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pool [class 1a] hcs

someone asked for swimming hcs a while ago so here we are (finally)

  • Aoyama Yuuga probably contours his non-existent abs.
  • Ashido Mina is the president of the Tanning Squad™. She is stocked with tanning lotion and oil, and is not playing games - this girl came here on a mission to leave looking like a sun goddess.
  • Asui Tsuyu is the girl that goes to the pool and wears the one-piece school swimsuit. Is a very good swimmer but has an inflatable tube around her the whole time.
  • Iida Tenya is the unofficial lifeguard. He purchased a whistle specifically for this event. Will reprimand you if you eat before you swim and do not follow proper aquatic ethics. He is also the only one that came here to actually swim.
  • Uraraka Ochako takes pool activities way too competitively. Was put on a time-out by Iida for being too aggressive during water polo.
  • Ojiro Mashirao “accidentally” hit Bakugou in the face during water polo. Wears over-sized sunglasses to hide the side-eye he gives to some of his classmates. 
  • Kaminari Denki is the guy that asks every single girl to put sun tan lotion on him. He is not as smooth as he thinks he is.
  • Kirishima Eijiro is also in the Tanning Squad™. Unfortunately, he fell asleep with a half-eaten doughnut on his stomach and has the tan-line to prove it.
  • Kouda Kouji brought inflatables, and chills out at the quieter end of the pool.
  • Satou Rikidou is that guy who wears a speedo that is just a hair too small. He is vice president of the Tanning Squad™.
  • Shouji Mezou brought his yoga mat. He came here with the intention of meditating on a warm summer day, but under-estimated the noise level of his classmates.
  • Jirou Kyouka is the phone DJ at this event. Had to tussle with Kaminari a few times after he attempted to play R. Kelly’s Bump N’ Grind.
  • Sero Hanta brought water guns. He snuck up on the Tanning Squad™ and shot each of them with water. He was almost killed by Ashido soon after.
  • Tokoyami Fumikage stays under the umbrella the entire time yet still applies sun tan lotion every 30 minutes.
  • Todoroki Shouto does not understand why girls keep walking up to him and talking to him. He is also at the receiving end of glares from some of his fellow male classmates and is confused by it.
  • Hagakure Tooru is the uncrowned champion in marco polo. Will defend this title until the very end.
  • Bakugou Katsuki is the guy who just chooses not to have fun for no reason. Like why is he standing in the deep end of the pool with a sour look on his face???
  • Midoriya Izuku low-key does not know how to swim and stays on an inflatable bed to avoid suspicion.
  • Mineta Minoru was purposefully not invited due to his perverted antics. 
  • Yaoyorozu Momo organized the whole event. Prepared a list of activities that no one actually followed.
Why Not?

Just a quick little ficlet (that I might lengthen? before I post on ao3) based on the prompt: Person A and B are best friends, always will be, and super close, so when someone asks them if they’re together, they just look at each other, shrug, and answer, “Yeah, why not?”

Bucky likes the people he works with, he really does. He’s only been working at the publishing house for six months, but they get on like a wildfire. Sam is all dry wit and snark and cleverness. Maria is dead serious until she leaves the office and loyal almost to a fault. Clint is goofy and sarcasm and always good for a laugh when you need one. And Natasha has this tough shell she wears, but underneath it she’s a huge dork and totally adorable.

They’ve gone out for drinks a few times after work and Bucky’s really gotten to know them. They’ve all been friends forever and it makes him feel good to know that they’ve accepted him into their group. It’s made the new job easier, having people he can talk to and knows he can go to if he has trouble. At his last job, everyone just kind of sat around silently working. It was really weird and tense and uncomfortable and made him feel like he couldn’t make mistakes or have questions.

So he’s not really sure why he hesitates when, early June, Steve suggests he invite them all to their traditional Fourth of July Steve Rogers Birthday Bash. It takes two weeks of near-constant prodding from his best friend and roommate before Bucky finally gives in with a sigh and a, “I’ll ask them tomorrow, okay? Geez.”

“Hey,” Bucky starts the next day once everyone’s settled in with their coffee for the morning, “you guys have any plans for the Fourth next month?”

A chorus of ‘no’s and shrugs is his reply, so he wrings his hands a little and tries his best to sound casual as he says, “Well, the Fourth is Stevie’s birthday and we always go out to this park and barbecue and stuff with some of our friends. It’s a whole day thing and there’s fireworks at night and it’s always a lot of fun. You guys could come, if you want. You don’t gotta get him a present or anything.”

He’s a little nervous, but the group bursts into excited chatter when he’s done, talking about outfits and who’s going to drive and relief floods his system as he promises to text them the details. Even if he does know Natasha and Maria will probably both find his Facebook and stalk Steve’s page now.

The day arrives and Steve is buzzing with excitement while nervous energy still thrums through Bucky’s veins. They get to the park early and are all set up by the time Peggy and Angie and Dum Dum and the rest start showing up. Bucky had specifically told his new friends to show up half an hour later than their old friends would be there.

All of Bucky’s work friends are carpooling together so they show up at once, carting bags of gifts that Bucky had insisted again they didn’t have to buy and two coolers with drinks and more food.

“Hey!” Bucky calls, slipping an arm from around Steve’s slim waist to wave, a huge grin on his face despite the nerves roiling in his stomach. He wants this to become a regular thing, for his new friends and his old friends to get along and hang out and while he’s relatively sure they will, really, a little fear is still there.

Without saying anything Steve slides from Bucky’s lap and onto the bench next to him, nudging him to get up and greet them properly.

“Hey man,” Sam says, pulling Bucky into a hug. “Turnout always this nice?”

“Every year,” Bucky laughs as Sam releases him, only to be pulled into Maria’s arms.

“Wait until you see the fireworks,” Morita chimes in.

Bucky finishes exchanging pleasantries and introduces everyone quickly and then settles back into his seat. Steve doesn’t slide back into his lap, but his does tangle their legs together as Bucky hooks an arm around his waist again.

“James, why didn’t you tell us Steve was your boyfriend?” Natasha asks, slipping into the seat across from him.

“Oh, uh,” Bucky laughs and looks over at Steve, shrugging a little, “I never thought about it that way. Are we boyfriends Stevie?”

Steve looks up at him from behind his over-sized sunglasses and bats his lashes, an easy smile on his face as he shrugs. “Sure,” he replies, laughing as their old friends groan and smack their foreheads and just generally commiserate in the background. “Why not?”


“You mean to tell me -” Natasha pulls up Bucky’s Facebook, in which most of his pictures are selfies with Steve, arms slung around each other. “- that these two –“ In a third of them, he’s kissing Steve’s cheek. “- were not together –“ She switches to Steve’s page which is about the same. “- before just this moment?” Almost all of their statuses involve the other in one way, shape, or form, and there’s comments filled with pet name calling. Peggy gives a nod, a smirk on her lips and arms crossed over her chest, and Nat just busts out laughing. 

In Your Eyes

*I thought I’d try my hand at this particular kind of fanfiction. Supernatural anything really isn’t what I’m used to writing, but I’ve had this idea for so long that I had to give it a try.*

 Warnings: Smut, Language, Angst, Death

One | Two

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There was a whisper of your name and you jerked into a sitting position. Eyes frantically searching your dark bedroom. This was the fifth night in a row that you’d had the same dream of the same man. A man that you’d never seen before in your life. A man that you couldn’t touch, no matter how much you tried reaching for him. He was always just out of your grasp, never close enough see him clearly. 

“I’m almost there.” You spoke into your cellphone as you walked in quick steps towards a department store. “I’m running late, please hurry.” Your client said to you before disconnecting. You checked the rose gold watch on your wrist, 8:30am. You were a whole hour and a half earlier than you’d originally agreed to. “What could she possibly be late for?” You grumbled as you switched your cellphone to the hand that carried your coffee so that you could pull open the heavy glass door to the department store entrance. Stepping inside, you pushed your over-sized sunglasses up to your hair, checking your watch again. Your cellphone rang and you answered seeing that it was your client. “Where are you?” She demanded. “I actually want to know the same thing. I’m already here…where are you?” You walked around, glancing to your left and your right to see if you’d spot her somewhere. 


You’d heard his voice as clear as day. Your heart jumped, gaze darting all around you, trying to find him. Not paying attention to your surroundings, you slammed into someone, hard. “Son of a bitch!” You yelled as your hot coffee spilled down the front of your blouse. You pulled the shirt away from your now burning skin with the tips of your fingers, checking the rest of your clothes for possible coffee stains. “I’m so sorry.” A pair of hands gripped the tops of your arms, “Are you okay?” You blinked, gaze sliding over his features. His strong jawline, his perfectly white teeth. “Ma’am?” You blinked again, eyes locking on his. “….You.” You breathed. His voice. You’d never forget that voice. It was the same voice that had been in your head every night for the past five days. A look of confusion passed over his beautiful face. “I’m sorry..?”  
“You…ran into me.” You said lamely, shaking away the thought of him being the man visiting your dreams. He smiled and your heart leaped in your chest. For a moment, you were stunned. He was way too pretty to be real. Maybe this was also a dream, and you’d wake up in your room alone in the dark. “I think it was you that ran into me.” He chuckled, moving you so that you were standing up straight. 

His grip on your arms was firm and you could see the veins in his forearms. Your gazed moved up his arms up to where his stark, white t-shirt was stretched over a broad, muscular chest. “____________, are you okay?” His dark eyes searched yours. “H-how…how do you..?” He let you go and cleared his throat. You noticed that his hand was bandaged. “Watch where you’re going next time, yeah?” He said, expression changing from concern to irritation. He brushed past you and you stood there for a moment, unsure of what to make of the feeling that suddenly coursed through you.  You were shocked, shocked that his voice sounded so much like the one from your dream. Shocked that he knew name, or maybe that was a part of your imagination. You whirled around, eyes scanning direction where he’d just taken off, but he was nowhere to be found. You took a step, and then another, and another. Where did he go? Why were you feeling the need to find him. Your cellphone rang, and you stopped, glancing down at the screen. It was your client. You’d forgotten all about the fact that you were supposed to be meeting her. “Hello?” You answered. “How in the hell could you ignore me like that? I was practically yelling at you to  get your attention. Where are you?!” You winced, pulling the phone away from your ear, “I’m sorry. I had a little accident. I’m still on the first floor.” You informed her, eyes still searching for the mystery man. “Forget it. We’ll meet some other time. I have a breakfast meeting to get to.” She hung up without saying goodbye and you made a face at your phone screen before slipping it into the back pocket of your jeans. 

You could feel the need to find him in your chest. It was a sort of tugging sensation, like it was pulling on you. You walked in the direction you’d thought he’d gone, and the further you got the stronger the feeling in your chest was. Why were you feeling like this? Was he close? You looked in every direction, trying to find him, but you couldn’t see him anywhere. All of a sudden, the feeling in your chest was gone. You pressed your hand to your heart, glancing all around you. What the hell?

Watch from a distance. That’s all he was supposed to do. That was his job. When he was assigned to you, he was informed that you were someone important, and that under no circumstances was he to be seen. For the past six years, he watched over you, only intervening when it was needed. He’d been given a sixth sense of sorts that allowed him to know where you were at all times, whether or not you were in any kind of danger, and whether or not you were sleep or awake. Up until five days ago, that was his only connection to you. 

He was washing dishes when it happened. His vision blackened, and then he could see clearly again. Only, he wasn’t in his kitchen, he was in a place that he knew very well. The very place that he hadn’t been since he was assigned to you. Solaria, the sun kingdom. He was confused at first, checking his surroundings. How had he ended up at the palace? Had he been called back home? Was he being reassigned to someone else? Had something gone wrong? Just as he was about to panic, you walked into his view. He ducked behind a wall, peering around the corner. You seemed to be searching for something or someone. He frowned, still confused. Why were you there? Who or what were you looking for? Without thinking, he stepped from behind the wall, calling out to you, “_____________.” You turned in his direction and then he remembered that he wasn’t supposed to be seen. He turned and moved back behind the wall. Eyes widening at his carelessness. He could hear your footsteps echoing in the hall as you neared where he was hiding. Thinking fast, he ran to a random door, hoping it wasn’t locked. Seeing that it wasn’t, he let himself inside and closed it as quietly as he could. He held his breath and listened as you passed by the door. Exhaling, he turned and sagged against the heavy wooden door. That was way too close. 

He sank to the floor, shaking his head. He could have been discovered and then he really would be reassigned to someone else. The general would deem him unfit for the job, and he’d be put back on desk duty, watching over the general population of the earth from a series of computer screens. He sat there in the dark for ten minutes before finally deciding that it was time for him to leave and find you. Just as he was standing up, his vision blackened again, and when it cleared, he was back in his kitchen with his hand squeezing down on a knife blade. “Shit.” He dropped the knife into the dishwater, wrapping a dishtowel around his injured hand. This was the first time anything like this had happened to him since he was given the job of being your guardian. How did it happen? Why did it happen? What the hell? 

List of Mello/Near things I need which may or may not become starters PART 2

Mello, who has unflinchingly killed real live people, can’t get through a horror movie without looking away, Near watches straight faced.
Mello gets pissed because Near is always stacking their shit up and then Near yells at him if he knocks it over.
 Mello gets Near a backpack leash as a joke. Near actually wears it because it makes him feel more comfortable in crowds.
 Mello drags Near along for shoe shopping. Near hates it. Mello is over joyed.
 Mello is always wanting to take selfies with Near. His Instagram is mostly filled with pictures of the two of them.
 Mello dressed in all black wearing over sized sunglasses, he sips iced tea across from mafia Rod. Near sits on his lap, both arms slung around his neck. Chic.
 Near is always getting carded, Mello flashes his gun when he is. Eventually he stops getting carded. Near gets a hair cut. Mello hates it. He gives him the cold shoulder until it grows back out or if it’s covered.

manilamiss  asked:

Imagine: the 5 times Napoleon verbally noted how adorable Gaby is and the 5 times Illya denied how such awkward, rude and weird habits would ever be deemed as such (or, When illya discovers how frustrating it is to have an unrequited crush)

“Damn, that was hot.” Napoleon’s mouth is twisted in a smirk as the glow from the fire illuminates his face. They’re in Mongolia and it’s cold but, they’ve managed to survive a week long mission in the knee height snow.  Gaby pulls her head up from the rifle and gives him her own grin, proud that all her training is paying off. The rifle in her hands is heavy, and she smells like gunpowder but her shot is dead on and it fills her with a certain sense of pride that has her on a sense of cloud nine. At least she’s proud until Illya scoffs. His blue eyes roll up to the cloudless sky and he shrugs his shoulder.

“It was no big feature.” Illya’s accented words sound unimpressed by Gaby’s expert shot, hitting the gas tank on an old truck, “Children in Russia can make that hit.”

Napoleon shakes his head, shooting his partner a look as Gaby puffs up for a moment. Anger is evident on her face but she doesn’t yell at him yet. Instead she bites  the inside of her cheek and holds all her words in. There’s no need for the mission to end violently if they can get out of it together, well and unscathed.

Their next mission as a trio takes them on a boring stakeout in the middle of the of dreary London weather. Their car is fogged up with condensation and their mark hasn’t left the luxury hotel in over six hours. By the time the seventh hour ticks on by, Gaby’s legs are asleep, stretched across the backseat in to Napoleon’s lap. Napoleon’s head is back against the seat and he’s snoring softly while Illya hasn’t moved in hours. Gaby wonders vaguely if he’s even human anymore, he hasn’t so much as twitched for their entire duration of the stakeout.

“We can’t sit here all night.” Gaby drawls out with a yawn as she stretches out her legs. The movement causes Napoleon to wake and he quickly wipes any sleep away from his face.

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Louis Tomlinson enjoys a day out with his son Freddie
Louis Tomlinson was all smiles as he celebrated his first Father's Day as a dad in Malibu with son Freddie on Sunday.

Louis Tomlinson heads for coffee as he enjoys a day out with son Freddie in Malibu as he celebrates his first Father’s Day as a new dad


PUBLISHED: 20:15 EST, 19 June 2016 | UPDATED: 20:15 EST, 19 June 2016

He is adjusting to life as a new parent after the birth of his child back in January.

But Louis Tomlinson was all smiles as he celebrated his first Father’s Day as a dad in Malibu with son Freddie on Sunday.

The 24-year-old singer looked ecstatic to be spending some quality father son time in the States and was joined for the outing by friends.

Anticipating the hot weather, the star kept things casual in green shorts, a white T-shirt and a black hooded top.

He completed his stylish look with a pair of white trainers and a contrasting black beanie hat.

Clearly in need of a pick-me-up, Louis stopped off at a grocery store and bought some coffee with a friend.

Last week Louis’ ex Briana Jungwirth, 23, shared a photo of their almost five-month-old son looking cute in a pair of over-sized circular sunglasses on her Instagram page.

While the star is keeping himself busy in LA - splitting time between business, his girlfriend, Danielle Campbell and his son - it seems he and his fellow One Direction band members are enjoying their extended hiatus.

Simon Cowell recently dropped a hint that the group’s downtime, which was expected to last around a year, could be even longer.

Speaking about his new role as a judge on America’s Got Talent, Simon told Variety that he doesn’t think 1D will be one of the acts he asks to perform on the show.

‘We’ll have Fifth Harmony definitely this year because they’ve got an album coming out,’ Cowell explained. 'It will be fantastic to have them on the show.’

But he continued: 'One Direction I don’t think we’ll see as a group for a while now, if I’m being honest with you. But the girls, definitely.’

My favorite caption in this article:

Happy: The 24-year-old singer looked ecstatic to be spending time some quality father son time in the States and was joined for the outing by friends