”Loony Lovegood,” his booze-soaked brain provided) was waving her wand over the she-Weasel’s head in circles - ‘cause that’s normal behaviour for her.

Draco supposed that the thought of going over there ought to feel intimidating - he was completely outnumbered. But perhaps it was because of the eight or so shots of tequila Pansy had dared him into guzzling, or because he was randy as fuck.

Or because he’d just stood there hiding behind the cloak stand by the door and gazing at Potter like a lovesick halfwit far too long - he was no coward. Not anymore.

So he squared his shoulders and marched across the bar, tripping only twice, the second time because of that swaying oaf who’d nearly knocked him over.

Potter blinked up at him with his mouth slightly open.

“Potter.” Draco felt vaguely triumphant that his voice came out steady and calm - and Potter’s form was only very slightly blurry. “Potter,” he repeated, blinking slowly.

“Malfoy,” Potter replied cautiously, one eyebrow sliding up the scarred forehead. “What’re you doing here?”

“I can be here if I want to be here ‘cause I want to be here–” Draco was being very loud - his ears rang a little. Potter scrambled out of his seat, throwing a hasty glance at his friends before coming up to Draco and grabbing his elbow hard. Draco scowled around at the group - Weasley was scowling back, Granger looked thoughtful, she-Weasley looked completely bewildered and Loony, well Loony hadn’t noticed him yet; she was peering into she-Weasley’s ear as though she’d lost something in there.

Potter dragged him away a few paces. “What the hell?”

Draco tried to yank his arm out of his grip but nearly ended up overbalancing and falling onto his arse instead - Potter’s grip tightened.

“Let me go!” Draco slurred, stepping closer to Potter.

“What’re you doing here?” Potter repeated softly.

“I like you,” Draco proclaimed boldly. “I’ve always liked you. You never noticed. You have terrible eyesight.”

Potter pursed his lips, a faint line appearing between his thick brows. “I know I do,” he said, indicating to his smudged glasses.

“I like you,” Draco said once more, his voice decidedly breathy now - ugh. He stepped closer and, oh Merlin, rubbed their noses together. “So much,” he sighed, pressing their cheeks together for a swift second.

“Oh?” Potter didn’t seem put out at all. After staring steadily at him with his stupid green eyes twinkling merrily, Potter asked, “What d’you want, Draco?”

“To go home with you.” Oh shit, he was going to kill Pansy.

Potter simply continued to twinkle at him. “Well, I’m not going to say no to that,” he said very seriously, finally releasing Draco’s elbow to slide both his arms around Draco’s waist and tug him closer.

Draco gasped as he was pressed flush against Potter. He could caught a whiff of spicy aftershave, Firewhiskey and mint; he pushed both hands into the mess on Potter’s head and leaned forward to whisper, “I want you to fuck me.” He pressed his face into the crook of Potter’s neck.

Potter’s arms tightened, the world closed in around him until he was being squeezed almost to the point of pain, and then he was being pulled through dense blackness.

Everything ached. His stomach ached, his back ached, his toenails ached - his eyelashes ached. His head felt like it had exploded and had been put back together before exploding again; even his hair hurt.

He was too close to the sun, his retinas were on fire. The sheets below him were softer than a cloud and smelt pleasantly flowery - his stomach twisted.

He kicked himself out of bed, fell over onto his hands and knees and then half-crawled, half-ran to the bathroom until he was heaving into the toilet. It was another ten minutes before he was able to make himself stand, piss, gargle with half a bottle of mouthwash and wash his face - which also hurt.

Clad only in his boxers he stumbled through the house, following the horrible sound quality of the Wireless and the utterly heavenly scent of fresh coffee.

“Coffee!” he croaked, throwing himself into a chair so heavily that he slipped off the polished wood and landed on his bum. Potter turned around, a spatula with a bright red handle in one hand, took one look at him and nearly fell down laughing.

“Good morning!” he virtually screamed. Draco rested his cheek on the chair and groaned hoarsely, feebly pressing his hands to his ears.

“Coffee,” he whimpered. “What happened to my head? Coffee,” he pleaded once more.

Grinning widely, Potter poured him a large mugful. Shaking his head slightly as he walked over to the table, he set the steaming mug on the table, reached down and nearly lifted Draco off his feet as he helped him onto the chair he’d aimed for. “Let me guess - tequila?”

“I hate Pansy.” Draco wrapped both hands around his jade green mug with the gold polka dots and drew the drink of the Gods closer to him. “I hate tequila. I hate drinking. I hate bars. I hate going out.”

“But you like me.” Potter’s completely deadpan expression made Draco scowl - aarrgh, his face hurt dammit.

“What?” He took a huge gulp and moaned a long, gurgling moan as the gorgeous bitterness spread over his tongue.

“You like me,” Potter said again, leaning a hip against the counter with his arms crossed - he looked on the verge of another bout of laughter.

Draco stared blearily at him for several seconds before fuzzy memories started leaking into his aching brain. Then he let his head thump onto the table with another groan as Potter burst out laughing again.

“I hate everything!” Draco stated miserably. “Stop laughing at me!” His head throbbed when he raised his voice so he promptly shut up.

Potter, still laughing by the way, was loading up a plate with eggs, sausages and strips of bacon fried to crisp perfection - Draco’s stomach rolled and he clamped his mouth shut firmly as the food was set down before him.

Then Draco’s husband cupped his face with both hands, turned his face up and kissed him firmly. “I like you too,” Potter informed Draco.

“I will vomit on you,” Draco threatened.

Potter grinned, kissed his nose and went to get himself a plate of breakfast.

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*notices the nekkid purple Firestorm version is f’ing RIPPED and tries to imagine Gabriel Agreste with muscles and only a bath towel covering his unmentionables*

*spits coffee all over computer*


our little family pt.6 | park jimin

Pairing: Father! Jimin + Reader

Genre: Fluff/Angst + parent au

Word Count: 6.1k

Summary: You were just a pre-school teacher, a simple dream that came true as you always adored children. But what you didn’t know, was how one child and her very special father would change you dream forever.

Parts: 1 2 3 4 5 6

AN: Ah…the final part. I just want to say thank you for all those who have read and stayed with me through this lovely journey of writing OLF and being super supportive of the story. I tried my absolute best to wrap it up in the nicest way possible (but just a tad disappointed with my writing :/ ) however again thank you so much and enjoy! 

You tied your messy hair up into a ponytail, attempting to get the small, distracting hairs out of your face as you started to take out things from the refrigerator to make Jieun and yourself some lunch.

Hearing small footsteps behind you and a voice call out your name, you turned around from the countertop to see Jieun standing in the middle of the kitchen, her hands rubbing her droopy eyes as she stared up at you, resembling that of a long, lost puppy.

A warm smile spread across your face as you exclaimed, “Hey, look at you, you’re up!” as you lifted the little girl into your arms and spun her around, eliciting small giggles from her mouth before setting her down on the kitchen countertop.

Your eyes glanced towards the time before looking back at Jieun, “Do you feel hungry? It’s almost lunch time.”

She nodded quickly, a big smile spreading across her face when she asked, “Can we eat cookies? I really liked your cookies last time!”

You giggled as you pinched her nose softly, “Uh-huh, you can’t eat cookies for lunch now, can you?! How about we make some macaroni and cheese and then we’ll bake cookies for snack time later? Does that sound like a good idea?”

Her eyes lit up at that as she grinned, “Mac and cheese?! That’s my favorite! Daddy makes it for me all the time.”

“Well then it’s up to you to pick who’s Mac and cheese you like better okay?” you teased, as she nodded happily before whispering to you, “I think you might win Ms. L/N. Daddy sometimes burns the cheese and it turns all black and gooey.”

You laughed at that before saying, “Well, I guess it’s time to teach him how to properly cook huh?”

“Or Ms.L/N could come live with us? Then you can cook delicious food for me and daddy!” Jieun exclaimed, an innocent smile on her face.

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