over sized sunglasses

List of Mello/Near things I need which may or may not become starters PART 2

Mello, who has unflinchingly killed real live people, can’t get through a horror movie without looking away, Near watches straight faced.
Mello gets pissed because Near is always stacking their shit up and then Near yells at him if he knocks it over.
 Mello gets Near a backpack leash as a joke. Near actually wears it because it makes him feel more comfortable in crowds.
 Mello drags Near along for shoe shopping. Near hates it. Mello is over joyed.
 Mello is always wanting to take selfies with Near. His Instagram is mostly filled with pictures of the two of them.
 Mello dressed in all black wearing over sized sunglasses, he sips iced tea across from mafia Rod. Near sits on his lap, both arms slung around his neck. Chic.
 Near is always getting carded, Mello flashes his gun when he is. Eventually he stops getting carded. Near gets a hair cut. Mello hates it. He gives him the cold shoulder until it grows back out or if it’s covered.

I could totally see this being one of Oliver and Felicity’s vacation photos.

They’ve spent the whole day at the beach, relaxing in the sun, swimming, reading. It’s starting to get late and they’re getting ready to leave. Oliver is packing up their things. Felicity is drying off and trying to get warm.

Oliver looks up and is once again caught by how beautiful Felicity is. She wrapped in a huge towel, her hair still wet and it curling as it dries. It’s a tangled mess but she doesn’t notice. Her face is free of make up and half covered by her over-sized sunglasses. Shes focused on watching the waves as they crash along the shore.

He picks up his camera, and softly calls her name. She looks over and smiles at him softly.

And click another memory caught in time.

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Amber Rose means business in unusually demure trouser suit and crop top as she continues to promote debut book

She is well-known for her barely-there ensembles and daring fashion choices.
Yet Amber Rose chose to shock in an entirely different manner by going for a demure look during a book signing at The Grove branch of Barnes And Noble book store in Los Angeles on Thursday.
The 32-year-old model looked sensational in a chic black trouser suit, but she couldn’t resist flashing the flesh as she gave a glimpse of her taut stomach through the addition of a white crop top.

Amber, who was born Amber Levonchuck, looked every inch the professional as she sported the chic two-piece comprising of a structured black blazer with silk lapels and fitted trousers.

She could not keep her famous curves under wraps as the white crop-top she wore beneath the suit showed off her sizeable bust and trim waist.
The mother-of-one, who shares a two-year-old son with her rapper ex-husband Wiz Khalifa, sported a pair of over-sized black sunglasses - no doubt a product from her Amber Rose eyewear line.

Amber made her usual bold beauty choices, while sporting her trademark peroxide, blonde buzz cut.
She added a pop of colour to the monochrome ensemble with a slick of fuchsia lipstick while wearing minimal eye make-up underneath her sunglasses.
Her nails were styled into an on-trend pointed shape with a slick of white nail varnish to make them stand out.

Amber looks entirely different on the cover of How To Be A Bad B****, which features an shot of her semi-naked holding a bow and arrow.
The tome is described as an ‘edgy yet accessible “bad b****” guide to life’ from Amber who describes herself as a 'renowned model, entrepreneur, and pop culture personality.’
It also describes a 'bad b****’ as being 'a self-respecting, strong female who has everything together… a woman who gets her way by any means necessary.’

It is not yet known if her headline-hitting relationships with both Wiz Khalifa and Kanye West, will feature.
Social media lover Amber took to Instagram to share an image of the signing with her 8.2 million followers.
She is seen sitting centre stage at the signing table at the branch of Barnes And Noble as all cameras point to her.
The stunning star has been touring the US for meet-and-greets and signings, yet not all have ran smoothly.

On Monday, Amber appeared in New York to meet fans and when one woman approached her as if she wanted her book signed - she shockingly launched into a scathing attack on the model.
The woman was from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and blasted Amber for her choice to wear fur, saying: 'I want to know why you still promote the fur industry?’
Protesters then started to emerge from around the room and began chanting: 'Amber promotes torture and death’ before they were ejected from the store by security.