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BTS Reaction - “I hate you.” /requested

geniebjones said: Bts reaction to, during a heated argument, their s/o yells out “I hate you” for the first time pweez

awh this is so sad :( 


He stops completely when he heard you yell those three words he always worried would come from you - I hate you. The two of you fought like crazy over tour schedules, and he knew how lonely you became when he had to leave for months at a time. This time, though, was different. His eyes would get teary and he’d stop fighting back.

“You don’t mean that. You don’t mean that, Y/N.”


The hurt in his eyes after you said it made him re-think what he was already saying to you. You two were fighting over his work schedule, and how he never answered his phone. He wouldn’t come after you after you said it, then ran upstairs to your room. And when you were out of sight, he’d let a tear slip from his eye before putting on his shoes and leaving.


You had gotten into a car wreck, and Jimin had the music too loud in the studio to notice his phone buzzing incessantly. He didn’t look at his phone for the next three hours, and when he saw that he had almost 100 missed calls from you, he called and called until a random person picked up - a nurse. She explained what happened. That evening, when Jimin walked in, you said those words, and he had no excuse.

“I hate you. You’re never there for me anymore.”


You guys were arguing over a pregnancy scare. You two fought constantly over the future but this time had really scared you, and it became this whole argument. When you said I hate you, he would swallow hard and rush to your side, hugging you and telling you that he was sorry with teary eyes.

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Tae would just shake his head, too angered by the fight. He’d shake his head and continue to fight back at you, but he saw how upset you were, and went after you to apologize when you walked out of the kitchen.


You were both fed up with each other. It was the holidays and being around both families and each other was beginning to get claustrophobic, and you began to accuse each other of not wanting to be around each other’s families. It got heated, and when you said I hate you, he would stop and grab your wrist.

“No, you don’t. We promised to get through stuff like this, remember?


He’d only stare at you and walk away. Suga isn’t the type to give up a grudge easily, but those words echoed in his head all night. He would think, “There’s no way she really hates me, right?”

Apple Tree Yard...

…is not a novel by Amanda Coe. Further ‘proof’. [puts on tin hat]

Ok, let’s go down that rabbit hole.

Many of us suspect there is still something coming from Mofftiss and the BBC and recent theories include the series Apple Tree Yard and it’s airing time which collides with a suspected fourth episode which can/could be  be found scheduled for Sunday, Jan 22nd on yahoo.

I went over to the BBC schedules and checked. Apple Tree Yard is there, complete with trailers and descriptions.

It says it’s based on a novel by Amanda Coe who also works as a screenwriter and created “Life in Squares” for the BBC.

Based on a novel. Since the tin hat is in place I thought: Better check that, I’m a detective!

So this is the official Apple Tree Yard description – it’s about a woman named Dr. Yvonne Carmichael. Okay, so far that seems all right.

So I searched for the novel “Apple Tree Yard” by Amanda Coe. Doesn’t exist.

Okay, maybe they changed the title but surely it’s based on something else? These are all novels of Amanda Coe’s I could find:



I mean, I don’t know about adapting novels for television but… Aren’t you supposed to keep the title? Aren’t you supposed to keep the same characters? And their names? What’s the point of creating an adaptation which doesn’t … adapt … anything at all?

Take that and the names of the cast someone (I’m sorry, I forgot who!) already pointed out as well as the similarities in the plot description, ‘enigmatic stranger’ and all that. I’m not saying the BBC asked one of their writers to lend their name and reputation to a story that doesn’t exist but… they could do that. It’s possible.

Apple Tree Yard itself is definitely real, there are promo pictures, trailers and everything. But the part of it being an adaptation of Amanda Coe’s novel seems to me like a gigantic lie. Amanda Coe does create screenplays for the BBC, maybe this is one of her new creations that will definitely air but they decided to fuck with the description in order to [touches tin hat] make sure there is a time slot available and also a slight hint for us to pick up on?

Edit: okay, some of you told me it’s a novel by Louise Doughty but  there is no mention of the autor’s name in the BBC’s description! It clearly says “adapted from the novel by Amanda Coe”. 

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It’s Okay To Say...
  • NO, if you don’t want to do it.
  • NO, if you don’t like the people.
  • NO, if you’d rather relax.
  • NO, if you’re already over scheduled.
  • NO, if you don’t have the time.
  • NO, if it doesn’t fit your values.
  • NO, if you feel forced to say “yes”.
  • NO, if it makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • NO, if it doesn’t make you happy.

AU where Robbie is the drama professor and Sportacus is head of like….all sports. The only problem is Sportacus keeps scheduling games over Robbie’s plays and it really starts to piss Robbie off. So he goes on this crusade trying to get Sportacus to leave town/be fired and all the drama kids have a full out war with the sports kids until Stephanie, lead cheerleader, decides the two need to work it out over dinner. What happens next, I dunno it’s probably pretty gay.

16.11.08 fancafe - bts_Jimin


Coming up with a title is hard because what the title is isn’t important

We have a schedule over seas soon so I just wanted to say something before I go
It’s nothing big

I wanted to talk about the promotions this time. I felt as though there were a lot of people cheering for us and watching us and showing interest
Really in many ways so

thank you so much

I just wrote up to here what so far but I keep erasing and writing down the same thing

though I think I’m still half asleep so, I don’t know even know what I’m saying

I’m going to Japan I’ll be back in the evening ㅋㅋ
ahㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋIt’s ridiculousㅋㅋㅋ bye bye

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I'd love to read so more of your headcanons, would you do a "how isak and even's relationship continues in season 4/after even graduated" one, please? Pretty pretty please 🙏

hey!!! yes i really love this prompt im sorry it took so long to answer,

  • even sort of goes back and forth on this for a little while but isak and his parents and everyone is adamant: you’re going to university.
    • which makes the anarchist in even want to say fuck you i’m not going to university ever im gonna get a job right now and see where life takes me but he knows objectively that he’s really intelligent and that he would do really good in university, what with the liberty to study what he wants and more flexibility and control over his schedule. 
    • and he’s an intellectual at heart, so honestly??? the idea of studying film and late nights and long hours of reading sort of excites him.
    • so even resists his impulses that scream at him GIVE UP! BECOME A HERMIT AND DONT SUCCUMB TO THE EXPECTATION THAT YOU HAVE TO BE A FUNCTIONING MEMBER OF SOCIETY, and he goes to university.
  • the particular university he wants to go to is in Oslo, so its not like he’s super far away when he finds an apartment with a couple of friends - but it sort of feels like a long-distance relationship anyways???
    • its the schedules. somehow whenever isak gets a free weekend and doesn’t have a ton of work, even’s busy and organizing something to do during the week is just…impossible. so they end up seeing each other a lot less than they normally do.
    • and even’s having a really good time, and he makes sure to at least text isak something every day so its not like he’s disappeared but its hard to keep that promise and sometimes isak doesn’t get an update from him for days on end. 
    • and its just really hard. 
    • bc it sort of feels like even’s moving on and isak’s being forgotten. 
    • but even always reminds him that once isak’s in university, they could maybe get an apartment together…? with maybe like two other people its not like a big deal you know its chill and casual….? 
    •  and isak feels a bit better. 
    • he still makes sure to say every once in a while hope ur not hooking up with too many hot film majors, i hear they’re all pretentious
    • even always responds of course not! i only hook up with the hot art majors
    • but its so hard to transition into coming home and knowing even isn’t there and sleeping alone so many nights in a row and isak doesnt like change, doesnt like it one bit. and he’s just so lonely. 
      • everyone teases isak for being mopey for the first couple of months. the Boys try and cheer him up by going to parties but isak’s so pitiful he’ll pull some shit like taking a hit of weed and then look depressed and when they ask whats wrong, isak he’ll sigh and say weed reminds me of even……..
      • PATHETIC

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To all the messy language learners out there. Don’t worry if your vocabulary lists are rarely longer than ten words and sit unfinished in your notepad or laptop. Don’t worry if you go on and off your language a lot. Don’t worry when you see the super organised and driven learners, who stick to schedules and manage to practice daily. We’re all different and we have different learning methods and different lives and schedules and motivation patterns. My language learning method is super messy, like the messiest you’ve ever seen. The only regular thing in my language studying is the incredible frequency with which I ignore languages I shouldn’t be ignoring. But language is such a big thing, and as long as you’re getting input somehow and trying some output every once in a while, you will be fine. At least we’re very used to the plateau stage, because it’s basically as if we never come out of it until one day we find out that we can speak somehow. Chill and enjoy.

I ACCEPT (1x07)

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Thoughts on JHH's post about "that story"?

I’ve been thinking about a way to answer this (and all the other anons I have) without causing more drama or having anymore anons come to me telling me I’m wrong or I need to die…

JHH and I have talked, she knows how I feel about everything. She has proven to me time and again how amazing and honest she is. I trust her implicitly. There have been things that have happened directly to me since October that have caused me to have my own opinions and reasons as to why I don’t believe or trust anything that a certain blog says. These things have little to do with JHH, but with all of this stuff lately, it just proves to me even more that I’ve made the right decision.

I’ve seen a lot of talk about this whole discourse and feminism. Calling someone out on their bullshit has nothing to do with feminism. I’m sick of seeing that thrown around. I love women. Anyone who knows me personally knows that I think we are amazing, strong, beautiful creatures. I love to empower, encourage and cheerlead my friends. But, I will always call them on their bullshit and they know that. I will defend my friends when I feel it’s necessary and I will call out all the hypocrisy I see - because there is so much of it going around. It doesn’t make me any less of a feminist. Attacking someone’s character with no proof and trying to cause drama between them & their friends, that’s not feminism.

I have to say that David and Gillian basically have spies every where and if you think that there aren’t people on this site who have ways of contacting them, you’re dead wrong. So, if you’re going to talk about them on a public platform, in any capacity, be ready to reap the repercussions.

That being said, I really try to stay out of the drama on tumblr. I’m over it. I just want to be able to come here and talk about the X-Files, Mulder/Scully and David/Gillian. Or argue with JHH about why I CAN wear cowboy boots with my wedding dress.

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hello friend! here is a lavender just for you!

Ahhh thank you friend!! This sweet pea is especially for you, I hope you like it!

  • Bae: come over
  • Me: sorry, I have to go to bed. Lin-Manuel Miranda just posted his goodnight tweet.
  • Bae: But my parent's aren't home
  • Me: I don't think you understand